537 Destination: Yuwen Family

 "This demonization...How is it in increasing battling power?" Since Ye Chen would have to battle with people inside the Yuwen family, he had to figure more out about the extent of their powers.

Murong Zhishui said, "The body demonization is normally a two-part increase in power, and is also very complicated. For example, when I demonize my right arm, my right arm's power would increase by about thirty percent, and my general power would increase by ten percent. If I demonize both of my arms, then the strength of both of my arms would increase by forty percent, and there would be an augmentation of twenty percent for my general power. If I do so with both of my arms and one leg, then fifty percent for each limb and thirty percent overall. The more you demonize your body, the bigger the increase on each part and overall power there is."

"I see!"

It was rather easy for Ye Chen to understand. Just as Murong Zhishui had explained, after the demonization, the increase would be at two levels, one on specific power, and one on overall power. With the increase of the area of demonization, the specific and overall power would increase level after level. If one demonized all four limbs, then all of the limbs would have sixty percent increase in power, and forty percent in overall strength. But, it was still unknown about full body demonization and its associated increase in power, since it would be reaching the next level, and would not increase by just that small amount anymore.

"Yuwen Hao and Yuwen Jie have got similar percentage of demi demon bloodline as mine, so they could demonize at least one area for sure. But now, they are very likely to do two as well. But of course, in the area of controlling their power, they should not be as good as me. You just have to know it now. As for Yuwen Ye, you really have to be careful, since he has got not only the perfect bloodline, but also Mid Sea of Souls Realm. For demi demons who possess the perfect bloodline and have reached the Seas of Souls Realm, they would be able to learn something that would be even more powerful than demonization. Of course, it would be something less stable as well. Anyway, it has got something to do with the demon race's power." Murong Zhishui warned Ye Chen.

"Demon race's power?"

Ye Chen had heard Murong Qingcheng talk about this before, although he still did not know what it exactly meant. Nevertheless, he knew for sure that it would not be, simple since the demon race was a higher race form than humans in the ancient era, and their power would not be normal at all. After thinking about it for a bit longer, Ye Chen frowned and asked, "The demi demons with the perfect bloodline will be able to have the power of demonization and that special power at the same time?"

"No!" Murong Zhishui shook his head, "The perfect demi demon bloodline will lose the ability to demonize, even though they are the most perfect demi demons, and would not have to worry about losing their mind. As for the reason, I can also not understand it. According to what I know, the perfect demi demon bloodline contains more demon race blood than all of us, but they do not suffer from the side effects from having this kind of power. Of course, with their talent and power alone, they would not even need the ability to demonize, which would only be a burden to them."

Hearing him, Ye Chen let out a breath slightly. He did not really see the side effects of the demonization before; all he knew was that the demonization would increase their power. If his opponent had both the ability to demonize and the special ability on top of that, it would be one hell of an opponent for him to take on.

"Yuwen family is in the Gu Lan Region among the Eastern regions, eighteen million miles away from here. Take the Red Eye Evil Bird of our family for example, which will still take more than one straight month of traveling. Normally, it would take two and half months, including breaks. We will leave in three days...What do you think?" Murong Zhishui asked.

"Yes, in three days." A sharp light flashed once in Ye Chen's eyes.


There was a gorge eight hundred miles away in the north of Murong family. It was not a big one, only five miles long and a couple hundred meters wide. There was a deep pond inside the gorge. There used to be a rank 7 strange fish in there, but it had been killed a couple of days ago. The flesh of the fish had been made into soup. And, on the side of the deep lake, a couple of wooden houses had been made out of blue. They were hidden between the rocks and the trees, so it would be hard to notice them even on walking inside the gorge.


A shadow shot out into the entrance of the gorge and reached in front of the wooden house as if it had done this a couple of times now.


A low voice was heard from inside.

The newcomer was a middle aged man in black clothes. His face was pale but clean shaved, his body strong and buff. He chuckled, "Iron Dragon, it is me. Why are you so tense?"

Opening the door, the huge man in black robes who was referred as Iron Dragon said with a low spirit, "Come in quickly! I thought we got busted."


The door was shut close right after the two entered inside.

It was completely different inside the house than how it looked from the outside. There were a lot of crystal stones that brightened the room. On the east side were a couple of tubes in the walls, one side being crystal clear. In the middle of the room, a couple of similar big men in black robes were barbecuing, and it smelled great.

Continuing to barbecue the meat, Iron Dragon asked, "Gray Eagle, what is up with the Murong family?"

"Murong Zhishui had come back and brought back a young man with him. Do you know who that young man was? It was the top warrior of the whole southern regions, Ye Chen! According to what I have known, Murong Zhishui does not want to marry his daughter into our Yuwen family. Inviting that brat with him back, it must not mean a good thing."

"Huh! Arrogant little ants! His daughter having the chance of marrying into our family is his luck from all his previous lives. I cannot believe that he would not appreciate it at all. As for that Ye Chen, should we notify the family and send someone to take him out already? Just get rid of the problem once and for all?"

Iron Dragon was full of killing intent.

The pale-looking middle-aged man shook his head, "It is not something that can be decided by you and I. He is the martial genius that the Dragon King picked out. Killing him would cause too huge of a consequence, as he might even blame it on our Yuwen family."

Iron Dragon said with neglect, "A dead martial genius is no longer a martial genius. I think the Dragon King would not be angry with our demi demon family, right? Although we do have a lot of respect for him, he also would not dare to be that overboard, right? Without him, we still have the Mysterious Queen on our side after all."

