548 B*stard

 "This attack is indeed powerful, displaying the attacking power perfectly."

Ye Chen could tell that this Demon Gold Flash martial art was a movement that mainly focused on attacking power. There were no mysteries about it at all; all it had was that horrifying power of destruction. Perhaps, it would have quite a bit of flaw in the attacking techniques, but to be more accurate, it did not even have any kind of technique to it at all. It was just a plain attacking force, but its speed made up for that weakness. Few hundred meters of distance was no different from dozens of meters, as the attack managed to get there within a blink.

There would only be one way to escape from being hit by the Demon Gold Flash-to get away with an even faster speed. After all, even with the slightest scratch from it, anyone would die instantly.

"It would be a bit hard to avoid with my speed now, and the sword light flying art would need a bit of time to initiate. Plus, it would require me to let go of my defensive Zhen yuan layer, which would make me more vulnerable. Once I am hit, the consequences would be horrible. It looks like I will have to reveal some of my true power then."

With those thoughts in mind, Ye Chen's eyes shone with a serious light. He did not back out but held the gold sword with both of his hands, waving it down from high up.

Almost at the same second as Ye Chen waved out his gold sword, the dark gold ray arrived ten meters in front of him and got stopped by a beam of pure gold-colored sword light. It was not just a calm beam of light; instead, it was vibrating rapidly. Within each blink of an eye, it shook at least two thousand times.

In the next second, the gold sword light and the dark gold light had clashed together, causing the whole world to seemingly go silent. There was not a single sound that managed to get out, shattered apart by the vibrating air. Even sound in the buildings inside the Yuwen family started to shatter like sand before turning into nothingness. Luckily, the battle happened at a higher ground; otherwise, the blasting range would be even bigger.


The silent situation lasted for about three blinks' time. After that, a huge ball of an unbearably bright light outshone the sun in the sky. Within a thousand miles, all of the clouds had been vaporized completely.

Right then, the qi flow still did not finish exploding. The second the flash weakened, a circle of sharp, dark gold pattern spread out. Wherever it touched, the things that were higher than the level of the pattern had been cut off, leaving extremely smooth edges.


Yuwen Hao did not have any power to fight back and was blown away by the dark gold light instantly. The top rank chest pieces and arm pieces were producing cracking noises, looking like they would break at any second. That sharp blast wave had even crawled through the gaps of his armor and into his body, which made him puke out a huge chunk of blood.

"Such a powerful shockwave?"

Everyone watched Yuwen Hao being blown away, and could not help but gasp. Normally, the shockwave would not be able to hurt both parties of the battle, since it would be spreading in all directions with weaker power, unless one was right in the center. But, Yuwen Hao was standing hundreds of meters away from the center.

"Oh right! Ye Chen was only ten meters away from the center. I wonder how he is doing now."

"I guess he would be wounded even more severely than Yuwen Hao!"

"Yeah, I think so too!"

A lot of people were looking at Ye Chen's direction with curiosity.

The flashing light was still shining in the sky, but was now a hundred times weaker than before. Through the bright light, people could vaguely see a human shadow within.

"Huh! Being this close, he will definitely be wounded badly."

Seeing that, Yuwen Ye and Yuwen Jin had both thought that Ye Chen had taken on one hundred percent of the shockwave. Standing at such a close distance, even if he were a Late Sea of Souls Realm warrior, his protective Zhen yuan layer would not be able to handle it for sure. Moreover, Ye Chen's cultivation was only at peak level Early Sea of Souls Realm.

"Ye Chen will be fine...right?" Murong Wu was worried at this sight. Murong Zhishui did not say a word in response, only staring at that flashing light with all of his focus.


The bright light finally disappeared and Ye Chen appeared in everyone's vision clearly.

He maintained the position of him waving his sword. The tip of his sword still had a hint of dark gold qi which was also slowly disappearing into nothingness.

"He did not even puke out blood!" Yuwen Ye was shocked.

"There is no hurry. Some of the heavy injuries do not show up on the surface." Yuwen Jin frowned. He did not believe that Ye Chen could make it out from that without a scratch.


Slowly letting out a long breath, Ye Chen's body relaxed gradually. His gold sword pointed at the ground as he looked down at the crowd that was standing on the ground. Eventually, his eyes locked onto Yuwen Jin and his son.

"Yuwen Hao has lost. Can you now let go of the secret forbidden spell that has been placed to her?" Ye Chen was referring to Murong Qingcheng.

"He really did not get wounded!"

The father and son both had an awful look on their faces, and they were shocked at Ye Chen's power at the same time. Although Yuwen Hao was not as powerful as Yuwen Ye, he was still one of the top spirit warriors. Even some of the weaker Sea of Souls Realm master level warriors would be afraid of him. Although Yuwen Ye was more powerful than him in some areas, such as the comprehensive abilities toward the martial arts and his perfect demi demon bloodline, he was still weaker than the Yuwen Hao in terms of basic skills.

"Go! Bring back my Hao'er!" Yuwen Jin ordered a powerful warrior of the Yuwen family, then said to Ye Chen with a creepy tone, "I do not know what you are talking about. Ye and Miss Qingcheng are both in love with each other. There is nothing wrong with this marriage. Otherwise, Miss Qingcheng would not come to our Yuewn family in the first place."

