541 Decapitation

 The blade Murong Wang was using was a narrow, blue-colored long blade. It looked very light; as he waved his right hand, the blade light shot out like a tornado. It flashed once before clashing with Ye Chen's sword qi.


An unbearably bright ball of light exploded in the air, creating a huge hole in the huge ground.

"Turn to shadow!"

Ye Chen's body looked like a ghost in the darkness. It suddenly went around the blasting area of the light ball and sneaked up to Murong Wang without a sound. Before he got to him, he took out his gold sword again and threw out hundreds of swords in a row; each one of them was fast like lightning.

Murong Wang had seen Ye Chen's quick blade before, but it was he himself who was fighting with the latter. Only when he became Ye Chen's opponent did he realize that this sword style was indeed fast, too fast for him to comprehend almost! And, each one of his sword attacks was so tricky, aiming directly at his blind spots.

Ting! Ting! Dang! Dang!

With his instincts and rich battling experience, Murong Wang took a deep breath while his long blue blade waved out a layer of light, wrapping him within safely. It continuously bounced back the sharp sword lights, with bright sparks exploding outside his body like fireworks.

"Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!"

Holding the emerald colored longsword backward, Ye Chen threw out a sword attack at a slight angle. The tip of the sword sneaked through the gap between that "wall" of blade light and left a blade mark on the left rib of Murong Wang.

Murong Wang made a low sound as both of his legs bent once before bouncing into the air.

"Do you really think you can make it out like this?"

Ye Chen almost jumped up at the same time. In midair, both of his swords, one being held straight while the other backward, had been crossed together before throwing out into the higher sky.

Murong Wang did not even have the time to change his breath; all he could do was force himself to throw out his blade, trying to block out that attack.

All of a sudden, at the clashing point of the two swords and the blue long blade, a thumb-sized thunder ball appeared out of nowhere. It quickly expanded, devouring Murong Wang and Ye Chen within before spreading out at an even faster speed. The next second, a huge thunder ball with the radius of a hundred meters suddenly exploded. The intense blast wave suddenly destroyed the whole area within a dozen miles. The mountains were broken, the river banks were cracked open, and the ground was overturned.


Puking out a mouthful of blood, Murong Wang's body was covered in light smoke as he was blown back in the air.

"It is impossible! How could he be this powerful? And that sword intent! I cannot even focus because of that!" Murong Wang looked shocked. He knew before that Ye Chen was powerful and possessed the power to battle across realms, such that even his fifth brother was slightly weaker than this lad. But, it was still not him on the battling field back then. Perhaps this Ye Chen had hidden his power during that battle with Murong Wu! Could it really be the case?

"Enough! Ye Chen, why are you attacking me? I am Qingcheng's uncle. I don't think me going to the Yuwen family has anything to do with you, right? What? You want to turn against the Murong family?" Murong Wang did not want to battle with Ye Chen anymore. He thought that even if he gave his best, he might not be able to beat Ye Chen at all. He might actually be badly wounded in turn, which would not be worth it after all. He would wait for a good chance and feed him the powder to take his revenge, as it would not be too late then.

"If you don't want people to do what you have done, then just don't do it. Do you really think that I don't know the deal you have made with the head master of the Yuwen family?"

Putting both of his swords back into their scabbard, Ye Chen looked toward Murong Wang who had already suffered serious internal injuries.

"You know about this? Impossible! How could you know?" Murong Wang's expression turned more and more intense. A killing vibe appeared from the deepest part of his pupils.

Over at the Zhen yuan ocean which was above the dantian, Ye Chen's lotus heart sword qi vibrated a little, Ye Chen looked at Murong Wang coldly, "You should not have thought of pulling this kind of evil trick on me at all. And because of that, you have to die."


Murong Wang started to laugh hysterically. He pointed at Ye Chen and screamed with anger, "Who the heck do you think you are? What do you think you have that would be good enough for my niece Qingcheng? I tell you what, I want to trick you and mess you up! I want to destroy everything you have! And what are you going to do about that? You are just a martial genius that the Dragon King had picked out with his old blind eyes. Without him, you would be nothing. I will kill you whenever and wherever I want. But, since you have found out about this, then I cannot let you go easily today. If you want to blame someone, then you have to blame yourself for being too arrogant!"

He had decided as he made his speech that he would wound Ye Chen first and then feed him the powder.

"I hope that till the second you die, you can keep sounding so 'tough'."

The strings of sword light kept moving and expanding between Ye Chen's ten fingers. His pupils shone light silver light, and he could see every single flaw of Murong Wang.

"With I, Murogn Wang, being here, you are doomed to be a loser like Murong Zhishui. A pitiful man! Demonization!"

An evil smiled appeared on his face as his right arm and right part of the chest started to be demonized. The black scales with blade qi started to appear on his skin as his muscles grew bigger and bigger. Compared to Murong Wu, Murong Wang's demonization's area was indeed bigger, and the increase in his power was more aggressive.

The second that he started his demonization, Ye Chen flicked out his ten fingers which brought out countless lotus heart sword qi like countless beams of light.


Murong Wang screamed once. He had not expected that Ye Chen would still have an ace attack like this. Moreover, the timing was too perfect-the second he was about to finish his demonization, the attacks had arrived. It was obvious that Ye Chen was counting the time tightly. "You little b*stard, I will show you the feeling of regretting to be the big man!"

