532 Murong Zhishui

 The newly-built real estate was huge, way bigger than the one in Luo City. It continued from the top of the mountain all the way to the end, looking busy and full of vibrancy.

The mountain the real estate was located on was one of the famous mountains near the South Rudra Region, the Mist Mountain. Therefore, they named the real estate here "Mist Mountain Ye House", which had been set as the main family of the whole family group.

The peak of the mountain was extremely high up. The wind there blew heavily here, and the mist and fog drowned the peak within.

"Although my comprehensive ability had increased a couple of times which allowed me to comprehend the profound in such a short time and with such a light effort, if I want to get anywhere further than that, it does not seem that easy still."

Ye Chen stood on top of a rock on the mountain peak, his clothes dancing amidst the heavy wind.

Compared to two months ago, Ye Chen had made some more progress already. His wood element profound sword art "Amaranthine Nature" and profound movement art had progressed from sixty percent to seventy percent. As for his Sky Thunder Cut and the Gold Resonant Radiance Art, they were still at seventy and eighty percent respectively.

As Ye Chen's self-invented sword art, Sky Thunder Cut was already not that easy to arrive at this level, since he had only reached the Sea of Souls Realm not that long ago. Normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors might not even be able to do so in a decade or two, because it would be easier to just learn the ones that had already been completed.

"Regardless, my comprehensive ability right now is incomparable to before, so I must be able to train the sword attacks to completion very soon." A couple of years ago, Ye Chen thought that comprehensive abilities were limited, and it would be hard to increase or improve in any way. But, he now knew that he was wrong, and his soul power would be the source of the improvement. The more powerful the soul power was, the more powerful comprehensive abilities would be. But of course, after reaching Sea of Souls Realm, he would be already able to see the core of things easily, which increased the speed of cultivation by a lot.


At that moment, a wave of strong yuan qi vibration appeared from the middle of the mountain.

"A breakthrough! I wonder if it were father or mother?"

Three days ago, Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing had entered closed up training of their own, trying to break through to Astral Reaching Realm.

"Eh? Both of them? At the same time?"

He was a bit surprised, since another wave of yuan qi vibration had been sensed within a cup of tea worth of time.

"They are indeed a great couple after all!" Ye Chen chuckled, then flashed his body and shot toward them.

"Congratulation, father, mother!"

Both of them were present inside the yard. Ye Chen held his fists in front of his chest and formally greeted them with a huge smile on his face, full of joy.

Ye Tianhao also said with a huge smile, "I always had been wishing for an Astral Reaching Realm warrior in our family that could bring honor to our whole family. That wish had been fulfilled when you reached the level. But, I had never thought that I could do it as well. I really cannot describe my feelings right now!"

"Actually, without the fruit, you both would be able to do so on your own in a couple of years anyway." Ye Chen just wanted to speed up the time a bit for them. This way, they would be able to keep looking like this for a long time.

Shen Yuqing spoke up, "Your father and I knew ourselves and our power. Without your full support since a couple of years ago, we would not have been able to reach to the peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm this fast, not to mention the Astral Reaching Realm now."

"Yuqing is right." Ye Tianhao nodded.

Ye Chen smiled again, "Why are we even talking about this? You are my parents, and as a son, helping you guys is something I should do after all." In his "previous" life, he was an orphan who had never felt the warmth from being in a family. After coming to this world and being infused with the emotion from this world's Ye Chen, Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing had become his parents. There had never been an estrangement at all.

In the end, the Ye Chen from this world was not him, but he was Ye Chen from this world as well. In other words, he had two identities now; therefore, he had accepted everything in this world a long time ago already.

Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing both realized that they were being a bit official toward their own son. Of course, for a son to help his parents would be a way to display his love for them. Nothing beyond that should be worried about.

"Zhen yuan is indeed not something that Zhen qi could compare with. Its exploding power is five times greater!" The two had just made the breakthrough, so they were still a bit unfamiliar with their newly gained power, and kept realizing new features of their power.

Ye Chen said, "After you stabilize the cultivation now, you can take the Earth Star Pellet and reach the peak level. After that, it would all be depending on you. These great plants are not easy to come across, and this time was pure luck."

"Hehe! Right now, I feel like I am just dreaming. But now that we have reached the Astral Reaching Realm, we can live up to two hundred years old, which is twice as long."

"Yeah!" Shen Yuqing felt the same. It was the lifespan that she cared for the most. Calculating with her lifespan now, she would only be forty years old for Clasping Yuan Realm warriors when she was ninety years old, and right now, she was indeed forty-something years old. Therefore, in the next forty years, she would not change in terms of appearance at all. And, the best part would be that she still looked like Ye Chen's mother, since he had already stopped aging years ago and stayed with the look of a twenty four old normal human.

Seeing his parents being this happy, Ye Chen also felt cheerful. Actually, this was a problem he had been stressing out about for a long time. He was afraid that as time passed, his parents would grow old eventually. But, the good thing was that he managed to solve the problem at the right time. Now, he could finally let out a breath of relief.



In the sky, a beam of light sliced through the sky at an extreme speed, twenty times faster than sound.

