531 The Parents Joy

 "Oh right! He had changed to an inky blue longsword while he was in the fire cage. The reason that he was able to cut through the cage probably had something to do with that longsword. Perhaps, this sword of his was a half-step extreme rank great sword, eh? Yes, it must be, it has to be! Otherwise, there is no way!"

Ye Chen could change his sword at an extreme speed. Right then, the man did not notice anything; but after thinking carefully now, he had realized it immediately. After all, if the ink blue longsword was nothing special, then why would he change to it at all? So, it must be for breaking the fire cage.

"A half-step extreme rank longsword!" The man's eyes shone bright sharp light.

Obviously, he trained his palm art as his main martial arts. But, if he had gotten his hands on a half-step extreme rank great sword and trained some profound sword arts, his power would grow to the next level for sure. In this world of power, no one would care where one derived one's power from.


After flying for eight hundred miles straight, Ye Chen stopped by the edge of the island.

"It seems like that we have gotten rid of him." He was indeed afraid of the man using his soul power to lock onto them. So, he had used his sword light movement art, running at his maximum speed. Before he reached the Sea of Souls Realm, his speed could reach about fifteen times the speed of sound; and now that he did, it reached an even more unbelievable level, which was twenty times the speed of sound. This meant that he could travel fourteen miles within a slip of a second. It made him almost as powerful as master level warriors.

The lady let out a breath as she smiled to Ye Chen, "Thank you!"

"No worries. Without your Heavenly Fire Blasting Ball, I might not even have been able to escape myself." After saying that, he looked around, then said, "I will leave now. This island is not that big, and it should be within one thousand miles. Staying inside continuously, I might run into him again."

"Yeah, you are right." She nodded.

Shoo! Shoo!

The two went through the colorful light layer and arrived outside the island.

"Someone is coming out. Kill!"

There were a lot of top Seas of Souls Realm warriors waiting outside. There were groups of them scattered around the area, the minimal number of members in each group being in the dozens. Because they were not powerful individually, they were not able to go inside the island. So, they had thought of an evil way of trying to get treasure items by grouping up and killing those who came out. Of course, it would be impossible to round the whole island up, since there was at least thousands of miles on each way. Therefore, they had to rely on their luck, gathering around some points of the island in groups. Once someone came out, they could attack as a group.

Ye Chen and the lady were not so lucky-they ran into a group of twenty Sea of Souls Realm warriors outside the island. There were even master level warriors amongst them.

"Looking for death!"

Having lost two friends of hers, she was very upset, and because of the man in red, she was also extremely frustrated and angry. These warriors in front of her had indeed provided her a chance to vent her anger. She sprinkled out flower-petal-like assassinating weapons that fell onto the ground gently.

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

Four warriors had been hit immediately, their bodies filled with bloody holes.

On the side, Ye Chen shook his head; these people were so unlucky for ambushing the two out of everyone else. The good thing was that Ye Chen did not plan to kill every single one of them. He held his gold longsword and waved it gently once.

With that one sword alone, six warriors had been cut in half. The rest of them were shocked, then started to run in different directions.

"Alright! Let's separate here then."

After getting rid of the ambushing warriors, Ye Chen greeted the lady before turning to fly toward the South Rudra Region. Glancing at his back, the lady was a bit sad. When she came here, there were three of them; and right now, there was only herself left.

"I will take care of your family for you, don't worry."

Mumbling to herself, the lady flew toward where she had come from. Soon, she also disappeared into the horizon.


Two hundred miles in the east of South Rudra Martial School...

The huge garden had been built already, next to the mountains and rivers. There were birds chirping and flowers everywhere, with not so many warriors passing by. Most of the ones that did were wearing Ye family's long robes.

Inside a small yard near the mountains, a waterfall was pouring down gracefully. A couple of osmanthus trees grew on the side, with two children playing under them. On the side, Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing were drinking tea and chatting relaxedly.

A beam of light appeared in the sky, approaching at an extreme speed. When it reached above the Ye family, the light shattered and fell down onto the ground, revealing a young man in blue robes; it was indeed Ye Chen.


Shen Tianhao and Shen Yuqing stood up, their faces full of smiles.

Ye Chen patted on Ye Xuan and Ye Xiaoxiao's heads, then looked around and smiled, "Father, Mother, is the new environment in the new garden alright?"

"Haha...We have enough money, and the loved ones are all around. How can this garden be bad?"

It was not hard to tell that both of them were in a great mood.

Shen Yuqing said, "Chen'er, this time going out, did you experience something more? Tell mother..." As parents, of course they would like to know more about their children's lives.

Ye Chen told them about what he had been through, purposely leaving out the incident with man in red robes, because he did not want his parents to be worried about him. He then said, "This time, I got five Star Spirit Fruits and six Meridian Plants. The latter can increase your power and increase the training speed, while the former can help peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors reach the Astral Reaching Realm."


Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing were not nobodies, and had heard about both the plants before. They were definitely worth millions of low rank spirit stones for sure. They had heard that about fifty years ago, there had been a bloody battle in the Windy Nation because of a single Star Spirit Fruit in some mountains, and all the parties wanting it. They had never expected to hear that Ye Chen could come back with five or six of the two plants so casually.

Ye Chen could also understand his parents' feelings. Although they both had been peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. But, without any surprises, they would not be able to reach the Astral Reaching Realm within three to five years; it could also take seven to eight years. After a decade, both of them would be sixty-something years old, and would look even older. But right now, with the Star Spirit Fruit, they could become Astral Reaching Realm warriors and gain about two hundred years worth of lifespan. At the same time, their appearance would also stay just like right now, which would be perfect for them; neither too young, nor too old.

"Here you go!"

Being looked at by his parents curiously, Ye Chen took out the shining fruits and curled-up light yellow plants.

Taking them over, Shen Yuqing looked really glad. In women's hearts, there would be nothing more important than their looks besides their families. One Star Spirit Fruit would have the power for her to reach Astral Reaching Realm in a short time, and she could live for up to two hundred years. That meant that her aging speed would decrease to twice as slow as right now. And because they were already in their forties, after getting into Astral Reaching Realm, they would continue looking the same for decades.

"Hahaha! Yuqing, our son is so great!" Ye Tianhao could not look happier either.

Seeing their parents, as well as their oldest brother, being this happy, Ye Xuan and Ye Xiaoxiao started to chuckle in a silly manner as well.