547 Demon Gold Flash

 The beam of flowy black light looked like a mad dragon or a shooting star. A lot of people there did not even have the right time to react; all they could see was Yuwen Hao shooting out a spear attack at Ye Chen. It was so surprising and caught people off guard that anyone who was not careful would be wounded badly.

"What a dirty move!"

Wang Shi and Yan Kui were both looking furious.

Ye Chen did not have the time to stand up, so he reached into his waist with his right hand and took out his gold sword. It tore apart the air, clashing with that spear.


The sparks spilled everywhere while the chair under Ye Chen's body turned into ashes completely.

"Huh! This kind of sword intent!"

Yuwen Hao wanted to embarrassed Ye Chen, since he could tell that the latter was only at peak level Early Sea of Souls Realm. Even if he were able to do cross-realm battles, he would not be that powerful, because the former had already reached the peak level Mid Sea of Soul Realm, and his martial spirit had also reached the peak level of rank 3. With this surprising spear attack, it would at least scare Ye Chen and make him look bad in front of everyone. However, although that sword attack of Ye Chen's contained quite a normal Zhen yuan, its sword intent was unimaginably mighty. It had even shattered the martial intent he had infused within his attack.

"Demon Tomb Fist!"

After the spear attack, Yuwen Hao's left hand left the spear and twisted his wrist to grab a huge black Zhen yuan tombstone. He then attacked down again, trying to crush Ye Chen.


Before the Zhen yuan tombstone was even be able to form together, a beam of light flashed through it, separating it into halves.

Cutting open the tombstone, Ye Chen looked up at Yuwen Hao, who missed both of the attacks in a row. Right then, the latter had borrowed the power of the qi flow explosion and flew dozens of meters away in the air. Beams of dark brown qi leaked out of his body and eventually gathered on the tip of the spear. It then shot out a hundred meters long beam of light that kept expanding and shrinking like the tongue of a snake, which gave people quite a creepy feeling.

'No wonder he was this arrogant. He is indeed quite powerful after all...But, it is still not enough.' Looking down at Ye Chen, a cruel smile appeared on Yuwen Hao's face.

"Show me your special power! Otherwise, it will get too ugly for you soon." Holding his gold sword, Ye Chen was quite calm. It was indeed his relaxed tone that pissed Yuwen Hao even more. For him, seeing an ant-like person asking him to use all his strength was something so funny that it even aggravated him.

All of the powerful warriors from the Yuwen family also did not think highly of Ye Chen, since in their eyes, he was nothing different from a clown. They were sure that he would learn his lesson soon.

"What a stupid brat. Big bro, count my part in as well. Give him his biggest lesson of his life!" The wedding had been put on pause, so it was obviously Yuwen Ye who was the most furious. Right then, all he wanted to see was Ye Chen being wounded badly and bringing shame for himself.

Yuwen Hao sneered as he passed on a message, "Do not worry! I will show him the consequence of fighting against the Yuwen family. Of course, with such a great opportunity, it would be fun to beat him immediately...Hehe."

"It seems like this brat is going to have the most awful time now. The two Yuwen brothers are known for their brutality and aggressiveness. If you mess with them, they might torture you physically and mentally."

"Yuwen Hao is already thirty five years old, after all. Every part of his body has already reached the peak. The people who can beat him under the age of thirty can only be found in the Sky Martial City."

Everyone present did not think Ye Chen would win at all. Even the masters from the Gu Lan Party shook their heads or frowned their eyebrows.


Just as everyone was chatting, Yuwen Hao's body flashed once in the air; he then looked like a beam of dark brown lightning that flashed and appeared right in front of Ye Chen, throwing out another attack.

Ye Chen flew backward, a sword shine appearing on his gold sword.

"Do you think you can get away?"

Yuwen Hao followed Ye Chen's position and changed his style of attack. The long black spear swapped hands midway before stabbing out quickly toward Ye Chen, who was backing out.

Ye Chen sneered and his whole body turned into a beam of sword light. Instead of continuing to back out, he stepped forward and got closer to Yuwen Hao and his black spear, throwing out a sword attack.

"What kind of step art is this!"

Yuwen Hao was surprised, but his hand did not stop working as he threw out a punch at the gold sword.


The bright unbearable sparks were brought out as Yuwen Hao dragged his long spear on the ground while continuing to back out.

"Such a horrifying sword power!"

Yuwen Hao wore a pair of gloves, but his whole left arm had still gone numb.


Ye Chen followed up and stabbed out another sword attack. It contained his profound sense sword attack, the Amaranthine Nature, which had a consistent sword intent that brought out circles of halos in front of the sword tip. It was all because it was traveling at such a fast speed and the air had been stabbed through constantly.

"Piss off now!"

Yuwen Hao groaned once as he raised up the spear in his right hand and waved out.


Although the power of Amaranthine Nature was not as powerful as the Gold Resonant Radiance Art, its technique was better. With one sword being stabbed out, it would be really hard for its opponent to handle it. The gold sword scratched the spear, bringing out beautiful sparks. It then landed on Yuwen Hao's shoulder and the sword light went through his body.

"The route is slightly off!"

Ye Chen frowned slightly. That sword of his was meant to go through the chest of Yuwen Hao's. Since the latter did not plan to go easy on him, there was no reason for him to be nice about it. With his chest punctured through, Yuwen Hao would have to stay in bed for a couple of months to recover, which would already be enough to make a point.

Having his shoulder wounded had shocked Yuwen Hao. He had never expected that he would get wounded so easily, especially by a guy who was ten years younger than him.

Not only was he surprised, everyone else present was shocked to learn what just happened.

"Powerful! Although this sword did not have that much power, it could increase its speed again in the air!"

