Chapter 189 Assassination, Frontal Attack

 Chapter 189 Assassination, Frontal Attack

Everything remained peaceful. During the day, Fang Xingjian would instruct the elite class and the ordinary class on their martial arts while using of all his other time at night to cultivate his Radiant Light Sword Technique and other sword techniques.

Just as Manny and the others thought that Fang Xingjian planned to take the bigger picture into account and did not make any moves, six days passed by very quickly. Fang Xingjian's Radiant Light Sword Technique had reached the maximum level of 20, and he had also reached the maximum level for four sets of Nurturing techniques, causing him to reach the one hundred sets of sword techniques at maximum level required for the Unparalleled Sword Intent.

After taking such a long time and so much effort, his Unparalleled Sword Intent had finally leveled up. Fang Xingjian could not wait to see its new introduction.

Unparalleled Sword Intent Level 1: To be able to instantly break through all pure stances, allowing the rate at which the practitioner picked up sword arts to increase further, learning at a glance, mastering after a single practice. The practitioner could just cultivate over ten times and be comparable to others' efforts of cultivating the same sword technique for more than ten years.

Other than breaking through the flaws in the opponent's stances, the practitioner would also let the person observe the flaws of all living things, slashing and cutting through everything. It allows one to be able to gradually, relying only on one's sword arts level, using any weapon, cut down any Empire's Divine Weapon, Inferior Divine Weapon, Superior Divine Weapon, Divine Remains Equipment or even light and ether particles.

Looking at this, even Fang Xingjian could not help but fall into a moment of daze, especially upon seeing that one could reach the level of being able to cut through light and Ether Sword Ripples. Would that not mean that even electromagnetic waves could be sliced through?

If that were the case, to be able to cut through light, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays and other kind of waves, even ether particles, then no matter how strong one's Reduced Force Field was, would he be able to slash through them with one attack? Would he even be able to slash through all kinds of wave attacks, including high temperature, low temperature, electrical and gravitational waves?

Would this not be an attack which could counter all attacks?

What kind of level would that be? It was a pity that he was still only able to cut through Empire's Divine Weapons. He would need to continue cultivating even more sword techniques to reach an even higher level. However, what level would he need to reach in his sword arts cultivation to be able to slash something of a greater level?

There was no information stated on that. Fang Xingjian could only be left to search for the answer himself.

The Radiant Light Sword Technique, having reached the maximum level of 20, now had another special effect, which was to be able to refract sunlight and moonlight, increasing light intensity.

The Radiant Light Sword Technique was already like a flash grenade to begin with, but now, it could further increase its light intensity through sunlight and moonlight. How bright would that be?

Fang Xingjian continued to think about it. Now, he was blind, and if he were engage in a battle, he would need to use the Radiant Light Sword Technique first, before charging up, using his Supreme Mistwind Sword and High Frequency Effulgence Weapon to break through the opponent's defences, and finally, killing them with his Ether Sword Ripples.

Combining the Radiant Light Sword Technique, Supreme Mistwind Sword, High Frequency Effulgence Weapon and Ether Sword Ripples together would create a tremendous damaging prowess.

Therefore, with all preparations completed, that night, Fang Xingjian brought along his Demoness' Howl and Silver Fox and headed slowly toward the Tresia Clan.


At the same time, in a secret room in the Tresia Clan, the white-haired Tresia clan head sat on a chair, his expression as gloomy as black coal.

Next to him was a pale-faced Kaunitz, lying on a bed, covered with wounds. He was still covered in bandages as he looked upward, his eyes filled with perplexion and terror.

Just then, a servant came in and said to the Tresia Clan's clan head, saying, "Sir, the person we've sent to keep a lookout has yet to find him. Fang Xingjian has truly disappeared. He's not in the academy."

The Tresia Clan's clan head was worried that Fang Xingjian would be back to seek vengeance and thus had sent someone to keep Fang Xingjian under surveillance.

"Not in the academy? If he's not in the academy, then where could he be?" The clan head frowned, his emotions slightly fluctuating. However, he had noticed this as well and kept it under control. He spoke coldly, "He's just a blind man. I don't believe that there's anywhere he can hide. Send out all our people and look for him! Even if you have to turn all of Kirst City over, you have to find him!"

Hearing Fang Xingjian's name, Kaunitz, who was on the bed, suddenly shuddered and shouted out, "Fang Xingjian? What about him? Is he coming to kill me?"

How could the Kaunitz today be compared to his valiant self from two months ago?

Two months ago, he still had great talent, with his sword arts notches higher than other people at his age. He even signed the First Prince's Devil's Note and gained the dragon and human bloodline. He had also grasped the Divine Flames of the Earth's Core, which, with just a point of his fingers, would send all first transition Knights into hiding.