When the light was reaching close to the South Rudra Martial School, it stopped for a split second and eventually came to a full stop. It was a middle-aged man in black clothes. He had a huge body with wide shoulders and long legs, looking very mysterious. He stopped suddenly because there were two people appearing in front of him. They were the leader of the South Rudra Martial School, Long Biyun, and a pretty-looking teenager with silver hair, who seemed slightly younger than the former. He seemed to be in his thirties.

"Who are you, if I may?"

The man in black had powerful qi that Long Biyun could not see through. Only Seas of Souls Realm master level warriors were the ones she could not see through; but she was not worried right now.

The man revealed a smile, "Leader Long, greetings! I am Murong Zhishui."

"You are the current leader of the Murong Family?" Hearing him, she immediately knew who he was-the leader of the Murong Demi demon family in the South Rudra Region, the father of Murong Qingcheng. But, what she did not know was why he was here.

"Indeed! And this sir is?"

Murong Zhishui looked over at the teenager with silver hair. The latter spoke coldly, "Mo Feng!"

"Mo Feng, the leader of the White Dragon Palace, Mo Feng!" A slightly surprised appeared on Murong Zhishui's face. He then knew that the reason the old Dragon King was not that worried for Long Biyun to come here in the windy nation alone and establish the South Rudra Martial School was because the leader of the White Dragon Palace was here as well.

"What is your purpose here?" She asked.

"Ye Chen is staying here, right?" Murong Zhishui did not answer the question, but asked one.

"You are looking for Ye Chen? Is this something to do with your daughter Murong Qingcheng?" Long Biyun seemed to figure something out as she asked with a vague smile.

The man said seemingly with some difficulty, "Indeed I am..."

"Hehe...Ye Chen is in the Cloud Fog Mountain, which is two hundred miles in the east from here." Long Biyun pointed the direction for him.

"Thank you very much! I will excuse myself now."

With his words over, Murong Zhishui turned back into a beam of light and shot out into the distance.

"Indeed, the leader of that Demi Demon Family in the South Rudra Region. Although he did not look like his reputation, he is still not someone normal master level warrior can compete with. Mo Feng, what do you think?"

"Very powerful!" He answered.

Hearing him, she knew in a general sense exactly how powerful Murong Zhishui was.


Murong Zhishui, who was traveling at an extreme speed, looked back again.

"The leader of the White Dragon Palace Mo Feng is here, added with the granddaughter of the dragon king. It seems like the old dragon king is very appreciative of Ye Chen."

Revealing a smile, he seemed to be more confident in something.


"Sir, a man named Murong Zhishui is asking for you. He is now in the lobby."

Outside the yard, the butler of the Ye family came to notify Ye Chen.

"Murong Zhishui!" Ye Chen frowned, "Tell him I will be right there."

"Yes, sir!"

The butler left and his footsteps soon faded.

Stopping with his cultivation, Ye Chen mumbled to himself, "There are not many people with the last name of Murong, and it seems to be only from the Murong family. Perhaps, a relative of Murong? But, why would a relative of hers come to look for me? Is something wrong? I better go check now."

Putting his long word back into the scabbard, he walked out of the yard.


Inside the fancy-looking lobby...

A man in black robes was drinking tea, looking very patient. Footsteps were heard as Ye Chen walked over.

"You are Ye Chen!"

It was their face time meeting each other, so Murong Zhisui could not help but get surprised at Ye Chen's age and aura. Although he had looked at his picture, its resemblance was not even ten percent close.

"Indeed, that is me! And you are, if I may?"

"I am the father of Qingcheng, the current leader of the Murong family, Murong Zhishui."

"I see! It's a pleasure to meet you." Ye Chen held his fist together for formal greetings, then asked, "I wonder if Murong is doing well..."

"She is well, and not well at the same time..."

Sitting in front of Murong Zhishui, Ye Chen asked, "How so?"

"Do you know the bloodline that our family carries?"

"Demi demon bloodline?"

"She even told you about this? I see! I guess, I did not come here for nothing." He was not surprised at all about Ye Chen knowing that at all.

Ye Chen looked the same, waiting for him to explain further.

"Since you know all about our family being the demi demon race, then you should also know that our family forbids members of the family marrying people from outside the race to ensure the purity of the bloodline, right?"

Ye Chen nodded, "I know. She has told me that before."

"Last time when Qingcheng came back home, she gave me a huge shock... Not only had she grown to the perfect demi demon bloodline, she even managed to contain a string of demon power essence! But, also because of this, some things had been pushed forward... and now, as her father, I am forced to come and see you."

"Sir, if there is something you want to get off your chest, please just say it directly!"

Murong Zhishui smiled, "Our Murong family is a demi demon family, but we are only a branch of the main family. Therefore, the internal marriage does not mean only within our family, but inside the whole demi demon race. So, I want to ask you, are you interested in my daughter? If not, then I do not need to go on further. Only if yes shall I continue."

Ye Chen had thought about this question before already. In his "last" life, he only had one relationship before and it ended badly as well. After he came to this world, he did not want to get involved with the whole relationship thing again that early, but feelings could not be stopped actively. Regardless it was Xu Jing or Murong Qingcheng, he still somehow cared a lot for both of them. While he was confused himself, he would still wonder which one of them he was leaning toward. But, there had been no answers so far, since the two of them given him completely different feelings, due to which, there was no comparison at all.