Chapter 198 David

 Chapter 198 David

Valen furiously replied, "It's something very important!"

The guard's mouth twitched in the direction of the ladies who were prettily dressed, rushing up whenever they saw an aristocrat alighting from their carriage. He smiled and said, "They also have very important matters."

Those ladies were obviously waiting at the entrance, hoping to find a way to sneak in and get a chance to marry into a rich family. The guard had obviously treated the two of them as having similar motives.

"Damn." Valen was furious. He raised his fist as if he was about to beat up the guard. But seeing that guard's disdainful gaze and fearless expression, he eventually stomped his foot and did not do anything.

Although the opponent was an ordinary person, he was a guard serving for the Governor. If he were to bash this guard up, he would probably have to pack up and leave Great Western City tonight.

At that moment, an aristocratic young man with green hair passed by them, along with a model-like young lady next to him. With an arrogant expression, he passed the invitation to the guard, while throwing a cold glance to Valen and Fang Xingjian. When he saw Fang Xingjian's tattered clothes, as if he were a savage, he chuckled and said, "Haha, these days, all kinds of people are trying to get into the Hundred Blossom Banquet."

The first thing Fang Xingjian did when he arrived at Great Western City was to head to the registration counter, and then he was brought over here by Valen. Of course he had not had the time to wash up and change his clothes.

Looking at the green-haired aristocratic young man's back, Valen gritted his teeth and told the guard, "Damn, I'm Valen from the Regional Selection Office. I really have something very important to report to the Governor."

Fatty Valen pointed to Fang Xingjian and said, "He is the seventeen-year-old Windstorm Sword Hero who has stepped into the realm of Heaven's Perception. Do you know the value of this? If, because of you guys, he cannot register and cannot participate in this Regional Selection, do you know what a huge loss this will be?"

That guard fell into shock for a while and looked in Fang Xingjian's direction. However, no matter how long he stared, he could not tell that this was a seventeen year old genius who had attained Heaven's Perception. He looked more like a savage or a beggar.

However, seeing how Valen was speaking as if that was the truth, the few guards exchanged a few glances and started to hesitate.

Valen then pushed further, "If you guys can't make the decision, then get your leader to come. You can call for the manor's steward, Setques. He knows me and knows that I won't spout rubbish."

The few guards exchanged glances again and nodded. One of them left to call for the steward.

Fang Xingjian frowned and said, "Can't we go in directly?" He then cast a glance toward the few guards and said, "If we want to enter, they won't even be able to tell."

Valen immediately covered Fang Xingjian's mouth and said, "What kind of rubbish are you spouting? This is Governor Devitt's manor and you're thinking of breaking your way in? Do you want to be beaten to death?"

Unlike Fang Xingjian fearlessness, the residents in Great Western Region had the power and authority of the number one character in the Great Western Region, the Governor, deeply rooted in their hearts. Who would dare to barge in recklessly?

Therefore, Valen and Fang Xingjian could only wait quietly at the side, putting up with the many curious and weird glances cast by the aristocrats in their direction.

"Who are these two people?"

"Haha, one is a big fatty and the other a savage. Even they're hoping to attend the Hundred Blossom Banquet."


In the hall, the atmosphere for the Hundred Blossom Banquet had become increasingly lively. Many young men and ladies from aristocratic clans as well as the geniuses from the twelve academies were having a great time chatting and having exchanges.

The young man who had transitioned into the Shadow Death God was surrounded by men and ladies who were smiling as they greeted him. They were obviously all very curious about this genius who was the only one to succeed in transitioning into this job since the founding of the Empire. However, the young man seemed to be very smug, and basically only answered one out of every ten questions asked. He was intolerably proud.

The grand disciple of the Divine level expert, Astral Ancestor, had a handsome visage as well as a slender figure. Each of his actions had an extremely elegant charm to it. The countless aristocratic ladies, young and old, along with the female students, all looked at him with loving gazes.

A mere slight move of his finger would get these ladies take turns crawling up his bed.

The only man who had attained Heaven's Perception before going through the second transition was also not short of people greeting him. However, they were mostly aristocratic men generally older than thirty, people who valued ability more than the name of a job or the support of a Divine level expert.

With the first two geniuses they could only maintain a friendly relationship. But this guy was the only one who did not come from a strong background, and was also extremely talented. He was the only one they had a chance to get to work under them.

Graceful David shuttled through the hall with great ease, greeting many young men and ladies with great proficiency. He smiled and told Lilia, "I know about you. I heard that you fell in love with a blind man? I think his name was Fang Xingjian?"

Lilia abruptly turned over and glared at David with eyes like that of an awakened fierce beast.

"Say that again?"

"It's the same no matter how many times I repeat it." David smoothed down his hair and smiled slightly, "A blind man is a blind man. Moreover, he has already left the academy. With your status, in this life, you'll never be able to..."

With a fierce punch, Lilia sent her fist toward David's face but was easily received by his palm.

White and tender, it was a dainty palm similar to a lady's palm, yet it contained terrifying powers. It received Lilia's punch with great ease, and then grabbed it forcefully.

Lilia let out a stifled snort and fiercely drew back her hand, feeling great pain.

David coldly said, "Women must learn to be obedient. If I see that you want to attack me again, I won't let it go so easily."

With that, he reached out to grab Lilia. Lilia wanted to dodge, but found out that it was as if his palm had twisted space and flashed for a moment. It then grabbed Lilia's back and lifted her like a little kitten.

Lilia wanted to struggle, but a light tremble of his hand scattered the strength throughout her body. She ended up being lifted up and brought out.

David's strength was controlled very well. The way he carried Lilia made it seem as if he had his arm around her. He channeled a slight amount of force on Lilia's spine, making her walk together with him.

David spoke in a soft voice, "Lili, your father thinks well of our future, so you better not do anything unnecessary. Sigh, you've stayed in Kirst for too long. Unlike me, who's grown up in Great Western City, you don't understand how big the world is.

"Those geniuses you have in Kirst are merely slightly outstanding ordinary people here."

Lilia wanted to speak, wanted to shout, but discovered that a force was controlling her throat, making her to be unable to speak a single word.

Just as they were talking, a lady's voice rang out, "Lilia, you've come too?"

Lilia and David both turned and saw a valiant-looking lady whom, on first impression, made one think of the word 'heroine'. It was one of the three geniuses in Kirst Academy, Rota.

Rota's long hair was draping down casually, her slender thighs covered by leather, displaying her toned and seductive figure.

David's eyes narrowed slightly and asked, "Lili, this is?"