"My daughter and your son are in love? Are you kidding me? They did not even know each other before!" Murong Zhishui yelled out.

Yuwen Jin stared at Murong Zhishui with a cold look, "The relationships between a man and a woman are not be bound by time. Murong Zhishui, you do not want your daughter marrying into our Yuwen family...Is it because of that thing back in the day? I will tell you officially again. Back in the day, our Yuwen family did not force her either. You separating with her was between the two of you, and had nothing to do with our family."

"Whether if it was or not, I know it clearly. But now, please return my daughter to her normal self. Otherwise, do not blame me for being rude." Being reminded of his first love, Murong Zhishui was a bit emotional as he said with a stone-cold voice.

Yuwen Jin was not mad as well, speaking lightly, "Yes, we have indeed done something on your daughter, but it was because we were afraid that she might be affected by you. Everyone here has a family, so you all should know the influence of a father over a daughter. So, for my son's happiness, it has to be done."

"You restraining my daughter is right? I will ask you nicely again...Will you let go of the spell?" Murong Zhishui stood up, raging with fury.

"I suggest you not to let your anger get into your head. This is the Yuwen family. As a member of the demi demon race, I ask you to watch your words and behavior. Otherwise, I will not mind holding you inside the Yuwen family and teaching you some manners."

"Sir, do not do anything reckless. I will take care of this." Ye Chen passed on a Zhen yuan message to Murong Zhishui.

The latter tried his best to take a couple of deep breaths, then sat down with great anger. He knew that even if he made a huge mess, it would only make the whole thing worse, which would actually be doing the Yuewn family a favor. So right now, he would only have to depend on Ye Chen and what stood behind him.

"It seems like this is very complicated, huh?"

"We are just the observers. The right or wrong is not our business at all."

Everyone else in the crowd continued to sit there, drinking tea and chatting. Nothing happening here really mattered to them.

Ye Chen lowered his body and stood in the center of the palace, then said with a cold voice, "I will say this one more time, let go of the spell on her."

"This is our Yuwen family's business. You do not have the right to get involved. She is destined to be my wife. If you dare to interrupt me again, I will not promise that I will not hurt you." Yuwen Ye looked at Ye Chen with a challenging look.

Slowly lifting up his gold sword, Ye Chen said with a cold voice, "What kind of trash are you? All you know is these kinds of dirty tricks."

"You dare to call me trash?" Yuwen Ye was furious.

Yuwen Jin's face sank as well. Ye Chen calling Yuwen Ye a trash was directly calling him out as well, including the whole Yuwen family.

"Rude! Kneel down to apologize! Otherwise, you will never step out this Yuwen family ever!"

Dozens of powerful warriors stood out as their qi started to leak out of their bodies. They were prepared to attack at any second.

"You are the one being rude. Ye Chen is the martial genius the leader of our Dragon God Heaven Palace has picked out. You asked him to kneel down... Do you not want to live anymore?" Wang Shi and Yan Kui both stood up as well.

"He dared to bully my Yuwen family! What about that? Even if he does not kneel down, then he will have to apologize to our whole Yuwen family!"

"Yeah! He must apologize, one by one!"

"If not, he will not step out of here!"

"We, the Yuwen family, are not that easy to bully!"

"Apologise? What should he apologize for? It will be good that we did not ask you to apologize!" Yan Kui said unhappily.

"Head master!"

Right then, that powerful warrior who got sent out for Yuwen Hao had flown back with him in an extremely bad shape.

Yuwen Jin took a look at Yuwen Hao, who was in a coma, and got even angrier.

"Ye Chen, you have badly wounded my son, so this will not end easily. Right now, I will give you a chance to leave immediately. Otherwise, there will be consequences."

"I can leave. But before that, let go of that spell."

"Impossible!" Yuwen Jin refused instantly.

"If it is impossible, then what is there to talk about? I think this whole wedding is indeed your Yuwen family forcing yourself upon her. Bother Ye, take her away! Whoever dares to stop him, he or she would be challenging the Dragon God Heaven Palace!"

Wang Shi and Yan Kui were talking in Ye Chen's favor.

"You two, shut the hell up!"

At this moment, Yao Yifeng finally spoke up. These two disciples of his had been helping Ye Chen all this time, which was a great disrespect to him. Suddenly, his rich qi covered the two.

"We respect you as the second leader, but if you treat matters unfairly, we will not listen to you."


Yao Yifeng squeezed his eyes, looking extra dangerous.

"Father, let me battle him for a winner. If I win, then he will not be able to say anything anymore." Yuwen Ye could not help but suggest.

Yuwen Jin hesitated, "Do you have one hundred percent confidence?" He could already tell that Wang Shi and Yan Kui were both very obvious about supporting Ye Chen. As long as they were there, Yuwen family would not be able to do anything to Ye Chen, and the wedding would not continue for sure. But, this Ye Chen's power had indeed surpassed Yuwen Jin.

Yuwen Ye licked his lips, "Don't worry! For him, I have one hundred and twenty confidence. I will only win, and not lose."

"Alright, then! Remember to use all of your power at once. Do not try to hold back!"