540 The Killing Inten

 'Let me go check what the heck he is doing.'

Ye Chen thought about it and decided that it would be a better idea to follow behind him. He did not like to not know things; especially in such tough situations, he preferred to get as much information as possible.


The wooden window opened automatically and Ye Chen's body flashed once before disappearing into the darkness.

Tonight was a night without the moon. If there weren't those few stars in the sky, giving a little bit of shine, the whole land would have been completely pitch black. This dark environment was actually an advantage for Ye Chen - his profound movement art, the Body Separating Shadow Art, worked better in the dark.

With his shockingly powerful soul power, Ye Chen and Murong Wang continued to maintain a two-hundred-mile distance.

Muong Wang was traveling at an extreme speed. In the darkness, he looked like a beam of light blue light that was hard to capture with bare eyes. If a normal person saw him in the sky, he or she would have thought it was a hallucination.

"Huh! One does not know his power and is being a pure idiot, and the other is a young brat who does not know the height of the sky. How dare they fight against the Yuwen family! If they were so easy to take on, in the last hundred thousand years, they would not have stayed as the main family, would they now?"

Murong Wang did not like Murong Zhishui and Ye Chen at all from the beginning. Therefore, he had made a decision back then that he would not work with Murong Zhishui at all; instead, he would stand on Yuwen family's side. He knew that Murong Zhishui and the Yuwen family would definitely fight against each other one day, and the former would lose his leader position, and might even be imprisoned. Although he did not care for the leader position himself actually, if he was really picked for it, of course he would not pass it onto someone else. Being the family leader would definitely bring him some benefits.

"But, the more mess they cause, the better, and the more benefits I can get from this. My son might have the chance to marry the third lady from the Yuwen family too. Most importantly, if this marriage works out, I might be able to get a demi race martial art! It is the demon race after all! Although its profound sense of life might not be as deep and mysterious as the human ones, but using the demon race martial art after demonization would definitely increase my power drastically. I might even be able to compete with master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors. And for this martial art manual, I will have to make sure it works out perfectly."

Murong Wang had a huge ambition; he was only sixty years old now. In the future two hundred and fifty years of his life, there was actually hope for him to reach the Life and Death Realm. And once he managed to do so, he would be able to go anywhere he wanted to, whether it was the land, the ocean, or even the sky. Therefore, before all of that, he would have to strengthen himself.


The tiny sky-slicing sound was heard as Murong Wang's speed increased a little bit more. What he did not know was that two hundred miles behind him, a vague shadow continually followed behind him. When he went fast, the shadow did as well; a dim blue sword light continued to be seen, which caused the speed to increase again.

After one and half hour of traveling...

Murong Wang saw the buildings of the Yuwen family from afar.

"Who is there?"

On the guarding tower, an Astral Reaching Realm warrior noticed the existence of Murong Wang. It was actually because of the latter purposely slowing down his speed for him to notice in the first place.

Murong Wang sent out a Zhen yuan message, "I am the head master, Murong Wang, of the Murong family. I have something to be discussed with your head master. I hope you can notify him."

"Who are you and who are our head master? Do you have to see him this late at night?" This Astral Reaching Realm warrior thought that Murong Wang was asking for a meeting like other normal warriors. He did not think much of him at all.

"This name tag, you should recognize it, right?"

Murong Wang did not explain and took out a tag with "Jin" written on top, throwing it toward the guard.

"Head master's tag!"

The guard knew what it was the second he saw it, since the head master was named Yuwen Jin. It was obvious that this tag was given to this man in front of him by the head master.

"Please wait! I will go notify him!"

"Alright!" Murong Wang was not in a hurry.

Hundreds of miles away, Ye Chen was standing on a huge tree, blended perfectly with the trees in the dark.

"Of course, as I had imagined. This guy came here for the Yuwen family. He even has the tag from the head master."

Touching his chin with his palm, a cold light flashed across his eyes. Ye Chen decided that if Murong Wang did something that he could not forgive, even if he was the head master of the Murong family, he would kill him. As long as it was not a master Sea of Souls Realm warrior, he had at least ninety percent of confidence of doing so.

Soon, that Astral Reaching Realm warrior came back and returned the tag back to Murong Wang. The latter looked around for a bit before walking inside.

Inside one of the rather tall building, the middle-aged man in purple robes and Yuwen Ye were both there. There was also a grey shadow in the corner.

"Father, what does that Murong Wang want here?" Yuwen Ye asked.

The middle aged man sneered, "Nothing else. He just wants something for his son and a demon race martial art for him. If this marriage can happen smoothly, his son's wedding would be granted for sure. But, that demon race martial art manual...He can continue dreaming about it. The demon race martial art can only be owned by our Yuwen family."

"He is here!" The middle aged man looked over to the door of the penthouse.


Murong Wang pushed the door open.

"Greetings, Yuwen head master." Murong Wang held both of his fists in front of him and slightly bowed his head.

Yuwen Jin asked lightly, "Did that Murong Zhishui and that brat both come to the Ancient Wind City?"

"Indeed!" Murong Wang was not surprised that Yuwen Jin knew about Ye Chen at all. As the head master of the most powerful Yuwen family, he must have gotten news from around the world efficiently.

