Chapter 193 Finally Succeeded

 Chapter 193 Finally Succeeded

Fang Xingjian left Kirst City, bringing along his Silver Fox, Demoness' Howl and three hundred Magic Beans. He had already tried the Magic Beans. Three a day should be sufficient to replenish the energy he had depleted after a day of cultivation. It was sufficient to last him till the Regional Selection.

Therefore, wearing an ordinary short-sleeved top and walking, he went on his way, arriving deep in the forest in a short half hour.

Far away from the human crowd, from the human world and from society, Fang Xingjian was seeking absolute peace in order to comprehend that tiny inspiration in his heart.

In the beginning, without anyone to cook and do laundry, without a clean room and bright lights, Fang Xingjian was not very used to it.

But he could only continue to walk in the forest alone, sensing the humidity in the air, the muddy ground, and the dirty forest, taking one step at a time. His body continued to automatically cultivate sword arts while his consciousness was trying to understand that hint of inspiration regarding Heaven's Perception.

Whenever he got hungry, he would eat the Magic Beans; whenever he felt thirsty, he would look for streams to drink from; whenever he was tired, he would sit down to take a rest. Sometimes, he would look up into the sky; sometimes, he would look at the mountain valley and streams; sometimes, he would looked far into the mountain range.

Gradually, the unaccustomed and uncomfortable feelings about the dirtiness started to turn into feelings of quiet, calm and revitalization.

His moustache started to grow, and his hair, which was not trimmed, became filled with dirt and split ends. His clothes became increasingly tattered and he appeared increasingly dirty. However, his soul grew increasingly purer.

All of the messed up stuff that he had encountered in the city were gradually wiped out from his heart as if they were dust.

He felt that he had become increasingly calm, as if everything in the surroundings had naturally blended together.

He listened to the sound of the wind. He could sense that there were worms crawling a few meters underground.

He could hear, in the trees over ten meters above his head, there were birds setting up their nests.

He could sense, tens of meters away, the flowers and grass were fluttering with the wind.

He could sense, hundreds of meters away, there was a stream exuding mist.

The world before him seemed to have appeared increasingly clearer. His ears could take in many more sounds, telling him the secrets in the world. However, they were very vague and he was still one step away from understanding them.

Therefore, he continued to head north. His shoes became tattered, so he went on without them. His legs were like metallic pillars, breaking off trees, crushing grass and rocks. There was nothing that could leave traces of his feet.

Eventually, he came to a large river. Looking at the great, endless river, Fang Xingjian did not stop and continued forward.

His legs formed a series of after-images above the river's surface. Although he seemed to be walking, he was, in fact, moving at an extreme speed. Because his speed was fast enough, the water's surface tension raised him up, allowing him to be able to tread on water. Following the rows of waves, he crossed the great river and headed for the opposite bank.

On a boat by the bank, countless people cried out in astonishment. The old man rowing the boat knelt down and shouted, "It's the Water God! The Water God has come!"

"We pray for the Water Lord's blessings!"

"Has the Water God appeared?"

"A bunch of idiots." Some merchants who had seen more mumbled to themselves, "It must be a Knight. But the level 19 Knight I met last time could only swim to cross the river. To think that this person can cross just by treading on the waves."

There was no way that Fang Xingjian would pay any heed to a bunch of foolish people who were revering him as if he were a god. He passed the banks and continued heading north. Neither forests, mountains, rivers, or ditches were able to stop him from moving forward.

On a mountain path, a bunch of warriors from the City Guards Institution were progressing steadily at great speed. The Knight in the lead shouted with a grim face, "Hurry, hurry, hurry! Those bandits are just right in front! We must catch up to them!"

All the City Guards bellowed and were about to accelerate on when a hysterical laughter came from overhead.

"Idiots, you guys have fallen into our trap!"

"What?!" The Knight shouted out in surprise and fury.

Countless arrows rained down on the troops.

