Chapter 190 Within A Second

 Chapter 190 Within A Second

Fang Xingjian's footsteps landed lightly on the stone slab before the entrance. A hint of breeze followed him, encompassing the area one hundred meters around him. Even though he was blind, he could clearly sense any situation within a one hundred meter radius.

The scene reconstructed in his brain allowed him to see clearly. Hundreds to a thousand apprentices collapsed on the ground behind him. Some of them were moaning, some were letting out terrible cries, while some simply fell unconscious.

They were all defeated within a short half minute, each of them by a single move. They could not even clearly see how they were defeated.

Fang Xingjian could sense that there were eight powerful Knights waiting for him behind the door. Each of these eight Knights had a heart as powerful as an electric motor, their blood flowing through their bodies like a gushing river, bringing forth great power and speed.

Fang Xingjian could hear their heartbeat and breathing. The wind brushed past their bodies, allowing him to accurately sense the location of each one of them. He could even sense their body form, and even the weapons attached to their waists, backs, or in their hands.

If he were to engage in battle with all eight of them, once they started moving at high speeds, or even accelerated to transcend the speed of sound, it would spell trouble for Fang Xingjian.

Therefore, he did not plan to give them the chance to speak or attack.

The next moment, he activated Boundaries Negation.

Fang Xingjian now had a speed limit of ten times that supersonic speed. How terrifying was this speed? If he were to run at full speed, he would be able to run about three to four kilometers in just a second.

A second was sufficient for him to run around a four hundred meter field over eight times.

With ten seconds, he could reach Kirst City's west gate from its east gate.

With one hundred seconds, he would have enough time to run from Shanghai all the way to Nanjing.

What did this terrifying speed represent? Even the majority of Conferred Knights below level 25 would not be able to attain this speed.

Therefore, in this single second, he would have enough time to defeat all eight Knights.

Fang Xingjian, having a speed of ten times that supersonic speed, only felt that the time in his surroundings had slowed down. The air became as dense as glue. With a gentle lift of his hand, he pushed the door before him and felt the increasing resistance. At the same time, a surge of heat came from his hands; it was the heat formed from abrasion against the air, causing his palm to turn completely red.

After landing his palm on the door softly, the entire door suddenly flew up, and, like a movie played in slow motion, it was slowly flung inch by inch into the courtyard.

With one step, Fang Xingjian entered the courtyard. All eight Knights remained motionless, without a single change to their expressions.

The whole space was completely silent. It was because there was not even enough time for sound to spread out.

With the friction formed from the high speed abrasion with the air, he felt his body continuously heat up. The air in the surroundings were heated up very quickly. Fang Xingjian felt as if he had leisurely strolled up to a middle-aged Knight and landed a light punch on the guy's stomach.

The middle-aged Knight who suddenly got hit was sent flying and gradually knocked toward the walls, moving an inch at a time. There had yet to be any changes to his expression, with it still being the same from a second ago.

Fang Xingjian then appeared before Xiu Yi and landed a kick on his chin. The latter's teeth, blood and saliva stayed in mid-air, landing toward the ground at a snail's pace. He also seemed to be in slow motion as he was sent flying out.

Fang Xingjian then moved on to the next Knight. All eight Knights, including the Tresia Clan's clan head, were sent flying in slow motion by Fang Xingjian alone.

The next moment, Boundaries Negation was deactivated. Only a second had passed.

Boom boom boom boom! Bang bang bang bang!

Just as time appeared to have regained its natural flow, the sound of explosions from Fang Xingjian's series of actions at ten times that supersonic speed rang out, resembling a hundred explosions concurrently blowing up in the courtyard. Strong gales, air currents and white fog crazily scattered about.

All eight Knights let out terrible cries as they knocked against the walls, as if they were eight bulldozers, crashing through the surrounding walls before falling into a pile of rubble.

The Tresia Clan's clan head struggled to his feet as he trembled, glaring in Fang Xingjian's direction.

White fog encompassed Fang Xingjian, shooting out as if it was steam.

It was caused by abrasion with the air at ten times that supersonic speed, causing Fang Xingjian's body to be heated up continuously, like a meteorite piercing through the atmosphere.

He walked out from the white fog, a faint red glow all over his body and exuding a tremendous amount of perspiration and white steam from the surface of his skin. There were even faint traces of burns.

'As expected, moving at high speed has increasing requirements for the body's tenacity.

'Now, even with Boundaries Negation removing the limitations imposed on the other attributes, just the high temperature from the air abrasion is sufficient to fry me if I were to constantly move at such high speed.'

Knights were also human. As long as one had not gone through the second transition and had not entered the Divine level, their bodies would still be mere flesh and blood, and it would be inevitable for them to have limitations.

At the same time, in Kaunitz's room, Kaunitz was shouting out, feeling uneasy, "Father? Father, are you there? What's going on? Why are there explosions? Is Fang Xingjian here?" His voice was filled with helplessness and fear, as if he were a young puppy howling out alone in the night.

Hearing his son's voice Tresia Clan's clan head turned to look in Fang Xingjian's direction.

He looked at Fang Xingjian who appeared to be burning up. He looked at the mess in the area, at the place which seemed as if a bomber aircraft had passed by. He gritted his teeth and asked, "Fang Xingjian, must you be so ruthless? Kaunitz is already a cripple, why do you need to make things difficult for him?"

"Why I kill a person is not related to whether or not he is a cripple. It's just because I want to kill him." Fang Xingjian tilted his head and looked toward Kaunitz's room as a strong killing intent gushed forth and was reflected on his face.

The Tresia Clan's clan head shouted, "Fang Xingjian, if you were to kill Kaunitz, it would be cutting off our Tresia Clan's bloodline. If you want to kill, then you might as well kill our whole clan; kill all three thousand of our clan members and servants."

Why would Fang Xingjian pay him any heed? With a steel-like will, once he had decided on killing someone, then even if there were hordes of cavalry and troops, even if the world was turned upside down, even if there were overflowing rivers of blood, they would not be able to change his decision in the slightest.

Looking at how he was moving toward the room, the clan head bellowed, "Fang Xingjian, if you kill Kaunitz, my younger brother will definitely not come under the Second Prince's wing. The First Prince will gain even more power. Wouldn't you feel guilty that all the people in the world will be forced to suffer because of this in the future?"

"Don't worry, this will not happen.

"Because within four years, I'll definitely kill the First Prince.

"If you do not wish for your younger brother to be killed by me too, then you had better advise him to not join the First Prince. Otherwise, if I were to kill in the future, I won't give a single hoot about whether or not the person has any unspoken difficulties."