538 The Second Sword Spirit, Done!


The space nearby vibrated slightly as a gray shadow appeared.

"Head master! The third master and the fifth master have brought the person back! And, the first lady has also accompanied along!" The gray shadow had a very light and vague voice; if not knowing about his existence at all, it would be very hard to tell where the voice was actually coming from.

The middle aged man ordered, "Settle them down nicely. Also, get someone to watch over them 24/7. Without my order, they are not allowed to come out at all!"


"Alright! Find Ye for me. Let them interact a bit...Perhaps, they would grow some kind of liking for each other. Although the wedding has been settled, if they can actually like each other a bit, it would even be better. With the relationship, no matter who comes here, they would not change anything."

The middle aged man was slightly worried, fearing that something would happen to jeopardize the done deal. And as far as he was concerned, nothing could happen to it. Once the marriage had been finalized, regardless of whether it was the Yuwen family or himself, they would be benefited a whole lot. After all, if the two demi demons with perfect demi demon bloodline got together, the children they had would also carry the bloodline. If they managed to have two children, it would mean the Yuwen family would have four demi demons with perfect bloodline. And, these four would all be on his side; by then, his great grandad and his ancestors would also be on his side.

"Head master, do you think we should give the first lady of the Murong family the Shadowless Poison? With that, the success rate of all this would even be higher, and that little gal would also follow our orders better." The grey shadow suggested.

The middle aged man thought for a bit, then nodded, "You will handle this matter yourself. Remember, be discreet!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Alright! Go get on your business then!"

Hearing him, the grey shadow disappeared without a sound.

Turning around, the middle-aged man in purple robes looked up at the bloody curved moon in the sky, "I wish we do not have to get to that stage. But, if we do, then do not blame me for being cruel. This marriage has to happen. I will not allow any failures in this. Whoever dares to stop it or jeopardize it, he would be going against me."

The Yuwen family, as the main family, had the greatest population of them all: there were a shocking four hundred of them. Because of the high population, there were indeed a lot of buildings. Within hundred miles of radius near the deep cliff were countless buildings, such that one could barely even see the end of them.

Inside one of the fancy looking yards located on the edge of the core area, two extremely beautiful ladies were chatting while sitting on the stone chairs.

The lady who was closer to the huge tree seemed slightly older, being in her early forties. She carried the aura which would only be carried by mature women. On her earlobes, she wore emerald colored jewelry; the long fancy-looking dress of hers was also dark green in color. In front of her was a younger girl in a purple dress. There was a light, see-through cloth on her face. Through that, one could tell that she was similar looking as the mature woman.

But in comparison, she was even more beautiful. That pair of purple pupils of hers were like two light purple crystal stones. Her lashes were curled, full and long, and her hair were long and thick like a waterfall.

She was indeed Murong Qingcheng.

"Qingcheng, do you think that brat will really come?" The older woman did not sound hopeful.

Murong Qingcheng seemed to be slightly distracted as she sipped her tea and said, "Since father has gone looking for him, then he would definitely come. I know him."

"Oh? For you?" An ambitious smile appeared on the lady's face.

Murong Qingcheng blushed, "Not certainly. Anyway, he will come, but probably not entirely for me."

"It'd be best that he comes. Otherwise, you will really have to marry that Yuwen Ye." The lady was not happy about it, "This Yuwen family is so rude and aggressive! They said that they were inviting you to come here, but we sure felt the pressure. Luckily, your father was not there that day. Otherwise, he would have definitely had a little scrub with the third and fifth masters of the Yuwen family. And with his power alone, I am afraid he would not be able to fight them off."

Murong Qingcheng said with a firm tone, "Regardless if he comes or not, I will not marry Yuwen Ye. In the worst case scenario, I will just die then." Stopping for a bit, she continued to say, "Mother, why did you follow me? You being here, I fear that they would use you as a leverage against me."

The older lady was indeed the mother of Murong Qingcheng, the wife of Murong Zhishui, called Su Ruhui. She forced a smile and said, "You think if I didn't come here, they would let you go easily? I am afraid it would even be worse then. I am the former third lady of the Su family after all, so I don't think they would be too out of the line..."

There were twenty something families in the whole demi demon family, and the Su family was indeed one of them. Different from the Murong family, the power of the Su family was way more powerful, and could be ranked in the top five. So, no matter how brutal and rude the Yuwen family was, they would have to respect the Su family to a certain level.

"Plus, I also want to meet the former lover of your father." Su Ruhui really loved Murong Zhishui. She used to be the third lady of the Su family, and when she chose to marry him, it was also opposed by blockages and negative voices. But, she managed to make it through. However, throughout this whole time, there was always a knot in her heart, because she knew that there was someone else in Murong Zhishui's heart; it was indeed the first lover of his.

Murong Qingchen said curiously, "What would you say when you see her?"

"I will not say anything. I just want to see it for myself, what kind of person she is. I am very good at judging people, you know?" Su Ruhui laughed. "Oh right! I have not met that guy before. When he comes here, I will have a good look at him for you!"


The wind was blowing heavily, sharp like blades.

