528 Half-step Extreme Rank Great Sword

 "Alright! As long as you are not dead yet..." As Ye Chen talked as he swallowed a top rank yuan qi replenishing pellet. Although the first level of his undying body had the ability to recover loss of blood and flesh, it was not without cost. The cost was that it would burn a huge amount of yuan qi. And, it was not like the natural yuan qi which was easily gathered. Instead, it was the yuan qi that existed within his body, and was the original power that he used to train in the first place. It had a huge relation to the core of his life. If his yuan qi was exhausted too severely, it would be very bad for his future training, and would also cost him a lot of his lifespan. The good thing was that it was not irreplaceable, just that it recovered very slowly.

On the other side, the lady did not train the undying body. If she wanted to fix her body, it would take too long for the normal pellets to work; ten days or even half a month might not be enough. But, she was a high level warrior after all, and had gotten a lot of great treasures.

She flipped her left hand and a milky white branch of a tree appeared. It seemed to be made of white jade; its whole body was so smooth, without any flaws. Three inches around the branch, a dim layer of a halo was vaguely visible. It shook like a candlelight or a strange bright mist of some sort. It was soft, but full of life.

She placed the branch closer to the parts where she got burnt. In the next second, the wound had started to peel off, revealing its bloody flesh behind. However, the flesh then started to move rapidly, trying to regrow itself. As the wound was getting smaller and smaller, the white branch was looking dimmer and dimmer.

"Eh? The branch of the Immortal tree!" Ye Chen had glanced to see what was going on, and a surprised look flashed past his face.

"The Immortal tree is an extreme rank spirit tree. Even one tiny branch would be half-step extreme rank level at least. I cannot get one of those. If I could, I would not be here, would I? This is a branch from the Long Life Tree." The lady explained.

I see... Ye Chen nodded.

The Immortal tree and the Long Life Tree were like father and son. The former grew in nature, and was able to neither dry out, nor die. It was even able to move according to its own will. The latter was grown out of the seeds of the Immortal Tree; it had some of the features of the tree, but still was way below its power. Therefore, it would only be regarded as a half-step extreme rank spirit tree. But of course, being able to get one of it would already be extremely impressive, since even mortal humans would be very healthy and live for two hundred years by just staying right next to the tree all the time. If it were a warrior, then he or she would be able to prevent any poison or evil thoughts from getting into his or her mind and body. Unfortunately, the lady only had a branch of the tree, which had lost a lot of its original effects.

Retrieving his gaze back from the lady, Ye Chen closed his eyes and started to go into his training mode, trying to replenish the yuan qi that he had lost.

Outside the metal door, the man in red had a complex expression on his face.

"This metal door and the walls around seem to have some kind of restraining power, so it will be impossible for me to break through. The only mechanism has already been activated. Right now, the door can only be opened from the inside. Damn it!"

The man was very regretful-if he had used his killing attack in the beginning, then Ye Chen and the lady would definitely have not been able to escape from him. After he killed them, he would have been able to open the door one way or another, and would have been able to get the treasures inside. Right now, not only did he not manage to kill the people, he had also locked himself out.

"Huh! This island would only last three months every time. After that, it will go sink back into the deepest part of the Star Region Lake. I will wait right here until the second that the island is about to disappear. I will see if you guys can outwait me!"

Letting out a long, frustrated breath, the man waved his sleeves and sat in the middle of the palace, starting to train.

"There is a palace! There must be treasures inside! Let's get in!"

"There are plenty of treasures here! I cannot believe we are lucky enough to come in here and get so many valuable objects."

"Everyone has their opportunities in life, and this is ours."

At that moment, a huge group of top Seas of Souls Realm warriors had entered the palace.

After seeing the man in red sitting in the middle of the palace, their expressions changed drastically.

"Not good! Run! "

That qi leaking out of the man in red robes was extremely powerful, like a burning volcano that was about to explode. Before the group even managed to get close, they could already feel the burning sensation on their body. They started to run for their lives toward the outside of the palace.

"Do you think you can make it back out?"


As the man talked, a huge fire cage fell down from the sky, locking all of them within.

"Let's try to take him down!"

Every warrior present had been corned to a dead end, so they knew it would be time for them to try their best. They all performed their ace attack, slamming onto the fire cage. The sound of qi flow exploding was continuously heard. The whole place looked extremely intense.

"It cannot be opened?"

The group was desperate. They realized that the fire cage was ten times tougher than they had imagined. They were not even able to break down one column.

The man in red sneered and closed his palms together. In the next moment, bright lights appeared within the fire cage, emerging from countless fire spikes that attacked the group of warriors madly.

Within a blink of an eye, there was only one huge pile of ashes left within the cage.


The man put away all of their storage rings, then closed his eyes and got back to his training.


On the second day on the Treasure River Island, Ye Chen finally regained all of his yuan qi.

He glanced at the lady right next to him and realized that she was still in recovery. It was obvious that the Long Life Tree branch could not replenish her yuan qi immediately, so she might rest for a while.

"This crafting room is different from the other ones. Not only is it ten times bigger, the qi here is also ten times richer. There are five crafting stoves in the middle, and four other ones in four corners. In the center of the room, there is a ten meters tall stove. Perhaps there will be treasures inside finally, eh?"

Coming close to the nearest stove, Ye Chen stopped for a second, pushing some of his Zhen yuan into his palm and using it to lift open the lid.


