545 The Assasin

 In the last four days, Ye Chen was trying his best to figure out the application of his Void Shattering Finger.

He had found this Void Shattering Finger martial art manual inside the Goat Horn Mountain. At the time, besides the plain colored jade capsule with the third movement of the Void Shattering Finger was a huge white key as well. It could be activated with energy and six ancient Chinese characters in the air, "The Grave of the Emperor, Aries!"

The emperor's grave might very likely be the tomb of an emperor level warrior. Thinking with this logic, this white key would probably be the key into the tomb. As for the Void Shattering Finger Art, it might not be powerful just for breaking through the invisible restraining power to get the white key. It should have a bigger application of some sort.

The Void Shattering Finger Art that Ye Chen had gotten was the third movement. Moreover, it also had something to do with the emperor's grave; its power and potential were already obvious. Wanting to use it smoothly and maturely would take more than a short period of time of training, since learning and using were two completely different concepts. For example, if one had a hundred pounds of power, one would not necessarily be able to pick up one hundred pounds precisely.

The power of space was too deep and mysterious. Seriously speaking, Ye Chen could still not use the space power perfectly as of now. What he was using now was the Zhen yuan simulated space power. If he wanted to perfect it, then he would need to have a deeper understanding of the profound.

Of course, wanting to be able to comprehend the profound of space completely would not be easier than cultivating the low rank profound martial arts to completion; it would be actually way harder. So, all Ye Chen could do now was focus on training its application and try to increase its power.


At dawn, the Ancient Wind City was way livelier than before, because it was the big wedding day of Yuwen Ye from the Yuwen family!

In the foggy morning, people continuously flew into the city and toward the Yuwen family in the west, including Ye Chen, Murong Zhishui, Murong Wu, and ten other top warriors of the Murong family.

"Finally, this day has come." Murong Zhishui took a deep breath as a cold light shone in his eyes.

Murong Wu also sneered, "This Yuwen family indeed does not respect us at all. They did not even send out an invitation. We, as the uncles and the father, are somehow the outsiders in this."

"Without the invitation, we have the right to go now. Let's just show up there and let them see."

Approaching closer and closer to the Yuwen family, Murong Zhishui felt more and more frustrated and upset. His old lover from back in the days kept popping up in his brain.

'I wonder if you have been happy all these years?' Murong Zhishui thought to himself.

Shoo! Shoo!

In order to wait for the ten warriors of the Murong family, Ye Chen and the other two did not push their speed to its limit, so there were people constantly flying past them.


Ye Chen frowned; he had seen the second leader of the Yellow Dragon Palace, Yao Yifeng, with Wang Shi and Yan Kui standing beside him.

Yao Yifeng glanced at Ye Chen with a cold sneer and sent out a Zhen yuan message to him, "You are indeed trouble. Leave now while you still have time."

Ye Chen laughed, "No need for you to worry. We will deal with our business in the future."

"Our business? Haha, I am just afraid that you don't have the power for it."

Making another nasal noise, Yao Yifeng increased his speed, turning into a beam of light.

Right then, Wang Shi's voice was heard in Ye Chen's head, "Brother Ye, do whatever you want at the wedding. Bother Yan and I will speak for you."

"Thank you, brother disciples!"

With the two of them speaking for him, the situation would come off a bit better, since the two represented the Dragon God Heaven Palace after all.

"We will have to go now. We will see you in the Yuwen family."

Wang Shi and Yan Kui increased their speed and followed behind Yao Yifeng.

One hour later, everyone had come to the Yuwen family. Today, the whole house was decorated in great lighting and red colored decorations. With a quick glance around the house, all areas were found to be decorated in red, which was the Chinese representation of joy and happiness. Outside the gate, rows of welcoming warriors in red uniforms were there to check the incomers' invitations.

"Apologies, you do not have the invitations, so you shall not pass."

Ye Chen's group had been blocked outside.

Murong Wu was annoyed, "I am the uncle of the bride, and this is her father. If we cannot go inside, who can?"

"Without the invitation, you cannot go inside. It is the rule directly from the head master." The ones who blocked the three sneered; they obviously did not care about the three at all.

Murong Zhishui said calmly, "This is your Yuwen family's responsibility. You did not even notify the bride's direct relatives. This wedding does not have the right to go on."

"Who is making a scene?"

Right now, the noise had caught people's attention. A good-looking young man walked over, similar in appearance to Yuwen Ye, but slightly older.

"Yuwen Hao!"

Murong Wu recognized the young man; it was indeed the brother of Yuwen Ye, Yuwen Hao.

Yuwen Hao looked at the three from the corner of his eyes, then said in a strange fake tone: "Oh...it is uncles! You two can of course go inside. But, he...has to stay." He pointed at Ye Chen with his finger.

"This is my brother disciple Ye. What do you want to ask my brother disciple to leave for?" A yelling voice was heard clearly as Yan Kui walked out with big steps.

Yuwen Hao's expression changes. He said as he tried to suppress his anger, "This is my Yuwen family. The rules will be made by our Yuwen family."

"Oh? Such a powerful Yuwen family, I see! What? Do you want to kick us, the people from the Dragon God Heaven Palace, out as well so that your family can look powerful?"


