555 Fight Back!

 "Yuwen Jin! Is this how you do things in the Yuwen family? So reckless and disrespectful! But today! I will not let you get your way!"

When passing on a Zhen yuan message, it would be almost impossible for others to tell from lip reading. But, Ye Chen had a top rank soul power, which could restore what Yuwen Jin had said to Murong Qingcheng. He was both shocked and angry; he could not believe that Yuwen Jin would even think of doing such things. He had poisoned a member of the demi demon family. Was he really not afraid of causing chaos inside the whole family?

"Damn it! You know what I am saying?!" Yuwen Jin looked at Murong Qingcheng with a toughness in his eyes. He thought it was Murong Qingcheng who passed on the message.

Murong Qingcheng was shocked. Thoughts filled up her mind, but she could no longer make out any single one of them. It would be impossible for her to tell anyone anything right now. Plus, it would be directly related to the life or death of her mother.

Murong Zhishui could tell that something was wrong as he asked Ye Chen, "What is actually going on!?"

Su Ruhui had also looked over.

Ye Chen thought about it and he decided to say it out loud, since if it was a poison, then there must be a way to find an antidote. In the worst case scenario, he would just go begging Dragon King. And with Dragon King's top rank king warrior power, the Shadowless Poison should not be difficult to treat at all. So, he said with a gloomy face, "Madam has been poisoned with the Shadowless Poison by the Yuwen family to threaten Murong."

Hearing him, Murong Zhishui was so furious that he almost puked out blood. He threw out a palm attack at Yuwen Jin, "You! How dare you to poison Ruhui! Today, one of us is going to die!"


Qi flow exploded as Yuwen Jin hurried to block out Murong Zhishui's attack.


"Take him down! How dare he to be so disrespectful!"

"Stop!" Su Ruhui yelled.

Waiting until the two finally got control of their emotion, Su Ruhui had a cold expression on her face, "Yuwen Jin, I am also a member of the demi demon family. You poisoning me...isn't that also a bit over the line? Also, do not forget that I come from the Su family. Although it is not as powerful as your Yuwen family, I will not let you do whatever you want to do."

Yuwen Jin hated Ye Chen so much. Poisoning would not be something to talk about on the surface, and he indeed thought that Murong Qingcheng would not talk about it. That was why he used it as a threat. Taking a deep breath, Yuwen Jin said slowly, "I did not want to do it before, but you have pushed me too much now. If you agree on this wedding, I will hand over the antidote immediately. As for the Su family, I thought that you have already been kicked out of the family. I believe that they would not care about you enough to want to fight against the Yuwen family!"

"How evil!"

No matter how graceful Su Ruhui was, she still got furious.

"People who are meant to do great things will not care for small things like this. The marriage between those two should be the most perfect thing for all of the demi demon families. If you continue to be this stubborn, then you will be the enemy of demi demon family." Yuwen Jin sounded extremely cold.

"Third brother, let's fight with them today all the way until the end!" Murong Wu and ten powerful warriors from the Murong family had just woken up from their sleeping mode before as they arrived behind the talking group quietly.

Murong Zhishui tried his best to control the volcano-like anger inside his body as he said with a low voice, "Yuwen Jin, hand over the antidote and there might still be some negotiating ground! Otherwise, between you and me, someone will die. I will not let you walk out of here alive today."

Yuwen Jin did not answer Murong Zhishui as he turned his head and looked at Murong Qingcheng, "Little gal, your mother's life is depending on your decision. I will ask you again now...Are you going to say yes or not? If not, then this only antidote in this whole land will be destroyed completely and instantly."

Just as he spoke, he took out a white bottle. The palm he used to hold the bottle shone with a purple gold light. The second he pushed out some Zhen yuan, that bottle would be shattered into nothingness.

Su Ruhui said with great anger, "Qingcheng, do not say yes. Even if you do, I will never be happy in my life. And also, according to my knowledge, this Shadowless Poison is not without an antidote like he has put it. It is just that the ingredients to make it are hard to find." Using her daughter's life in exchange for herself was something she could never do.

Murong Zhishui looked torn; she had thought about it, but did not say anything.

"Father, Mother!" Murong Qingcheng seemed to want to say something, but she also did not manage to say it out loud. She was also looking extremely torn.

Murong Zhishui sighed, "Listen to your mother...Do not say yes. I do not believe that this Shadowless Poison is really without a cure like he said." After he said that, he continued to yell at Yuwen Jin, "With all these people looking at you right now, do you really want to continue doing stuff like this? You should be the enemy of our demi demon family."

"Damn!" Yuwen Jin's face twitched once. Indeed, if he continued and managed to do so, then everyone from the Gu Lan Region would laugh at him. But, since they were already at that stage, there was no other solution anymore. Even if they said that he would be able to keep his old reputation as long as he handed over the antidote, he of all people knew that it was not sure. Therefore, he decided to go all the way since the result of his reputation going down the drain was already inevitable. But, he had the confidence to see everything finishing very soon, and that the bad talks on his reputation would eventually disappear as well; it would never last that long.

"Young gal, is it a yes or now?"


The white bottle in Yuwen Jin's hand started to crack open; it looked like it could break any second.

"Do not agree!"

Su Ruhui stared at Yuwen Jin with anger in her eyes.

Tightening his grip on the handle of the gold sword in his hand, Ye Chen's aura turned colder and colder. He could not ask Murong Qingcheng to say no, since it was about her mother's life. Of course, regardless of what happened in the end, Yuwen Jin and his sons were already on his killing list.

