Chapter 191 Kidnap

 Chapter 191 Kidnap

Just as Fang Xingjian was talking and walking toward Kaunitz's room, Headmaster Jackson finally could no longer hold it in and appeared at the main entrance.

"Xingjian, enough. Do you really want to blow up the matter until it has reached a point of no return?" Jackson's expression was calm as he looked at everything that had happened, secretly feeling astonished at the rate of Fang Xingjian's progress.

'Even I was not able to clearly see the series of attacks in that single second with my naked eye. Now, if Fang Xingjian doesn't enter my Reduced Force Field, I probably won't be able to see his movements clearly.'

Ten times that of supersonic speed was so fast that it could no longer be seen by the naked eye. Not even Jackson, at second transition level 26, could break through such physical restrictions.

However, if it was within his Reduced Force Field, then Fang Xingjian's actions would appear very clear to him. It was because no matter how fast Fang Xingjian was, he would not be able to compete with the speed at which waves like the ether particles transmit at. They transmit at a speed of light just like electromagnetic waves.

Moreover, Headmaster Jackson's second transition job, the Tyrant Fist of the Azure Skies, had a Reduced Force Field reaching out to three hundred meters. This meant that he could see everything clearly as long as it was within the three hundred meter range.

Therefore, the moment he stepped through the door, he had already grasped the situation within a three hundred meter radius. Then, with a change in his expression, he dashed out, heading for Kaunitz's room, accompanied by a long whistle and an impact wave.

Kaunitz was already nowhere to be found. All that was left was a big hole in the middle of the room. Kaunitz, who was in a frail state, had obviously been abducted.

The Tresia Clan's clan head also panicked when he saw how Headmaster Jackson had reacted. He stumbled in after him and was astonished by the scene in the room, "What is going on? Where is Kaunitz?"

"Did you guys really think that during this period of my disappearance, I had done nothing at all?" Fang Xingjian saw that the two of them had simultaneously turned over in his direction. With one step, he leapt and stood more than three hundred meters away from them, leaving Jackson's Reduced Force Field.

Eyelids drooping, he held onto Demoness' Howl, as if he were a dancer in the darkness, giving people the feeling that he would disappear before your eyes at any time.

Jackson knew that this was Fang Xingjian's speed. His speed had reached extreme limits and his will had moved even before his body had. Thus, this gave others the feeling that he was moving yet motionless, as if he would disappear at any time.

However, at this moment, this was not what he was concerned with. He was more concerned about what Fang Xingjian had just said. This meant that the big hole in Kaunitz's room had been dug by Fang Xingjian.

It turned out that Fang Xingjian knew that Jackson and the others would be protecting Kaunitz. If they were to protect him openly, then he would just appear from the underground passageway, releasing hundreds of Ether Sword Ripples at once, using Ether Sword Ripples, which were at ten times that of supersonic speed, to turn Kaunitz into mush.

If he were to do this, he would naturally be going against the Second Prince and his faction and would need to flee with all his might.

But if it was another situation and the Conferred Knights, on account of their status, did not stay next to Kaunitz to protect him, then he would step out to attract everyone's attention while letting Robert and Anthony dash into the room to abduct Kaunitz.

Without killing Kaunitz in front of everyone, even if they knew that the odds were against Kaunitz, the contradictions they have between them would not burst out immediately. To Fang Xingjian, this was the best possible scenario.

Otherwise, if he were to kill Kaunitz before everyone, he would incur the wrath of the few Conferred Knights.

Although Fang Xingjian was very vicious, he was not foolish. If he had lacked wisdom and tact, not being able to differentiate between foolishness and courage, how could he have completed the first transition, sensed the ether particles, and cultivated up to a hundred sets of sword techniques?

Although Jackson did not managed to guess Fang Xingjian's plot immediately, he could vaguely guess what had happened. Looking at the hole, he said, "To be able to dig such a big hole without being noticed in just a few hours... Xingjian, seems like your sword arts have been brought to a higher level yet again."

