544 Another Breakthrough

 Above the Ancient Wind City, two beams of light were shooting at a fast speed.

"I did not expect to see the second leader also being bought by the Yuwen family. This family is indeed spending so much for this wedding." Murong Zhishui did not think that normal things would make the person in question be so determined on this. Being a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior himself, the things that could buy him off were not that many. But once there was something that got his attention, he would try to get it even if it could cost him his life.

Ye Chen said calmly, "Without Yao Yifeng, the Yuwen family can still not do anything to us. Perhaps we will face some bloke ahead on the road. But, as long as we are careful about it, it should be fine."

"Regardless, we are on our own now."

Ye Chen took a deep breath. Although he did not think of depending on anyone, but what happened with Yao Yifeng had still aggravated him a little.

Back in the hotel, Murong Wu saw the look on the two's faces and knew that something was wrong. So, he hurried to ask, "What happened?"

Murong Zhishui shook his head and sighed, "Well, this second leader of the Yellow Dragon Palace had already been bought off by the Yuwen family. I suspect that they already knew that Ye Chen was coming as well."

"Indeed, not some good news." Murong Wu looked serious right now.

Suddenly, Murong Zhishui thought of something and said to Ye Chen, "Yao Yifeng is definitely not going to be on our side, but those two brother disciples of yours might be of help, right?"

Ye Chen thought for a while and said, "I am not that close with them, but I agree that we should go talk to them. They were students of the Dragon King himself as well."

"Oh? That is good! The students of the Dragon King would not listen and work for Yao Yifeng without questioning. You are also a student that the Dragon King has appreciated. I think the hope is quite big."

"Alright! Then, I will find a good time to contact them."

Ye Chen did not plan to use his soul power to make the connection, since his soul power was his secret. If he just exposed it so casually, it would not be good for him. Plus, he still did not know if Wang Shi and Yan Kui would be on his side yet.


In the Yuwen family...

On the top floor of that tall building, Yuwen Jin and Yuwen Ye were talking.

"Ye, is there any progress in the relationship with that girl?" Yuwen Jin asked casually.

Yuwen Ye said with slight anger, "I got nothing from her. She saw me going there and did not even come out to greet me at all. If it were not for the approaching wedding, I would have forced it already." Demi demons carried the bloodline of the demon race. They were very easily affected by their emotions and were aggressive. Moreover, this Yuwen Ye was famous for that.

A smile appeared on Yuwen Jin's face, "If it is yours, it will one day be yours. No need to hurry! Right now, just let her do whatever she wants. After the wedding, it will no longer be her choice."

"Father is right." Yuwen Ye nodded and started to talk about something else, "I have heard from the spies that Ye Chen and Murong Zhishui had been to the branch of the Yellow Dragon Palace. I am afraid that they were looking for the second leader, Yao Yifeng. Do you think it will affect our plan?"

Yuwen Jin sneered, "What can they do? They probably do not know it yet, but Yao Yifeng has been bought by me."

"Even Yao Yifeng had been bought by father? It must have cost father a lot, right?"

Yuwen Ye was surprised, as he did not know about this at all.

"Yao Yifeng is still the eyes of the Dragon God Heaven Palace after all, so he will have a huge effect on things. This time, I have bought him over, and it can be reused in the future as well. Therefore, even if it cost quite a bit, our Yuwen family can still afford it. Moreover, we can definitely earn it back in the future."

"Huh! Even Yao Yifeng has been bought! I will see what they can do now." Yuwen Ye let out a breath as he licked his lips.


Outside the city, inside a secret garden...

"Brother Ye, don't worry! You can count on us for this. If that Yuwen family wants to fight against you, they will be looking for death."

Yan Kui was always quick tempered. Plus, the fact that when he first came to the Ancient Wind City, he had a little scrub with a master of the Yuwen family pissed him off even more. His face was covered in killing intent.

Wang Shi was also a bit pissed off as he said: "What does the Yuwen family think they are? If it were not for our leader, this Yuwen family would have been killed off many times by now. And now, they even dare to climb on top of our head and make a mess? Who do they think they are? Brother Ye, we did not know about this before. But now that we do, we will not sit by and do nothing. As for what happened between you and second leader Yao, we have already sent back the news."

Ye Chen said thankfully, "I will thank you both now for the favor on the wedding."

"Your business is our business. There is no favor to be asked."

Wang Shi and Yan Kui had already regarded Ye Chen as one of them. They were both students to the leader, and although Ye Chen had not been trained by the Dragon King personally yet, the fact that he was being appreciated was already enough for them to help him with all that they had got. They would definitely not let him be treated badly and unfairly.

Ye Chen was full of emotions at this moment. He was not expecting this to go so well.

"Alright Ye Chen, I will go back with brother Wang for now, in case Yao Yifeng starts to suspect us." Yan Kui was also quick tempered, so he had already jumped to calling his second leader with his name. Of course, it was just in front of Ye Chen and Wang Shi, where he had no need to hide his true feelings.

"Alright!" Ye Chen stood up to see them off.


Within a blink of an eye, three days had come and passed. There were only seven days remaining before the wedding.

During this period of time, Ye Chen did not do anything else, focusing solely on his training and trying to figure more of his profound martial arts in order to prepare himself for the incoming challenge.

