543 Yao Yifeng

 "Master Wang, master Yan, you guys want to see the second leader?" In front of the lobby, two Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors guarded the door. Seeing that the two masters had brought company with them, they asked with great respect.

Wang Shi said, "Indeed!"

"These two are...?" One of the guards looked at Murong Zhishui and Ye Chen.

Yan Kui said, "This is the leader of the Murong family, and this is Ye Chen who we always talked about."

"He is Ye Chen? So young!"

The two guards were very surprised. As a member of the Dragon God Heaven Palace, it would be impossible for them to not hear about Ye Chen. But, only some of the top warriors had seen his picture. Right then, they had finally seen the real person, so they could not help but exclaim out at his age. Being so young and already having accomplished so much, they now knew the reason why their leader had been so appreciative of him. With those thoughts in mind, they hurried to hold up their fists and greeted Ye Chen formally, "Greetings, warrior Ye."

Ye Chen lifted up his right hand slightly and said with a smile, "No need! Is leader Yao here? Leader Murong and I have something that we would like to talk to him about."

"Please go inside first. I will go notify the second leader."

"Alright, thank you!"

Walking into the palace, the four found a seat for themselves, waiting for the arrival of leader Yao.

"Ye Chen, with the support of leader Yao, we should be fine with our plan." Murong Zhishui talked to Ye Chen with a peppy tone via Zhen yuan.

Ye Chen nodded to himself. Having a wedding would be a major event. With them messing around, it would be an embarrassment for the Yuwen family, who would not be nice and fair about it at all for sure. They would definitely try their best to stop them. But, with the support of leader Yao, no matters what the Yuwen family wanted to do to them, they would not be able to go through with it.

Soon, Yao Yifeng arrived. Once he entered the palace, he walked to the head seat directly without even looking at anyone and then sat himself down.

A guard had brought up some tea, so he held one cup up and took a sip without saying anything.

"Weird! Second leader seems a bit off today." Wang Shi and Yan Kui changed a look. Normally, the second leader of theirs was indeed very strict and tough, but he would never be this rude to guests.

Murong Zhishui frowned, "This does not look good."

It was not strange for him to think so, since Ye Chen was a very important guest to the Dragon King. Second, he was also at peak level Early Sea of Souls Realm, which would still be worthy of some respect, even if it were the second leader of the Dragon God Heaven and the leader of the Yellow Dragon Palace.

"Perhaps, it is his personally...?" Ye Chen had also got a bad hunch.

Putting down his teacup, Yao Yifeng turned his head and said to Wang Shi and Yan Kui, "You two can excuse yourself for now."

Wang Shi was planning to say something, "Second lea..."

"I said, leave!" Yao Yifeng did not sound happy.

"Yes, sir!"

Wang Shi and Yan Kui left frustratedly. Before they left, they glanced at Ye Chen and thought to themselves at the same time, 'Ye Chen, take care of yourself! We cannot help you now.'

After another while, Yao Yifeng started talking as he looked at Ye Chen from the corner of his eyes, "You are Ye Chen?"

Ye Chen held his fist and answered, "Second Leader Yao, I am indeed Ye Chen. And this is the leader of Murong family, Murong Zhishui."

"I am asking about you, not him." Yao Yifeng frowned, "What do you need from me?"

Ye Chen's heart sank as he said, "The Yuwen family is very domineering, as they have forced the daughter of the Murong family to marry Yuwen Ye. And, Murong Qingcheg is a great friend of mine. Therefore, I will not sit by and do nothing. I came here wishing to inform the second leader Yao about this matter."

"You came all the way here just for this?" Yao Yifeng's tone peaked up.

He did not wait for Ye Chen to answer as he yelled, "Ye Chen, you have really disappointed the leader and me! You are a martial genius that the leader handpicked out, and you did not focus on training but mingled in other's business. How can you be like this and still be worthy of the leader's investment in you?"

Right then, Murong Zhishui was upset, "Leader Yao, it cannot be put like that. Although training is very important, but so is the responsibility toward friends and families. There were a lot of king warriors who had married to their wives when they were younger, and still managed to achieve so much."

Yao Yifeng sneered, "They are they. Can you really guarantee now that Ye Chen can make it to the king warrior level now? Plus, even the king warriors have power ranks. His way of living now is disrespectful to Dragon King's efforts, and our Dragon God Heaven Palace's huge resources invested in him. He just did not take our palace seriously!"

Hearing him, Ye Chen had a bad look on his face. Ever since he was raised up until now, besides getting a Spirit Pattern Fruit from Long Biyun, he had never gotten anything from the palace at all. So, what was this thing about huge amount of resources? Of course, Ye Chen was not angry that the palace did not give him more. He was just annoyed of the fact that Yao Yifeng exaggerated and even lied about the facts.

Stopping for a second, Yao Yifeng said to Ye Chen, "You said that the Yuwen family has forced Murong Qingcheng to marry to Yuwen Ye. But, I don't think so. Perhaps, it was you who had a thought of your own! Of course, this is only my opinion. But, I would like to suggest you to be an earthy man. Try not to mess around and create troubles for yourself. Everything you have now is given by the leader and the Dragon God Heaven Palace. You should try to increase your own power now and return the favor to the leader and the palace. As for Yuwen family's matter, it is best for you to stay out."

