527 The Moment of Life and Death

 It was only a low rank profound palm art, but in the hands of this huge man in red robes in front of them, it seemed to be way more powerful than the normal ones. Also, the fire profound the man had comprehended was just too powerful, seeming to have exceeded the profound sense normally associated with low rank profound martial arts. It must be at least one hundred and twenty percent comprehended. Therefore, that man was able to throw out four palm attacks at the same time, and each one of them was extremely deadly.

Facing the incoming burning palm attack, all four of them, including Ye Chen, could sense a feel a sensation of being roasted. Their Zhen yuan was actually on fire!

"Master level warrior! Too powerful!" Ye Chen gasped as he threw out his Gold Resonant Radiance Art attack toward the incoming palm power.

All of a sudden, the intense qi flows shot out from and toward different directions, looking extremely chaotic. In the next instant, the four of them were blown to the walls at the same time, puking a huge amount of blood.

"Perhaps, we are really going to die here!" The lady did not want to die.

The elder had been on this world way longer than the rest of them after all, so he was calmer than the lady in red as he spoke with a low voice, "Run! If we separate and run in different directions, at least one of us will make it out one way or another. We can't just stay here like this together, or we will all be killed. The master level Seas of Souls Realm warriors are not warriors that can be taken down by a couple of warriors."

"Indeed!" The middle-aged man nodded. He had thought before that if the four of them worked together, there might be a slight hope in everyone escaping out of here successfully. But right then, he knew that there was no hope at all. It was not that he had made a wrong judgment before, but without actually battling against a master level warrior, one might not be able to truly gauge their power.


Ye Chen sighed. Now that he thought about it, he realized that he was really stretching things when he was fighting against the Demon master in the underworld, although the latter was bound by the rules in the underworld and was not able to explore his true power. Moreover, after they got to the holy place, the underworld rules did not exist anymore, but Ye Chen was still being protected by the immortal altar. As a result of that, he did not truly realize how powerful a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior was, only having a vague idea.

Compared to the man in front of them, he now realized exactly how powerful the Demon master was. He was at least similarly powerful as the man in the red robes, and perhaps even more so.

The man seemed to have realized that the four of them were planning to run separately. A gamey expression flashed through his face again as he laughed, "Run? Where do you guys think you can run? Fire Cage!"

As he spoke, both of his hands started to form a spell quickly, causing the endless fire yuan qi to gather from different directions. There was more natural fire yuan qi outside the palace, which now poured in through the wall rapidly. The next second, a huge fire cage appeared inside the palace; not only did it trap the four inside, it had also blocked the exit.


The middle-aged man's eyes were red now as he threw out a sword attack onto the fire cage.


Shallow sword marks appeared on the columns supporting the fire cage, but they disappeared very soon, leaving no marks behind.

The man in red robes shook his head, "You guys won't be able to escape, this fire cage which contains the fire profound, unless your trained profounds are as powerful as mine. Otherwise, you won't be able to break through it. I will give you one last chance...hand over your storage rings and then I will consider letting you guys stay alive. Otherwise, death will be the only ending for you all today. No one would be able to save you guys."

"What do we do now?"

The four of them exchanged a look, their eyes full of uncertainty.

"Should we just hand everything over? Perhaps, we will live that way, eh?" The middle-aged man was not scared of dying actually, but after thinking of the wife at home waiting for him with their newborn baby, he really wanted to survive this. He knew that he could not die, as if he did, he did not know what was going to happen to his wife and child.

"Hand it over then, I guess." The elder shook his head, his expressions reflecting his unwillingness.

"If we hand over the rings, will you really let us go today?" The middle-aged man was still worried that the man might change his mind, his eyes begging while he asked the question.

The man did not nod or shake his head as he said with pride, "We will not make a promise. I guess all I can say is that it will depend on my mood. Alright now, do not test my patience. I don't have much of it anyway."


The middle-aged man swore secretly as he took off the storage rings from his left fingers. After a short moment of hesitation, he threw them over through the gap between the cage. They landed in front of the man in red robes.


The elder had also thrown over his own storage rings.

"You guys walk from here. Hurry!"

The man opened a door in his fire cage, letting the two men through. He then opened another door on the other side of the cage. After walking through the two doors, they would be able to walk in front of the gate. And if they managed to leave the palace, they would be able to survive.

"Why aren't you handing them over?"

Ye Chen looked over at the lady curiously. She looked very torn, as if there was something that she did not want to give away.

The lady turned her head, "What about you?"

Ye Chen said, "All I can say is that whether we hand it over or not, the ending would be the same right now. But, I cannot be certain yet, so I won't try to stop them."

His soul power was very powerful. Vaguely, his power was telling him that the man in red robes was just fooling them. But of course, it was just a hunch without any proof. Therefore, he decided not to say anything, since it would all be clear soon.

The middle-aged man and the elder walked step by step toward the first door on the cage. Before entering, the two hesitated for a moment, but eventually decided to walk through.


The two doors suddenly shut close, without time for them to even react.

"What is this supposed to mean?"

The middle-aged man was surprised, but he had thought of the worse scenario already.