Only a small amount of people had realized what exactly happened, and were secretly impressed by Ye Chen.


Yuwen Hao's eyes were red too, about to fight back.


At that moment, Ye Chen used his gold sword and tapped it on the lower part of the black spear. It approached along with his strength smartly and managed to numb Yuwen Hao's right arm. The long spear in the latter's hand flew out, turning into a beam of shooting star and puncturing through countless buildings on the way, eventually landing in a mountain.

"I have said it before, you should use all of your power." After kicking Yuwen Hao away with one kick, Ye Chen stood in midair.


Yuwen Hao continued to puke out blood. The injury in his shoulder had shattered his protective Zhen yuan, and Ye Chen's kick had even broken his chest bones.

"Ye Chen! I guess you have hidden quite a lot of power before, huh!" A big smile revealed on Murong Wu's face.

Murong Zhishui said, "He had told me before that if he used all of his strength, you would not last even ten attacks of his."

"Ten! That quickly!" Murong Wu could not believe what he had just heard.

"It should not be fake. Looking back at the path he has walked, he has never lost."

"You are right. But, this Yuwen Hao had still not used his full power yet. I wonder how much of an increase would it add to his power after his demonization."


After puking out another huge chunk of blood, Yuwen Hao stared at Ye Chen with an evil look, "Very well! You have actually managed to wound me, something that hasn't happened in a long time now."

Ye Chen said lightly, "Do you want to continue?"

"Do you think you have already won? What a joke! I will tell you now what it is like to return the 'favor' twice as received."

Yuwen Hao groaned with a low voice and his body suddenly tensed. Waves of black qi were leaking out of his arms visibly, making them look like they were on black fire.

"Both arm demonization! No! Even the right chest as well!" Murong Zhishui was getting anxious. He realized that Yuwen Hao was just as the rumors had said, one of the top warriors of the young generation. After demonization, the former was even more powerful than him. Murong Zhishui knew that he now could only win against the former with his controlling ability, since he was a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior after all.

With the two arms and right half of the chest demonized, Yuwen Hao's qi had increased by more than thirty percent. The attacking power of his arms had increased by another forty percent as well. All of a sudden, the sky was dyed black; it was the kind of pitch black through which even the sunshine could not shine.

"Your demonization speed is too slow." There was no reason for Ye Chen to wait for the whole process at all. He lifted up his gold sword and waved out a curved beam of sword qi, cutting the clouds in half. As for Yuwen Hao, he had been blown by the sword qi again a few miles away into another mountain.

"You! Is this the kind of fairness that you were asking for?" Yuwen Jin flicked his eyebrows and stared at Ye Chen with great anger.

Wang Shi sneered at him, "Yuwen head master, your son had attacked Ye Chen before he was even able to accept the challenge. Why did you not say anything? Right now, it is your son's turn to get blown away, so you decide to call out for so-called fairness? Even if you don't think it is embarrassing, I feel it for you."

"Wang Shi, shut up. What kind of attitude is this?"

Before Yuwen Jin could say anything, Yao Yifeng gave a dirty look to Wang Shi unhappily.

Yan Kui and Wang Shi were very close friends, so the former argued, "Second leader, how is brother Wang wrong in saying so? You shall not take the outsider's side, should you?"

Yao Yifeng said with a cold voice, "Ye Chen is causing troubles which have brought shame onto our Dragon God Heaven Palace. From now on, no one speaks for him. Otherwise, you will be punished according to the palace rules."

Heard him, Wang Shi and Yan Kui were both furious. They exchanged a look and secretly made a decision together.


The mountain had been shattered into tiny pieces as Yuwen Hao jumped out with blood dripping down the corner of his mouth.

As the first son of the head master in the Yuwen family, he carried three top rank defensive pieces, namely one chest piece and two arm pieces. Although Ye Chen's sword attack was extremely powerful, it still did not manage to break through his defense. So, he was only slightly wounded from the shockwave passed through the armor. Moreover, after the demonization, this level of shock was still within the acceptable margin.

"Damn it! You will regret what you have done! Demon Gold Flash!"

Yuwen Hao reached out his right hand and a dark gold light ball was formed three inches away from the center of his palm. It spun quickly before being compressed into the size of a fist. The extremely dense Zhen yuan vibration had brought up the natural yuan qi and thunder and lightning in the sky.

"It is the Demon Gold Flash. Ah well, it is okay now...Just wound him with all you have got!"

Yuwen Jin and Yuwen Ye's eyes brightened.

Demon Gold Flash was one of the most commonly used martial technique; its mechanism was to accumulate the demon power to a high density before shooting out as a beam. Its powerful force could puncture through the earth instantly. Powerful warriors within the same realm could never handle it at all. And, it was indeed because the demon race's martial arts were more powerful than the human race ones as the former had more powerful bodies. Only with powerful bodies could one perform the tough demon race martial arts, which had high physical requirements. Normally, demi demons would need to complete the demonization on three body parts before they could try and deploy the Demon Gold Flash, which employed compressed Zhen yuan. But of course, normal demi demon race families did not even own the demon race martial art manuals. Therefore, no matter how much percentage of demonization they could achieve, it would still be useless. It was indeed why the Yuwen family had so many advantages.

"Die now!"

Yuwen Hao let out a mouthful of Zhen yuan, and that dark gold colored light ball was shot out. It looked like a beam of dark golden ray, which was almost too fast for people's comprehension.

Wherever the dark gold ray passed, the air had been pressed together; it was an awfully frightening sight to see.

"No! It is the demon race martial art!"

Murong Zhishui could not help but stand up as he stared at Ye Chen with terror in his eyes.