530 Dragon Power

 Soon, three days had come and gone.

The lady had already woken from her recovery, looking full of energy. She looked nothing like herself a couple days ago, when she was so pale and ill.

Seeing that Ye Chen was still training his Dragon Blood Plant, so she did not disturb him. Instead, she stayed as far away from him as possible. Meanwhile, she took out her short blade, trying to learn more about its characteristics.

Just like that, another day had passed.

Pap! Pap!

On that day, drastic changes happened in Ye Chen's body. A circle of invisible qi appeared and spread out of his body, clashing with the air. Meanwhile, a layer of red crystalline shine appeared on his body, dyeing his eyes, facial features, and his clothes red, making them all look like they were made with red crystals.

"Rank two spirit body?"

A surprised expression appeared on the lady's face. There were ranks within spirit bodies as well. Warriors who had just entered the Sea of Souls Realm would have generally rank one spirit bodies. Only after dozens of years of training, or perhaps after surviving a life and death situation, they might be able to reach the second rank. As for master level Sea of Souls Realm warriors, they would be at rank three, which would be the limit for Sea of Souls Realm warriors in general. Only a small number of peak level warriors were able to reach beyond that. But, she could tell that Ye Chen not only had developed a rank two spirit body, but also a rank four sword spirit. But then, she thought to herself that it was not a surprise after all, since Ye Chen had the power to beat her old friend, the fisherman, at only peak level Early Sea of Souls Realm.

The red crystalline shine disappeared immediately after releasing, going deep inside his body.

Vaguely, he let out a breath while still having his eyes closed.

After developing to rank two, he could feel his physical body growing into the next level. Not matter it was his tolerance to attacks or his defensive power, they had both reached the next level. If one described his body as a container, he was just a wooden bucket before he trained his spirit body. Then, after he developed the rank one spirit body, his body turned into an iron bucket; after reaching the second rank, it turned into steel one. In this sense, Chu Zhongtian's body would be at least a rank two spirit body, perhaps even at its peak level already.

"From rank one to rank two, my power did not grow that much. But, it seems to be denser. I will purify the dragon power next."

He took a deep breath while his Zhen yuan was running madly inside his body, trying to brush off the remaining effect of the Dragon Blood Plant.

It was a very strong residue, like a tiny dragon traveling inside his blood and flesh while avoiding his Zhen yuan.

He set plenty of blockages inside his body before narrowing down and trapping the residue within a tiny area, then slowly used his power to devour it.


When the residue had been halfway melted, another vague dragon roar came out of his body. Right then, the lady could even sense the dragon power off Ye Chen's body. It was similar to the one she felt from a rank 10 dragon beast before.

"Dragon power!"

Another wavy of envy flashed across her face. Although every warrior would have spirit bodies eventually, it did not mean it would be powerful. It only meant that it would be stronger than normal mortal bodies. Some of the body cultivating warriors had more power in that area than some powerful Sea of Souls Realm warriors with spirit bodies. However, with a slight dragon power, a warrior's general power could be increased drastically, becoming mightier than those body cultivating warriors.

Pop! Pap! Pop! Pap!

After the dragon roar, tiny popping sounds were heard from Ye Chen's body; it meant that his own qi had been infused with the dragon power, which was something more powerful than the qi. His old qi power he cultivated with his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell would not be able to compete with the dragon power at all, so it was forced to be fused together.

"So powerful!"

Ye Chen could feel that every inch of his body was filled with the exploding power. It was something that was hard to describe with words, like a power that could easily shatter mountains and space.

"After I manage to train every last drop of the dragon power from the plant, my power should be able to reach beyond two hundred thousand pounds, I guess."

All of his chaotic thoughts were then dispersed as he went back to focus on training. This whole process lasted all the way until late at night.


The air exploded aggressively inside the craft room. A pile of visible but shapeless dragon qi rushed out of his body, waving its "claws" and looking extremely majestic.

"Succeeded?" The lady looked over at Ye Chen.

Right then, although Ye Chen looked just the same, but his qi and aura had changed drastically. It was so pure and sharp that with a simple look, people could feel that unbearable pressure falling on them instantly.

Slowly standing up, Ye Chen threw out a punch.


The stove that was ten meters away was blown into the air, crashing into the walls and making a loud sound. If one looked closer, there was a light fist print visible on the surface of the stove.

"Earlier on, my power was only at one hundred and fifty thousand pounds. With only a slight drop of dragon power, my power has instantly reached beyond two hundred thousand pounds. It is indeed worthy of its reputation as the top rank qi power. Each drop of it was filled with essence, so pure, and without any waste."

On this land, most of the warriors were training Zhen yuan. There would rarely be anyone who trained qi power as their main source of energy. It did not mean that qi power had nothing to do with powerful warriors. As the Zhen yuan was running inside the warriors' bodies, their bodies themselves were changing as well. Normally, warriors who just reached the Sea of Souls Realm warriors would have more than one hundred thousand pounds worth of power, which was not that little at all. And, as their power itself grew stronger, their close-up battling power would increase as well. It would not be hard to imagine what kind of effect it would bring when two warriors fought each other, one having one hundred something thousand pounds of power while the other had two hundred thousand pounds.