The man looked at the two men in the cage while laughing his heart out, "Haha! This is too funny! Taking other people's destiny in your own hands. Fantastic feeling! Can you imagine that? Yes, you cannot, because you are only ants."

"Damn! Let us out!"

The middle aged man and the elder attacked the cage with all they had got, trying to break open a crack of some sort.

"Alright! It is over now. You guys had a long journey all the way to here, Now, you guys can go back to a peaceful place where there are no more killings and violence."

The man in red robes closed his hands together.

As he did so, countless fire spike appeared in the inside of the cage. Once they appeared, the middle-aged man was punctured through immediately, the burning fire devouring him completely. Soon, he was no more, leaving only ashes in the air.

What shocked the man was that the elder was still alive-at that critical moment, the elder took out his Separating Yuan Tower out and expanded it while he entered the first level of the tower. The elder actually wanted to save the middle aged man, but the shooting speed of the spikes was just too fast; even the elder had lost an arm due to a spike.

"Eh? Half-step extreme rank great item?...No, only a bad quality one. Haha! You think you can block my attacks with this kind of a sh*tty item? Dream on, my friend!"

The man in red saw the cracks on the tower and laughed even louder. Then, he threw out more fire spikes, drowning the tower and the elder inside.

Within couple blinks of an eye, the tower exploded, and the elder inside followed that middle-aged man's destiny, dying without leaving anything behind.

"Damn!" The lady's body was shivering. She had been working with the middle-aged man and the elder for many years now. During those years, although there had been games and fights, they had never tried to kill each other. There was a relationship between them, which was almost family-like. Right now, seeing them dying in front of her, the lady felt a pain in her heart, tears dripping down from the corner of her eyes.

Seeing that, Ye Chen tightened his fists.

Putting away the two storage rings from the ground, the man examined Ye Chen and the lady with great interest, "I have to say, you two are quite something. Even that offer did not intrigue you. You have guessed it right. I indeed did not want to let you go today. But, it is actually the same, you know? Dying early or dying later."

He looked like he had just lost his interest as he finished his sentence. He did not want to play with the remaining two anymore, so he made a grabbing gesture with his left hand and lifted it up into the sky. The shape of the fire cage changed while spikes were shot out toward Ye Chen and the lady. The spikes brought up burning hot flames, containing a horrifying fire profound. As long as the two were hit or even slightly scratched, their protective Zhen yuan would not be able to bear it, and would be doomed to shatter.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Dozens of fire spikes shot toward the two, fast like lightning.

At the most critical moment, the lady took out a shield, covering her skull and chest. However, her stomach and legs had been hit by two spikes. The flame was burning her body; her life was on the line.

Ye Chen did not have a top rank defensive shield, so all he could do was perform his sword qi tornado and make it gather on the top part of his body, preventing the spikes from shooting his head and arms. As for his lower body, he was wearing the Great Gold Shield already, which might be able to block the attacks out.

All of a sudden, Ye Chen's legs got attacked by three to four spikes, but nothing reached his upper body.


Right then, the metal door behind them was lifted up. It generated a low and deep sound, which meant the door's mechanism was made a long time ago. However, the sound right now was indeed a miracle for the two.

"Let's go inside!"

Ye Chen grabbed the lady who was already badly wounded and jumped through the metal door.

"You dare to run!" The man's eyes froze a bit as he soon realized the reason that the metal door was opened suddenly. It turned out to be one of his fire spikes that had punctured through the wall and touched a secret mechanism. In a way, he had opened the door for the two. So, of course, he would be annoyed.

"Damn it! Die now!"

The remaining fire cage turned into fire spikes, attacking toward the metal door, as well as Ye Chen and the lady who had just entered the door, like a wave of heavy tornado.

"Where is the switch?"

Ye Chen was very anxious. He let go of the lady the second he went through the door and started to look for the switch to close the metal door.



Although he had found the switch, a fire spike that shot through the metal door had hit him in the chest. Even with the protection of the gold armor that he wore, he was still blown away by the power of the attack, then puked out three liters of blood.

"Come on!"

Midair, Ye Chen flicked out a beam of sword qi, shooting it at the switch.


The door was lifted up before eventually dropping onto the ground again, blocking out the rest of the fire spikes outside.

"We are saved!"

Falling onto the ground heavily, Ye Chen did not have a drop of energy left. All he could do now was smile ironically.

Outside the door, the man was furious-two toys of his had managed to survive from him somehow. It alone had exceeded his expectation.


The man threw out a palm attack onto the metal door, the flame burning passionately.

However, the metal door seemed to have been made with some kind of special materials. No matter how the man attacked, he was not able to blow open the door. Instead, he had even shaken himself to dumbness, his qi and blood boiling inside him.

Ye Chen could only hear a slight noise from the outside, since the door seemed to be perfectly soundproof. He took a deep breath said to the lady, "Are you dead?"

"Not yet!"

Where the lady got hit was almost burnt all the way through. Her voice was quiet and weak; but of course, these wounds were not fatal for Sea of Souls Realm warriors.