Fang Xingjian did not say anything. With the level 9 Divine Weapon Demoness' Howl in his hand and enhancement from the Unparalleled Sword Intent, he was at a level at where he could cut through Empire's Divine Weapons. For him, cutting through the ground and silently creating a passageway was just too simple.

However, Jackson continued, "But even so, the passageway that you dug could not possibly be long. With my speed, if I were to dash out, shouldn't I still be able to find Kaunitz?"

Fang Xingjian smiled, "If Headmaster leaves, then I'll just go on a killing spree and kill all eight of these Knights from the Tresia Clan."

Jackson's eyes suddenly narrowed, as if he wanted to know whether or not Fang Xingjian was speaking the truth.

At the same time, his thoughts started to circulate. If what Fang Xingjian said was true, then the death of eight Knights would truly be a heavy blow. Since when had so many Knights died during a non-warring period?

Not only would Deputy Commander Adri join the First Prince, even the King would indicate his dissatisfaction with the situation and might even doubt the Governor's and the Second Prince's ability to lead.

Also, if they were just considering Kaunitz's disappearance, then the disappearance of a commoner who was an ex-Knight would be much easier to deal with than the deaths of eight Knights.

However, the problem was whether or not Fang Xingjian dared to do this.

Of course, other than these two solutions, there was still another solution.

Jackson's body trembled slightly. In the next moment, an air explosion occurred, and ripples that could be seen by the naked eye were sent out from around his body to the surroundings.

"Then I'll just subdue you before going to look for Kaunitz."

In the next instant, a huge bang rang out. No one had seen when Jackson had dashed to more than one hundred meter away. They had only seen Fang Xingjian suddenly being sent flying, and with a pfft sound, Fang Xingjian had spewed out a large mouthful of blood.

But in the 0.1 second it took to launch a fist, Fang Xingjian had been given sufficient reaction time.

Boundaries Negation activated! Radiant Light Sword Technique!

Under ten times that of supersonic speed, Fang Xingjian's Demoness' Howl cut across the air, scattering sound blasts that were powerful enough to drive one insane.

The Radiant Light Sword Technique was concurrently activated. Under the full prowess of the level 20 Radiant Light Sword Technique, Fang Xingjian became a human of light, with white light brimming out from him and filling the entire sky. It made him appear like a small sun that had fallen on the earth.

Almost half of the people in Kirst could see the white light shooting up into the sky, causing the whole Tresia Clan to appear as if day had descended in the darkness.

The sudden burst of white light caused the Tresia Clan's clan head and the other few Knights who had been looking toward Fang Xingjian's to let out a howl, covering their eyes as they retreated. They had been temporarily blinded.

Although Headmaster Jackson was at second transition level 26, he was still unable to overcome the limitations of the human body. He could not help but closed his eyes, tears trickling down from the corners of his eyes.

However, even without his naked eyes, he could still sense everything that were within a three hundred meter radius though Heaven's Perception. Of course, that included light as well.

He dashed toward the ball of light three hundred meters away, only to find that, although Fang Xingjian could not see him, he had already slipped away the moment he had activated the Radiant Light Sword Technique. Under the situation where Fang Xingjian was maintaining ten times that of supersonic speed with his Boundaries Negation, for a while, there was no way for Jackson to catch up to him and keep him within a three hundred meter radius. He even allowed Fang Xingjian to slowly increase the distance between them.

Within a short ten plus seconds, the two of them, one chasing and the other escaping, the environment consistently changing very quickly, arrived in the wilderness about fifty kilometers away. On the way, countless people had been temporarily blinded by the piercing white light, and many people heard the sound produced by the Demoness' Howl and went into fury, calming down only after over ten minutes had passed.

Finally, after chasing him for about fifty kilometers and seeing that Fang Xingjian was getting further and further away, Jackson threw out a punch. However, as Fang Xingjian was far out of his three hundred meter radius, there was no way that his punch could come into direct contact with him. Amidst the tremendous air explosion, Fang Xingjian was sent flying once again. At the same time, he borrowed the explosive force from this attack to accelerate and dashed into the forests.

Just as he slipped into the forest, the white light extinguished, completely leaving Jackson's radar.