535 Demonized Arms

 Hearing everyone's discussion, Murong Zhishui thought to himself, 'Ye Chen, please do not disappoint me! You and I both have the same goal. Yes, you are the one sticking your head out right now, but isn't my Murong family doing so as well? Right now, we are in the same boat...We will lose together and win together.'

Murong Zhishui knew that Ye Chen had a great potential, but he still did not know exactly what his power was like. The demi demons were different from humans; their basic advantage was very obvious. Moreover, after reaching the Sea of Souls Realm, this advantage would increase again. For example, their spirit bodies would be way more powerful than the ones human warriors had at the same level. At the same time, the Zhen yuan with demon qi would also have a lot of features of the demon power, which would also be more powerful than human warriors' Zhen yuan. If Ye Chen could not even handle fifty attacks from Murong Wu, this plan of theirs would be very hard to achieve for sure.


The qi flow on the battling field clashed together; it was indeed Murong Wu and Ye Chen attacking toward each other. The Zhen yuan qi compressed into one another, forming two thin, half-ball-shaped layer, taking over each side of the battling field. All of a sudden, the dark blue and green colored lights exploded, seeming extremely bright.

"Take my Wavy Fist attack first!"

Murong Wu had his feet stamped on the ground and shot up into the sky. The dark blue light accumulated on his fists. As the light slowly formed into a small dot, he threw out a fist attack at Ye Chen, who was still on the ground.

"What? Already using the water element profound fist art? Perhaps, Murong Wu is trying to do it the fast way, eh?"

Seeing that Murong Wu was attacking so intensely with his first attack already, some of the masters were shocked.

Facing this powerful fist attack, Ye Chen did not really panic. His body stopped suddenly in midair as he reached down his right hand and held his gold sword's handle, taking it out immediately. The second the sword was taken out, the bright golden light shone over everything in front of everyone's eyes. It then attacked toward Murong Wu, who was also in midair. Within this gold light were countless sword shadows within. Because of its extreme speed, naked human eyes could not see it at all. Only with soul power could they barely make it out.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dark red light and the golden light clashed together. All of a sudden, hundreds of explosive sounds were heard within a fraction of a second. This kind of a gapless sound alone could easily bring up the pulse of a rather weaker Clasping Yuan Realm warrior and wound him or her instantly. As for mortal humans, even if they were far away, their hearts would still explode and they would still die.

"Ah? Such a fast sword speed!"

Murong Wu's fist attack was meant to explode before Ye Chen's body, but because the latter attacked at such a fast speed, the fist had just been thrown out when the dark green light had exploded already. That tiny fist seemed to have contained the power of a whole river; its fist power was sticky and smooth like river water, rising wave after wave.

"Compressing the fist power into a point and making it explode at once... Impressive!"

During the exchange of their first attack, Ye Chen had noticed the capabilities of Murong Wu's fist power. Facing this kind of a fist art, Ye Chen knew that he would have to be faster than it. He knew that if he got hit, the consequences would be unbearable.

The first power and that almost invisible sword shadow were like light and darkness, canceling each other's power and eventually disappearing completely.

"Not bad! Take another Wavy Kick again!"

Murong Wu's body tilted, his right leg kicking up into the air like a shooting star toward Ye Chen's head. It was a similar attack like before, but instead, he accumulated the power into the tip of his foot.

Ye Chen did not back out at all. His left hand that was resting before held his emerald longsword backward and stabbed back up, drawing a beautiful thunder light.


This clash was different from the last. Murong Wu's leg power had been cut in half instantly, while the remaining power had been reversed back at Murong Wu.


Murong Wu was caught off guard, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. It was him who threw out the attack, but Ye Chen was just too fast, and also seemed to be prepared for this. In addition, that reversed sword attack of the latter made him very uncomfortable. He felt frustrated, since his power could not be brought out properly, and was even sent back at him again.

"This Ye Chen is indeed not simple. Murong Wu's two ace attacks had been canceled out immediately."

"His battling experience is very rich. He is not weaker than Murong Wu in that area at all. His fast-learning part is even better than Murong Wu. Indeed, the martial genius that the Dragon King has appreciated!"

A martial genius' learning speed was indeed faster and more sensitive than the older generation, something that everyone agreed upon. Of course, all of the masters who were watching did not think Murong Wu could not hurt Ye Chen if he wanted it. Moreover, the battle had just begun.

After being blown back by his own leg power, Murong Wu looked over at Ye Chen with shock in his eyes.

"Alright! Earlier on, I thought that you could not even take on eighty percent of my power. But now, I know that I have underestimated you. But, the battle has just begun. You will face the most embarrassing moment of your life soon, so be mentally prepared. Anyway, being embarrassed here is definitely going to be better than at Yuwen family's."

Murong Wu's battling intent had been inspired, and he planned to use all of his power. He wanted to see what kind of level Ye Chen had reached exactly. Without enough power, Ye Chen would not have what it took to go over to the Yuwen family.

"Bring it on! I will fit the requirement."

Ye Chen had a head full of long, dark hair; his whole body seemed like a sharp sword that was about to be taken out at any second. It was indeed this kind of sword intent he carried that had stimulated Murong Wu's battling intent and made him treat Ye Chen as an equal opponent.


Murong Wu exploded out with his real power, causing a lot of dark green Zhen yuan water stream to appear. It looked vivid like real water as it continued to move up and down. Its hundreds of meters length had filled up the whole place. On entering this controlled zone of his, Ye Chen would be restrained by the Zhen yuan stream.