"The Gold Resonant Radiance Art has finally reached ninety percent! The breakthrough of this gold profound is not that hard, but also not so easy at the same time. It all depends on whether you can find the breaking point."

The time Ye Chen spent on his profound martial arts was way lesser than the other Sea of Souls Realm warriors. But, he had already found a lot of patterns. For example, in the beginning, all he needed to do was just sit there and try, and he would make it very easily. After reaching seventy percent or so, he then would have to focus on the good timing and some enlightenment, which would be worth months of training. But of course, it would not happen on demand, as he would have to be really focused and determined for it.

After finding the pattern, Ye Chen thought that it would save him a lot of time.

"I don't have much time left. And, I do not have the time to figure out the Sky Thunder Cut and Amaranthine Nature right now. But, I will focus all of my attention on my Void Shattering Finger."

It would be impossible to increase all of the profound martial arts in a short time. Currently for Ye Chen, his Gold Resonant Radiance, Void Shattering Finger, and the sword qi tornado created by his lotus heard sword qi were his best attacks. The rest of them would have to be put aside for now.

"Right now, my attacks can really make some patterns in the space. Exploring more on the Void Shattering Finger is not that hard, but unfortunately, I cannot go back into the surreal space again. If I can touch the power of space at a close range, it should be easy for me to bring my Void Shattering Finger up another one or two levels."

Soon, another three days passed by.

During the past three days, more and more people gathered in the city. They were mostly top warriors from different parties inside the Gu Lan Regions who had been invited by the Yuwen family, such as the Gu Lan Family, some very powerful rank 6 martial institutions and families, and some famous rank 7 ones as well.

As one of the top two parties inside the Gu Lan Region, even if the Yuwen family did not want to invite these people, it would not work, since it would come off as being extremely arrogant and thinking that the others were not qualified to be invited. Therefore, even though they knew that Ye Chen would bring people to create a scene at the wedding, they were forced to have a big wedding ceremony with lots of guests.

"I heard that Yuwen Ye's fiancée is one of the most beautiful ladies in the whole land, I wonder if it is true."

"There were a lot of good looking people from the demi demon family. It must be true to some level. But, this Yuwen Ye is also a rare great looking man after all. So, the two must be quite a match!"

There were people filling up different hotels inside the city. A lot of people were chatting excitedly about the upcoming wedding.

On the street...

Murong Zhishui and Murong Wu walked together side by side.

"So many people have come!" Murong Wu had seen two to three Sea of Souls Realm warriors already with a quick glance.

"The more the merrier!" Murong Zhishui said.

"In the past three days, Ye Chen has been exploring his profound sense martial arts. I wonder if he has made some progress."

Speaking of it, Murong Zhishui was also concerned about it as well, as he shook his head and said, "It will all depend on him now. This Yuwen Ye is not going to be that easy to take on. I think that below the Sea of Souls Realm, no one has the confidence to take him on. I think he might even be more powerful than normal master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors."

"Indeed, very likely! The perfect demi demon bloodline comes with a true talent, and it will only grow with the growth of their cultivation. With Yuwen Ye's current cultivation, I think his advantage in potential will be to the point of being able to demonize three areas of his body."

Murong Wu was worried.

'...perhaps, even more!' Murong Zhishui thought to himself.


Inside a quiet garden, patterns in the space were very obvious.

Ye Chen was in the center of the space with his eyes well shut as he spread out his soul power to study the patterns in the space around him constantly.

"Right now, all I need is a breaking point. Once I find it, I will be able to train my Void Shattering Finger to fifty percent!"

Fifty percent of power would be the middle line of the low rank profound martial arts. Once one reached beyond it, it would mean that the trainer had trained to the limit of the space mentality. Compared to the Void Shattering Finger at forty percent, it would be way more powerful.

"The pattern in the space is different from the water patterns, which would be layered in circular patterns canceling each other out and fighting against each other. On the other hand, the space patterns would actually fuse with each other."


"Right! Fusion could increase the power. It will be the true limit of space mentality!"

In the deep part of his brain, something that had been blocked for a long time seemed to disappear suddenly, opening a new path for him.

He suddenly opened his eyes and took a deep breath which lingered for a long while. The rocks and loose sand on the ground floated up in the air, shooting out toward different directions.


He pressed his tongue upward in his mouth as he pointed out his finger toward a fake mountain decoration not far away.


The fake mountain disappeared completely, leaving no traces behind; a deep, endless black hole appeared where it was before. His Void Shattering Finger had finally reached fifty percent. He could now not only cancel out Zhen yuan attacks, but also devour it. Its process would be to convert the space power into its own power.

'Time is the ruler, and space is the king!'

It was indeed a right saying after all!

Fifty percent of Void Shattering Finger attack had the power that was way more powerful than the Gold Resonant Radiance Sword. Once hit by the former, ten percent of its power would increase to twelve percent, or perhaps even more, and it would even devour the other's unused Zhen yuan to increase its own attacking power. It was a very smart martial art, using the opponent's power as one's own.

"Now, I think I should have about one hundred percent of confidence, shouldn't I?"

Ye Chen's fixed eyebrows were now finally relaxed. Earlier on, he did not have any confidence at all, because demi demons were different from humans, and there would be too many unknown factors; it was especially the case with Yuwen Ye's talent and his special power, which would be even more powerful than his demonization. Those were all the things that Ye Chen needed to watch out for. But now, those were no major problems anymore.