546 Unfair Tricks

 "What? Mo Luo failed!"

Yuwen Jin's pupil shrank, filled with shock.

Mo Luo was the name of a tribe whose members were almost extinct now. There were no more than five of them remaining in the whole world. This Mo Luo who had followed him for decades was at rank 10, and the result of him training the latter for a least a decade, which was about the same time that he prepared for the Three Disaster Powder.

The real battling power of the Mo Luo was not that great; it was frankly very weak. A rank 10 Mo Luo had the battling power of normal rank 9 beasts. Any Sea of Souls Realm warrior would not have to be worried about a Mo Luo. But, its soul power was unique; once grown to rank 9, it would gain a special talent related to the souls. After he used his abilities, even master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors could not handle it, left to be at Mo Luo's disposal. In the ancient era, the name "Mo Luo" represented nightmares, because no matter how powerful one was, if it got close to oneself, one's life would be in the Mo Luo's hands.

But of course, even Mo Luo had its flaws. Its special power could only be used twice in a short period of time. After that, it would take a long time for it to recover. Ye Chen's team had thirty members in total, who had lived separately inside the hotel. This meant that Mo Luo could not control each one of them one by one, and he could also not kill them off like he killed the other Sea of Souls Realm master level warriors. Otherwise, Mo Luo would not have to wait until today to do the killings.

Yuwen Jin had never expected that Mo Luo, who had a one hundred percent rate of success, had failed as well. Whether it was still alive or not was unknown to him.

"You are asking for death!"

Mo Luo was way too important for Yuwen Jin. He could no longer control his emotions; he stood up suddenly and looked over at Ye Chen with rich killing intent.

Ye Chen stared back coldly, "If I have guessed it right, this thing is called Mo Luo, which are very rare beings. Your Yuwen family is lucky enough to have one. In addition, who else here noticed the existence of this thing? He tried to poison me, so I killed it with a finger."

"Mo Luo? I have read about Mo Luo on an ancient manual. No wonder it was able to hide amongst the crowd, such that none of us noticed. It is indeed the scariest assassin amongst the beasts."

"Yuwen family keeps a Mo Luo... Perhaps, those assassinated Sea of Souls Realm warriors' deaths had something to do with it?"

"Yuwen Jin, what is going on? I ask you! My uncle Han from the Gu Lan Party...Was he killed by your Yuwen family's Mo Luo?"

The leader of the Gu Lan Party who came here to congratulate the wedding suddenly yelled out. That uncle Han he referred to was a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior from their family. For a rank 5 martial institution, the master level warriors were definitely the core force of the institution, the symbol of the ups and downs of the institution. As for the Life and Death Realm warriors, although they were definitely ranked higher than the master level warriors, they would not come out in public and mingle in normal businesses most of the time. They would be like nuclear weapon back in Ye Chen's old world.

After having one of their master level warriors killed, the Gu Lan Family had lost a lot. The leader was extremely furious about it ever since, but he had never managed to find the killer.

Right now, with the appearance of the Mo Luo inside Yuwen family, it indeed made the Yuwen family look like the biggest suspect.

With the leader of Gu Lan Party getting furious, everyone from the Yuwen family exchanged looks, not knowing what exactly to say. Right then, Yuwen Ye's brother Yuwen Hao walked out and said with a loud voice, "Everyone, do not listen to his one-sided story. He is trying to frame our Yuwen family."

"Whether it is just framing, I think everyone here already has an answer of their own. As for the appearance of the Mo Luo inside the Yuwen family, it will not be that easy for us to frame, you know?"

Murong Zhishui woke up from his drowsiness. After seeing what happened, he had realized who was behind everything immediately. While he was terrified what just happened to him, he said sarcastically.

"Murong Zhishui!"

Yuwen Jin stared at Ye Chen and him. If he could, he would have gathered every single one of the powerful warriors to kill the two and relieve the anger from his Mo Luo being killed.

"Yuwen Jin, you owe us an explanation."

Everyone from the Gu Lan Party stood up, looking over at people from the Yuwen family with a hostile expression. The atmosphere was so intense that it could break down in battles any second.

"Father, you cannot admit the Mo Luo is ours. Otherwise, the consequence will be out of control!" Yuwen Hao secretly passed on a message to Yuwen Jin.

Naturally, Yuwen Jin knew what to do. He tightened his fists once before releasing them.

"Everyone, our Yuwen family does not know about this Mo Luo. His appearance here might be planted by someone for everyone here to see."

Yan Kui could not help it anymore as he laughed sarcastically, "Yuwen head master, I thought you were just being furious about something a minute ago, eh? What were you angry about, especially at this particular moment?"

Gu Lan Party did not believe what he had just said as well, as they continued to stare at Yuwen Jin seriously.

"Huh! Today is my son's wedding day! How can there be blood? Can I not be mad if blood has been spilled here? What kind of reasoning is this?"

Yuwen Jin was trickier than expected. He was very well spoken, such that no one seemed to be able to find flaws in his speech. He waited for a second and continued to say, "If the Mo Luo was raised by our Yuwen family, then it would not have been found out completely. If it were busted, then it meant it has nothing to do with our family, since Mo Luo's power and talent are something that not even master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors can handle. Do you think he can?"

"It seems to make sense..."

Some people chose to wait to see what happen next.

Ye Chen's fingers knocked on the table quietly as he looked just the same, "What kind of reasoning is this then? If it is busted, then it has nothing to do with your Yuwen family, and if not busted, then no one will even know about the existence of Mo Luo? Does that mean whether it is busted or not, your Yuwen family cannot be accountable for anything? Is that what you are saying?"