Talent, power, and background had brought him limitless confidence.

However, his talent was useless now. After the tendons in his arms and legs had all been broken and his attributes had all dropped to below 10 points, it was inevitable that fear would dawn on him.

It was just like how a person with one billion dollars would gradually become arrogant and throw his weight about; if the person goes bankrupt, he would not be able to stay proud for long.

When Kaunitz lost everything, after a torturous month, he was left with only pain, vengeance, desperation, and the endless terror he had toward death.

"Fang Xingjian, that god damned Fang Xingjian!" He was just like an angry, ordinary patient, throwing out the pillows and blanket on his bed. His face was filled with both fury and terror as he said to the Tresia Clan's clan head, "Father, you must stop him! That beast can do anything!

"Where's Jackson?

"Where's Kirst's City Lord?

"Didn't they assure that Fang Xingjian will not come and kill me?

"Liars! They are all liars!"

"Enough!" Tresia Clan's clan head could not help but glare at Kaunitz and say, "Shut up! Look at you now! Fang Xingjian has just disappeared, it doesn't mean that he's coming to kill you! Furthermore, even if he's coming to kill you, with me protecting you, what are you afraid of?"

"Haha, you're thinking of me as a burden now. Is it because I've become a cripple? So in your eyes now, I'm just a robot for carrying on the family line. Hahahaha, all of you are looking down on me now. All of you have let me down.

"All of you will regret this. All of you will regret this."

Looking at Kaunitz's maniacal state, a hint of pain and vengeance flashed past the clan head's eyes.

Kaunitz was a son he had gotten in his old age, and was his only son. He had adored this son and had put a lot of his hope on him. Seeing Kaunitz's state now, how could he not be sad? How could he not feel heartache?

He hated Fang Xingjian for agitating Kaunitz time and time again; he hated the First Prince for burning the bridge after crossing it, caring only for himself; he hated Oliver for torturing Kaunitz when he was imprisoned, causing him to become a total cripple.

He could not bear to see his son in this state. He walked out and stood outside the door, waiting for news.

After leaving the room, knowing of Fang Xingjian's disappearance, he called all seven Knights in the clan over, including Xiu Yi and Zhou Yong who were still learning in the academy.

Looking at the seven Knights before him, he felt more at ease.

'Although Fang Xingjian may not necessarily come, but it's better than not being prepared at all. Kaunitz's is the last hope for extending our clan's bloodline. We can't let anything go wrong.'

One hour passed. Three hours passed. Six hours passed.

Fang Xingjian was like a wisp of smoke, disappearing without a single trace. No matter how much effort the Tresia Clan spent to investigate and search, they could not find any traces of Fang Xingjian. It was as if he had completely vanished.

"All of you are a bunch of useless bums!

"What use are you when you can't even find a mere blind man?"

The Tresia Clan's head thought to himself coldly, 'No, this won't do. This can't go on. Although he is blind, it only means that his frontal battle prowess has been weaken. He might not be able to pass the Regional Selection, and it might be hard for him to launch far distance attacks, but he still has his speed.

'If he were to sneak into the manor and launch a sneak attack on us with his unparalleled speed, even I might not be able to fend him off. And so what if I were to kill him?

'Our condition to the Second Prince was that there's no need for us to fight to the the bitter death with a person like him.'

The Tresia Clan's clan head quickly said, "Quick, go look for Kirst's City Lord and Headmaster Jackson. Tell them about this and get them to capture Fang Xingjian as soon as possible.

"Tell them that they need to fulfill the promise agreed earlier."

After giving out the instructions, he looked toward the seven Knights and the armor they were wearing. He felt more at ease now.

'He's already blind and has yet to attain Heaven's Perception. How could he possibly win against all eight of us who are Knights?

'There's no way that he could attack us from the front.'

Thinking about this, the clan head then shook his head, 'In comparison, we need to be more careful about his assassination. From now on, we can't let anyone get near Kaunitz.

'We just need to wait for Jackson and the others to capture Fang Xingjian.'

But suddenly, various sounds came from the courtyard, including a person's cry, the sound of a weapon dropping, people falling, and buildings collapsing.

All of the sounds had sounded out at virtually the same time, proving how fast the person's attack speed was.

The Tresia Clan's clan head gulped. He only felt that the sound was getting closer. It was a few hundreds of meters away earlier, but now, it was already just tens of meters away. After trying to focus on it, he realized that everything had turned quiet and nothing could be heard.

The courtyard in the Tresia Clan turned completely silent, as if everyone had lost the ability to talk in just over ten breaths of time.

This was Fang Xingjian openly attacking from the front.