536 The Innate King Warrior

 His right arm felt like it had been struck by lightning; it was not sore, just numb and feeling powerless. Murong Wu's eyebrows flicked as he thought of what had just happened-his fist landed on that incoming sword light and felt like hitting a gold mountain. Its intense vibration power had layered on top of one another, and eventually landed on his right arm.

"This sword shook at least two thousand times within that second, making my power hard to concentrate together. And, I think the sword intent of this sword is even more powerful than the last, making the sword light condensed like the toughest steel."

"Rank 4 peak level sword spirit!"

After studying that sword intent that lingered in the air as residue of Ye Chen's last attack. Murong Wu came to a horrifying result. Ye Chen's sword intent had got to master level peak sword intent. It meant that his sword spirit would be at peak level rank 4. But, after thinking for a while, he thought it was rather reasonable for Ye Chen to have this kind of power, since he was still at peak level Early Seas of Souls Realm, and the profound sword arts he trained had not reached completion yet. Only with sword intent could Ye Chen make up for these disadvantages.

"Alright! The battle is now over. Who else here questions Ye Chen's power still?" Murong Zhishui took a deep breath as he looked around the area.

All of the masters shook their heads.

"After Murong Wu demonized his right hand, although he would still be able to perform some secret arts, this Ye Chen might also has his own secret ace attacks. All in all, Murong Wu is indeed weaker in that sense."

"Indeed! And, with this kind of power, he would be ready to go to the Yuwen family. As for risks, there would definitely be some. But, so does everything else in this world."

Hearing everyone's chatters, Murong Zhishui revealed a smile. Murong Wu was the top of the spirit level warriors. After he demonized his right arm, his general power had increased by thirty percent again, and was not that far from true master level warriors. If Ye Chen was able to get the upper hand in the battle with him, then he had exceeded his expectations completely.

"Ye Chen, I admit that I have underestimated you before."

In the battling field, Murong Wu's right arm did not change back, since once demonized, he would have to wait for a while before recovering.

Putting back his gold sword into its scabbard, Ye Chen said, "This is not important."

"Yes, indeed! No matter whether I underestimated you or not, the result is the same." Letting out a breath, Murong Wu continued to say, "My niece Qingchen will have to depend on you to take her back now. Please do not disappoint me. I believe in you."

Murong Wu was just like Murong Zhishui; he also did not want Murong Qingchen to be married into the Yuwen family. But of course, his purpose might have been simpler than Murong Zhishui's.

Ye Chen nodded, "I will."

"In the young generation in the Yuwen family, you will have to watch out for three people...First would be Yuwen Hao, the older brother of Yuwen Ye. Another one is Yuwen Jie, the youngest uncle of Yuwen Ye. And, below the age of forty is also Yuwen Ye. These three are extremely powerful. As for how exactly powerful, my 'eyes' do not know for sure. As for other young warriors, they should not get involved in, since they are not that friendly with each other in that family after all. There are a lot of different interests in that family, you see?" Murong Wu reminded Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded again. Actually, he was not that confident either. Below the age of thirty, he could have about ninety percent chance of winning. However, below the age of forty, there would be too many uncertainties for him. Ten years' worth of training could mean drastically different things. The only thing he could do there would be to try his best.

"Ye Chen, follow me. The others, you guys can excuse yourselves now." Murong Zhishui left one sentence before flying back into the real estate, and Ye Chen followed behind.


Inside a majesty-looking tower, Ye Chen and Murong Zhishui came to the twenty-first floor, which was the highest level.

Each level of the tower was very tall, at least seven meters in height. So, the twenty-one floors would be one hundred and fifty-six meters. Standing on the seventh floor, people could already see most of the buildings of the whole Murong family.

"Murong Wu's power, what do you think?" Murong Zhishui asked.

Ye Chen answered, "It's ok. With full power, I can beat him in ten attacks." It was not an exaggeration on his part. After battling with Murong Wu, he had already calculated his general power completely, including the increase after the demonization of his right arm.


Murong Zhishui turned his head and looked at Ye Chen surprisedly, "Ye Chen, can you tell me...Your sword spirit...What rank is it exactly? Is it peak level rank 4 or rank 5?"

"Rank 4 peak level."

Ye Chen was telling the truth; although his sword intent looked like it had reached beyond the master level sword intent, the sword spirit rank was still at peak level rank 4, instead of rank 5. Because his sword spirit was the slaughter sword spirit, at peak level rank 4, it was already powerful enough to simulate the normal peak level rank 5 sword spirits. Of course, during the fight with Murong Wu, he did not use his slaughter intent sword spirit, but the normal one with some destruction element.

His normal sword spirit was actually not normal at all; it was just like the slaughter sword spirit as he had already trained the will power shine, so its power should be already at peak level rank 2. Combined with the destruction element sword qi, it looked just like the rank 4 normal sword spirit, which would already be a master level sword spirit.

He knew it very clearly that even if his peak level rank 4 slaughter intent sword spirit could only simulate the normal peak rank 5 spirit, its ability to jump realms was not as powerful as before, but it was only because each realm would have a bigger gap. For example, the meaning between reaching from rank 3 to rank 4 and from rank 4 to rank 5 would be completely different things. After all, the rank 5 sword spirit was actually a king warrior level sword spirit, and the rank 4 sword spirit was a master level one.

"I see...No wonder! But, I also did not expect you to have such a huge accomplishment in sword arts. I was just like the rest and had underestimated you..."