The Mysterious Queen and the Dragon King were both top king warriors. The Dragon King had helped the demi demon race because one of his disciples was a martial genius coming from the demi demon family. Of course, there were other reasons as well. The Mysterious Queen decided to help the family because she had asked for favors from the demi demon family before, and she had to return it still.

"That is not right. The dignity of the king warriors shall not be challenged. It will be hard to predict if the Dragon King would be aggravated by this or not. And, if he gets angry, then we cannot stop him even with everyone in our demi demon family. As for killing Ye Chen, I am not saying no for sure, but we have to do it discreetly, so that no one finds out it was us, you know?"

Hearing Gray Eagle said so, Iron Dragon was a bit disappointed. He knew that the other was right, and the demi demon family could not take on the Dragon King at all. Even if there were two demi demon kings in their Yuwen family, it would still not be enough. Thinking of that, an evil expression flashed across his face as he thought to himself, 'These human race warriors have been treating my demi demon families as enemies for this long. If my family finally has a top demi demon king, perhaps even a demi demon emperor, then no one would dare to challenge us anymore. Even the Dragon King would not dare to be mad at us anymore.'

"Let's bring back the news and let the family make the decision." Iron Dragon suggested.

Gray Eagle nodded, "Indeed, we have to pass on the news. It is not something small, so we have to pay great attention and efforts on it. Luckily, our family had sent us to spy on the Murong family...Otherwise, we would not even know this was happening. No wonder the management level always said that the Murong family was a trouble."

As they talked, Gray Eagle patted on the beast tag on his waist, and a gray, odd-looking bird flashed once before appearing. It was only an inch long, and its neck was very thin. Its whole body had very flowy lines, and its feathers were very smooth looking while shining with a grayish metallic shine. He put the paper with the news into the bamboo tube and tied it to the leg of the bird. Gray Eagle then opened the door and sent out the strange looking bird.


The bird made a strange sound before disappearing in the sky.


The morning three days after that...

A couple of Red Eye Birds flew out of the biggest building of the whole Murong family, carrying Ye Chen and the others toward the south-east direction.

This time, it was not just Murong Zhishui and Ye Chen who were traveling to the Yuwen family. There were also the head master Murong Wang, fifth master Murong Wu, and ten top martial warriors of the family who were all at early Sea of Souls Realm. It was not hard to tell exactly how powerful was the Murong family.

"Red Eye Bird is rank 8 beast, and their fastest speed can reach seven times the speed of sound. If we include the resting time, we can probably reach the Gu Lan Region in two and half months. Of course, we can also probably get there eight to ten days earlier if we try." There were four of those bird beasts; Murong Zhishui, Ye Chen, and Murong Wu took one, while Murong Wang and two other top warriors of the family took another. The remaining two got eight top warriors on them. The wide backs of the strange looking bird beasts allowed all of them to sit comfortably. Murong Zhihsui stood right next to Ye Chen with their shoulders close to each other as he explained to the latter.

Ye Chen did not really care about it actually. The bird beasts were indeed rank 8 beasts, and their speed could reach seven times the speed of sound, which was already rather fast. But, his flying puppet could go even faster than them. Loaded up with top rank soul stones, its fastest speed could reach ten times the speed of sound, and it could travel straight without rests. With that, he would be able to get there in under one month. Of course, he would not take it out unless if it were the most critical moment.

On top of the bird beast to the left, Murong Wang had a cold smile on his face. In his opinion, Ye Chen deciding to go to the Yuwen family after his warning was an irresponsible move toward himself. So what if he managed to break it even with Murong Wu? The whole Yuwen family was full of more powerful warriors.

'Arrogant, stupid little brat! Perhaps, you will see it when you get there.' Murong Wang thought to himself.

Murong Zhishui glanced at Murong Wang. Honestly, he did not want the latter to tag along at all. But, he was still the head master of the whole family. Although he was not as powerful, he was still the top spirit warrior after all. Under demonization, Murong Wang might even be able to compete with normal master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors, which would be already more powerful than Murong Wu. If he wanted to tag alone, Murong Zhishui knew that he would not be able to stop him, since the latter had never listened to him really, and was also his older brother.

'I just hope that he will not create trouble for me!'

Shoo! Shoo!

The bird beasts were going faster and faster, continuously maintaining its speed.


In the East of the whole land, inside the Gu Lan Region...

The Gu Lan Region was known for its power. The most powerful two parties were the Yuwen family and the Gu Lan Faction.

Yuwen family was located near a deep cliff; its skyrocketing buildings seemed never ending. Amongst them were two great towers that were extremely eye-catching. They were both thousands of meters tall, reaching right into the clouds. It was indeed the two demi demon kings of the Yuwen family who lived inside the two towers.

On top of an equally tall building, a very tall middle-aged man in purple robes stood there with his hands rested behind his back as he looked down at all the tall buildings in front of him.


His eyes froze a bit as he noticed a slightly vague light dot at the horizon.

Soon, the dot expanded, arriving above the Yuwen family. It turned out to be an inch long, gray colored strange-looking bird beast which was traveling at an extreme speed.


The bird beast circled a couple times in the sky before landing on the window before the middle aged man.

The man waved his hand casually and the bamboo tube landed onto his hand. He took out the paper that had been tugged it carefully before opening it.

After a while, the man sneered, "Little brat, how dare he come to the Yuwen family? I will not let you go easily. As for the Murong family, I think it is time for them to be settled down nicely. And that Murong Zhishui, he will no longer be right for the leader position!"