Yuwen Hao had an extremely cold light shining in his eyes. If it were outside the city, he would have already killed Yan Kui.

"Bother Ye, let's go. Let's see how they dare to block you out."

They knew that the Yuwen family would have done it; therefore, Yan Kui had walked out for it in advance.

Ye Chen took a deep breath and followed behind Yan Kui to enter the door. He had already mentally prepared himself for anything that might come his way, since he had officially entered other people's turf.

The location of the wedding was set on the biggest plaza of the Yuwen family. They had put countless seats on the sides and in the front. A lot of people had already found their seats, already drinking tea and chatting. It actually looked very friendly and vibrant.

Yuwen Jin and Yuwen Ye, who was in his bridegroom's outfit, saw that Ye Chen and the other two had walked in, causing the look on their faces to change. Before, all of the plans that were designed to take them down had all failed. First, Murong Wang had disappeared out of nowhere, leaving behind no traces. And now, Yao Yifeng did not even manage to keep Ye Chen and send him out for missions.

"If you have made it this far, then do not expect to leave." Yuwen Ye's evil qi increased; his expression looked scary.

"We are not there yet." Yuwen Jin gave a secretive unnoticeable nod to a guard amongst the crowd, seeming to imply something. The guard nodded back before walking toward Ye Chen.

There were a lot of guards coming and going, serving tea and deserts for each table, including over at Ye Chen's table.

Murong Wu was about to drink the tea when Murong Zhishui stopped him, "You are on other people's turf. Do not eat or drink here."

"Oh right! I had forgotten about it for a second." Murong Wu had thought of something, then he put down the cup.

As for Ye Chen, he did not even pay attention to the tea or the snacks at all.

"No?" Yuwen Jin frowned. He had ordered the servants to add a little bit of the Three Disaster Powder inside their tea. It was just a tiny bit, so it would not knock the three out for three days straight. But, it should last for about half a day. In that time, everything would have been settled.

"Mo Luo, it will be on you now."

Yuwen Jin passed on a message to the grey shadow on the corner.

"Head master, don't worry. I cannot be their rightful opponent head on, but assassination is my specialty. I have one hundred percent confidence in that."

The voice of the grey shadow was extremely peaceful, almost without any emotion.

"I believe you." A creepy smile appeared on Yuwen Jin's face. Of all these years, Mo Luo had never disappointed him or missed a kill. The master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior who had died in his hands were three in total. These three were all ten times more powerful than Mo Luo, regardless it was their battling power or defense. But, under the assassination of Mo Luo, they had all died quickly without a fight.

Mo Luo was the most powerful assassin in the Sea of Souls Realm.

A guard walked past the grey shadow, which then disappeared. No one knew how it had disappeared, not even the master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors nearby. They had not even noticed the existence of the shadow at all, which was already extremely creepy.

"What do you think the Yuwen family will do to us?" Murong Wu had brought his own drinks. He poured a glass to Murong Zhishui and Ye Chen as he said.

"We will handle everything that comes in our way then." Ye Chen picked up the wine glass and gently shook it. Inside the wine glass, patterns had been brought up as it reflected everything around him.

Suddenly, a grey shadow flashed past in the reflection of the wine. It happened so fast that it could be easily dismissed as a hallucination. Ye Chen's eyes did not look at his wine glass at all as a vague smile appeared on his face.

Murong Zhishui frowned. In his sight, guards seemed to surround them, isolating them from the others. A bad instinct raised up in his heart.

"Strange. Why am I suddenly so sleepy?"

Murong Wu felt the same wave of sleepiness attacking him all a the sudden. It was something very weird for master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors.


A wave of surreal water pattern spread out in the area as everything around them sank into a sudden darkness.


A twisted grey shadow flashed before the three. The sleepiness was getting stronger and stronger, such that they could not even lift up their eyelids anymore. Murong Wu had even started snoring. Only Murong Zhishui and Ye Chen were still fighting it off, trying to see through the true appearance of the grey shadow.

The shadow smiled a bit and revealed his body in front of the two, waving his hand and sprinkling a puff of grey powder toward Ye Chen. It was odorless and hard to notice as it mixed in with the different qi flow. It swirled around Ye Chen's head rapidly, trying to crawl into his nostrils.

"I wonder if I kill you now, what else can the Yuwen family still do?"

Suddenly, Ye Chen sat up straight and opened his eyes clearly, as if the sleepiness had not affected him at all.

The grey shadow groaned once as he backed out rapidly, his body twisting at an extreme speed.

"Do you think you can make it out?"


Wine was spilled out as Ye Chen flicked his finger. His lotus heart sword qi shot through the wine drops and punctured through the still-not-twisted chest of the grey shadow.

Blood spilled out; it was not red blood, but dreamy blue. It seemed to wash off the darkness that was around Ye Chen, revealing the normal world where the guests were chatting happily and relaxedly.


A human figure had been blown back, landing in the center of the plaza.

Everyone's attention was immediately attracted by the huge sound. After seeing where it came from, they could not help but gasp a bit at the sight.

It was a strange looking monkey in grey clothing that was lying in the middle of the ground. It was only one meter tall, and hair covered all of its limbs. Its face somehow looked like that of an elder. Right then, a huge bloody hole was present in his chest, blue blood pouring out of it rapidly.