539 Yuwen Ye

 Murong Zhishui and Murong Wu were both a couple of meters away from Ye Chen, yet did not notice it at all. Compared to before, Ye Chen's control over his sword intent was already flawless. The second he completed the second sword spirit, he managed to contain his sword intent completely now, without leaking even a drop.

"Indeed as expected, the third sword spirit has been formed!"

Letting out a breath, Ye Chen put his full focus on his soul ocean inside his consciousness. In there, besides his slaughter sword spirit and the second one, a new, vague and ancient looking longsword had appeared. It was only a dim light, which made it look like some unused iron sword. But, on the surface of this sword was also a very strong will power light.

"The third embryo of sword spirit is just like the second before, at the rank 2 level. As for the second one, it has already grown all the way to peak level rank 3 now. Combined with the destruction element or immortal element perhaps, it would definitely be at peak level rank 4."

In other words, without the slaughter sword spirit, or the destruction and immortal elements, Ye Chen's second sword spirit was only slightly under the master level sword spirit. Once infused with those elements, its power would reach the normal peak level rank 4 immediately, which would not be weaker than any master level sword artists.

"The slaughter element was carved onto the first sword spirit to form the slaughter sword spirit because I had killed enough. If I want to carve the destruction element into the second sword spirit, then I will have to understand the true meaning of 'destruction'. Once I manage to form the destruction sword spirit, its power might even be more powerful than the slaughter one."

Shaking his head, a question appeared in his head. What confused him was how many exactly sword spirits would he manage to create in total. According to his estimation, he would probably be able to get three of them, which would be the slaughter sword spirit, the destruction sword spirit, and the immortal sword spirit, since he only had these three elements in his soul ocean. Of course, this was only an estimation. No one could really predict whether if there would be a fourth or even fifth one. If there were actually one, then he would have to think about the reason. He knew that if he could not figure out the things that were happening to him, then he would not be able to figure out anything.

"Hm? The slaughter sword spirit and the second sword spirit have a connection?"

Right then, Ye Chen realized something interesting. In his soul ocean, the slaughter sword spirit and the second sword spirit which were very close to each other seemed to build up some kind of connection. It was very weak and unnoticeable if not paid attention to. Moreover, he realized that as the connection had been linked, the two sword spirits seemed to have been purified somehow, but at a very slow speed. It seemed to form a power field.


At that moment, a wave of powerful flow blew past and the bird beast shook slightly. As a result, both Murong Zhishui and Murong Wu were awakened in shock. After seeing the views under the clouds, Murong Zhishui laughed, "We have entered the Gu Lan Region. It should take another two-three days for us to reach the biggest city next to the Yuwen family, the Ancient Wind City."

"We are going there first?" Ye Chen asked.

Murong Zhishui nodded, "If we go there now, it would be like jumping into a tiger's mouth voluntarily. Although they will not kill us, they could very well imprison us. Once the marriage has been settled and done for, they could set us out, and by then, there would be nothing we could do anymore. Therefore, we cannot be reckless."

"You are right."

Ye Chen had thought about it and agreed with him. On entering there now, they would very likely be put away, and the Yuwen family could very well say that it was because of their uninvited entrance and get away with it.

Murong Wu then said, "Third brother, this Yuwen family will not be easy to mess with. I am afraid that our plan will not go so smoothly."

"We have to do it even if they are not easy to take on. We do not have any other way out now!" Murong Zhishui said with aggressiveness. He then looked at Ye Chen, who looked very calm. But, behind that calmed peaceful eyes, a sharpness and cruelty was indeed there.

Inside the Ancient Wind City...

It was one of the most famous huge cities. There was still a distance of dozens of miles between the Yuwen family and here. Many branches of different martial institutions were located here. Most of the ones here were for protecting the local business, since the main martial institutions were too far away.

"Yuwen Ye, I had lost it to you two years ago. Today, I will take revenge for my failure!" On the street, two young men were standing in front of each other. The speaker seemed to be in his thirties; his long hair had been tied up with yellow bands. On his back was a muddy yellow battling blade, with blade intent leak out of it constantly.

Easily blocking out the incoming blade intent, the beautiful-looking man who was also in his thirties sneered as he said, "Gao Yunfeng, you are also a powerful warrior. Unfortunately, you should not take me as your opponent. You could not beat me two years ago...and two years afterward, you are still not my opponent. I do not have the interest in battling with you."

"What? Are you afraid?"

"Afraid? Huh! I just don't have the interest in hurting you badly again. Perhaps if I am not careful enough, I might kill you accidentally as well." Yuwen Ye did not care for it honestly.

"Death could always happen in battles. I, Gao Yunfeng, did not care for it for a long time now."

"Alright! Since you really want to die that much, then I will do you a favor. Let's battle outside the city."

A killing vibe filled up the eyes of Yuwen Ye as he flew toward the west city gate, with Gao Yunfeng following behind.

"Hurry! Let's follow up! Yuwen Ye and Gao Yunfeng are about to battle for life and death!!"

The warriors in the crowd could not contain their excitement anymore and followed right behind them.

On the empty ground right outside the city, the wind was blowing heavily. Two human figures continuously flashed about, overlapping with one and another. The qi flow that had been brought up could tear the earth apart.

"Flame Blade!"

