Chapter 194 Smash, Smash, Smash

 Chapter 194 Smash, Smash, Smash

Fang Xingjian sat down excitedly, preparing to synthesize his skills. Compared to an ordinary genius who could be proud of picking up over ten sets of techniques, and could spread their names far and wide by mastering tens of techniques to the maximum level, Fang Xingjian had over a hundred sets of techniques that were at the maximum level.

'First is the Nurturing techniques, combining all of the Nurturing techniques into one set.'

Thinking of this, Fang Xingjian started to consider which Nurturing sword techniques he should use as the primary technique. He looked through the sword techniques from The School of Sword Arts and then at Tresia's Nurturing sword techniques. Scanning through them one by one, his eyes finally landed on his first ever sword technique, the level 30 Basic Sword Technique.

'Basic Sword Technique...'

To Fang Xingjian, although this set of Basic Sword Technique, which was passed down in Demonic City, had a strengthening effect, it was truly deserving of its name. It had almost included all of the most basic and simplest movements of all sword techniques, and was the basis for all sword techniques.

If he wanted to synthesize his techniques and to combine over a hundred sets of Nurturing sword techniques into one, this Basic Sword Technique had the widest range and was the obvious choice.

Therefore, he picked out the skill seed that represented the Basic Sword Technique and then got another Nurturing technique. It was the first set of Nurturing technique he had learned, the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique.

The only use of this sword technique was to increase Fang Xingjian's potential by a few hundred points everyday, and there were also many Nurturing techniques whose effects overlapped with this.

The Basic Sword Techniques cultivated one's entire body. However, it did not go as in depth in targeted cultivation of each part. Regardless, it was still undeniable that this technique covered a wider range and had more potential.

Therefore, he controlled the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique's skill seed without any hesitation, pressing it down onto the Basic Sword Techniques' skill seed.

With a boom, the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique's skill seed merged together with the Basic Sword Technique's skill seed like a drop of water. In the next moment, there seemed to be a torrent of information being exchanged and merging together in his mind.

When everything calmed, the skill seed representing the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique had completely disappeared, yet when Fang Xingjian looked toward the introduction for the Basic Sword Technique, there seemed to have been no changes at all.

'Did the synthesis fail?'

He tried recalling it, only to discover that he had forgotten the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique. It was because what he had done to the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique was equivalent to deleting it.

The ether synchronization rate had reached 10%, meaning that the success rate of skills synthesis would be 10%. Therefore, after becoming one with the nature, the higher the ether synchronization rate, the higher the level of the skill, and the higher the success rate of the synthesis. Only then would the synthesized skill become increasingly powerful and terrifying.

It would eventually even reach the level at which Huang Lin, Jackson or even the First Prince were.

Upon reaching level 29 like the First Prince, with a 100% ether synchronization rate, the skills synthesis would definitely succeed. What that required was only the time to bring the cultivated skill or technique to the maximum level. It was because only when a skill was at the maximum level would a practitioner be extremely familiar with it and have sufficient information about to it ensure the success of the synthesis.

However, this was not something that worried Fang Xingjian, since he could pick up skills especially fast.

Even though the attempt with the Grizzly Bear Sword Technique had failed, he did not sigh, and turned his gaze toward the Eagle Sword Technique. Then, with a sweep of his sword fingers, streams of sword Qi shot out, slashing the rock walls and causing snow and rocks to scatter all over. He carved out over ten images of a human waving a sword and even wrote down explanatory notes next to them.

After finishing, Fang Xingjian once again sent the Eagle Sword Technique's skill seed smashing toward the Basic Sword Technique's skill seed.

A loud boom resonated in his consciousness, but there were still no changes to the Basic Sword Technique. The synthesis had failed again.

'As expected, with a synchronization rate of 10%, my understanding of the information from the ether particles is still too coarse, and my success rate of skill synthesis is also only at 10%. It's still too low.'

The ether synchronization rate represented the amount of information one could receive from the ether particles in the surroundings. 10% of the information was very little. For example, it would only be able to reflect a coarse image of the environment into one's consciousness, and similarly, one would only be able to receive 10% of the information from the ether particles about his own body. Therefore, the success rate was very, very low.

Most Knights with a synchronization rate of 50% and below tended to require a few months, or even a few years, in order to bring a set of skill or technique to the maximum level. They would have to carefully study the synthesis before making a careful and difficult decision.

However, Fang Xingjian did not have the same worry and problem because he could learn extremely fast. With the enhancements provided by his skills and specialities, as well as his number one sword arts talent in the world, his learning speed had reached an astonishing stage.

While other people carefully selected skills to combine and even held it in until they were at least at level 25 before having the confidence to start doing large-scale skill synthesis, performing each skill synthesis with great care, Fang Xingjian had already casually started to undergo the synthesis.

He looked toward the Eagle Sword Technique carved on the cliffs, glancing for about a minute, and Eagle Sword Technique reappeared on his Stats Window.

