549 Defense Enhancemen


The fist of Yuwen Ye was finally there. That not-so-big dark fist filled up the sky, blocking away even the sunshine from above. It attacked right at Ye Chen's scull. If that fist attack arrived right at its target, no matter how powerful Ye Chen's defence was, he would be wounded badly.

Ye Chen looked cold. His gold sword vibrated in high extreme frequency, he welcomed the incoming sword attack with his sword.

Ye Chen's Gold Resonant Radiance Sword attack had been trained to ninety percent, it could shake two thousand eight hundred times within a slip of a second, which was closer to three thousand times. Once reaching it, his sword attack would reach full completion, its power would be the top ultimate meaning marital art level.

The Gold Resonant Radiance was indeed an ultimate meaning sword attack with extreme attacking power. Normal ultimate meaning marital arts would be nothing in front of it.


When the fit and the sword art clashed together, the sound wave it exploded out was extremely horrifying as if the rest of the land had been covered as well.

Because of its extremely loud sound, everyone felt like they could not actually hear anything anymore.

In the centre of the battle, the dark coloured and the gold coloured light ball had devoured the two within before expending to hundreds of meters. The air formed into a qi ball before being pushed away. A thousand-meter-big vacuum ball had been formed. The one big one small balls appeared together. And still, right in the center, Ye Chen and Yuwen Ye were still maintaining their old attacking position, their fist and sword still pressed together.


The two ball-shaped qi piles exploded together, all of the buildings inside the Yuwen family seemed to about to break down any second. All of the powerful warriors from the Yuwen family worked together, creating a huge zhen yuan blockage, preventing the blasting wave to actually do some serious damage on the buildings.

As for above them, the surreal space had been pushed in, forming a half-circular space.

Unbelievable amount of natural qi such as wind fire thunder and water had been leaked out, looking extremely colourful. And yet, it looked like as if it was the end of the world.

The two separated. But just as Yuwen Ye had said, after he performed his special power, his endurance and attacking speed would be enhanced - only after backing out for dozens of meters, he already managed to step onto the midair and shoot out towards where Ye Chen was standing.

"I will see what else you got!"

Yuwen Ye was very clear that ace attacks could not be performed twice in a row. This time Ye Chen had used his Gold Resonant Radiance Art, if he wanted to perform again then he would have to wait another moment and the next moment, his fist would be landing onto Ye Chen.

"Double Sword Attack!"

It would be impossible for Ye Chen not to know that. Indeed, each ace attack would need a bit time to prepare. Normally, the more powerful the killing attack was, the longer the preparation time. Of course, if the warrior's cultivation was high enough, then it would not be a problem since with higher power, the warrior would train more powerful killing attack so it would not take long to prepare. Right then, he was at peak level Early Seas of Souls Realm, and his Gold Resonant Radiance art was no weaker than Yuwen Ye's Killing Water Attack. Therefore, the preparation would take a bit longer than the others and that amount of time, regardless how short it was, would be the opponent's advantage, therefore he would not be able to perform his Gold Resonant Radiance Art again.

But without the Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Attack, he still had the Sky Thunder Cut and the Reverse attack as well as the combination of the two. The Double Sword Attack was just slightly weaker than the Gold Resonant Radiance Attack. More importantly, the double sword attack was two sword attacks combined which both were slightly weaker than the Gold Resonant Radiance so the preparation time was short, he had more than enough time to finish preparing for it before Yuwen Ye.


The sword light appeared from two opposite angle. They crossed together, arriving faster than Yuwen Ye's attack.


Yuwen Ye's brows flicked, before smiling lightly and hitting his fist. He did not think it would be that powerful even if it was two attacks at the same time.


Once the fist touched that crossed sword light, Yuwen Ye could sense that intense opposite power layered together. Because he was in such a hurry to beat Ye Chen, he did not even wait for his Killing Water Fist to fully prepare. On the contrary, he somehow ended up being in the lower position during this exchange of attacks. He had been blown away, a massive blood hole appeared on his chest, bits of flesh appeared in the air before disappearing.

"How is this possible! With two sword attacks combined together, somehow it could have this amount of power?!"

Being able to perform two attacks at the same time would already be quite rare, even in this whole land, there might not be that many people being able to do so. Inside the Sky Marital Region, Yuwen Ye had seen quite a lot of young warriors being able to do so, but they would rarely choose to do so since it would be rather distracting and the power with the combined attacks would not be as powerful anyways, otherwise everyone would be trying to do so.

So he had not expected it at all that the double sword style attack would be this powerful, it was almost just as powerful as the Gold Resonant Radiance Art attack he performed before.

Ye Chen looked just the same. He knew the power fo the double sword attack. And it was not a normal double sword attacks as well since he had personally designed the Sky Thunder Cut and Reverse Sky Thunder Cut, one positive while the other being negative. The two combined together worked perfectly. Its power would not be something other ones could compare with.

With the two swords blowing Yuwen Ye away, Ye Chen flashed his body once, shooting his opponent from a different angle.

The latter was frightened, he hurried to lift up his arms.


That incoming attack had landed on his left arm.


So tough!