A bright treasure qi shot out into the sky. Meanwhile, a short, crystalline short blade shot out into the air as well, attacking Ye Chen with one beam of sharp blade qi.

"Hm? Self-activated blade qi?"

Ye Chen flicked out a beam of sword qi, which clashed with the incoming blade qi.


The short blade backed out for meters while shivering continuously.

"That's a top of the top rank great blade!"

The lady had been woken up from the exploding sound of the qi flow. Her eyes brightened as she looked towards the short blade with joy. She then instantly looked at Ye Chen and realized that she was not a rightful opponent of him at all.

Ye Chen knew what she was thinking about, so he asked, "Out of the four great treasures, you can pick one. But, that one in the middle must be mine. Do you want this short blade?"

"I will have a look first!"

The lady did not dare to ask for the center one. But, out of the four ones, perhaps there would be ones that were better than the short blade.

Hearing her, Ye Chen did not say another word, and just opened another stove.

It was a long spear with a fire crow carved on top; it was also a top rank great weapon. Its power should not be any lesser than the short blade.

Just like the short blade, the long spear had attacked toward Ye Chen the second it came out of the stove. It threw out a spear attack toward him like a Sea of Souls Realm warrior.


After flicking away the long spear, Ye Chen did not even look at it as he opened the third stove.


A loud sword ringing sound was heard as a golden colored longsword emerged. It shook once in the air, then the sword qi spread out in the whole room instantly.

"What a great sword!"

Ye Chen was intrigued as he reached out to grab that longsword.

The sword seemed to have been inside the stove for many years, and right now was its first time out. Its power was surprising as it attacked toward Ye Chen's arm.

Anyway, Ye Chen would not be cut by an ownerless item. He twisted his wrist, and the index and middle finger of his clammed the tip of the sword in-between. His Zhen yuan and killing sword intent poured into the sword subsequently.

Ting! Ting!

The longsword continued to shake for a while, but eventually quieted down.

"A metal element top rank great sword...It must be a couple times more powerful than my emerald longsword." There were still ranks among the top rank great weapons. Ye Chen had killed the sword artist in green robes and obtained the emerald longsword, which was only the most ordinary top rank great sword. Hence, it did not manage to increase his battling power by much. But, this golden colored longsword must be the top of the top rank great sword. After countless years of maintaining and strengthening inside the stove, it seemed to even have a slight spirit qi. It meant that right now were the sword's best years.

Holding the sword in his hand, he waved out a casual attack.


A curved gold sword qi shot out, blowing away the fourth stove while leaving a sharp and clear slash on its surface.


Ye Chen did not even go looking at the fourth great item as he continued to play with the long sword in his hand for a while.

"I will take this short blade then!" The fourth item was a pair of gloves, which was not something the lady was after. Hence, Ye Chen waved his hand in the air slightly, and that short blade floating mid-air flew toward her.

Taking over the blade, the lady looked at it carefully and then thanked Ye Chen.

Putting away the three treasures, Ye Chen started to look at the huge stove in the middle of the room while the lady was doing the same as well. She was sure that there must be a half-step extreme rank item inside there.


Ye Chen threw out a palm attack toward the lid of the huge stove.


At that moment, an intense vibration was released. The golden longsword in Ye Chen's hand and the short blade inside the lady's hand started to shake, seeming like they could not handle the pressure of the qi that was coming out of the stove.


A sword ringing sound that was ten times louder than the golden long sword was heard. Before the sword had even revealed itself, a beautiful sword qi had shot out, attacking toward the two.

"Not good!"

The lady waved out to release a light wall, trying her best to block out the attack from the sword qi.

A vague smile flashed past Ye Chen's face. 'Another sword! This one seems even more powerful than the one in my hand. Just this sword qi is almost equivalent to a full power attack from a true master level warrior. If I manage to hold it in my hand, my battling power will probably, double and perhaps even triple.'

Pap! Pap! Pop! Pop!

All of the sword qi was shattered before even getting close to Ye Chen.

As the sword qi disappeared, the great sword finally came out of the stove. It was the handle that came out first, narrow but firm. Beams of deep electricity ran within the body of the sword, generating loud noises.

Pop! Pap!

Again with a noise emerged another part of the sword, the connecting part which looked like a brutal beast, having the actual sword itself seeming to be within its "mouth". It was unbelievably sharp, and looked like a beam of lightning itself. When the tip of the sword appeared in front of the two, their eyes could feel a physical pain from the bright light, bringing out tears.


The sword flashed once again, shooting toward Ye Chen, who had a rich sword qi around him.

Ye Chen waved his sword to welcome the incoming attack.


Sparks were brought up as Ye Chen could not help but back out a couple of steps, looking a bit out of it.

'A sword can blow me back! Is this a half-step extreme rank great sword or a true extreme rank one?' After thinking for a while, he felt that it wouldn't be an extreme rank one, since the one that emerged on that day on the battlefield in the parallel space was way more powerful than the sword in front of him, having even punctured through the group. If this great sword in front of him was an extreme rank one, it would have been able to harm him already.

"Half-step extreme rank great sword!"

The lady said it out loud, then looked over at Ye Chen with envy. Although the half-step extreme rank great sword was not as powerful as the actual extreme rank one, but for Sea of Souls Realm warriors, it was still one of the top great weapons. Even master level warriors would want to fight for such an item, and some of the normal Life and Death Realm warriors still used them.