Chapter 184 Auction (Part V)

 Chapter 184 Auction (Part V)

The world started to spin and countless memories, illusions and the space all seemed to be expanding and contracting. Bruno could only feel as if countless items were flashing and disappearing right before his eyes.

'This... This is the feeling of Heaven's Perception?'

Fang Xingjian's silhouette gradually appeared before him, "Carefully appreciate this feeling. This feeling is Heaven's Perception."

Bruno let out a cry. He felt that his brain and limbs were extremely relaxed, as if there was different kinds of warmth flowing into his body. As for the things that happened thereafter, he could not remember anything at all.

Fang Xingjian waved his hand before him and, upon seeing that he had no reaction at all, he pushed aside a divider at the side and walked out of the door behind it.

Once he came out, Robert, also dressed in a black robe, walked up to him and anxiously asked, "How is it?"

Fang Xingjian immediately started taking off his clothes, changed into a new set, put on a mask and then said, "It's settled. Later, you go in and pretend to be me. If I can't rush over six hours later, then you can just send him out. There shouldn't be any problems."

Robert popped his head into the room to take a look at the state Bruno was in. Seeing that the guy was in a daze, occasionally laughing like an idiot, he asked, "What did you feed him? Is it from Netherworld Valley?"

"Initially, I wanted to look for them in order to get some stuff which is non-fatal and non-addictive. For example, a poisonous mushroom which can create illusions." Fang Xingjian sorted his clothes and calmly continued, "But I saw some other good stuff there."

"What is it?" Robert asked, filled with curiosity.

Fang Xingjian smiled and said, "Back in my hometown, this was called marijuana."


The black-robed leader followed behind the (fake) man wearing the gold mask. They went past many corners along the passageway and after two minutes, the former suddenly stopped and coldly said, "We've passed this place before.

"You're bringing me around in circles?"

His voice was filled with fury and killing intent. It was as if the surrounding space would overflow with blood at any moment.

The (fake) man with the gold mask froze. In order to give enough time for Fang Xingjian to deal with Bruno on the other side, he wanted to try stalling for time. But now, the black-robed leader's words made him so scared that he froze.

It was because a Conferred Knight's aura was too overwhelming. At this moment, the (fake) man with the gold mask only felt that there was blood gushing even in his nose. That stench of blood was really too overwhelming.

While he was in shock, Ferdinand walked over, smiled and said, "I apologize. This person may not be familiar with our place. Sir, let me bring you there."

Upon seeing that the black-robed man had left with Ferdinand, the (fake) man with the gold mask gradually exhaled and took off his mask. It was Anthony.

'This guy... His aura is far too strong. Is this how a Conferred Knight is? Seems that the Headmaster hasn't been showing us his full powers.'

Before Ferdinand had rushed over, he had received the news that Fang Xingjian had settled the affairs on the other side . He directly brought the black-robed leader to a secret room, and after opening the door, he saw that Fang Xingjian, wearing a mask, had already arrived.

They had finally made it to the final phase. Ferdinand could not help but relax a little.

However, he knew that this was precisely why he had to be even more cautious. He held his cool, bowed and said, "Then I shall not disturb the two of you. I'll come back in six hours."

With Ferdinand's departure, the black-robed leader looked toward Fang Xingjian and calmly asked, "You're the one who won the bid for the parietal bones?"

"That's right." Fang Xingjian did not lose out in terms of aura. He merely pointed to the table and said, "Then, let's begin."

Sensing the parietal bones on the tabletop, a tiny ripple flashed in Fang Xingjian's heart. Under the black-robed leader's gaze, Fang Xingjian slowly placed his hands down on the bone and continued to focus on them.

Gradually, he could feel as if his consciousness had left his body. The surrounding space seemed to have countless loads of information swarming into him.

Warmth... light... the air's composition... color... humidity...

All these were merely the basics. As more and more information swarmed into Fang Xingjian's brain, the darkness in his eyes seemed to have shattered with a boom. Countless loads of information once again constructed a new vision in his consciousness.

It was a vision that was many times more detailed, clearer, better than the naked eye.

'This is Heaven's Perception?'

The information in the ether particles continued to swarm into his brain unceasingly, but he did not feel uncomfortable at all. The massive amount of information which was supposedly enough to drive one crazy, that tremendous amount of information that could confuse a person... Fang Xingjian felt that he was not affected by it in the least.

It was only because his sword talent was the best in the world, and sword arts required one to have attributes such as strong determination, courage, and a strong heart. Moreover, these were characteristics he had to begin with, and his were very strong.

The next moment, his vision seemed to undergo yet another transformation. Fang Xingjian took a look at his Stats Window, but felt that in his consciousness, there seemed to be countless white light spots flashing.

'These are... skill seeds?'

Heaven's Perception. After one entered the second transition, they would be able to understand their body better through the information transmitted by the ether particles.

He could even see his own skill seeds in his mind. Each one of the light spots represented a skill.

Fang Xingjian could sense that the one that was shining the brightest with an endless silver gleam was his mental cultivation method Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar.

Next to it, a slightly dimmer one, was his Waves: Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves.

Putting aside these two, amongst the other light spots, the one that was the next brightest was the Supreme Mistwind Sword. It was unceasingly circulating around the other two.

The remaining lights were the various sword techniques he had learnt.

It was said that after one reached the second transition, not only would one be able to see the existence of these skill seeds, one would also be able to control them as if they were controlling the transmission of messages in the brain, deleting them or synthesizing them together.

Deleting would mean that the person would forget about these skill seeds, while synthesizing them would allow one to add a supporting skill to a primary one, thus combining them into a new one. The synthesized skill would be focused on the primary skill, and would have new mutated special effects from the supporting skill. Of course, the combined two had to have reached the maximum level.

The success rate of the synthesis was related to one's ability to sense ether particles. Regardless of whether it was a success or a failure, the supporting skills would disappear or be forgotten.

This was the first time Fang Xingjian had heard of such a method. It made him feel that a person in the first transition was like an ordinary player in a game who could only silently train to level up.

And a person in the second transition was like a cheater who could already control part of the data on the Stats Window.

Of course, this was just his own analogy on how things were. After all, what he was seeing was a real world, and not just a game.

It was like how Huang Lin's, the First Prince's and the Headmaster's Killing techniques had all gone through countless synthesis processes to become the terrifying skills they were today.

Especially for the First Prince. The secret manual to the Ancient Path of Hell had recorded countless ultimate Killing techniques which could only be gained through synthesis. Each of them were extremely powerful. This was the reason why he could suppress countless experts all by himself.

And Garcia's warriors, such as Mumukeya, had not received any legacy, and could only rely on themselves to experiment around. This was why their abilities were a far cry from the Empire's Conferred Knights.

Looking at the countless shiny lights, each representing one of the hundred skill seeds he had, Fang Xingjian smiled. After reaching the second transition, his talent in swords art could get to even greater heights.

Other people would be putting hard work into cultivating their skills, and then hesitate thinking whether they should synthesize them or not. They would feel elation or disappointment from their successes or failures as they continued to study historical cases of skill synthesis.

However, Fang Xingjian would definitely be crazily synthesizing his sword techniques, since his cultivation speed was fast enough and he did not need to worry if the attempts were successful or not.

He could not wait to throw in other skills onto the Ether Sword Ripples and the Supreme Mistwind Sword.

'It's a pity that I can only appreciate the feeling of Heaven's Perception now, and have not really attained it. I can sense the existence of the skill seeds but can't really control them.

'Everything will have to wait until I've completed the second transition.'