534 Being Questioned

 "Such a powerful demon qi!" Ye Chen exclaimed, although looking still the same.

Demon qi was also a kind of yuan qi. Normally, the yuan qi in the world was scattered very evenly, and there was a kind of balance. There were different kinds of yuan qi, amongst which, the natural elemental yuan qi covered most parts; the other kinds of yuan qi were very rare. The demon qi was also one of the very rare and special yuan qi.

Right then, the demon qi above the Murong family was no less powerful than any other natural elemental yuan qi. It even dyed the sky dark, accumulating a lot of dark clouds as well.

Murong Zhishui explained, "For us in the demi demon race, besides the perfect demi demon bloodline, the other bloodline can only be trained by Zhen yuan. But, when they are training, the trainers would take in some portion of demon qi as well. The higher the bloodline percentage, the more demon qi would they accidentally take in. My Murong family has a population of tens and thousands. Therefore, the demon qi accumulated together is extremely rich. It has even affected the natural yuan qi in the sky, which is also one of the reasons why my family is extra low key about it."


A team of official Murong family guards flew into the sky and greeted him with their fists held in front of their chests. Murong Zhishui nodded slightly and said, "This is Ye Chen, mister Ye."

"Greetings, mister Ye."

A surprised look flashed past the eyes of some guards. Obviously, they had heard his name, since everyone knew about Ye Chen now in the whole Southern region.

"During my time away, nothing happened here, right?" Murong Zhishui asked casually.

The leading guard hesitated a little and said: "Leader, someone from the Yuewen family had come three days ago...They took the head lady and the second lady..."

"What!" Murong Zhishui's expression changed drastically, "How dare they! What power do they have to take away my daughter!"

The captain of the guards answered, "The head master allowed it. The head lady was afraid that the second lady was going to be mistreated over there, so she followed."


Speaking of the head master, Murong Zhishui had a bad look on his face.

"Who from the Yuwen family was here?" Trying his best to control his anger, he asked with a low voice.

"It was the third and fifth masters of the Yuwen family."

"Huh! Even master level people! It seems that they came not only for taking my daughter, but also to threaten us." Murong Zhishui was very clear about the power of the Yuwen family. As the main family of the demi demon family, the masters of their family were at least master level Seas of Souls Realm warriors.

"Let's get back first!"

Murong Zhishui's good mood before had been destroyed completely by now, and he was feeling very frustrated. But, he also knew that it would be impossible to catch up with them; and even if they managed to catch up, there would be nothing he could do, since they had two top master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors.

"Ye Chen, wait for another couple of days. Let's go to the Yuwen family together. Right now, we should control our temper."

Ye Chen nodded, "Alright."

There were a lot of people from the Murong family welcoming them back. Murong Zhishui did not talk to anyone as he walked over to the lobby. Before he got there, he sent someone to find the head master.

Inside the lobby, the masters of the Murong family were all there, and Ye Chen sat at the top on the right side.

Soon, a bulky-looking middle aged man with sharp eyes walked over. He looked only seven or eight years older than Murong Zhishui, so he seemed to be in his fifties. His body was lean and tall; as he walked, he was full of qi and powerful.

"Third brother!"

The middle aged man did not address Murong Zhishui as the leader of the family, but as third brother.

Murong Zhishui's eyes brow flicked as he said with a cold voice, "Murong Wang, was it you who allowed my daughter to go to the Yuwen family? I seem to remember that the leader of this family is me, right? What kind of right do you have to do so?" Murong Wang was indeed the head master, and his older brother sat in the first seat from the top on the left.

Murong Wang glanced at Ye Chen and then answered slowly, "She will have to go one way or another. It is the fact. Plus, what is wrong with Qingcheng marrying into the Yuwen family? Once she gets there, she can finally reach her full potential."

"If you were really thinking for Qingcheng, then I would not have said anything. But, according to my knowledge, your son wants to marry the third daughter of the Yuwen family branch, correct?"

"What does my son getting married have to do with this?"

"Well, it depends on whom he wants to marry. Marrying a girl from the Yuwen family with great bloodline, do you think they would allow that? I think you just want the marriage between Qingcheng and Yuwen Ye to happen smoothly so you can negotiate for your son. Am I right?" Murong Zhishui was furious.

"Third, this thing had already been settled. Regardless of what I have done, nothing can be changed now. Therefore, doing it or not, there is no overlapping at all. You are the leader of this family, so do not get it into your head with your personal emotions and drag your daughter with you." Murong Wang was not happy either, transitioning to address Murong Zhishui with his nickname.

"Qingcheng is my daughter! I don't need you to tell me what to do. As for your son, I can guarantee it that they would never allow it. Do you really think you can negotiate with them? They are Yuwen family, after all." Murong Zhishui calmed down.