That attack of Ye Chen had focused on its power, so its power might not be as powerful as the other ones. But it contained the killing sword intent and combined with the enhancement from the gold sword, the protective layer of Seas of Souls Realm warriors would not be able to handle it at all. But on Yuwen Ye's left arm, it was like hitting steel with wood, it would be impossible to cut in. Of course, he also knew that his opponent's defensive layer had blocked out mots of its power so his attack did not manage to break through.

Yuwen Ye was not wounded, but his cloths on his left arm had been torn apart completely, turning into dusts in the air.

"How is this possible? Ye is in the bad position?"

Yuwen Jin could not believe his own eyes. He then stared at Ye Chen with great anger. Right then, even if he was the stupidest person on the land, he would know that Ye Chen had been hiding power before and Yuwen Hao had only managed to make him reveal his real power.

"Ye Chen is this powerful?!"

Murong Wu and Murong Zhishui looked at each other without knowing what more to say.

With Ye Chen's power right now, he was no weaker than normal Seas of Souls Realm master level warriors. Of course, it was just no weaker so it did not mean that he could beat them for sure since to become a master level warrior, one would be powerful in all areas and no flaws. Ye Chen and Yuwen Ye were still relatively weaker compared to true master warriors.

"Wow, already so powerful at peak level Seas of Souls Realm. Wait until he reaches mid Seas of Souls Realm, he might already be able to join the master level, and he would not be the weakest one for sure."

"With Mid Seas of Souls Realm cultivation, this kind of martial geniuses are not the many out there."

"Yeah, within all regions around, this kind of marital geniuses are indeed rare."

"Yeah, in the surrounding regions, one of the potential successor of the second leader for Yellow Dragon Palace in the east region, Li Xiaoling seems to be quite close, but it was only close so he was still not there yet. There are one or two top warriors inside the west and north regions, and definitely not that many inside Sky Marital Region."

The Gu Lan region and the Sky Martial Region was only one region apart from one and another. A lot of the people here had been there before at least once. So they actually knew quite a lot about the young generations.

In the sky, Yuwen Ye had a bad look on his face. Although Ye Chen did not wound him by that attack, but the pain on his left arm was still rather severe, it was almost to the extend that it started to go numb. But what angered him was not the physical pain, but the mental surprise was something that he could not handle.

"My cultivation is at peak level Mid Seas of Souls Realm, my marital spirit is at rank 4, plus the special power enhancement, I am basically powerful at almost all areas, how could I still be in this lower position?"

Regardless whether if Yuwen Ye wanted to admit it or not, it was a fact that he had lost the upper hand of the battle.


With the power on his left arm, Yuwen Ye backed out rapidly. Meanwhile, he lifted up his right hand, a huge pile of dark gold light ball appeared out of nowhere.

"Demon Gold Flash!"

Ye Chen's pupil shrieked. Needless to say, he knew that Yuwen Ye's attack would definitely be more powerful than Yuwen Hao's . This attack, he knew, would be extremely powerful and hard to escape from.

"I have to release all of my killing sword intent."

Before Yuwen Ye performed his special power, Ye Chen had been using destroy sword intent. Later, he actually started to use killing sword intent more. Its power was at rank 5 normal sword intent. Because of his high-powered soul power, his sword intent did not leak out at all. Therefore, no one really knew that his killing sword spirit had reached this level. Right now, if he continued to grow, it would be at peak level rank 5. No matter how powerful his control was over his power, he would not be able to hide it from everyone anymore.


Yuwen Ye let out his zhen yuan. The dark gold light ball shoot out, turning into a dark gold ray, shooting towards Ye Chen in extreme speed. Its speed seemed to be way faster than Yuwen Hao's.

The ray flashed once before disappearing completely. Even just one flash, the sun seemed to lose its colour, turning into a world of black and white.

Release his attack, a creepy evil smile appeared shortly on Yuwen Ye's face. His special power was defence enhancement which provided him with extremely powerful body condition. It would be impossible for him to train the Demon Gold Flash. Compared to Yuwen Hao, his talent was even higher, therefore, the power of that attack would be higher as well.

If it was not because that he had been pushed to the corner, he would not have used it at all. For him, the more hidden power the better. Before, he thought he would be able to win Ye Chen easily without the attack.

"The Demon Gold Flash I performed would be hard for even normal Seas of Souls Realm masters to handle. They could only try to escape. So being able to lose to this attack, it would be your honour. Now, let me humiliate you nicely and well, making you lose all of the reputation that you care."

Yuwen Ye thought to himself cruelly.

Below him, the Murong brother and Wang Shi, Yan Kui could feel their heart beat increasing as they watched Ye Chen nervously. Yao Yifeng and Yuwen Jin sneered, they seemed to already see what would happen when Ye Chen lost.


Seeing that dark gold ray was getting closer and closer, Ye Chen's power exploded. His ink-black long hair danced in the air. His horrifying killing sword intent shoot out into the clouds. That sword intent had reached beyond his control. The world seemed to fall into chaos in deep silence. Even the sky seemed to have been dyed dark red. It was a sign of killing and bad omen. Once it appeared, there would doom to be blood. And Ye Chen, would transform into the angel of death.

Since he was no longer keep his power under detection anymore, everyone there could sense it bare and clear. All of them had their eyes wide open as well as their mouths.

"Impossible! This is... king warrior's sword intent!"