Chapter 154 Surround

 Chapter 154 Surround

The fire clouds scattered and once again formed the First Prince's body.

Huang Lin's gigantic sword force had already disappeared, and he himself was charred. The Grand Solar Unending Fire had burned him dry of all the ether particles inside and outside his body, rendering him unable to employ any kind of extraordinary strength.

He started descending, but while still in midair he took the opportunity to break through the Grand Solar Unending Fire's field. He once again came into contact with the ether particles in the space and swung the longsword in his hand, creating more streams of sword force.

"Hahahaha, Huang Lin, are you still not going to surrender?"

In the sky, fire-colored light kept shooting out from the First Prince's fingertips. Huang Lin stepped on the many streams of sword force, dodging the shots with great ease.

Although his speed was not comparable to the beams, he could at least observe the movements of his opponent's actions and take appropriate measures.

However, how could the First Prince's Divine Flames of the Earth's Core compare to Kaunitz's? Crimson red beams shot out as if they were coming from machine guns. The beams could even twist and turn, enveloping Huang Lin like a net of light.

The space in which Huang Lin could dodge continued to shrink. Those with discerning eyes could tell that the situation was not to his advantage.

Kaunitz laughed out again. Rota's brows furrowed tightly as she asked in hesitation, "That is the First Prince?"

Kaunitz laughed, answering, "That's right. You should know what to do now, right? Those bunch of stubborn old fogeys in the academy are all thinking of going against the Empire's future sovereign. They really don't know any better."

The next moment, however, Kaunitz's expression suddenly froze up. Only the roars of tens of thousands of beasts could be heard.

In the east, Jackson soared into the air and punched. It was as if the world had transformed. In that moment, countless invisible ferocious beasts like ten thousands wild beasts gushed forth and attacked the levitating First Prince.

It was his strongest Killing Path, Divine Fist of Myriad Beasts. It was an ultimate Killing technique which allowed him to inherit the powers of each ferocious beast he killed.

In the west, tens of thousands of golden light rays pierced through the air, slicing up the atmosphere. It was as if countless longswords were rippling around the First Prince. This was the Killing technique - Solar Sword Disks. It refracted sunlight through ether particles, transforming an endless amount of sunlight into laser guns.

In the north, a red moon rose up. In that instant, it was as if countless illusions flashed past everyone's faces. The Killing technique - Blood Moon. It gathered auras of grievances, poison, vengeance, and bloodlust, attacking the enemies' mental state.

The First Prince squinted his eyes and spoke in a serious tone, "Kirst's Jackson, Green Jade's Edward, and Mongul's Oliver."

These three were the Headmasters of the three major academies who had come to support the Western Garrison. Other than Jackson, who was at second transition level 26, the other two were at second transition level 25. Had the First Prince himself been here, in no way would he be concerned about the three of them joining forces. He could even break through them one by one, completely suppressing them.

However, the fire clone was only a clone the First Prince had created with the Devil's Note. It was not a match for the three of them if they joined forces.

"Alright, alright, alright. To think that all three of you old guys have been dispatched just to deal with those Garcia barbarians. Seems like my younger brother's control in the Great Western Region is deeper than I thought."

In the west, the source of the tens of thousands golden lights was an old man holding onto a crutch. He was Green Jade Royal Academy's Headmaster, Edward. "Your Highness, once the Garcia people crossed the seas to the Great Western Region, they committed fire and arson, raping and plundering. They committed all kinds of evil acts and the citizens are living in misery. Now is not the time for us to have internal strife."

Jackson snorted coldly and said, "In order to get your hands on a Prefectural Champion, you've schemed and plotted. You sent three senior Knights and even your clone... You're really too shameless."

In the north was an elderly wrapped in layers of bandages, such that only a pair of demonic green eyes were visible. It was Mongul Royal Academy's Headmaster, Oliver. He said calmly, "George Krieg, your hands have stretched out too far. I don't care if you plot to kill a student from other regions, but if you're against the Great Western Region, we won't leave it be."

Three Headmasters, three Conferred Knights. Although they were far from being a match for the First Prince's true powers, they did not lack the courage to stand before him. If they did not even have this much courage, they would not have been able to become a second transition Conferred Knight.

Moreover, they were only dealing with a clone now. The First Prince's true form would be left to Governor Devitt, who was also an important character at second transition level 29.

The First Prince laughed coldly and, in the next moment, abruptly dashed toward the ground. He headed in the direction of the First Prince and Kaunitz like a shooting star.

To think that he wanted to bring both Kaunitz and Fang Xingjian together at once!

"What guts!"

"How dare you!"

"Stop right there!"

Three thunderous bellows rang out. Tens of thousands of galloping wild beasts gushed forth with the power to overturn rivers and seas. Golden-colored sword light shot out like countless laser guns, all of them attacking towards the First Prince's direction.

The Blood Moon rose into the sky. It was as if countless traces of blood had appeared in the air. The First Prince even let out an astonished shout as his fire clone continued to break down. He had been attacked at a mental level.

