Chapter 203 Prove

 Chapter 203 Prove

Governor Devitt had stood up for Fang Xingjian in the past, but that was because the other party had displayed an extraordinary talent.

Now, however, Fang Xingjian was just a blind man. What right did he have to ask for the governor's help? Moreover, Fang Xingjian had rejected the Holy Orison's invitation right before so many people. If Devitt were to easily agree to his request, would he not be going against Yuelun?

Of course, most importantly, Fang Xingjian had been late. Judging on this fact alone, logic was not on his side.

Therefore, Devitt only smiled and said, "Xingjian, I understand how you feel, but there's a deadline to the registration. This is the rule. The content of the competition for this Regional Selection will be announced in the Hundred Blossom Banquet today. The content has been planned out based on the registered number of candidates and we can't change it easily."

David threw a glance at Lilia and smiled, "This is the person you like? He's not only a fool, but also a good-for-nothing. Take a good look here to see him being humiliated by everyone."

Lilia was not willing to accept it, but her gaze when looking at Fang Xingjian was also filled with pity.

But just as Devitt had finished his words and Fang Xingjian was frowning, Valen immediately stood out and said, "Sir, although Fang Xingjian was late, he has already stepped into the realm of Heaven's Perception. Please allow him to participate in this Regional Selection on this account."

When they heard the words 'Heaven's Perception', everyone present once again stared at Fang Xingjian in astonishment, as if they were getting to know him all over again.

The events today were filled with twists and turns, bringing shock after shock. First, it was the appearance of the Divine level Holy Orison's chief disciple, who then mentioned that he wanted to invite Fang Xingjian to cultivate on the Sacred Mountain. However, Fang Xingjian unexpectedly rejected him and then mentioned that he wanted to register to take part in the Regional Selection, despite being late.

When everyone thought that he would be unable to participate, there was the shocking news that he had stepped into the realm of Heaven's Perception.

The whole situation was akin to sitting on a roller coaster, abruptly moving up and down, and constantly agitating all the aristocrats' eyeballs.

"What?!" David's eyes were wide-open, as if they were about to pop out. He stared at Fang Xingjian, unable to understand how he could have attained Heaven's Perception in a mere few months.

Shadow Death God Anderson and the Divine level expert's grand disciple also looked at Fang Xingjian in surprise when they heard that.

Hoult received a peeled grape from a young lady next to him and smiled, "Oh? Great Western Region is truly filled with talents this time around. To think that there's already two geniuses who have stepped into Heaven's Perception."

Wei Leng had gone through a drastic change mid-life, which had brought him great devastation. Only then did he attain Heaven's Perception. He did not pay much heed toward all the commotion in the hall, simply sitting quietly in a corner, drowning in his own grief.

Most of the people had similar reactions - they were all in shock, hints of disbelief reflecting in their eyes.

Fang Xingjian was too young. What talent did he have to be able to attain Heaven's Perception at such a young age even before participating in the Regional Selection? Having a splendid talent was not enough to describe this. Even Wei Leng had accumulated decades of cultivated experience and had encountered a drastic event before suddenly comprehending it.

Of course, with the prerequisite that it was true.

Therefore, when Devitt's gaze flickered a little, someone tactfully stood out to say what Devitt had wanted to say.

It was the green-haired young aristocrat who was known as Young Master Gable, and who had followed Fang Xingjian over.

Gable looked at Fang Xingjian with suspicion, asking, "You said that you've attained Heaven's Perception? Prove it."

Just then, a cry rang out. It was Lilia. David had focused all his attention onto Fang Xingjian and accidentally allowed Lilia escape with her monstrous strength.

Almost at the same time that Lilia let out the cry, Fang Xingjian moved.

Although he was blind, and the Heaven's Perception only allowed him to sense things within a ten meter radius, the Luminous Heaven Soaring Slash alone allowed him to retain the ability of controlling the movements of the atmosphere and sensing things within a hundred meter radius through them.

Therefore, right from the start, he had been clear about how many people were standing in each area of the hall. And with his extremely sharp hearing, Lilia's shout also allowed Fang Xingjian to identify her in an instant.

With a flash, he appeared behind Lilia, grabbed her, and then turned toward David by relying on his Heaven's Perception.

"Lilia? Why are you here as well?" Saying that, Fang Xingjian had already noticed Lilia's bruise through Heaven's Perception. He did not feel any pain, but he did feel anger. Fang Xingjian slowly turned to face David.

Lilia hugged Fang Xingjian tightly, and buried her head into his chest just like a young child. The corners of her lips curled up uncontrollably, as an indescribable happiness filled her heart.

'How weird. Why is it that my heart feels so, so sweet when I'm hugging Teacher? It's as if I've eaten honey.'

When David saw Lilia hugging Fang Xingjian with a blissful expression, his eyes turned blood-red as he glared at Fang Xingjian. Seeing that everyone was watching, and also being unwilling to take a step back, he broke into a smile with a thick aristocrat feel, "Fang Xingjian, Genius Fang, Lilia is my fiancee. I don't think it's good for you to be hugging her like this."

"Not good?" Fang Xingjian's said in a soft voice, and looked at the green-haired Gable, asking, "Didn't you guys ask me to prove that I've attained Heaven's Perception? Then I'll use this guy to prove it" he said, pointing a finger at David.

Ignoring how David's countenance had turned grim, Fang Xingjian said to David, "I'm going to attack you. Try and see if you can escape."

This was the Hundred Blossom Banquet, a place where countless aristocrats and geniuses were gathered. David had proclaimed himself to be a promising candidate for the top five positions in the Regional Selection. In no way would he let himself be humiliated. At Fang Xingjian's words, he laughed coldly, and, taking a step forward, he released a majestic aura from his body, sending it at Fang Xingjian.

This was the Killing technique in which David had been putting great effort and years of cultivation - One Man Army. It emphasized the cultivation of the practitioner's aura and allowed one to use it to suppress enemies. It was a mean to either spiritually or mentally attack enemies.

If it went a level higher, the practitioner would be able to directly control the atmospheric pressure and to suppress opponents with it, pinning them down on the ground without the possibility to get back up on their feet.

When ordinary Knights were faced with the pressure of his aura, they were usually robbed of their sanity. They would be controlled, just like how Lilia had just been under his control, unable to speak. It was a feeling akin to sleep paralysis.

Even if the opponents were not robbed of their sanity, they felt tied down because of the the pressuring aura, unable to unleash even half of their powers.

His highest record was punching out a horrifying atmospheric pressure and pinning down seven Knights on the ground, who ended up on all fours and unable to get back up for three whole hours.

But what kind of a character was Fang Xingjian? He was someone who would not falter in the least when he was facing the Divine level expert Li Shuanghua or Conferred Knight Jackson. How could he possibly falter before David?

Fang Xingjian did not say anything. He released Lilia and slowly started walking toward David.

Everyone in the area immediately made way, looking at the two of them as if they were watching a show. Martial arts was highly valued in the Empire, and those in the upper echelons were mostly either Knights or Conferred Knights. It was only too common for people to have disagreements in gatherings, which eventually ended up in fights. Everyone was used to scenes like this, and so no one tried to stop them. They all looked at Fang Xingjian and David, making guesses on who would be winning the fight.

David did not show any signs of weakness either. He punched with both fists, sending two forces at Fang Xingjian, as if two blocks of mountain had appeared out of nowhere. They were shaped by both his aura and atmospheric pressure, exerting both mental and physical pressure on his opponent.