Chapter 181 Auction (Part II)

 Chapter 181 Auction (Part II)

Under Ferdinand's nervous gaze, the subordinate left the hall for the door. After opening the door, Bang! Bang! Bang! Non-stop knocking sounds resounded.

He frowned and looked over to discover that five to six men were in the corridor, fixing up the place. He nodded and closed the door, shouting out to the leader, "Sir, it's alright. Someone's fixing up the wall over there."

Ferdinand exhaled and thought to himself, 'Thank goodness we made the arrangements earlier.'

The black-robed leader asked, "Why, don't you have to go out and take charge?"

Ferdinand replied, "No, my job today is to wait upon everyone here. He pointed to a room above the hall and said, "Everyone's room is over there. This is a secret auction, so all the buyers will be staying in their respective rooms. No one will find out your identities."

Other than the seats in the hall , there were also some slightly elevated rooms which appeared to be observation booths. They were spread out in a circle around the entire hall. The people inside could look outside easily, but those outside would not be able to look in.

The black-robed leader nodded and headed for the room.

On the other side, under the lead of attendants, the buyers participating in the secret auction were led to the hall on the second storey.

Fang Xingjian stood in the dark, while Robert signaled toward a man wearing a golden mask, "That's him, Bruno. He's probably going to be the winner of the auction this time around."

Fang Xingjian nodded and looked toward the first storey.

'Hope that everything goes well.'

The auctions on both storeys would start at the same time.

On the first storey, only the black-robed sellers were real, while the others were all the trained Warriors from Ferdinand's clan. Some of them took on the roles of attendants, some of them stood in the private rooms, getting ready to put up the farce of calling the bids on behalf of the buyers.

And on the second storey, all the real buyers were gathered, including Bruno. The only thing missing was the actual seller.

In the auction hall on the first storey, an auctioneer went up the stage and started talking, "A great welcome to everyone here tonight. Compared to the usual jokes I share at the start of auctions, I'm sure everyone is more concerned about the auctioned item. Let's cut to the chase and let me introduce the item put up for auction today. It's the parietal bones of a level 25 Conferred Knight, which can help the user appreciate the feeling of Heaven's Perception. The item will be loaned out for six hours.

"There's no need for me to say more about the effects. Any expert who aspires to become a Conferred Knight won't this chance.

"Six hours will be sufficient for you to completely comprehend the feeling of Heaven's Perception.

"It may even allow you to achieve a further breakthrough and attain the true Heaven's Perception. It would be as if you have passed the Regional Selection before it has even started."

The auctioneer continued with his inflammatory speech, and the fake buyers did not show much of a reaction.

Only the black-robed leader who had brought the parietal bones nodded slightly, feeling that this auctioneer was quite good.


In the auction hall on the second storey, another auctioneer had stepped onto the stage. He started off by saying, "A great welcome to everyone here tonight. Compared to the usual jokes I share at the start of auctions, I'm sure everyone is more concerned about the auctioned item. Let's cut to the chase and let me introduce the item put up for auction today..."

But just as he spoke halfway, a furious bellow rang out.

"Shut your trap. Who here doesn't know this thing? Just go straight to the auction."

"Hehe, that's right, just go straight to the auction."

The auctioneer seemed to have not received such a response with everyone raising a commotion before. At that split second, he was at a loss.

Fang Xingjian looked at the situation in the dark and said to Robert, "Let him start directly. It'll also allow us to make up the time difference and allow us to end this side faster."

With that, he headed for the door, saying, "I'll go make some preparations."

In the private room on the second storey, Bruno had taken off his gold-colored mask and sat down without any reservations. He looked at the auctioneer who had started the auction and coldly said, "Just call for twenty-five thousand directly."

"What?" The attendant was stunned.

Bruno said coldly, "Later, just call for twenty-five thousand directly.

"This time around, I'm bent on getting this."

The auctioneer received the instructions and went on directly, "Since no one here requires any further introductions, then let us begin. The starting bid for this auction is one thousand gold, and each calling bid must be at least one hundred gold higher."

Just as the auctioneer finished his words, the attendant in Bruno's room called for the bid, "Twenty-five thousand gold."

At the same time, Bruno's voice also rang out. "I'm sorry everyone, but I really need this bone. Please help me out here today. I'll definitely be very grateful."

Hearing the price of twenty-five thousand gold, all the buyers in their private rooms frowned.

In another private room, Rota's pretty face scrunched up. Today, she had put on her white-colored practice robes. They complemented her tender skin, making her appear extremely pure and cute.

Hearing the calling bid of twenty-five thousand gold, Rota furiously said, "This goddamn Bruno. With his talent, this thing is useless on him."

Seated next to Rota was an elder with the build of a bear. He smiled and said, "He just wants to make it such that even if he doesn't succeed, none of you will either.

"Moreover, this Bruno is truly rich. We're no match for him."

"Father, then what shall we do?" asked Rota. "Twenty-eight thousand gold is all the liquid capital we can bring out. But, most likely, we will still lose to him."

Rota's father smiled, "Little Ta, why don't you marry into Bruno's family and bring over all their assets? By then, the parietal bones will be nothing in comparison."

"Father," Rota looked at her father solemnly and said, "Please stop joking."

Feeling awkward under his daughter's glare, the elder stroked his head. "Haha, then let's increase the price too."

"Twenty-six thousand gold!"

"Twenty-six thousand gold!" The auctioneer called out in surprise. "The auction has an exciting kickstart of twenty-five thousand gold and the current bid has been increased to twenty-six thousand gold! This is really an astonishing price, but it also shows the value of this item.

"Calling once for twenty-six thousand gold! Anyone else wants to call for a higher bid?"

"Twenty-seven thousand gold." In his private room, Hamil calmly stated his bid. Next to him, his younger brother hesitantly asked, "Elder brother, father only fave us twenty-five thousand gold. Why did you call for twenty-seven thousand gold? What if we can't pay up?"

Seeing that his younger brother was about to break into tears, Hamil snapped, "I also have my private stash. And Lochte, why are you becoming increasingly delicate? You're not showing any hints of masculinity at all."

Lochte replied, "I'm not a Knight, of course I'm not as fearless as you guys."

Hamil shook his head, "This doesn't look too good. This Bruno, it's too hard to win over him. It's a pity... Six hours is short to begin with. If they were willing to loan it out for twelve hours, then I would have looked for someone to partner up with me. With that, we could each take six hours."

Lochte replied, "Then other people could team up as well. You still wouldn't be able to win the bid."

While Hamil and his brother were talking, Bruno raised the price once again.

"Thirty thousand gold."

The charm of money was fully displayed. How much was thirty thousand gold? It was about a quarter of the budget for the whole Kirst Academy!

Bruno casually called out the price, as if he was a huge mountain pressing down on everyone else. Moreover, there was also a Conferred Knight supporting him from the back. No matter how much they wanted to, they could not blast up the mountain.

"Thirty thousand gold calling thrice...