Chapter 208 Begin

 Chapter 208 Begin

Level 20 Superior Remains Divine Weapon - Styx. Just its material quality was something that ordinary Empire's Divine Weapons and Inferior Remains Divine Weapons would never be able to slash through.

Even Fang Xingjian himself could not deal any damage to it, at least, not by ordinary means. As for whether he could slash through it with a few hundreds streams of Ether Sword Ripples, he had not tried it, since he was no idiot.

Other than its unrivalled toughness and sharpness, Governor Devitt had also engraved the Styx with nine hundred and ninety-nine wind imprints. This was also something Fang Xingjian had specifically requested.

The Styx was 1.3 meters long, three fingers wide, and covered with densely packed prints, which looked like claw marks left behind by countless ghosts and monsters. With a light swing, it brought a sound resembling ten thousand shrieking ghosts. Of course, the purpose of his wind prints design was not to have a sound attack, like the Demoness' Howl; it was to amplify sword Qis.

If Fang Xingjian were to use this Styx to perform the Luminous Heaven Soaring Slash, controlling the atmosphere and sword Qis, he would be able to keep the sword Qis condensed up to a distance of one-hundred-and-eighty-meters away from him. The attack and damage prowess would also be greatly amplified, since any casual swing would release slashing sword Qis at supersonic speed.

Now, Fang Xingjian had two longswords attached as his waist - the Demoness' Howl and the Styx. He also had the Silver Dragon on his thigh.

Lilia, waiting by the inn's entrance, immediately ran up to Fang Xingjian when she saw him coming out.

"Teacher, you'll definitely be the Regional Champion this time!" She clenched her small fists and said with excitement, "We'll be cheering for you from the stands."

Then all of them headed toward the competition grounds of the Regional Selection, the Regional Royal Academy of the Great Western Region, and the sacred grounds of countless Knights in the Great Western Region.

When they arrived at the academy's entrance, its surroundings were already crowded, many examinees, family members, teachers, and students, waiting either to participate in the Regional Selection, or just to spectate. When Fang Xingjian saw this, he felt as if he was looking at the scene of a college entrance examination on Earth. No, it had an even higher importance.

However, although people were flooding the area, when Fang Xingjian arrived and people recognized him, they all unconsciously stepped aside, countless gazes watching him.

Many of them wanted to walk over and greet Fang Xingjian, but they were all politely stopped by Ferdinand and the others.

They had to be kidding. What was most important to Fang Xingjian right now was the Regional Selection. How could they allow these people to disturb him?

The group gradually left the crowd and headed for the academy's entrance.

Very quickly, they met the gloomy-looking David. His head was wrapped in white cloth, as if he was trying to hide his face and to avoid being recognized.

Behind him there were two unordinary Knights exuding unfathomable auras.

When he saw Fang Xingjian, David glared at him and said, "Fang Xingjian, I'll make this Regional Selection something you'll remember for life. What you did yesterday will be your worst lifelong regret."

His tone was filled with exceptional hatred, jealousy and killing intent.

It was because since young he had never suffered humiliation. Now, all the aristocrats in Great Western City were treating him like a laughingstock. If he did not kill Fang Xingjian, he would never be able to walk with his head high for the rest of his life.

Therefore, with the help of his father, he had made all the required preparations. He was bent on targeting Fang Xingjian in this Regional Selection. Even if he did not kill him, he wanted to get him eliminated, and to ensure that he would be left unable to continue participating.

However, Fang Xingjian paid him no attention. Ferdinand went to stand before David and laughed loudly, "Lad, who are you? Why are you just blabbing about, saying whatever you want?"

David threw Ferdinand a cold glance, not paying him any heed, and simply turning to leave after having said his piece. He was clearly not willing to waste any more time squabbling.

For the past fifteen days before the Regional Selection, he had made too many preparations and had paid too much of a price just so that he could do Fang Xingjian in.

'Fang Xingjian... This time around, no one will be able to save you.'

Someone next to them introduced David to Ferdinand. Laughing coldly, Ferdinand looked at David with a sly smile.

Thereafter, all the examinees waited at the entrance for about twenty minutes before the door of the Regional Academy slowly opened. All the examinees went up to register with their Knight medallion and Knight attire before entering the academy, ready for the examination.

The examination would be held over four days, one stage each day. For the next four days, the examinees not only had to take the examination in the Regional Academy, but they would also had to live there.

Lilia stood outside, looking at the long queue, and said, "There's so many people participating in the Regional Selection this year."

"Of course," Ferdinand said. "The prizes this year are too astonishing and they've dragged everyone out. I think the total is over five hundred participating Knights this year. That's almost a third of the students in all twelve academies of the Great Western Region."

He then smiled and said, "Let's go to the stands."

In order to encourage the development of martial arts, and at the same time keeping it fair, all four stages of the Regional Selection were open to the public.

Naturally, it also had a cost. Each seat was five gold, thus denying the possibility of any commoners attending. The audience was essentially only aristocrats.

Fang Xingjian took his number and followed the signs to a large training ground, waiting for all the other examinees to arrive. He looked at the stands, from where Lilia, Anthony and the others were waving at him.

Finally, after a total of five hundred and twelve examinees had arrived, the main examiner, Governor Devitt, walked in. The people following behind him included a man who seemed to be getting on in his years, and who was walking as if his eyes were closed. He was the Commissioner of Education, Luke.

There was also the capable-looking Department Head of Education, Yaris, who was about forty years old.

And finally, there was the middle-aged Deputy Governor Armstrong, who had a face covered in scars.

These were the four examinees for this Regional Selection, with Governor Devitt as the main examiner. Although they were all influential characters, they still had to personally supervise and allocate scores during the Regional Selection. This went to show how strict the Empire was with the Grand Selections, and how highly regarded this event was.

Each Regional Selection was a very important reflection of their political achievements.

On another side, twelve Knights were working together to move a giant metal pillar into the training grounds.

With a loud bang, the metal pillar was thrown down to the floor, causing a slight earthquake.

However, after the pillar was smashed onto the surface, it did not bounce up in the least, but simply entered three inches deep into the ground. This showed how heavy it was, as well as how dense and strong it was.

Seeing this, the countenances of many Knights turned grim.

The next moment, Governor Devitt slowly said, "Then, we are officially starting this year's Regional Selection. I won't say much. Let the first stage, Slashing the Heavenly Pillar, begin! Examinee number one, please step forward."