"Alright, I have a mission here for you."

The two did not have much to chat about. Yuwen Jin asked Murong Wang to come over was because he wanted something done to ensure the whole plan worked smoothly.

"Of course, anything!"

"This is a Three Disaster Powder. Let Murong Zhishui and Ye Chen consume it and control them to come to our Yuwen family."

Hearing him, Murong Wang was surprised, "What kind of effect does this powder have? Will it turn them into mentally challenged people? You do know that it is the Dragon King who stands behind Ye Chen, right?"

Murong Wang was worried that he would be the one to be blamed.

"Of course, I am aware of that. This powder will only have an effect for three days. During that time, they will lose their consciousness completely and be like walking corpses. When they wake up, they will forget everything that happens during the three days. And after consuming it, they will follow simple orders as well."

Before, Yuwen Jin did not plan to do this. But, after thinking for a long time, he finally decided that it would be a safer plan.

"Father, if he wants to come, let him come. Are we afraid of him or what?" Yuwen Ye asked.

Yuwen Jin explained, "This marriage has to happen! Do you really think it has all been settled? Plus, after they take the powder, you can also make him do something nice for you, you know, and make your fiancée hate him. Wouldn't it be a perfect thing after all?"

"Using him..."

Yuwen Ye's eyes brightened. Today, he had actually met Murong Qingcheng. Although she was wearing that light cloth over her face, he could still tell that she was one of the most beautiful women out there. And because she also carried the perfect demi demon bloodline, he felt greatly attracted to her. But, the way she was looking at him was so stone cold that it pissed him off a little. However, he knew that he could not be brutal before the wedding, so he endured it through. If he could use Ye Chen to solve this problem, he might be able to make her like him eventually, since the obstacles would have been removed.

"Hehe! It is after all father, the all-knowing, wise man!" Yuwen Ye revealed an evil smile.

A hundred miles away from where they stood, Ye Chen's expression went cold. His soul power could reach five hundred miles and more. Therefore, he could see clearly the movement their lips were making, and naturally knew exactly what they were talking.

"These people! Damn it!"

An intense killing vibe grew in his heart like it never did before.

He did not care what kind of people the Yuwen family had. As long as he had the opportunity, he would kill them all, leaving no one behind.

"My third brother is a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior. Can this powder really work on him?" The master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors had very powerful will power. Normal medicines would not work on their minds. Therefore, Murong Wang had to ask.

Yuwen Jin was a bit unwilling, "Don't worry! This powder I am giving to you is made with three rank 10 top beasts' essence blood. It also was infused with extremely rare spirit medicine. Even Sea of Souls Ream master level warriors cannot handle it." It took him decades to find these ingredients, and he could only make two bottles out of it. Each bottle would be irreplaceable. It would not be hard to imagine how important this wedding was to him.

"Then, I won't worry."

Murong Wang let out a breath. Actually, he was a bit scared of Murong Zhishui. If he got busted, he might get killed, even if he were the bigger brother.

"Alright, you go back now! Do not forget, you have to succeed."

"Yuwen head master, this thing contains a lot of risks. The demon race martial art manual that I mentioned before...Can I..." Murong Wang wanted to get a manual first.

Yuwen Jin's face went cold, "Wait until you succeed, then we will have time to talk about it. You have to realize how important this manual is to our family."

"Al...Alright then!" Murong Wang also knew that it was not a small favor he was asking. He bit on his teeth and turned to leave. Before he walked out of the door, an evil expression flashed past his face. 'Murong Zhishui, Ye Chen, do not blame me for being cruel! If I don't do it for myself, then I will be the one going down.'

Waiting until Murong Wang left the room, Yuwen Jin and Yuwen Ye exchanged a look and a smile. They felt that everything was under control finally.

In the night...

Murong Wang followed the way that he came from and flew at an extreme speed again.

Ye Chen followed behind carefully, his heart full of killing intent.

No one knew how long had it been, but inside one of the great towers of inside the Yuwen family, an elder woke up from training mode. He unconsciously let out his soul power and spread it out. One thousand miles, five thousand, eight thousand...He managed to spread it out to a whole ten thousand miles radius. He was indeed a demi demon king after all. But, even he could not maintain the soul power detection for this long. Therefore, he did not notice that Ye Chen was spying on the Yuwen family as well. And right then, it had already been a long time before Ye Chen had left.

Whoo! Whoo!

The wind blew heavily; Murong Wang's speed had been pushed to its limit.

"Head master, stay!"

A beam of sword light shot out and a huge figure caught up with Murong Wang.

The later turned his face and saw what was coming at him. His face went completely pale like he was already dead. "Ye Chen, you dare to follow me! Do you want to die!"

"I think it is you who wants to die." Ye Chen's voice was calm but stone cold.

"What do you know?" Murong Wang did not think Ye Chen knew about the Three Disaster Powder.

"It does not matter anymore."

Ye Chen's speed was just like Sea of Souls Realm master level warriors. Soon, he was already a few miles away from Murong Wang. His gold sword had already been taken out as he threw out a sword qi attack toward his enemy.

"You? You think you can kill me?"

Murong Wang sneered and threw out a blade attack toward the incoming attack.