Murong Wang sneered< "well,="" you="" do="" not="" have="" to="" worry="" about="" that.="" if="" you="" have="" nothing="" else="" to="" say,="" excuse="">

Standing up, Murong Wang walked toward the door. As he was about to step out, he turned around his head and said to Ye Chen, "I forgot! I suggest you not to challenge the people from the Yuwen family. It has been a rule of the demi demon family for thousands of years, and not something that you can change. You bringing him here would only ruin him. Ye Chen, right? If I were you, I would leave immediately. This Yuwen family is much scarier than you can expect. Anyone from their young generation can beat the top warriors of the Southern Region. Also, you have to know that all of their Sea of Souls Realm warriors had reached the realm before the age of forty. I think you have not thought this far yet, have you?"

Ye Chen took a deep breath, "Naturally, I knew all this."

Of course, Ye Chen knew about the way the young Sea of Souls realm warriors had been categorized. In the Astral Reaching Realm below the age of thirty, being twenty-something would be regarded as the young generation. In the Sea of Souls Realm, in the age group below forty, being younger than thirty would be regarded as the young generation.

The reason why the age gap was not that huge was because it was all calculated based on the warriors' potential. Inside the Astral Reaching Realm, warriors under the age of thirty would have to most potential. As for being in the thirties, although it was still quite young of an age, the warriors would have started to use up their potential already. Once one reached the Sea of Souls Realm, the warriors' potential would increase a bit, but it would also be limited. Once one reached beyond the age of forty, they would start to run out of their potential.

In conclusion, in this world, the young generation was not judged by their actual age, but by their potential in the future. Otherwise, the Sea of Souls Realm warriors could live up to three hundred years. So, sixty years old would only be twenty years old for Clasping Yuan Realm warriors.

Murong Wang said that a random warrior from Yuwen family's young generation was able to beat the top young warriors of the Southern Region was a bit exaggerated. But, it was not that far off either. In Ye Chen's generation, they were all still below the age of thirty, while Yuwen family's young warriors were not only limited to below the age of thirty. Being under forty would all be counted for, and Ye Chen and the rest of them were ten years younger; so, of course the former might not be as powerful as the latter.

Judging on warriors from the same age group, then saying that their young warriors could beat all top warriors of the Southern regions would be an exaggeration.


Seeing that Ye Chen was not frightened at all, Murong Wang sneered. In his opinion, the former was still drowning in the fame of being the number one warrior of the Southern regions. But, he was still in the age group of under thirties. If he were put in front of warriors ten years older than him, Murong Wang thought that Ye Chen would definitely be humiliated for sure. No one would go easy on him. As for the Dragon King, he would not come to stop people when they were humiliating Ye Chen without killing; hence, they would not be stupid enough to kill Ye Chen for sure.

Stopping for a bit, Murong Wang waved his sleeves before leaving.

"This is Ye Chen, right?" Amongst the master of the Murong family, a master with a square face looked at Ye Chen without any expression.

Murong Zhishui introduced, "Everyone, he is Ye Chen, the martial genius who had been hand-picked by the Dragon King."

"There are a lot of martial geniuses, I wonder what kind of power he has to stop this marriage...Third brother, you do know how many powerful warriors they have over there, right?"

The elder with a square face was the brother of Murong Zhishui as well; he was the fifth son.

Hearing him, Murong Zhishui chuckled, but did not answer. Instead, he talked to Ye Chen via Zhen yuan, "Ye Chen, I think these masters do not trust your power, and think that you would only get embarrassed after going there, and lose face for our family. If they want to challenge you later on, you can show a hand." Actually, Murong Zhishui did not expect Ye Chen to beat the masters of the family, but he wished that the latter could at least last for dozens of attacks. As long as he managed to do that, no matter how powerful the young warriors of the Yuwen family were, they would still be limited in their impact. After all, the so-called "humiliation" would only happen when there was a huge power gap.

"Sir, you don't have to worry." Ye Chen nodded.

"Ye Chen, although I do not agree for Qingcheng to marry into the Yuwen family either, but not anyone who comes here could get our support. If you seek that, then you will have to show us what you have got first. How about this? If you can take fifty attacks of mine and not lose, then I, Murong Wu, will stand on your side. Otherwise, go back where you came from. Our Murong family does not want to lose our reputation like this."

"Whatever you wish." Ye Chen sighed, and his eyes started to look sharp.

"This is not a good place for battling. Let's go to the training field." Murong Wu led the group to leave the lobby,

"Let's go check it out!"

A lot of the masters were still not decided yet. They wanted to fight against the Yuwen family as well and not want them to get whatever they wanted to get, but they would also have to be convinced that it would be worth it. Otherwise, it would not be necessary for them to break the top rule of the whole family even if it was for a martial genius that the dragon king liked.

"Ye Chen, let's go!"

Murong Zhishui and Ye Chen followed behind.

The battling field inside the Murong family was huge, surrounded by numerous mountains. A lot of tall buildings had been built on all those mountains.

Shoo! Shoo!

The masters of the Murong family landed onto the peak of the mountains while Murong Wu and Ye Chen landed in the center of the battling field. Watching the two of them on the battling field, some of the masters started chatting.

"Murong Wu is one of the top warriors of the Murong family. Being able to last for fifty attacks might be a bit too harsh for that young boy."

"How can it not be harsh? Being humiliated here is definitely better than failing over there, right?"

"Yeah, you are right! But, I wonder what kind of power would Murong Wu use against that boy?"