"Rude! How dare you accuse me of such things?!"

Yuwen Hao looked at Ye Chen creepily. That warning and threatening message in his eyes was clear.

"Every accusation needs proof. If you people decide to listen to his side of the story, then I will have nothing more to say. But, I will like to state it clearly for you again. The Mo Luo has NOTHING to do with our Yuwen family." Yuwen Jin looked at Ye Chen with a deep look before he said to the leading master of the Gu Lan Party.

The latter took a couple of deep breaths, his feelings complex. Indeed, even he could not argue that there was indeed lack of proof. Before being one hundred percent certain, starting an open conflict with the Yuwen family would not be logical. So, he sat down heavily and said coldly, "Alright! Today, I will give your Yuwen family benefit of the doubt. If our Gu Lan Party finds out the truth one day, then it will be the end of you lot."

Hearing him, Yuwen Jin let out a breath. 'Huh! The truth? What a joke! If you have the power to see through the truth, then by all means, go for it.' He turned his head and ordered, "Now, bring the body of that Mo Luo down, in case it messes the wedding venue more."

"No hurry." It was Ye Chen who spoke out. "Since you Yuwen family does not admit the existence of the Mo Lu, then that corpse of this Mo Luo should be mine. It was me who killed it after all."

Ye Chen did not think of it before, but the Dream Eater Wolf inside his beast tag seemed to be able to sense the qi of that still-alive Mo Luo, and got extremely excited. Through the soul mark, Ye Chen knew that the wolf really wanted the body of that Mo Luo. Moreover, it was quite reasonable; after all, since the Dream Eater Wolf could create dreams, its soul power was powerful as well. And, this Mo Luo could create hallucinations also possessing a great soul power. After devouring the blood, flesh, and beast pellet of the Mo Luo, it would do wonders to the recovery process of the wolf.

Yuwen Jin would definitely not let Ye Chen take away the body of the Mo Luo since it also could do wonders on him. So, he said coldly, "It happened in our Yuwen family. So, our family has the right to take care of the body. It should not concern you anymore. Take it down!"

"Yes!" A Yuwen family powerful walked up and took down the dead body.

"What a shame!"

Ye Chen did not continue to say anything, but felt sorry for the wolf; by the looks of the latter, he knew that it would mean a lot for it.

Waiting until the body of the Mo Luo had been removed, Yuwen Jin said with a low voice, "Today is the wedding day of my second son. I wish everything will go well and without any more troubles. Whoever else dares to mess around, it will be an open challenge to our Yuwen family and I, Yuwen Jin...and there will be consequences."

With his speech over, he scanned around the room and paid great attention to Ye Chen and the group; it was a plain threat to them.

As time passed on, the wedding officially began. Soon, the bride arrived in a bright red bridal dress. Her head was covered in silky red clothes. Murong Qingcheng walked out; then, Yuwen Ye walked out as well in a black bridegroom outfit, with a giant red flower pinned to his chest.

When they were about to move onto the bowing ceremony which would officially seal the marriage, Ye Chen took a deep breath and yelled with a loud voice, "I am against this marriage!"

With the enhancement of his Zhen yuan, his voice spread out in the whole venue. Every single one of the people present had heard him clearly. The crowd could not help themselves but feel shocked. They had no idea what Ye Chen was doing.

Yuwen Jin tried his best to control his anger, "Continue!"

Ye Chen sneered, "Does your Yuwen family only know this kind of low moves? This whole wedding is just a giant conspiracy!"

"How so? If you cannot make a case out of it, do not blame me for being cruel."

A horrifying qi exploded from Yuwen Jin's body as he stared at Ye Chen with an evil look on his face.

Ye Chen was not scared at all, "The bride has already been controlled by you. Right now, she is just a puppet under strings. You do not have her consent for doing all this!"

"What! Is this true?"

Everyone was surprised, and also curious.

Hearing him, Yuwen Jin, Yuwen Ye and Yuwen Hao were all shocked. Just as Ye Chen had said, right then, Murong Qingchen could not talk or move. All of her movements right then had been controlled instead of being actively done by her.

"Ye Chen, do not try to mess things up again and again. Do you really think our Yuwen family will tolerate this kind of behavior?" Yuwen Hao walked out.

"Whether it was made up, you can let the bride talk a few sentences. If she can speak her mind fluently, it will naturally prove your Yuwen family's innocence."

The dress Murong Qingcheng was wearing had the effect of bouncing back soul power. This kind of effect would be useless on a battlefield, since with the soul power bounced back, the trace of one's movement would actually be exposed. But right now, it served as a concealing effect. Still, Ye Chen's soul power was even stronger than master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors. He could enter through easily and see her unconscious expression.

Yuwen Hao said creepily, "It is not your business to decide. For the dignity of your Yuwen family, I, Yuwen Hao, will send out an official challenge to you. If you do not dare, then the wedding will go on as normal, in case we miss the good time of the day."

"What if I win?"

"We will see if you can! Take a spear!"

A long black spear appeared in Yuwen Hao's hand. He shook its tip like a mad dragon, attacking toward Ye Chen's chest.

"Hao'er, wound him badly!" Right then, Yuwen Jin passed on a message to Yuwen Hao.

"I know!"

In Yuwen Hao's mind, he had been wanting to step onto Ye Chen like an ant for a long time now. He wanted to humiliate the latter badly in front of everyone and show the people what would happen to people who tried to mess with the Yuwen family.