529 Thunder Disaster Sword

 "Gold Resonant Radiance Sword!"

Ye Chen did not have the time to make a soul mark on the gold elemental sword he had found yet; therefore, he could not maximize its power. But right then, he finally managed to complete the soul marking process, the longsword seeming to turn into his actual arm. The Zhen yuan and his own energy started to infuse together, exploding with a wave of golden-blue sword light that seemed to be even brighter than sunshine.

It flashed once before disappearing completely, landing onto the inky blue colored longsword that was floating in mid-air.


A sword clinging sound was heard suddenly; it was clear that it was a thunder elemental half-step extreme rank sword. It shook slightly, causing a layer of sword qi to accumulate around it. It was unbreakable, blocking the golden-blue colored sword light outside.

"You are just a sword. Do you really think that I cannot take you down?"

Ye Chen held the gold longsword in his hand, while his other hand continued to shoot out finger qi or sword qi tornado formed with lotus heart sword qi. As a result, the noises of metal clashing together kept being heard. Sparks spilled everywhere, and soon, that thick layer of sword qi had been shattered completely while the inky blue longsword backed out.

Seeing this, the lady's pupils shrank. She used to be very proud of her assassinating weapon art, thinking that no one at her cultivation level would be able to handle her attacks with full confidence. But, compared to Ye Chen's sword qi tornado, that was just like a child's play, even though his attack was not an assassinating art at all.


The sparks had been divided into two rows before scattering eventually, then Ye Chen threw out a sword against the inky blue longsword from up close.

The latter could not handle a full powered sword attack of Ye Chen's. The light on its surface had been broken completely, and it was then blown back into the air.

Seizing this opportunity, Ye Chen held onto the handle of the sword.


There was a strange electricity within the sword, burning the Zhen yuan on his hand, clashing with his power and canceling out.

Eventually, it was Ye Chen, of course, who had an endless Zhen yuan to support him and hence lasted longer. He ultimately obtained the full control over the longsword and managed to pour in his own Zhen yuan, infusing it with the power inside the sword.

"Congratulation!" The lady greeted Ye Chen with her fists held in front of her chest.

"You won't tell other people, will you?" A though of killing her went through his mind, since the half-step extreme rank sword was too powerful. Although the Life and Death Realm warriors might not want to fight over it, those Seas of Souls Realm master level warriors would not care about who one was for it. If they knew about it, then would definite come for oneself. But, another thought soon popped up his mind.

'If I kill her just because of this, it will not be my sword art way.'

The lady got frightened a bit, thinking that Ye Chen might actually kill her for it. So, she hurried to say, "I know that you must be worrying, but please believe me, I will definitely not tell another living soul. In fact, if I manage to go out safely this time, I will go find a place to hide out and stay out of the world for a while. Why would I do anything that would be against of my interest? If you do not believe me, I cannot do anything about it anyway."

"Don't worry! I only wave my sword toward an enemy."

The thought had only been in Ye Chen's head for a second. It would be him who would be the one making decisions after all.

Hearing him, the lady finally let out a relieved breath. She returned Ye Chen with a smile before walking back to the corner and going back to her training.

Without paying more attention to the lady, Ye Chen started to examine the gold longsword in his hand and thought to himself, 'This sword is golden, as if it was completely made with gold. I will call it the Gold Sword then, easy.'

The Gold Sword was almost two meters long, its body being wider than normal swords, and almost like blades. But, it seemed to be even lighter and smoother to use than it looked. There were ancient looking patterns carved on top, reaching from the handle all the way to the bottom of the sword, which fitted perfectly in a palm.

There was a customized scabbard for the Gold Sword right inside the stove as well. After taking it out, Ye Chen put the sword inside and wore it around his waist.

After putting it away, his eyes went back onto the inky blue longsword.

It was almost three meters long; the handle was narrow, but offered a firm grip. The body of the sword seemed to be a bit narrower than most swords, but its middle part was actually thick, which made it not so easy to break during battles. There was a thunder pattern craved throughout the sword, all the way to its tip. As he poured in his Zhen yuan, the body of the sword filled up with lightning and thunder power, eventually fusing together and becoming one. It was both sharp and brutal at the same time; it would not be hard to imagine the power from waving this kind of a sword. Even if it were a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior, he would not be able to ignore it at all.

Closer to the handle of the sword were two ancient Chinese characters carved on top.

Thunder Disaster!

"Thunder Disaster...Great name! I wonder if it has something to do with the Thunder Punishment Sword."

Half-step extreme rank swords were replicas of actual extreme rank great weapons. Therefore, most of the time, the name of the replica would be really similar to the actual extreme rank item. The Thunder Punishment Sword was a famous sword in history, and there were a lot of its replicas: Thunder Roar, Thousand Thunder, and some other ones like Light Thunder. If this Thunder Disaster Sword was also a replica of the Thunder Punishment Sword, it would not be that shocking after all.

"So cool!"

Ye Chen really liked his newfound sword. He could feel a kind of mentality from the sword, the kind that could cut through everything. He knew that this sword would not be simple.

Leaving a soul mark onto the half-step extreme rank great sword was an exhausting thing to do. The good thing was that Ye Chen's soul power was five times stronger than normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors, so it only took him an hour to finish it. With the soul mark, an unbreakable bond between him and the Thunder Disaster Sword had been created, allowing him to bring out more power.


A crisp ringing sound was heard as he put the sword back into its scabbard, sounding completely different from normal sounds.

He did not wear the sword around his waist. Moreover, for a long time after this day, he would not be able to use the sword as he wished, since he could not be sure that other people would not want to kill him for it, and he did not have the power to fully protect himself yet.

"Although I already have this new sword, it would still be impossible for me to take on that man outside now. With this free time in here, I might as well train using the Dragon Blood Plant. With that slight hint of dragon power, I might be able to escape from here."

Ye Chen would not dare to challenge the fire cage of the warrior outside, and he knew that he would not be able to get away without being able to cut through the cage. Therefore, the training of the Dragon Blood plant was necessary right then.

He sat down onto the ground with his legs tucked below his body and took out the Dragon Blood Plant.

The Dragon Blood Plant did not look that extraordinary from the outside, with only one blood red, long, narrow leaf on top. There was no spirit light shining on it; but if looked carefully, one could see that all of its spirit power had been gathered deep in the middle of its body, with nothing leaking out at all. Even in the meridians of the leaf, one could notice that there was a little amount of dragon shaped energy. It twisted and turned in the leaf, giving people a soul-deep shock.

"Dragon Blood Plant...A top rank spirit plant with dragon blood within. I wonder what its effect would be like!"

Taking a deep breath, he swallowed the plant while pushing his Zhen yuan to its limit and started training the medicinal power and spirit qi within.


A vague dragon roar rang inside his mind, as an image of a majestic dragon appeared in his mind, flying in the sky while freely looking down onto the land and everyone within.

His slaughter sword intent was activated, cutting away the effect on his mind that was brought by the dragon power. He recovered his peaceful and calm mindset, and started to train the Dragon Blood Plant at full speed.