"Sorry, I cannot agree."

Murong Qingcheng said it with her teeth glued together; it was not an easy thing to do for her.

"Alright, alright, alright!" Yuwen Jin said just three words in response. In the next instant, that white bottle in his hand shattered completely, disappearing into nothingness.

"Yuwen Jin!" Murong Zhishui's eyes went red, completely bloodshot.

"Zhishui!" Su Ruhui pulled back Murong Zhishui, "Inside Yuwen family, you cannot beat them. Since this Shadowless Poison is not without cure, let's go home and try to figure it out. It will be better than dying here right now, or worse, being hold hostages here."

Whoo! Whoo!

Murong Zhishui took couple of deep breaths; his wife had made a good point. It would not be wise to fight them here in the Yuwen family, since it would actually provide them the right excuse to kill them all. Therefore, even if they were furious, they would have to try their best to control their temper. There would be time for revenge.

"Let's go!" Murong Zhishui took a deep look at Yuwen Jin and said to his people.

"Go? Where do you think you are going? Murong Zhishui, you have offended our Yuwen family multiple times today alone. Right now, I will capture you under my head master of the Yuwen family. Ye Chen, this is our demi demon family's business. If you dare to get involved, then I will not be kind to you. Come, surround them!"

Yuwen family had been embarrassed completely today. If Yuwen Jin let them go away without saying or doing anything, then he would have zero reputation to work with in the future.

"You dare!" Su Ruhui and Murong Zhishui yelled out almost at the same time.

"Why not? All of you, listen carefully! Capture Murong Zhishui! Whoever else even dares to move, kill!" Yuwen Jin gave out an order, and all of the powerful warriors from around the family appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Murong Zhishui and his people.


Taking out his gold sword, Ye Chen said, "Sorry, but you have done so many wrong things today that it is kind of doomed now for me to fight with your Yuwen family."

Wang Shi and Yan Kui stood out, "Brother Ye, we will stand right next to you! Yuwen Jin, I think you have had enough of a good time today! But, I will also see what you will say in front of the Dragon King God palace! I will tell them everything!"

"You all are bullying me! Do it!"

Yuwen Jin was so mad that white smoke even seemed to appear from his body as he waved his palm in the air all of a sudden.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The whole palace was in chaos. Dozens of Yuwen family warriors were fighting Ye Chen and the rest in a circle. As for all the other guests, they had left the area, and were all watching the battle with a great interest.

Yuwen Jin and a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior were fighting Murong Zhishui. The former was not that weaker than Murong Zhishui at all; perhaps, he might be even slightly more powerful. Combined with another master level warrior would increase their winning chance by a lot. As for the others, they would not be that hard to take on for the Yuwen family at all.

Meanwhile, Yan Xiner fought against Su Ruhui. The two were already not seeing eye to eye the second they met. Right now, Yuwen family and Murong family were on the opposite sides, so they naturally had treated each other as opponents.


After blowing away a powerful warrior of the Yuwen family, Ye Chen knew that it was not going well for them. He was clear that if they continued to fight like this, people on his side would start to die out soon.

"There is no other way...I will have to take out my Thunder Disaster Sword."

If it were not the most critical moment that he had not experienced for a long time, Ye Chen would definitely not take out his most powerful sword at all. Right then and there, he could not care for the potential warriors out there who might want to steal his sword.

Putting back his gold sword, Ye Chen took out his Thunder Disaster Sword. After pouring in his Zhen yuan, the sword itself turned into a beam of electricity.


As he threw out a sword attack, a powerful warrior's arm fell off; the latter screamed as he moved back.


With the sword in his hand, Ye Chen's battling power had increased drastically. No one from the Yuwen family seemed to be able to stop him at all! Within a blink of an eye, there were four badly wounded men lying on the ground.

"It is a half extreme rank sword!"

Someone in the seating areas seemed to have noticed it right in the beginning.

"Indeed, a half-step extreme rank great sword! So horrifying!"

"Being in his hand is such a waste. I am a master level Seas of Souls Realm warrior. If the half extreme rank sword ends up in my hand, I will be the ruler!"

A lot of people started to think about stealing it. They would not dare to kill Ye Chen, but they would dare to steal his half-step extreme rank great sword for sure, since it would just be too important for them.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Attack!"

Ye Chen threw out his most powerful sword attack at the area with the most warriors there.

That thick sword light was like a cutting blade, blowing away a row of top Yuwen family warriors. Whether they were alive or not was still unknown; The closest ones were wounded to the extent that they had puked out a huge chunk of blood already.

"Let's kill our way out!"

Blowing out a gap in the wall made with top warriors, Ye Chen yelled at the group.

"B*stard! Where did that brat get a half-step extreme rank great sword?" In the sky, Yuwen Jin could sense the mess below him and could not help but look down. But, what he saw made him furious-dozens of top Sea of Souls Realm warriors had been blown away in the air, and the remaining ones were wounded as well. All in all, their battling power had been affected drastically. Over on the other side, only three of them had been lightly wounded, and none of them were on the ground.

Murong Zhishui had also seen what happened down there and let out a breath. The battle between Sea of Souls Realm warriors could only be interrupted by Sea of Souls Realm warriors. Therefore, no matter how many warriors there were inside the Yuwen family, most of them could not get involved.