Without even drawing his sword, he just used his sword finger in place of an actual sword and started practicing the Eagle Sword Technique. When he thrust out the first sword, he was still very choppy with it, but on the second thrust, he had already started familiarizing with it, and by the third one, he was extremely fluent. When he reached the tenth, his Eagle Sword Technique was already as if he had been practicing for a few months, and he appeared to be very seasoned in this technique.

He practiced the whole set of Eagle Sword Technique from the beginning to the end, and it reached the maximum level of level 30 once again.

Fang Xingjian once again smashed the Eagle Sword Technique's skill seed toward the Basic Sword Technique's skill seed.

With a loud boom, once again, the Eagle Sword Technique disappeared, but this time, the Basic Sword Technique had an additional effect of being able to achieve a maximum of 800 potential points daily.

'I've succeeded. The Eagle Sword Technique's effects has been added onto the Basic Sword Technique.'

Fang Xingjian smiled and directly swept out with his sword Qi. He sliced off the layer of rock which had the technique carved on it, and it once again became a smooth cliff. He then carved out another set of Nurturing technique, the Tenauer-Style Body Strengthening Sword Technique.

In the days following, Fang Xingjian stayed on the snowy mountains, eating the Magic Beans when he got hungry, taking snow when he was thirsty. He began days of cultivating non-stop, from day to night, and went through skill synthesis again and again.

Compared to how other people were only able to attempt one skill synthesis every few months or even years, he was able to make one attempt every few minutes.

One week later, he had already combined all of his Nurturing techniques into the Basic Sword Technique and all of the Training techniques into the Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique.

The Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique which had undergone synthesis was nothing extraordinary. It was just a byproduct of a few sets of Training techniques, but was equipped with the ability to temper the five major attributes. Each time he practiced this new Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique, Fang Xingjian would be able to train any of the five attributes of his choice, and his cultivation speed was increased by 20%.

What was amazing was the Basic Sword Technique that had been synthesized together with over a hundred sets of Nurturing sword techniques. He combined all the pros of all the Nurturing techniques, and with each practice, he was able to nurture every single cell throughout his body. When he was cultivating, it was as if he was soaked in a hot spring, and each fiber and flesh were trying very hard to absorb the nutrition and energy in his body.

Its effects were also much higher than all of the Nurturing techniques added up together. Previously, Fang Xingjian could gain at most 11,000 potential points daily, but now, with his physical body automatically cultivating this new Basic Sword Technique, he could gain 20,000 potential points. The efficiency was simply terrifying.

This meant that he could increase his reaction attribute by a bit every three to four days.

This was one of the reasons why Conferred Knights grew increasingly powerful. Their Nurturing techniques had usually gone through many syntheses, were increasingly suitable for their bodies, and were better able to tap into each little bit of potential in their bodies. This thus allowed the growth of their attributes to be increasingly terrifying.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian named this set of sword technique the Rebirth Sword Technique. This sword technique was true to its name. After cultivating, it would bring about an effect of completely transforming the practitioner's body as if he were reborn.

Therefore, now, the skills Fang Xingjian was left with included one Nurturing technique and one Training technique, the Rebirth Sword Technique and the new Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique.

Then, there were the two sets of Killing techniques, the Supreme Mistwind Sword and the Radiant Light Sword Technique.

There was also the skill he obtained when his Reduced Force Field underwent an evolution due to the mutation of his mental cultivation method, the Ether Sword Ripples.

There was not much left for him to do with the set of Nurturing technique and the set of Training technique.

The next thing he needed to work on was his Killing technique. The Ether Sword Ripples was not something Fang Xingjian had learned, so it was impossible for him to risk experimenting with it since it would be gone forever if he forgot it.

Thus, it boiled down to how he should synthesize the Supreme Mistwind Sword and the Radiant Light Sword Technique.

Should he smash the Supreme Mistwind Sword onto the Radiant Light Sword Technique or the Ether Sword Ripples?

Or should he smash the Radiant Light Sword Technique onto the Supreme Mistwind Sword or the Ether Sword Ripples?

Fang Xingjian thought hard about it for a while before suddenly smiling.

The Supreme Mistwind Sword was a sword technique that controlled the atmosphere and was restricted by the limits of the air. To a second transition Warrior who would frequently transcend supersonic speed in the future, it would not be of much use. Therefore, it was not suitable to be a primary skill.

As for whether he should smash the Supreme Mistwind Sword onto the Radiant Light Sword Technique or onto the Ether Sword Ripples, that was somebody else's problem.

For Fang Xingjian, he just needed to smash it onto both of them.

No, he could go even further.

He planned to smash both the Radiant Light Sword Technique and the Supreme Mistwind Sword onto the Ether Sword Ripples. After succeeding with that, he would relearn the Radiant Light Sword Technique and Supreme Mistwind Sword, before smashing the Supreme Mistwind Sword onto the Radiant Light Sword Technique.

This was all due to the fact that he had the advantage of learning things quickly.

As for the Ether Divine Art and the Effulgence Weapon's special effects, they were still at level 1 and could not be used for synthesis.