The Knight sent out his Reduced Force Field and could naturally ignore the rain of arrows. However, ordinary soldiers could not do the same. In that short instant, a big group of them were either injured or killed.

The Knight let out a loud bellowed and charged forth, but was pushed back by the leader of the bandits. This bandit leader was also at the first transition level.

That Knight bellowed, "Flame Wolf, are you crazy?! I'm going to wipe out the entire Seven Flames Hall!"

"Haha, you Empire's dogs... Say that after you survive this ordeal. No one will know that you have been killed by me."

Just then, a black silhouette flashed by, cutting across the sky like a black line. It dashed up above where both parties were.

Then, a series of sound explosions rang out and a series of huge sounds appeared in the air as if there was a thunderstorm.

Amidst the Knight's horrified gaze, all hundred bandits were like fireworks being lit up, exploding and forming many clouds of bloody fog, one after another. The bandit leader was no exception and was turned into up to a hundred lumps of flesh.

Fang Xingjian passed by the valleys and mountain paths without stopping. His mind was filled with countless sounds, and when he regained his senses, he had already appeared on a snow-covered mountain. A month had passed since he had left Kirst.

Standing at the highest point of the snow-covered mountain, he looked down at the magnificent snow-capped peaks piercing into the skies, and at the endless mountains reaching out under his feet, all the trees covered in snow were of a unified color. A feeling of shock that he had never experienced before entered Fang Xingjian's soul.

Although the snowy mountain range was wide, everything was in silence. Amidst this silence, Fang Xingjian could finally hear the sounds in the space.

They were not actual sounds, but were information contained in the ether particles.

Warmth, humidity, sunlight, length, height, color...

As more and more information gushed into Fang Xingjian's brain from the ether particles, the information from ten meters around him gradually took form in his brain.

In the next second, he could already 'see' the scenes ten meters in his surroundings in his consciousness. In that moment, Fang Xingjian, after having gone through countless hardships and paid an endless price, he had finally taken the most crucial step and attained Heaven's Perception.

Endless information which was enough to drive ordinary people crazy gushed into Fang Xingjian's brain. However, with his unrivalled talent and extraordinary willpower, he accepted it all.

At the same time, on his Stats Window, other than strength, agility, endurance, reaction and flexibility, a sixth attribute appeared.

Ether synchronization rate: 10%

This ether synchronization rate represented how much information he could receive from the ether particles. 10% was the benchmark for entering the realm of Heaven's Perception. It represented that 10% of the information was sufficient to form a basic image in his mind.

This was similar to a photo's clarity. 10% was the most basic. The higher the synchronization rate, the clearer the photo. Eventually, he would even be able to see the world from a micro perspective and look at the various pieces of information left behind by other people. It would also include information on things that could not be exposed in public, various electromagnetic and sound waves, as well as things that could not be seen with the naked eye.

It could be said that 10% was just the beginning. In the future, the synchronization rate would keep on increasing, allowing Fang Xingjian to see the world clearer and clearer, just like how a photograph's degree of resolution would increase higher and higher.

Only then would he be able to change his job and level up to level 20.

From then onward, each additional 10% of the synchronization rate would be a barrier, just like how one must reach a synchronization rate of 20% at level 20 to be able to level up to level 21.

And with each additional 10% increase, there would be a Heavenly Barrier like a massive flow of information, like the disturbance of illusions, and like the emotions and sensory pleasures which were out of control. These were the Ten Heavenly Barriers.

There would always be Conferred Knights who fell at each barrier, and each of them would be extremely dangerous.

However, it might not be the same for Fang Xingjian. For example, he had easily received the first blast of information.

It was because his talent was unparalleled. No matter if it was his brain's memory power, reaction, willpower, or endurance, they were all topnotch.

Looking at the ether synchronization rate on his Stats Window, Fang Xingjian smiled. He only had to try a little to be able to sense over one hundred beams of micro light in his brain which were over a hundred skill seeds.

He could finally start synthesizing his skills.