542 Two Brother Disciples

 Putting back his sword, Ye Chen turned around while his hand made a grabbing gesture. The tower shield, the blue long blade, and the storage ring on Murong Wang's finger were pulled to him by an invisible force before disappearing immediately.

"Three Disaster Powder...I wonder exactly what it is!"

What Ye Chen cared the most about was indeed the powder Yuwen Jin had talked so greatly about. He said that even master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors could not handle it. Its power did not need to be imagined.

He then poured his soul power into the ownerless storage ring and soon found a small black bottle. He pulled with his soul power and the small bottle was taken out.


The bottom stopper was popped open, Ye Chen looked inside and saw a small half bottom of grey powder. He leaned over and took a careful sniff.

He could not tell what kind of smell it was, but all he could feel was a slight numbness in his nose, while his mind went dull for a split second. There were no other feelings beyond that.

"This powder seems to pass on the medicine into the brain directly, which can cause instant loss of consciousness. It seems like it does not really work on me."

Ye Chen's soul and will power were way stronger than master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors. Even if he did take the powder somehow, he would only suffer for a short period of time. It would be even impossible for him to lose his consciousness, not to mention for the effect to last three days. But, it did not mean that it would not work on master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors.

Putting it away, he started to look at the collection of Murong Wang's.

"This guy is rather rich. He even had three hundred thousand top rank spirit stones! Yeah, and this is the Earth Spirit Pellet. Even the Heaven Spirit Pellet is here."

Ye Chen had only got less than thirty thousand top rank spirit stones left. They would be enough for him to train, but if he ran into some huge auction, then he would not have enough for anything. But now, all of a sudden, he had obtained more than three hundred thousand of them. He was now officially one of the richest warriors within the Sea of Souls Realm.

As for the Earth and Heaven Spirit Pellets, they were both top rank great medicines. The former could save a month of hard work for top Sea of Souls Realm warriors while the latter could even save up three months of hard work. Murong Wang had gotten three bottles of Earth Spirit Pellets, with ten pellets in each bottle, and also three Heaven Spirit Pellets. With all of them combined together, it could save him more than three years of training time.

"Yeah, this...This is an Extreme Rank Spirit Stone!"

Ye Chen's sight froze a bit as he spotted a half opened tiny beast skin bag in the corner of the storage ring space. A milky-white shine leaked out of it. Although it was not unbearable, but it was very dense, as if there were many beams of light compressed together. The yuan qi vibration was shockingly powerful as well.


In the next moment, the bag was taken out as well. Ye Chen took a glance and then his sight was deeply attracted to what was inside.

There were seven milky white crystal stones inside the bag. The crystal stones were even purer than diamonds, without a single flaw. The seven stones plus the palm sized beast skin bag weighed about half a kilogram, which felt quite heavy in his hand.

"Indeed, extreme rank spirit stones!" Ye Chen gasped.

The extreme rank spirit stones were different from the top rank ones, already forming into a crystalline shape. Therefore, it could also be called spirit crystals. The spirit crystal yuan qi was dozens of times more powerful than top rank spirit stones, with a similarly higher purity.

"If I really need to use top rank spirit stones, these could be changed for at least five thousand top rank spirit stones each."

In this land, one mid rank soul stone would be changed into fifty low rank spirit stones; one top rank spirit stones would be worth one hundred mid rank ones; one extreme rank one could be worth at least five thousand top rank ones. Of course, no one would be that stupid to change the extreme rank spirit stones into top rank spirit stones, since the extreme rank ones were way harder to come across.

If one needed to build a transportation door, then one would need the extreme spirit stones. Even every last top rank spirit stone combined would not be enough.

"Although these seven extreme rank spirit stones can be used for training, and their effect would be ten times better than the Heaven Spirit Pellets, I am at peak level Early Sea of Souls Realm right now, and all I need is to reach to the next realm. So, the Earth Spirit Pellet will be more than enough. Once I reach the Mid Sea of Souls realm, if I do not really need the extreme rank spirit stones, I think I should not use them. If I save them, they might do wonders one day."

Training with the extreme rank spirit stones was too wasteful. According to Ye Chen's memory, the normal Life and Death Realm warriors did not have that many extreme rank spirit stones. Most of the time, even they would not want to use them. The one warrior that had the most extreme rank spirit stones would be the Surreal Emperor, who had found a small extreme rank spirit fountain in the deep ocean back in the days. But even so, there were not all extreme rank spirit stones there.

But, there were still quite enough already. A lot of king warrior were guessing exactly how many extreme rank spirit stones the Surreal Emperor found there.

Of course, all they could do was to think and guess. They would not dare to fight with him for them, since no one would dare to challenge the Surreal Emperor, not even the Dragon King or the Mysterious Queen, since they were not at that "emperor" level yet.

Putting away the ring and the extreme spirit stones, Ye Chen let out a breath as his sight landed on the dead body of Murong Wang.


He threw out a fist; That headless corpse and the skull both cracked open and turned into nothingness.


Having finished up there, Ye Chen flew toward the Ancient Wind City.

With this back and forth trip plus the time he wasted in between, it had only been three and half hours since he left. When he got back to the hotel they were staying at, it was just three in the morning. No one was awake.

On the second day morning, breakfast time...

Murong Zhishui asked curiously, "Eh? Where is Murong Wang? Strange!"

Ye Chen smiled slightly, but did not say a word.

Murong Wu said, "Who cares what he is doing? He is no longer on the same boat with us." Besides their parents, wife and children, the family feelings toward siblings were actually very light. It was mostly because of the internal marriages which led to everyone being everyone's relatives. Therefore, once there were a lot of relatives, it was nothing special anymore. Plus, this Murong Wang was always working against them.

