Chapter 210 Slashing the Heavenly Pillar (Part II)

 Chapter 210 Slashing the Heavenly Pillar (Part II)

"This damage prowess is too astonishing!"

"Is this the power of a Shadow Death God? It's impossible for those at Knight level to fend off against that!"

"It's not just the Knights. Even Conferred Knights... If they don't use their abilities, there's no way they can fend this off."

Everyone looked at Anderson in astonishment, horror, and disbelief.

Anderson smiled, revealing a proud look, as if he was a primary school kid who had just gotten full marks for his exams.

When he met Hoult's gaze, he threw out his middle finger in contempt.

"This guy..." Hoult's grip on the Crimson Fire tightened as he frowned.

On the other hand, the other seeded candidate Wei Leng seemed to be in a completely different world, nothing being able to perk his interest in the least.

Other than Anderson, none of the next participants were able to show such a powerful damage prowess, not even Wei Leng. Despite the fact that he had Heaven's Perception, which gave him a keen sense of observation and a reaction ability which boosted his damaging powers, he had no powerful Killing techniques, and his explosive attack force was not comparable to that of someone like Anderson.

Devitt shook his head and said, "Wei Leng, you've really disappointed me. Have you been seriously cultivating after attaining Heaven's Perception? These are still the same skills and techniques as before. Although your damage powers are already much stronger than ordinary people, you shouldn't only be at this level. I'll give you 12 points."

The oldest amongst the four, the wrinkle-covered Commissioner of Education Luke said, "This performance does not showcase your talent. 12 points."

Yaris spoke with indifference, "Disappointing. 12 points."

Armstrong did not comment much either. He merely said outright, "Ordinary. 12 points."

In the end, Wei Leng only got 12 points.

"Sigh, to think that even though Wei Leng has attained Heaven's Perception, he's still unable to get anywhere near Anderson..."

"Although he has Heaven's Perception, before he reaches level 20 he'll only have an ether synchronization rate of 10% at most. It's impossible for him to identify the metal pillar's flaw."

"It's a pity. Although he has great talent, his damage powers and talent are not directly related."

"Mmmm, seems like that Fang Xingjian won't be able to get a high score either. The Windstorm Sword Hero has unparalleled speed and specializes in attacking while on the move. However, the damage and explosive powers are no match."

"That's right. Seems like the top will be disputed between Anderson and Hoult, who has yet to have his chance."

Hearing the crowd's comments, Lilia slightly clenched her fists, her face puffed up in fury. Kirst's City Lord pat her on the shoulders and said, "Lili, it's fine. The first stage is not something Fang Xingjian specializes in. It'll be fine in the second stage. The Windstorm Sword Hero specializes in fighting against multiple opponents."

Just as they were talking, Hoult appeared. Today, he was wearing an emerald-colored long-sleeved top, and was holding onto a crimson-red treasure sword. His long hair flowed down casually, and he looked as if he was a fallen noble. The moment he stepped up, a bunch of young aristocratic ladies started screaming their heads off.

Hoult lightly smoothed his hair, bowing toward the four examiners, and drew out his sword.

It was as if there were streams of red light flashing in the crimson-red sheath. However, when the longsword was completely drawn out, even Fang Xingjian's brows rose.

Ferdinand and Lilia, who were looking toward the stage, as well as Rota and Hamil who were part of the competition, were all astonished.

To think that it was a longsword with no physical form, and that it purely burned endlessly, like flames!

A term immediately appeared in Fang Xingjian's mind, 'Laser sword?'

The level 29 Superior Divine Weapon Hoult was holding was a treasured sword similar to a laser sword.

As if satisfied with everyone's surprised gazes, Hoult revealed a slight smile. Then, with a low bellow accompanying the strong exertion of forces with both his arms, a violent heat wave surged forth. Everyone could feel the frantically surging temperatures, as if they had suddenly been transported into a desert.

Rota's pupils contracted as she stared at the Crimson Fire longsword. The flames that formed the longsword continued to rise in temperature, and after about one minute, they turned into a viscous liquid substance. They had seemingly turned into a live fire snake, swaying continuously while emitting astonishingly high temperatures.

Holding the Crimson Fire longsword, which had already reached a temperature thousands degrees high, Hoult slashed and activated the Killing technique.

The flaming longsword turned into a fire snake and pounced forth furiously. Wherever it passed the air became twisted, releasing tremoring explosions as it fully encompassed the metal alloy pillar, as if the fire snake had swallowed it whole.

Consecutive booming sounds rang out, marking several consecutive explosions. The high temperature was maintained in the fire snake's stomach, and the metal pillar was melting and breaking at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

When Hoult drew back Crimson Fire, the entire surface of the metal pillar was now in a state akin to lava. One-third of the pillar had also been completely dissolved and was slowly recovering. However, compared to before, its recovery speed was more than a hundred times slower than before.


Looking at this scene, everyone present drew in a mouthful of cold air. Such damage prowess was even more terrifying than the one Shadow Death God Anderson had previously demonstrated.

It was hard to imagine what kind of person could stay alive in the Crimson Fire's stomach. If Hoult had sufficient time to unleash a few more attacks, he would probably be able to melt the whole metal pillar.

However, after unleashing this attack, the Crimson Fire also turned back to the normal flames it had first started out as. Clearly, to perform this move each time, a large amount of energy first had to be accumulated.

The requirement to accumulate such a tremendous amount of energy reduced the practicality of using this move in actual combat. However, it was very reasonable to be used in the Slashing the Heavenly Pillar stage. It was because what they were competing in was pure damage prowess.

And although Hoult's Fire Dragon Slash required energy accumulation, its damage prowess was astonishing.

Seeing this, Governor Devitt sighed and said, "The Crimson Fire... It's been awhile since I last saw it."

Hoult smiled and said, "Teacher also said that he misses you."

"Haha, that old man won't miss me at all. I'm the one who stole his girlfriend and made her my wife."

Hathaway frowned coldly and scolded in her heart, "This old man!"

Devitt then continued, "Although this in an ingenious move using accumulated energies, it is too dependent on the advantage of your weapon. I can only give you 55 points."

"I thank the lord for your guidance."

The white-haired Commissioner of Education, Luke, grinned, and with trembling lips he spoke out in a frail voice, "As expected of one under the Astral Ancestor. Just looking at the Crimson Fire and your cultivation level, this year's Regional Champion should be you. I give you 60 points."

When Devitt heard this, he frowned. Luke was obviously licking the Divine level expert's boots without any shame.

Capable looking Yaris, who was the youngest amongst them all, said, "It's really powerful. The final high temperature should be able to melt a Superior Divine Weapon. Just based on this alone, your future accomplishments will be no lower than your master's. I'll give you 58 points."

Armstrong was the last to speak. As he spoke, the scars on his face started twisting around like centipedes. "A magnificent attack with a powerful attack prowess. However, the movements required to accumulate energy are too much of a hindrance. It's not practical for combat use. I'll give 54 points."

With that, Hoult's attack got him 56.75 points, a whole 8.75 points more than Anderson.