Murong Wu shot out toward Ye Chen. Reflecting in the Zhen yuan water stream, he looked like a giant human-shaped octopus, messing up the balance of the air.

"Take this!"

With the same fist attack, Murong Wu's fist aura was even more aggressive and intense this time. As he attacked, dozens of water streams attacked toward Ye Chen.

However, the latter threw out an even faster sword attack, cutting through the incoming water stream attack. He realized afterward that those Zhen yuan water streams could be repaired after being cut in half; the attack seemed to be unbreakable and unstoppable. Under the disturbance of the water stream attack, Ye Chen and Murong Wu had exchanged an extremely intense attack, and both of them had backed out for dozens of steps.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Zhen yuan water streams were like countless snakes chasing right after Ye Chen. If it were not for Ye Chen's excellent sword speed and techniques, as well as his extreme reflex, it would be very likely for him to be trapped by them. Once he was wrapped around and trapped, the situation would be very bad for him for sure.

"This Water Seal Spell is combined with the features of trapping, attacking, and defending. It would restrain your power and disturb your tempo and peace for battling."

Murong Wu had been secretly saving up his power to prepare for the killing attack.

"Sir, you should also have a go at my Zhen yuan string!"

Ye Chen's body shook once as countless blue strings appeared out of his body. These strings overlapped on one and another, forming a meters-long ball that covered Ye Chen completely. With that, the incoming Zhen yuan water attack had just reached Ye Chen's area when they were cut open by those blue strings, leaving them no space to get in any closer.

"What! Zhen yuan strings!"

Not only had Murong Wu's expression changed, Murong Zhishui and all of the masters from the family looked different; they were shocked.

It was not that they had never seen something like this before, but they had never seen someone using the Zhen yuan strings the way Ye Chen had done. He managed to shoot out the strings with his body as the center and form it into a ball in order to protect himself. Murong Wu could not help but wonder exactly formidable Ye Chen's controlling power was.

"So tricky!"

Murong Wu had started to experience some headache at this moment. Ye Chen's power had reached way ahead of his expectation, since the latter was already able to form his Zhen yuan into strings.

Seeing his Zhen yuan strings managing to cut through Murong Wu's spells, Ye Chen himself was surprised. It was something he had figured out because of what Chu Zhongtian had shown him with his evil yuan. Inside the Astral Reaching Realm, being able to form actual Zhen yuan strings in some parts of the body could already increase the battling power drastically. Once he reached the Sea of Souls Realm, his soul power had increased five times more, and the ability to control power had naturally improved as well. His achievement in Zhen yuan formed strings would be even more powerful than Chu Zhongtian's.

With the Zhen yuan strings surrounding and protecting him, Ye Chen was no longer worried about the Zhen yuan water streams. He attacked Murong Wu at an extreme speed, throwing a sword attack toward him.


That bent sword qi shot out into the sky.


Murong Wu quickly pulled back his Zhen yuan water streams in front of his body.


The next second, the powerful Zhen yuan water splashed everywhere while Murong Wu had been blown backward.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Art!"

The Zhen yuan water stream spread out, and Ye Chen seized the moment when Murong Wu's defense was at its lowest to throw out his most powerful sword attack. The golden blue sword light shone over everything in front of everyone.


Murong Wu's pupil shrank; this sword brought him a very strong, dangerous feeling. Wherever the sword reached, the space in that area started to vibrate; the dented space started to fold together before spreading out.

"Arm demonization! Break!"

At that critical moment, Murong Wu's right arm let out extremely rich black qi. It was very lively, running around his arms.

Crack! Swoosh!

The sound of his muscle tightening up was heard. In everyone's view, his arm suddenly expanded to one size bigger. His clothes and its sleeves had been torn apart, revealing his skin. But at the moment, it was no longer human skin, but an arm covered with scales, full of demon qi. Its claw was huge, and its smooth looking muscle shone with a black light as well.

Tightening his fist, Murong Wu threw out a fist attack toward that golden blue sword light.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The burning sparks spilled everywhere while Murong Wu's feet rubbed on the ground and he slid out for at least dozens of meters. Besides his face looking very pale for a second, he did not puke out even a drop of blood.

"Eh? This arm looks like similar to the beast arms. It even managed to block out my sword light with only one fist."

Ye Chen stared at that right arm of Murong Wu. If it had not mutated, then the latter would have been wounded for sure. But of course, as the fifth master of the Murong family, perhaps he was also carrying a top rank shield. But, if he was using it to block out the attack, then he would have lost already.

"He pushed Fifth to demonize his arm!" Murong Zhishui gasped while looking at Ye Chen.

The other masters were also shocked as well. Demonization was the taboo for people from the demi demon family. Unless one was in the most critical moment, they would rarely choose to use the demonization to increase their power. Murong Wu could only manage to demonize his right arm, but after doing so, his right arm would no longer be a human arm anymore, becoming a demon one. Hence, its attacking power would be increased drastically. What shocked the crowd the most was that although that sword attack of Ye Chen's had been shattered, Murong Wu had still slid out for dozens of meters, it was obviously hard for him to control Ye Chen's incoming attack.

"Did you feel that? The will power of this sword seemed to be increased as well?"

"Yeah! I caught that as well!"

Some of the masters had realized some details.