Four seven-meters-long Red Eye bird beasts flew at an extreme speed amongst the clouds. Because of its extreme speed, a thick layer appeared two meters in front of the flying beasts, made with air being compressed together and forming into a natural protection.

Inside the air layer, Ye Chen and the rest sat on the back of the bird beasts together.

The journey was very long and dull; they would only wake up from their training mode to chat a couple of sentences once in a while. Other than that, they would be in training and resting for most of the time.

The back of the beasts was very huge, and even with three of them sitting together, it still seemed a bit empty. Trying to squeeze a bit, it would be more than enough for twenty people to sit together on here.

Ye Chen sat slightly to the right in front.

"When I first reached the Sea of Souls Realm, my slaughter sword spirit and that normal one had both improved quite a lot. My slaughter element sword spirit was only at rank 4, which was only equivalent to normal rank 5 one. Because of the drastic increase in my soul power, it naturally reached the peak level rank 4. But, why hasn't the normal sword spirit improved at all with the huge amount of soul power? Its power has only increased slightly."

Ye Chen could not understand it at all.

Opening his eyes, he let out a breath. His deep eyes saw through the air layer and gazed at the outside world beyond the scrambling clouds.

Right then, Murong Zhishui had also happened to finish his training for the moment. He saw the pondering face Ye Chen was making and chuckled, "You work so hard. I always see that you are thinking almost all the time."

Ye Chen shook his head and said, "There is just too many things that I don't understand. It seems like the more powerful I get, the more things there ware that I cannot figure out. Even some of the things that seem to be the easiest are beyond me at times."

"Oh!" Murong Zhishui seemed to be a bit surprised, "You are quite right. The higher the power, the more you feel there is to learn. Before, we could only see the surface of things and thought that was it. But, now I realize that it was only the surface to the core, the most shallow of things."

"Core...? Surface...?"

Lightning flashed through Ye Chen's mind as he seemed to be enlightened. He feared that the ideas would slip out of his mind, so he immediately closed his eyes and entered his training mode.

Murong Zhishui was again surprised at Ye Chen's reaction, then smiled again and shook his head before re-entering his training mode.

"Core...Yes! I have never paid attention to the core of the sword spirit before. The sword spirit is the condensed version of the sword intent. The sword intent would be the will power, which is the outer expression of the soul power. It could be regarded as the power of the soul. Since I will have to condense more sword spirits, then it must have something to do with the soul power. Before, I had never even thought about it like this at all! Even the formation of my slaughter sword spirit only happened naturally, but not purposely on my demand."

Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin! Chin!

The sound of iron being hit together was heard wave after wave. Actually, those sounds were not real at all, only simulated in Ye Chen's head; only he could hear it.

Above his soul ocean, right next to the dark red killing spirit was a light, surreal and ancient looking longsword. It was indeed the embryo of a sword spirit.

On the side of that was a silver hammer which was molding the sword's shape, bringing up silver sparks.

The silver hammer was indeed created by the soul power.

A smile appeared on Ye Chen's face. Indeed! The density of the sword spirit had been ameliorated. It seemed rather slow, but it is definitely a couple times greater than before!

Murong Zhishui's heartless speech had solved a problem for Ye Chen. Since the core of the sword spirit was the outer expression of the soul, then training it with the soul power would be the perfect way.

"Right! Since I could think of it, why didn't the Battle King manage to do so as well?"

Ye Chen suddenly thought of this question. Amidst the information that the Battle King had poured into his mind, the only method for training the sword spirit would be trying to think more and use more. There was nothing about using the soul power at all.

"Perhaps it was because they could not do it, eh? Although after reaching the Life and Death Realm, their soul power would increase drastically, the ranking of the sword spirit would also be higher. The soul power could then still not be used to train the sword spirit."

After thinking for a long time, Ye Chen thought that there was only one explanation for this. The reason he could form his soul power into a hammer and mold his sword spirit was because his soul power was five times stronger than other Sea of Souls Realm warriors at the same level, who could not do so at all. Even the Battle King could not do so either when he was at his Sea of Souls Realm. And when he reached the Life and Death Realm, although his soul power got stronger, but so did his sword spirit rank, which meant he could not use his soul power even then. One must have an amazingly potent soul power to be able to do so.

"I guess, this is my talent then. No one else can just learn it."

Regardless, this made Ye Chen's day. He was now in a great mood because he had found a shortcut for him to train his sword spirit faster.

The time passed at an extremely fast speed.

It had been seven days after Ye Chen managed to figure out the core of his sword spirit. The bird beasts had brought all of them to the Eastern regions. Right then, the destination of Gu Lan Region was only one million miles away.


The second that the night arrived, a sword ringing sound appeared in Ye Chen's head.

Seven days ago, the sword spirit looked still rather vague and surreal. But now, it was finally trained fully. If the sword spirit embryo was a not-so-sharp iron sword, then the fully completed sword spirit would be a great sword which was extremely sharp and shone with a cold bright light that could frighten people.

"The second sword spirit, done!"

Ye Chen suddenly opened his eyes, lighting up the dark sky completely. It looked like there was a beam of lightning that had flashed past, and also like a beam of sword light had been thrown out.