"Second leader Yao, have you been in contact with the Yuwen family?" Murong Zhishui had a bad look on his face. He was eighty percent confident that this Yao Yifeng had gotten some kind of benefit from the Yuwen family. Otherwise, he would not be this rude right at the beginning and say all those things to Ye Chen. Even if he were a second leader, even if he were the leader of the whole palace, he should still not be this rude and arrogant.

Yao Yifeng's eyes narrowed as sharp light appeared in there, "You are the leader of the Murong family, right? Do you know who you are talking to?"

As a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior, he would not just take this kind of treatment. Even if the person had a higher status than him, his power might not be as powerful as his. He said with a similar tone, "I, Murong Zhishui, think I have never said anything that was disrespectful to the Dragon God Heaven Palace, nor to the Yellow Dragon Palace. What? Can I not talk to you?"

"Mr. Murong, it is enough now. Since the second leader Yao does not appreciate our gesture, then there will be nothing more for us to say. Second leader, we will excuse ourselves now." Ye Chen stood up, preparing to leave.

Murong Zhishui sneered. What happened today was way out of his expectations. He had not thought that even Yao Yifeng had been bought by the Yuwen family.

"You can leave. But Ye Chen, you stay." Yao Yifeng said casually.

Ye Chen suddenly turned around, his eyes filled with a sharp cold light, "Second leader, what do you need me for?"

Yao Yifeng answered, "Since you are now at peak level Early Seas of Souls Realm, you are powerful enough to work for the Dragon God Heaven Palace. I happen to have a mission for you now."

"A mission? I do not recall having officially joined the Dragon God Heaven Palace. Not even the Dragon King himself had mentioned it to me. Or perhaps, it is just the order of you, the second leader Yao?"

"You dare to refuse!" His voice was stone cold, "Do not forget that I am the second leader of the Yellow Dragon palace, the high level warrior and the representative of the Dragon God Heaven Palace. You refusing me is your way of rejecting the Dragon God Heaven Palace? Can I understand it like that?"

"Apologies, but in my eyes, you are not the representative of the palace, and I do not have to take your orders. If it were the Dragon King himself or senior Long Biyun, I would be happy to accept."

Right then, Ye Chen did not think there was the need to be nice to him, since it would then be an insult to himself.

Yao Yifeng was furious, "Rude! The Ancient Wind City is my jurisdiction, and since you are inside this area, then you have to follow my orders. If you dare to refuse and fight back, then you have to take on the consequences."

"Mr. Murong, let's go."

Ye Chen did not care for it anymore as he led the way out of the palace lobby.

"Damn it! Today, I will teach you a lesson for the leader."


As Yao Yifeng pressed his palm in the air, a huge muddy yellow hand appeared out of nowhere and tried to capture Ye Chen. That mud profound it contained was horrifyingly powerful.

Murong Zhishui had already thought of Ye Chen as a member of his team. He would definitely not let Ye Chen be caught like this. He turned his body and blocked in front of Ye Chen. As he flicked his finger, a beam of green light shot out and punctured through that huge hand in the air.

The two's exchange of attacks brought up extremely loud sound, which had attracted a lot of people's attention. They hurried to see what was going on.

"What is happening? Why is Yao Yifeng fighting with warrior Ye?" It was the two guards outside the palace. They had no idea why it was happening at all.

"All of you! Surround them! These two were disrespectful to the Dragon God Heaven Palace." Yao Yifeng's voice spread out in the whole branch.

"Oh no! Second leader Yao is going to catch Ye Chen."

Wang Shi and Yan Kui had not walked far. After seeing what was happening, they did not know what they should do.

Outside the palace, Ye Chen stared at Yao Yifeng with burning anger, "Second leader Yao, you better not be too out of the line. I, Ye Chen, have never been afraid of anyone ever since I was born. If you think you are being reasonable, then we can go to the headquarters of the Yellow Dragon Palace, or even the Dragon God Heaven Palace together. Do you have the guts to do so?"

"Ye Chen is right. With these people you have here today, you cannot keep us here. Reasonable or not, we can find out after going to the headquarters. I am just afraid that you will bail out when the time comes."

Murong Zhishui was also not afraid of Yao Yifeng. He could leave the place at any second with Ye Chen if he wanted.

Yao Yifeng looked very creepy then, "You two will one day regret about what happened here today. As for going to the headquarters, why should I be afraid? In the end, I just want to say that Ye Chen, do not go mess with the Yuwen family. Otherwise, there will be consequences."

"Ye Chen, let's go!" Murong Zhishui sneered as he said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded and followed to leave. After reaching a couple thousand meters away, Ye Chen's voice came through, "Second leader Yao, what happened today is something I, Ye Chen, will not just let go that easily. You just have to remember that your life will not be easy anymore."

"I will wait."

Yao Yifeng's face was blue from anger right now; he broke the stone lion that was sitting in front of the palace.

"Not good! Why is the second leader having an argument with Ye Chen? Should we pass on the message to the headquarters of the Yellow Dragon Palace?" Yan Kui passed on the message to Wang Shi.

The latter nodded, "Of course! Didn't you realize that he seemed real off today?"

"Yeah, indeed! Also, he was just being way out of line. Ye Chen is still the martial genius that the Dragon King has appreciated. He did not seem to have the right to talk like that to Ye Chen at all."

"Perhaps, there is some kind of benefit involved, eh?"

Wang Shi and Yan Kui was on Ye Chen's side. In their opinion, their second leader had been rude right in the beginning before even knowing what was actually going on, which was already not okay. And now, it was even worse. They knew it must be due to something that their second leader had said, since Ye Chen was actually a fair guy in their memory.