After breakfast, the three went back to Murong Zhishui's room.

Murong Zhishui said, "Going to the Yuwen family any other time would not be suitable actually. We can only go there on the day of the wedding. In front of everyone else, I believe that they will not dare to do anything out of the line. Plus, there is Yellow Dragon Palace's branch here in the Ancient Wind City. With Yuwen family's wedding happening, they would definitely invite the management level warriors from the branch for sure."

"Who have they got there?"

Ye Chen knew about the Yellow Dragon Palace. There were actually five palaces in total within the Dragon God Heavy Palace, which were the Blue, Black, White, Red, and the Yellow Dragon Palaces. The first four were all in the Eastern shallow sea; only the Yellow Dragon Palace was in the Eastern Region. Inside Ancient Wind City, there was a branch of the Yellow Dragon Palace indeed.

"The branch leader of Yellow Dragon Palace in the Ancient Wind City here is the second leader of the Yellow Dragon Palace, Yao Yifeng, who is at the master level of Sea of Souls Realm." Murong Wu explained.

Even the second palace leader was at master level. Then, the total master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors within the whole Dragon Palace would be more than ten. This Dragon God Heaven Palace was way more powerful than Ye Chen had expected. Before, he thought the Ao family would have more master level warriors than the Dragon Palaces, but he now knew that he had made a mistaken judgment before.

Clearing his throat, Murong Zhishui continued, "With the second leader being here, the Yuwen family will not dare to do anything. But, we will have to take care of the rest. To be more precise, it will be all on you, Ye Chen. You will have to beat the young warriors in the Yuwen family. Only in that case will you have the right to make your voice heard. Otherwise, we will only be jokes for them, and even Yao Yifeng will not be able to help you."

Ye Chen nodded, "When it is needed, I will not hold back anything."

"As long as you have the confidence...Oh right! We have come to the Ancient Wind City, so we should go there and greet him at least. If we align with each other, perhaps it will work better."

Ye Chen agreed with him. He had not really been in contact with people from the Dragon God Heaven Palace before. He only knew the Dragon King himself and the two bother disciples he met in the Extreme Yin Place. With his power now, it was time for him to meet some higher level warriors.

After their chat, the three talked about some other matters. Then, Murong Wu stayed in the hotel while Ye Chen and Murong Zhishui went to the branch of the Yellow Dragon Palace.

As a part of the Dragon God Heaven Palace, the Yellow Dragon Palace branch had a huge ground for their buildings. Even the Yuwen family and the Ancient Lan did not have as big and fancy gates and lobbies as them.

In the front door of the palace, two middle aged men walked out.

"Brother Yan, have you heard? In a couple of days, a brat of the Yuwen family is about to get married. I guess they will invite the second leader and us to attend as well."

The speaker was a tanned middle aged man.

The other man with a buff body said with dislike, "This Yuwen family is not some good people. They think they can do anything when the support of our leader and the Mysterious Queen. A couple of days ago, that master of Yuwen family even dared to compete with me in the auction. Huh!"

The other man laughed, "You are still upset about that? Haha! The Ancient Wind City is an important city of the Eastern regions. You and I being able to come here is already something that everyone was jealous about. So, be happy!" There were a lot of branches of the Yellow Dragon Palace inside the Eastern regions, but not each branch would have a second leader of the main palace looking after them. Therefore, the importance of the Ancient Wind City was obvious.

"Eh? Is this Ye Chen?"

The buff looking middle aged man was about to say something when his sight froze a bit suddenly as he looked at the young man in blue robes and the middle aged man in black walking toward them.

"It is indeed Ye Chen!"

The other man laughed, "What is he doing here? Let's go to check it out."

Ye Chen had also noticed the two men as he walked over with a smile, "Brother Wang, Brother Yan, you two are here as well!"

The two were indeed the two bother disciples he had ran into in the Extreme Ying Place; one was called Wang She, and Yan Kui was the name of the other. These two were fighting against the Six Finger spirit warrior back then and forcing him to hand over the top rank shield tag which was gotten from their dead brother disciple. When the Six Finger spirit warrior wanted to take out his anger on Ye Chen, it was these two who yelled the warrior away for him.

Wang Shi laughed,: "Ye Chen, this is such a coincidence! It has been years, right? Eh! You have reached the Sea of Souls Realm! Even the peak level already! Wow!"

Wang Shi and Yan Kui were both shocked. Ye Chen was only twenty-four years ago and he had already managed to reach the Sea of Souls Realm. It was a record that might even exceed the Mysterious Queen back in her days. They now realized why their leader was so appreciative of him. They already knew that if it were not their leader who got there first, Ye Chen would have been stolen by some other Life and Death Realm warriors. Because of that, they respected their leader even more.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing here?" Yan Kui asked.

"It is a long story. Mr. Murong and I had come here to see leader Yao. You guys are also based here, right?"

Hearing him, Wang She and Yan Kui looked at Murong Zhishui with curiosity and surprise. They could not see through Murong Zhishui's cultivation at all. Without any surprises, they knew he should be at master level Sea of Souls Realm. Of course, they had seen many warriors at such a level before, even Life and Death Realm warriors.

Wang Shi nodded, "Alright! I will take you to him. Let's go!"

"Thank you both so much!"

"No need to thank us...Perhaps we will be one family one day after all. Oh right! The second leader is a bit strict and serious kind of a person. You guys should mentally prepare yourself."

Yan Kui laughed, "Ye Chen is different. Why would the second leader be mean to him?"

"Oh, you are quite right!"

The four continued to chat as they walked into the branch.