Left with no choice, he was unable to bring Kaunitz and Fang Xingjian with him. He turned from red to white, creating a long stream of fire as he cut across the sky.

Green Jade Academy's Headmaster Edward let out a sigh, "The Devil's Note is indestructible and no technique can infringe upon it. Without Divine level means, there's no way to destroy it and it could only be suppressed."

Mongul's Headmaster Oliver snorted and said, "If he hadn't inherited the Ancient Path of Hell, how could he be so arrogant as to openly attack and harm official Knights? He does not even care about the Empire's laws."

Jackson and Edward laughed bitterly but did not reply.

Things like the country's laws could be used to restrict ordinary people or Knights, but it would be hard to do the same with Conferred Knights or even Divine level experts.

Out of those strong people who had succeeded in going through the second transition, which did not have an astonishing will, and which did not do things their own way, as if the world revolved around them? It was simply impossible to hope that people like them would abide to the laws meant for commoners, as impossible as getting sharks to queue up for their food.

As it was now, it was already difficult to rely on the Royalty's and association's powers to suppress all the Conferred Knights and set them as guards in different areas to serve the Empire.

Huang Lin and the three of them came to Fang Xingjian. As they looked at this severely injured student, their gazes were filled with astonishment.

Jackson took a look at Huang Lin and asked, "Are your injuries alright?"

"They're fine, they're fine." Huang Lin waved his hand and started to check Fang Xingjian's injuries. After a while, he said, "Thank goodness, these are all superficial wounds. This lad's vitality is overwhelming. With the Elementary Berserkness physique, he should be fine after recuperating for a while, as long as he doesn't die. However, his organs still have some poison. A doctor needs to see this."

Edward, who was full of white hair and wrinkles, made a face and said, "Is this how you guys protect your ingenious students? If it had been a student from our Green Jade, an ingenious student like this would have been fully equipped with Remains Divine Weapons long ago. How could they be put through such serious injuries?"

Huang Lin let out a cold laugh and said, "Old man, which one of your students is able to fight against Garcia's Destined Warriors? If there is none, then stop boasting. It's no use no matter how many Divine Weapons you bring."

Edward shook his head angrily and left, "Hmph, don't be too happy yet. We also have a few talents with potential in Green Jade. I wonder who will end up winning the upcoming Regional Selection?"

Oliver, who was covered in countless white-colored bandages, looked at Kaunitz with sorrowful eyes and said, "Although we're unable to suppress that page of the Devil's Note, we need to at least deal with this lad. It'll be enough to make George feel miserable. He would need to pay a huge price to change the person contracted to the Devil's Note."

Kaunitz laughed scornfully. With a slap, Oliver sent Kaunitz flying out. Only upon hearing Kaunitz's terrible cry did Oliver say coldly, "Lad, don't think that no one can touch you just because you are an aristocrat. After we've sent you back later, I'll first break off all the tendons in your limbs and cripple you completely.

"And when the association's judgement is decided, I'll perform the punishment myself. You'll know what true hell really is."

It was only then that Kaunitz's expression changed. He stared hard at Oliver, like a wild beast going through the final struggle before its death. "You guys cannot do this. You're taking the law into your own hands. Before the association passes the judgement, you guys cannot do anything to me."

"Can't do anything?" Oliver laughed coldly and, with a grab, twisted off Kaunitz's remaining three arms. Even his muscles, arms, and tendons were twisted up. Added up with the arms which had been slashed off by Fang Xingjian earlier, Kaunitz was completely done for.

Oliver had offended aristocrats when he was young because of his talent, which resulted in him having over 80% of his skin burnt. This was the reason why he was always covered in bandages, why he had never shown other people his true appearance.

It was because of this experience that he detested the aristocrats and had good impressions of geniuses who were commoners.

Looking at Kaunitz who was lying on the ground, crying out in pain with his face covered in dust, Oliver broke into a brutal cold smile.

As for Jackson and the other three, it seemed as if none of them had seen anything. They just continued to issue commands to their subordinates. In their eyes, Kaunitz was as good as dead.

Just like that, Fang Xingjian and Kaunitz were moved to a stronghold nearby.

From there, they each received treatment respectively, and all that was left then was to wait for the association's trial.

Although statements had been given by Wei Longzi and the others, there were many things which required further verifications. It was impossible to simply take the words of a few Knights for granted.

Most importantly, there was still much evidence to be found, and they needed to wait for Fang Xingjian, the concerned party, to regain his consciousness.

Regardless of who it was, however, everyone was looking at Kaunitz with contempt and disdain.

A Knight who teamed up with Elders from other clans to attack his comrade Knights... His reputation was ruined no matter what. Even the First Prince, who was far away, would be affected.

Three days later, Tresia Clan's clan head rushed over. Seeing Kaunitz lying on the bed, he slapped him down onto the floor.

However, the time that Fang Xingjian stayed unconscious ended up being a lot longer than everyone imagined.