533 Going To The Murong Family

 With those thoughts in mind, Ye Chen nodded in response. He expressed directly without trying to color it with words, because warriors trained their martial arts while training their mind as well. Only by always doing what the hearts desired could they reach a higher level. If they tried to deceive even themselves, they would eventually go into a wrong path, and never be able to get out again.

Seeing that Ye Chen had nodded, Murong Zhishui smiled. It was a good answer for him; otherwise, it would be a complete waste of this trip, and he would feel bad for his daughter as well, since it was not hard for him to tell that she cared a lot about Ye Chen. It was just that because of her personality, she was not able to express it freely.

"I have been watching you for a while now. Inside the Windy Nation, I had my 'eyes' there as well, you know?" Stopping for a bit, he continued to say, "Don't think that Qingcheng, that little gal, is always so relaxed and thought light of things, so she is not that interested in you. Actually, she is just not good at expressing her feelings. She is the same toward me at home as well. Only with her mother would she reveal her soft side. Therefore, she is different from you. Although this is our first time meeting each other, I can tell from your words and the way you handle yourself that you are a person who is true to his heart. Even while answering this kind of a direct personal question, you are very comfortable with yourself."

Murong Zhishui was very admiring of Ye Chen, whose mindset had not only impressed him, but also scared him a little. He wondered what kind of environment would help him to get this kind of peace inside his head. The kind of mentality was something that not even every Life and Death Realm warrior would have. This kind of a neither proud, nor shy or insecure, only true to himself kind of mentality was really rare.

'I never knew that Murong had this side to herself.' After hearing Murong Zhishui's words, Ye Chen chuckled in his head then proceeded to ask, "Sir, what is going one then?"

The latter answered, "She is not young anymore. As we originally planned, she would get married with Yuwen Ye from the Yuwen family in half a year. But, what we did not expect was that she had already developed a perfect demi demon bloodline after she got back this time. Because of the fact that a lot of the masters inside our family are very supportive of this marriage, the news of hers had already spread to that guy's family. His family was worried that the plan might change, so they pushed the marriage three months forward. It means that in three months, Qingcheng would get married to Yuwen Ye."

"Yuwen family is also a demi demon family?"

"Indeed! There are twenty different sized families in our giant demi demon family. Among the twenty families, the Yuwen family is the most powerful and the largest one. Moreover, they are our main family. As for the guy Yuwen Ye, he is the top warrior of the young germination. And just like Qingcheng, he also has the perfect demi demon bloodline, and has already woken up his potential. Once they get married, their children would definitely be carrying the perfect bloodline as well. And, the purpose of this marriage is indeed that."

Ye Chen frowned a little, "What do you need me to do?"

Murong Zhishui laughed, "Very simple...Get Qingcheng back."

Ye Chen was a bit surprised, "Although I do not want her to get married to Yuwen Ye either, but what I don't understand is why you don't want her to get married to him as a member of the demi demon family. According to the norm, a demi demon can only get married to another demi demon, which is your rule. In addition, I am a pure human. being with Murong, it would be breaking the rules completely."

"Of course, I know that! I just don't want to see Qingcheng marrying someone she doesn't like, especially someone from the Yuwen family. I don't mind you knowing it and laughing at me, but I had a lover in the past as well, and we were so much in love. We could very much get married and be together 'legally', since she was also a demi demon. But in the end, it did not work just because of the bloodline. She had very high percentage of demon bloodline, which was almost close to the perfect bloodline. Therefore, she was forced to be married into the Yuwen family as well."

As he spoke his story, his voice cooled down, "Why could the Yuwen family do whatever they wanted to our branch families? Why the ones with high bloodline percentage have to be married into their family? And even the pretty ones! What kind of rules are these? The most hideous thing was that there are also a lot of branch families like ours. Their women with high bloodline percentage would not be married into branch families at all, and instead, would get married within their family. As long as it's outside the three generations and close relatives, it would work. The bottom line is, they do not respect us at all!"

"That sounds unfair indeed!"

In Ye Chen's opinion, this Yuwen family sounded just like a blood-sucking insect. The essence of the branch families continued to be forced to pour into their family, which led to the Yuwen family being richer and more powerful while the branch families would never reach beyond them at all, and might even start to decay and die out.

"Now you can understand why I want you to do this, right?" Murong Zhishui looked over at Ye Chen, who responded along with direct eye contact, "As you have mentioned, the Yuwen family is the main family of the whole demi demon family. Within the main family, they must have Life and Death Realm warriors. Are you sure that I can take on the whole Yuwen family and perhaps even challenge the rule of the whole family with my power alone?"

"Perhaps other people can't, but you can."


"Because you have the dragon king of the Dragon God Palace behind you. No one from the demi demon family would put pressure on you, and even the demi demon king himself would not dare to say anything. It is not exaggerated at all. Without the support from the dragon king and the Mysterious Queen for our demi demon family, our situation now would not be this good. You also know that inside our demi demons' bodies are bloodlines from the demon race. There are a lot of Life and Death Realm warriors in this world that are against our very existence."

"The Dragon King?"