"With my power now, I have only about forty percent of chance of escaping from this palace. Of course, if I ditch you, then I will have fifty percent chance." Ye Chen said without hiding anything.

The lady had obviously thought about it already as she said, "I have a Heavenly Fire Blasting Ball, which would increase the chance to about eighty to ninety percent."

"Oh!" Ye Chen looked surprised.

Just like the Silver Light Blasting Ball, the Heavenly Fire Blasting Ball was also a very powerful assassinating weapon. Of course, the two were not on the same level at all. The former could only threaten normal Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, while the latter could even put master level warriors in danger. It would not be impossible to wound the man outside as well.

"Alright! Let's rest a bit more and reach out best condition. After another week, we will bring everything we got to get out of here."

With the Heaven Fire Blasting Ball, their chance had indeed reached up to even ninety percent if they were lucky. However, they should still not risk anything, since there were too many uncertain factors in this world, and anything could happen anytime, anywhere. They could not afford to go out there with anything lacking by even a bit. So, they had to rest to reach their perfect condition and think of a perfect escape plan.


"This is already the second month of the reappearance of the island. Am I really going to waste my time on these two?"

Inside the palace, the man was very impatient at his current condition.

The island's appearance was so rare that it only happened once every couple hundreds of years. If he spent every minute he was on the island to search for valuable items, he would get more than what he might get in a decade. But, if he waited here all this time, he would get nothing. If it were not for those warriors who constantly wandered in here, basically providing him with their things, he would have left weeks ago.

"No! I have already waited so many days. If I give up now, would it not mean that all of the efforts I spent here before would be a total waste? I have to wait for them to come out!"

The man was full of anger and frustration.


One week after, behind the metal door...

"Are you ready?" Ye Chen asked.

The lady took a deep breath and said nervously, "Yes!"

"Let's go!"

He pressed his hand heavily onto the switch while his body was one hundred percent tensed, preparing to attack at any second.


The door opened at a not-so-slow speed.

"Haha! They are coming out!" The man's eyes brightened. He had waited for more than a month, and the two he had been waiting for had finally decided to come out. He stared at the door with all of his focus; as soon as he saw anything, he had prepared to use his most powerful attack and kill both of them.

When the door was lifted up to about one meter high, a blue figure shot out through the door.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Sword Attack!"

The golden blue sword light attacked toward the man; it was indeed from Ye Chen.

The man did not expect that Ye Chen would be the first one attacking. So, his reaction was half a second slower. But, no matter how slow his reaction was, he was more than capable to take on one full powered attack from Ye Chen and still manage to fight back.


The golden light sword and the palm clashed together, bringing up powerful qi flow shooting toward all directions.


Right then, Ye Chen's body turned into a shadow form, avoiding the man's attack as he shot out while staying close to the ground. As for the lady, she had already come out while Ye Chen and the man was exchanging their attacks. Right then, she already made it to less than thirty meters away from the exit.

"Do you think you can make it out?"

The man sneered. He formed a spell with both of his hand at a high speed. Endless fire yuan qi gathered together at a shockingly fast speed, forming a huge fire cage and trapping the two within.

"If I were you, I would not come out at all, because only death is waiting for you out here." Seeing the two caught in his fire cage, the man looked quite relaxed, since he did not think that the two had the power to get out of there. If they did, then he would not be a master level warrior.

But, something unexpected still happened...

Ye Chen took out an inky blue longsword from his storage ring, its body looking like lightning and thunder. Next, one sword attack was thrown out at one of the columns from close up.


The dragon power and the Zhen yuan both exploded at the same time with full power. Ye Chen had never been this focused before.


The column had been broken open as the cracking sound was heard. Ye Chen and the lady escaped from the cage and left the palace with a flash.

"Impossible! How could one sword attack break my fire cage?" Ye Chen did not manage to break open the cage actually; he had only broken two columns in total. But for the man, he was the first one ever breaking open his cage. It would be obviously impossible for the man to stay calm.

"Come back here!"

His angered fire element Zhen yuan ran about madly as he tried to catch up with the two. With his speed, it should not be hard to get one of the two.

But then, something surprising happened again.

The lady turned her head while holding a red colored ball. The ball contained a horrifying qi, which she then threw out toward the man.


A fire spread out in the whole area as the flame was generated out of nowhere and expanded, blocking away the man's path and even managing to blow him back.

After seeing this, Ye Chen still looked as tensed as before. He formed layers of sword light outside his body, then grabbed the lady and shot out at his fastest speed. Within a blink of an eye, they were already a dozen miles away. After two three more blinks, they were already disappearing into the horizon. One could only see them as a dot from afar.

Waving his palm and trying to put out the fire, the man shot out of the palace, trying to search for the two. But obviously, they were already a hundred miles away by then. Nevertheless, the man did not want to give up all he had put in this yet, so he pushed his soul power to the maximum. As long as the two were still within one hundred miles, he would be able to sense them.

"What? They have already gotten one hundred miles away from here within this short amount of time?" He sensed nothing, and his anger made his facial features scrunch together.