After being shocked again, Murong Zhishui laughed in relief. He was in a great mood now, because he knew that this time, regardless if they won or lost, he would not regret anything anymore. Ye Chen's potential had exceeded his expectations; if given more time, Ye Chen would definitely create miracles, since he had just reached the Seas of Souls Realm not that long ago. As long as he managed to have more breakthroughs in his cultivation and his profound sense martial arts. No one would be able to touch him in the whole realm of Sea of Souls.

'What if he reached the Life and Death Realm?'

That thought suddenly popped in Murong Zhishui's head, and then he was frightened by his own thought.

He had finally realized why the Dragon King was so appreciative of him. The Dragon King must have seen it in him, since such a martial genius was not that common in general throughout the history. Once he reached the Life and Death Realm, all the warriors in this world should be frightened.

With those thoughts in his mind, he put himself in Dragon King's perspective, and from there, he knew that regardless of what happened, he would not stop trying for Ye Chen or give up on him. For him, he knew the Dragon King would even fight against a king warrior, since the higher the investment, the higher the reward would be. Whoever dared to hurt Ye Chen, it would be equal to fighting against the Dragon King himself. And once the latter was aggravated, the consequences would be horrifying.

"I think Ye Chen does not even know how important he is himself. Dragon King would definitely do anything for him."

Murong Zhishui glanced at Ye Chen; he was very happy, since with the Dragon King's support, breaking the rules that had been there for centuries would mean nothing. Since the Dragon King had put all of his bets on Ye Chen, why couldn't he? Murong Zhishui trusted the Dragon King's choice fully.

'This brat, he will be able to change this world completely in the future. Following behind him and cheering him up would be our family's honor!'

Thinking that, the way Murong Zhishui looked at Ye Chen had changed. Deep down in his heart, he had already treated the latter as someone extraordinary. In front of him, he himself felt a bit small. But, it was not embarrassing at all. Some people in this world were deemed to be a part of the top one percent of the population. Those who could not even tell the truth would be embarrassing themselves.

"Hehe...About the demi demons, I have not told you everything yet. Anyway, right now, it will not matter if I tell you everything." Clearing his throat, Murong Zhishui continued, "Do you know about the demonization?"

Ye Chen guessed, "It has something to do with the demon bloodline?"

"Indeed! We, as the member of demi demon race, contain half or less demon bloodline. The demon race was a race that was more powerful than the human race. Carrying their bloodline is something good and bad at the same time. It all depends on how well you can control the bloodline, such as the ability of demonization. You also saw it right? Murong Wu could demonize his right arm. His right arm would turn into a demon arm, and I guess I do not need to explain more about the power of a demon again, right?"

Ye Chen nodded. Indeed, the demon power was very powerful. In that parallel space, he had seen the demon king and three king warriors battling together with his own eyes. That demon king had already been sealed for millions of years now, which meant he was at his weakest. But, he was still able to almost kill the three king warriors. It was not hard to imagine its original power; it must be powerful beyond words.

"Demonization power can only be learned after reaching the Sea of Souls Realm. If the demonization happened to people before they reached the realm, they would most likely lose their minds and turn into a killing machine. It would mean that they were unable to control their power. And, once one reached the Sea of Souls Realm, everyone would be able to control it with slight control, without losing themselves for sure. You see, my demonization ability is even more powerful than Murong Wu."

As he spoke, Murong Zhishui's right and left arm started to expand while his demon qi scrambled visibly. The nail-sized black scales started to spread from the tips of his fingers all the way to his shoulders. The muscle line shone with a metal light, containing a horrifying blasting and defensive power.

"The reason my power in this area is stronger than Murong Wu is not just because I can do it with both of my arms, but also because I can deactivate it anytime I want."


The scales disappeared completely in the next second, and his arms went back to normal.

"So smoothly?"

Ye Chen had seen it with his eyes that Murong Wu's right arm stayed in its demonic appearance all the way until he left. This Murong Zhishui was more than a little bit more powerful than Murong Wu after all.

Smiling slightly, Murong Zhishui said, "What do you think?"

"Impressive! Are there any side effects?" Ye Chen asked.

Murong Zhishui sighed, "Yes..."

"Demonization is a double-sided sword. The more you rely on it, the bigger the consequences are in the future. We are demi demons after all, not full demons. And, the demonization is indeed an active way to develop toward a full demon. Unfortunately, even if we manage to learn to demonize our whole body, we will not be demons still. It will be impossible to change from one race to another even if you are mixed with both. There is a huge invisible gap between, and people who tried all died horrifyingly. Therefore, unless one is stuck in the most critical moment, we will not use it for sure. This thing we have in our blood will devour us within. Once our bodies have been devoured completely, it will then eat our souls until we eventually will no longer be us."

"There are a lot of people who hate the demi demons in this world for exactly this reason. They are afraid that one of us, or worse, a group of us will turn into a mindless demon king."

There, of course, would be other reasons as well. But, Ye Chen did believe the demi demons would cause some kind of an effect in this world, even with a group of them, since their quantity alone had an effect on their power. Even with all of them added together, they would not exceed more than one million of them.

Out of this number, even if a couple of them turned into mindless demon kings, it would already be scary enough, since the rate of them turning into demon kings would be higher than humans reaching the Life and Death Realm. Obviously, there was some basic genetic advantages, but the result would be the same.