Ye Chen nodded. Indeed, he had the Dragon King behind his back, and the demi demon race family would not kill him for sure. By doing so, it would be seen as a direct invitation for battle with the dragon king. It was not him being arrogant or anything, but it would be impossible for the Dragon King not to spend effort and support him, since he had already reached the Sea of Souls Realm at the age of twenty-five, and already managed to achieve master level power. Although he really wanted to do everything on his own, without someone powerful in the back supporting one in this world, it would be such an easy thing to get killed by someone powerful. Therefore, the powerful support for a warrior was also a part of their power.

Thinking of that, Ye Chen had already made his decision. In fact, even if he did not come and ask him to do so, he would also not just stand there and watch Murong Qingcheng being forced to get married. If she did that, she would end up living with a huge regret. If there was a problem that he had the power to solve, why not do so? Everything should be fought by oneself after all, regardless of the result.

"What is your decision?" Murong Zhishui asked.

Ye Chen said, "Since you do not care for the rules of the demi demons, why should I then? Oh right, does Murong know you are here?"

"I did not tell her why I was here, but I think she would have guessed it already. In addition, it is not that I don't care about demi demon rules, but your value is weighing more than the rules. With your accomplishments now, I think it would not take you that many years to reach the Life and Death Realm. By then, no one would dare to say anything."

Murong Zhishui liked the fact that Ye Chen actually had something to show for. If the latter was not really that powerful and was lacking potential, he would not have come here. It was no joke breaking the rules of the demi demons; there would be consequences. Right now, he could only put his hope on Ye Chen. But, he believed that if it were anyone else, he or she would have put their bet on Ye Chen as well, since his potential and speed of growth was just too shocking.

Ye Chen naturally knew that Murong Zhishui did not come here just for his daughter's life and happiness; he knew that there would be things he did not know about. But, he did not care for it, since everyone had their own purpose and interest in life. But, he could not let Murong Qingcheng marry Yuwen Ye for sure.

"Chen'er, this is...?" At that moment, Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing walked into the lobby.

Ye Chen introduced, "Father, mother, this is the leader of the Murong family Murong Zhishui. Sir, these are my parents."

"Haha...Brother Ye and sister Shen! Am I being rude for calling you like this?" Murong Zhishui was slightly older than the two, but because of his higher cultivation, he actually looked slightly younger than them. He did not look down on them for their Early Astral Reaching Realm level, because they were Ye Chen's parents, and they might become one family in the future too. So, no matter because of what reason, it would be best for him to be friendly to Ye Chen's parents.

Soon, the three became very friendly. Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing could vaguely tell why he was here for, and a vague smile was constantly on their faces.

"Brother Ye, Sister Shen, I might have to borrow Ye Chen for a while. You guys won't mind, right?" He did not reveal everything immediately, but only some information on his daughter and Ye Chen before he finally asked the favor.

Sure enough, Ye Tianhao hurried to nod and say, "Not just a while, even staying there for three to five years is fine as well." It had something to do with his son's life and happiness, so even if he could not see his son for three to five years, he knew he would have to push it through for him.

"Great! Brother Ye is indeed understanding. This business shall not wait any longer. Ye Chen, come back to our Murong family please! Three months is neither long nor short. It would also take a long time to go to the Yuwen family." Murong Zhishui stood up.

Ye Chen looked over at his parents, "Chen'er will leave with mister Murong now."

"Yeah!" Shen Yuqing nodded and reminded, "Be careful out there."

"Chen'er knows."

With that said, Ye Chen and Murong Zhishui walked out of the lobby and flew into the sky.

Shoo! Shoo!

The two turned into two beams of light, shooting out into the distance.

Outside the lobby, Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing looked toward the direction where the two disappeared, then both let out a breath. Shen Yuqing laughed out, "Chen'er seems to have matured. I thought that he was not interested in girls at all."

"Haha...It will all happen in time! There is no hurry. I heard that when he was in the Sky Cloud Martial School, he was really close with this girl called Xu Jing as well."


Murong family was inside a huge area of mountains in the west of South Rudra Region, two million miles away from the Windy nation.

On the third afternoon since they left Ye family, Ye Chen and Murong Zhishui arrived inside the mountains.

"My family does not have a big reputation, but inside the whole South Rudra Region, the only one martial institution that we do not dare mess with would be the South Rudra School. The other rank 6 martial institutions cannot compete with us at all. Even the top four emperor royal families are nowhere close to our level."

Looking at the center of the mountains, Murong Zhishui maintained his high traveling speed as he introduced his family to Ye Chen. The latter nodded in response. It seems that Murong Zhishui letting Murong Qingcheng enter the Sky Demon Martial School was only a front, so that the others would not find out that she was one of the demi demons.

"Sir, why are there so many people against the existence of the demi demon family? The demi demons look just like humans, such that there is no difference at all. And there is no danger at all, right?"

This question had been bothering Ye Chen for a while now. He did not think that people who were against the demi demon race were so just because they hated the demon race and the former carried their blood.

Murong Zhishui sighed, "Actually, there is a reason for that. My demi demon family is indeed a rather big threat to the world. The bloodline of the demon race is not something nice to have. But, what can we do? Should we be killed off just because we carry the blood of the demon race?"

He seemed to want to continue, but they had already arrived at their destination.

Looking from far away, the whole Murong family seemed huge and mysterious. All of the buildings were ancient and fancy looking, with countless towers present. The sky above the family seemed to have a slightly different color than the other areas, seeming dimmer and darker.