Chapter 199 Disciple

 Chapter 199 Disciple

"I'm Kirst's Rota." Rota threw a doubtful glance toward Lilia and David. Just then, Edger had already brought Hamil and Ralph over. When he saw David, he smiled and greeted him.

"Isn't this the City Lord of Mongul's 's son? Young Master David, you've come to attend the Hundred Blossom Banquet as well?"

Looking at how Edger had a yielding attitude, David lifted his head and replied with slight arrogance, "Mmm. I'm going to greet Master Yuelun. If you guys don't have any issues, then we'll talk later."

He then left with Lilia, casting a deep glance at Rota before he did.

Edger educated Hamil and the others, "Look at him. This is the disposition of big aristocrats. I heard that this David grew up in Great Western Region and received the topmost elite education. Look at his disposition and his movements!

"Sigh, but I heard that he'll also be participating in the Regional Selection this time around. He'll probably be able to get into the top five."

He instructed Hamil, "Remember, this David is probably stronger than you. If you were to encounter him during the competition, you'll need to be careful."

Rota asked doubtfully, "Lilia seems to have been controlled by him?"

"What is it to you?" Edger then instructed, "Remember, this is the Great Western Region. Any young master here probably has a great background, with a few Conferred Knight in their clans. Be careful and don't go looking for trouble."

Hamil replied, "I know, I know. Right, he said that he's going to meet Master Yuelun. Why don't we go over as well?"

Hearing Hamil's words, excitement appeared in Edger's eyes. Master Yuelun was the chief disciple of a Divine level expert and it was said that he was an existence whose ability was comparable to Governor Devitt's.

Edger nodded furiously, "Come, come, we'll go listen to Master Yuelun's teachings as well."

On the other side of the entrance, there were no longer any aristocrats coming in. Everyone had already entered the hall where the banquet was being held.

There were still a few coquettish b*tches in revealing clothings who had wanted to sneak in together with the aristocrats, but had failed to do so. They were smiling as they looked in Fang Xingjian's and fatty Valen's direction.

All of them wanted to rely on their youth and beauty to get the attention of some aristocrats, and be brought into the gathering, so that they could get to know more upper class aristocrats.

But now that the banquet had already started, those who ought to attend had already gone in. There was no more hope for them even if they were to stay here.

One of the short-haired young ladies said, "Hey, the two of you over there, your excuse to sneak in is just too lousy."

"Haha, the two of you should go look at yourselves in the mirror. To attend the banquet, you must at the very least dress up a little."

"That's right. One of you is fat like a pig, the other dirty like some kind of savage. You're thinking of attending the Governor's banquet like that?"

After having their say, the young ladies broke into laughter. They had obviously not heard the conversation Valen had had with the guards. Since they had not gotten the chance they were hoping for, they were now taunting Valen and Fang Xingjian in order to vent their frustrations.


One of the stewards in the Governor's manor, Setques, was at the main entrance, giving instructions to the other servants. Various famous wines, desserts, and fruits were being sent into the hall, on carts.

After giving out all the instructions, Setques started heading to the hall in order to inspect the situation there, so that he could constantly give out instructions and resolve any possible accidents or troubles.

After instructing a maid to help a drunken young aristocratic lady to the guest room, Setques came to the middle of the hall and saw that Master Yuelun had countless aristocrats and geniuses clustering around him, as if he was the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars.

It was not just because of his identity as a level 29 expert, but also because of the Church of Universal Truth behind him.

As the number one religion, many of Great Western City's aristocrats were believers of the Church of Universal Truth. To them, Master Yuelun was like the person who brought the decree of the church.

Master Yuelun also looked very amiable, looking at everyone as if they were his own children. He did not say a word, but merely listened to what the other people were saying, occasionally nodding, and spreading endless warmth.

Looking at this scene, Steward Setques could not hold it in and slowed down, wanting to meet this archbishop from the Church of Universal Truth, the chief disciple of the Divine level expert, Holy Orison.

An aristocratic lady said, "Master, what matters do you have for this visit to the Great Western City?"

"That's right, Master, tell us. Let us help you."

In the crowd, David together with Lilia, as well as Edger, Rota and the others also turned to look over. All of them were also curious to know the reason why Master Yuelun had come to the Great Western Region.

Although previously he had not answered when thrown various questions, this time around, Yuelun replied. A clear voice like the sound of falling precious stones rang out.

"The reason I've come down from the mountains this time around is because I've received instructions from my Master to look for someone."

"What? Lord Holy Orison is looking for someone?"

"Who is the lord looking for? Is it an enemy?"

"Master, please do tell us who it is. With us joining forces, we'll definitely find the person you're looking for even if we have to turn the Great Western Region over."

Looking at the agitated crowd, Yuelun smiled and said, "Everyone, there's no need to be anxious. This time around, I'm not here to look for an enemy. It's just that after a prolonged period of rest, Master is thinking of looking for his final direct disciple."

"What?! Lord Holy Orison is looking for his final direct disciple?!"

"To think that Lord Holy Orison is looking for a disciple! This... this... This is definitely earth-shaking news!"

"To be able to become Lord Holy Orison's disciple... Even the Regional Selection wouldn't matter anymore!"

Hearing Master Yuelun's words, the atmosphere exploded as if fuel had been lighted up with fire.

Anderson, who had transitioned in the Shadow Death God job lifted his head, and for the first time, an excited smiled appeared on his cold face.

He had transitioned into a first transition job in which no one had succeeded for the past two hundred years. Could it be that the Holy Orison was looking for him?

David, who continued to hold onto Lilia squinted his eyes, his heart fiercely palpitating. If he could become the Holy Orison's disciple, it would not just be soaring into the skies with a single one step! He would be standing at the very top!

Ambition uncontrollably overflowed from his eyes.

Behind Edger, Rota, Hamil, and Ralph all became extremely agitated. The Holy Orison's disciple, the one to inherit the teachings of the Divine level expert... Which of them did not wish to become the candidate? On hearing Yuelun's words, each of them stood up straight, puffing their chests, as if they hoped to attract Yuelun's attention.

Even Edger, who was in his forties, had a different gaze.

Rota even shouted out directly, "May I ask what are the requirements the Holy Orison has set for the disciple he wishes to take in?"

Right, what kind of disciple was he looking for?

Everyone's burning gazes turned to Yuelun, waiting for his answer in great anticipation, as if they would be able to have chance to be selected.

Master Yuelun was just about to speak when a guard carefully squeezed his way next to Steward Setques and whispered to him, "Sir Setques, there's two men called Valen and Fang Xingjian who wish to meet the Governor. They do not have invitations, but they said..."

Steward Setques's attention had been fully focused on Yuelun, and he was waiting with great anticipation for him to share the condition for the disciple. How would he have the time to listen to the guard's report?

He waved his hand to interrupt the guard and said, "If they don't have an invitation, then scram. Why do you need to look for me for such a minor thing?"

That guard looked at Setques, slightly aggrieved, "But that Valen said that this person called Fang Xingjian has already..."

"Shut up, scram."

Chasing off the guard, Setques turned his gaze back toward Master Yuelun and saw Yuelun softly saying, "Everyone is mistaken. This time around, my reason for leaving the mountain is not to help Master look for a suitable candidate. Master has already decided on the candidate to be his final direct disciple. I'm only here to bring him back."