He took out a huge tower shield with his left hand. Without thinking, his body shrank and hid behind the shield while loud noises arose. Intense and bright sparks had been brought up on the surface of the shield, as the continuous blasting power made his right arm sore. The bones in his arm were even starting to crack. What made him angrier was that the sword qi did not travel in straight line. Some of them went around his shield and scratched his body. Soon, the stringy blood dripped down his body, turning his whole body bloody.

"This big of a shield!"

Ye Chen frowned at what he saw. The tower shield was the biggest kind of the shield. Lightly bending around, the shield would be able to protect the user's whole body.

"I will see how long you can last!"

His right hand went stable as Ye Chen reached out his index finger. He looked like he had used all of his power as he pointed out his finger toward the tower shield in midair.


A pattern appeared in the space where they stood as a huge blue finger directly ignored the distance between them and pressed onto the shield with great power.


The tower shield did not break, but Murong Wang, who stood behind it, was badly wounded. The blood came out of his body like a huge fountain. His right arm's bones had been completely cracked apart, and his arm fell down on the side of his body like a broken doll.

"Damn it!"

The tower shield fell down onto the ground, but Murong Wang's demonization had finally completed. Right then, Murong Wang was no longer just a human; he was more like a half demon human. His right arm had expanded to twice its original size. The thickest part was like a wooden barrel, and his right and left chest were complete off proportion. Not only was it covered in black scales, it also expanded like a balloon. Even his head had been pushed to the side because of its puffiness. His eyes were bloodshot as he looked toward Ye Chen with a silent anger and madness.

"Demonized Cut!"

After a demi demon had demonized, he or she could perform some special ace attacks that could only be used during demonization, and they would be customized according to each individual's characteristics. But of course, they were still human race's martial arts, so the power would be derived from there only. But, combined with the demonized body, its impact would definitely be monstrous.


The black blade light looked like a black half moon as it attacked toward Ye Chen.

"So fast!"

It was Ye Chen's first time facing a demonized demi demon. His eyes flicked up as he lifted up his gold sword and blocked in front of his body while pouring his dragon power into his right arm.


The black blade light contained an unbelievable power. If Ye Chen did not have his dragon power, he might have already been blown away. However, with the dragon power, he stood still where he was. That black blade light exploded and the sharp qi flow shot out from both sides of his body.

"Get down!"

Murong Wang shot out into the sky, diving down where Ye Chen was standing as he threw down an aggressive blade attack.

This blade attack did not bring out more black blade lights. Instead, it was a black light ball which looked like a small, black-colored sun. Before it even fell down, the floor had already sunken into a huge crater. Only the ground below Ye Chen's feet was still there, standing like a couple hundred meters tall, thick stone column.


In the next moment, the column started to crack down. Ye Chen shot up toward Murong Wang as he held his gold sword firmly and threw out a slightly titled sword attack. The bright golden-blue light looked like a piece of gold colored, bright cloud.

The black sun and the gold cloud clashed together, and the space seemed to be frozen at that moment.

Pap! Pap! Pap!

The first part cracking down was the mud inside the crater. It started to slowly chip off, the eventually floating up in the air and surrounding the two.

The thunder exploded suddenly and the two separated out. A circle of blast wave had exploded in the middle, destroying the mud into nothingness.

'I cannot wound him even in this state!' Murong Wang was full of shock. After his demonization, his right arm possessed forty percent more power, since his right chest had demonized as well. But, after the exchange with Ye Chen, he realized that the latter was also extremely powerful, as if he contained the power of a huge volcano inside.

'What should I do now? Should I go back to the Yuwen family now and ask them to handle him?' Murong Wang could not decide.

A hundred meters away, Ye Chen put his gold sword into his scabbard and took a deep breath, then took out his inky blue longsword. It was indeed his Thunder Disaster Sword.

Murong Wang was not Murong Wu. Although Ye Chen would still have ninety percent of confidence in killing him after battling for a long time, it would just take too much time. If someone from the Yuwen family came here, Murong Wang might even escape. To prevent the situation from changing, he had to take out his most powerful attack and take care of him now.

His trump card had to be his half-step extreme rank great sword, the Thunder Disaster Sword.

"Ye Chen, if you want to stop now, you still have time. Do not make a mistake that you will regret in the future." Murong Wang had a dark look on his face as he threatened.


Ye Chen did not say anything and just took out his sword with his right hand.

"You can die now."

As he poured in his Zhen yuan, the sword vibrated; in the next second, the whole sword started to have a drastic change, seeming like a dark beam of lightning.


Deploying his sword light flying spell, Ye Chen's speed reached its limits. It was only one-tenth of a blink when he arrived in front of Murong Wang and threw out a sword attack.

"You cannot kill me! Why aren't you stopping yet? Why a..."

Murong Wang's eyes were left wide open as the blue blade in his hand was cut off. Next, his skull shot up in the air, leaving a headless corpse behind.

That sword attack was not only so fast that it made people lose all hope, it also contained the power which was even unbearable for his demonized right arm.

"This...this is a half-step extreme rank great sword!"

The skull made an unconscious moan before losing its lifeforce completely.