Gao Yunfeng faced the incoming heavy wind and threw out a blade attack. It was so burning hot that even the air seemed to have caught fire. It attacked toward Yuwen Ye, who was standing not that far away.

"You don't even know your own power." Yuwen Ye reached out his right hand and made a fist. All of a sudden, circles of black patterns appeared around the fist. The pattern spread out at an extreme speed, covering half of the sky. The heavy wind stopped immediately at the same time; the whole space seemed to be frozen at that moment.


Yuwen Ye threw out a fist toward Gao Yunfeng, who was right in front of him then.


The burning hot blade qi was shattered as Gao Yunfeng puked out a huge chunk of blood, his face turning completely pale all of a sudden. Life seemed to visibly escape from him.

Landing on the ground heavily, Gao Yunfeng thought aloud as he puked out blood, "I cannot believe that you have already trained your Murder Water Fist to more than one hundred percent! I did not lose for no reason."

"Well, I thought that this fist attack would have killed you. I guess you are indeed a tough one then. Don't worry. That fist did not kill you, so I will not attack again." Yuwen Ye walked over and reached out his foot to step on Gao Yunfeng's skull, pushing it into the muddy ground.

"To battle with me, you have to mentally prepare for being killed or humiliated publicly. You are very lucky for facing the latter."

Seeing what was happening, a lot of the warriors shook their heads. The competition amongst the young warriors inside the Eastern regions was very intense. And because of that, the battles were also very cruel and cold-blooded.

As he left the battling location, a grey shadow suddenly appeared right next to Yuwen Ye. It would be very easy for people to miss, since it blended in perfectly with the mud behind it.

"Uncle Huang, why are you here?" Yuwen Ye said lightly.

"Your fiancée is here. The head master asked you to go back early today to try and build a relationship with her." A voice came out of the grey shadow.

A smile appeared on his face as he said, "I have already heard it from someone before as to how pretty and gorgeous this fiancée of mine is. I want to go see it for myself too."

"This fiancée of yours will be your wife soon. But, there is something you have to be careful about. This fiancée of yours also has a good friend whose name is Ye Chen. I think he is about to reach the Gu Lan Region soon. Whether you can make this wedding happen or not would all have to depend on your abilities."

"Ye Chen? I know him. Isn't him the lucky guy who got picked by the Dragon King? If he wants to come, then let him. But, I will let him know the feeling of being robbed off both women and dignity! I think it might become the end of him! Hahahaha!" Yuwen Ye did not care about Ye Chen's presence at all. Honestly, even if Ye Chen's potential might be greater than his, and he might be younger than him, power would be the one thing that would matter at the end of the day. After reaching the Sea of Souls Realm, the age would be the best advantage. Just like how the gap between Life and Death Realm warriors might be even bigger, but no one would say it was unfair at all.

The grey shadow said calmly, "He is the martial genius of Dragon King's liking. You best watch what you are doing."

"I know how to deal with him."

An evil smile appeared on Yuwen Ye's face, and he then said, "Let's get back. I am getting excited."

Shoo! Shoo!

The two human figures flashed once before shooting out toward the Yuwen family.

After about half an hour, four black dots landed from the sky. It was indeed four seven meters long Red Eye bird beasts. Human figures seemed to be standing on top of their backs.

"We are here! The Ancient Wind City! Let's get down!"

Murong Zhishui jumped down as they were getting closer, landing firmly on the ground.


Ye Chen jumped down as well.

"This is the Ancient Wind City! It seems quite ancient indeed!"

In Ye Chen's eyes was a greatly ancient-looking city. Its cracked walls told the history of this city. But, the whole city was still perfectly held together even amidst the heavy wind after all these years.

Looking toward a different direction, Ye Chen said with a slightly surprised tone, "This many Astral Reaching Realm warriors here! Perhaps, something had happened before, eh?"

Murong Zhishui said, "Perhaps a battle...Never mind! Let's go inside!"

Entering the city, the group picked a fancy-looking hotel and settled in.

The dark night was peaceful like the lake water. The city seemed extra quiet, but bright as daytime due to all of the fancy looking lamps everywhere.

Inside the guest room.

Ye Chen secretly let out his soul power which spread out in the whole city within the second. Every little corner was under his detection.

"Eh? There are a lot of powerful Sea of Souls Realm warriors here!"

Ye Chen's soul power was way more powerful than normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors. Scanning with his soul power, he did not have to worry about being found out.

There were more Sea of Souls Realm warriors than Ye Chen had expected. Most of them were training right now, and some of them seemed to doing something secretive. But of course, because of his soul power being too scattered and because they were all at the Sea of Souls Realm, Ye Chen could not make out their voices, and could only tell what they were saying through lip-reading.

"Where is Murong Wang going now at this hour?"

He was just about to pull back his soul power before he sensed that Murong Wang was leaving the hotel and flying toward the west. The latter soon left the city.

"This guy!"

A cold light flashed through his eyes. In the west of the city was indeed the Yuwen family. With a spirit warrior's flying speed, Murong Wang would be able to get there in one and a half hour.

Murong Wang thought that he could leave without anyone knowing, since everyone's soul power detection would be sensed by him easily. But, he did not know that Ye Chen's soul power was way more powerful than any of the Sea of Souls Realm warriors, and every movement of his had been watched by the latter carefully like a hunter observing his prey.