526 The Sudden Appearance of a Master Level

 The Sudden Appearance of a Master Level Warrior

"You are flattering me!" Ye Chen had his back to the exit, but he was able to leave at any time.

The lady in red raised her thumb up, "Impressive! Amongst the young men who can wound the fisherman, you are the third, and the youngest."

"Little bro, that Dragon Blood Plant...You haven't used it, right?" The elder was still thinking about the plant. He was sure that Ye Chen most likely had not used the plant yet, since there were so many treasures on this island, and no one would want to waste any time on training right now.

Ye Chen flicked his eyebrow and answered, "What if I had? What if I hadn't?"

"How about this? Let's make a deal. I will give you a Nine Twists Reverse Spirit Plant and a Dragon Plant for your Dragon Blood Plant! The Nine Twists Reverse Spirit Plant would be able to increase the lifespan for warriors that are below the Life and Death Realm, and can also strengthen souls, which would be very benefiting for warriors. I assume you already know that. As for the Dragon Plant, its effect would be similar to your Dragon Blood Plant, but it is just slighter less effective comparatively. But, I assure you this deal would be beneficial for you."

Oh? Nine Twists Reverse Spirit Plant and Dragon Plant?

Ye Chen was a bit surprised at the elder's gains. He was familiar with the value of Nine Twists Reverse Spirit Plant, and had gotten two of them personally in the foggy forbidden place. He had used one and kept the other, and it was indeed good for his soul.

"No deal!"

He sounded decisive. If he did not already have one himself, perhaps he would have considered it. But, the Dragon Plant was not just less effective than the Dragon Blood Plant; the two were on completely different levels. The Dragon Blood Plant was a top of the top rank spirit plant, while the Dragon Plant was only a mid rank one.

The elder's face twitched a little. Honestly, it hurt him a lot to even put the Nine Twists Reverse Spirit Plant on the trading table. If it were not because that Ye Chen was powerful enough and he was not confident enough to subdue him, there would be no chance for him to trade anything. All he needed to do would be to kill him and get all of his things. But, he did not expect that Ye Chen did not even think for a second, as if the Nine Twists Reverse Spirit Plant was only a weed growing everywhere on the ground.

"Is there any leeway for discussion?" The elder did not want to give up yet; however, Ye Chen looked the same.

"Huh! Little bro, do not be such decisive person. In this world, never say never." As he talked, the elder talked to the lady and the middle-aged man via Zhen yuan, "Friends, if there is a chance, I would still need you guys' help. I cannot take him down by myself. As for the payback, let's do it the way you guys said before."


The middle-aged man and the lady did not bargain. The reason that they were able to come to this Treasure River Island was because the elder had told them about it and they were the first batch of people there. Hence, they were able to gain more than the latecomers.

Ye Chen saw that the three had a moment of eye-contact, so he sneered internally. He knew that as long as he did not make a mistake, no one below the master level of Seas of Souls Realm could keep him here. Since the others were "talking" still, he had a moment of leisure, and looked around the palace. It was a huge, majestic place; the length and height of this place calculable in miles. Around the lobby were thirty six golden stone columns, and between each pair was a stone door. Above each door, a number had been carved in an alphabetical order from left to right, but in ancient characters.

"Perhaps, this place is the Crafting Palace that makes all kinds of items, eh?"

Ye Chen was able to grasp a vague qi of great items. It was not coming from just one or two single items, but plenty of them all mixed up together.

Obviously, the three in front of him had also realized that the palace were not as simple as it looked. Within a few blinks, they had made a decision - they would let go of the business with Ye Chen, since the great items would be way much more important. If they were able to get their hands on some top of the top rank great items, it might mean more than just one Dragon Blood Plant. Plus, with this palace being this huge, there must be more than one or top rank great items; there might also be a half-step extreme rank, or even real rare extreme rank ones as well.

"Let's go!"

The elder flew to one of the stone doors that was the closest. The middle-aged man and the lady in red chose the two doors next to that door as well, leaving Ye Chen standing in the huge palace by himself.

"I cannot come in here and leave with nothing for myself. I happen to still need a top rank great sword." Ye Chen's three swords' combined art would count as one top rank great sword too, but it was still not as smooth as an actual sword of that level. And, as he had managed to improve and perfect his Sky Thunder Cut and Reverse Sky Thunder Cut, top rank great swords would be necessary now.


Thinking this, Ye Chen picked the number seven stone door.

On the wall next to the door was an on/off switch of some sort. Pressing it, the heavy stone door moved upward with a huge heavy sound; it was some kind of a mechanical door.

When the door was halfway opened, a wave of rich treasury smell leaked out.

"Eh? No treasures?"

It was an empty crafting room behind the door. As he scanned with his soul power, there was still not a single item to be found in there. But, the almost-solidified qi that was leaking out of the walls was actually manifesting there. Ye Chen had heard before that if the treasure qi was very rich, then it would do wonders in the maintenance of items. For example, a mid rank great item could survive for hundreds of years, but under the rich qi, they might be able to last one thousand years, and perhaps even longer.


Making a grabbing gesture through his palms, he sucked all of the treasure qi out of the room and stored it all into one of his low rank storage rings. He had decided to put all of the great items he found in the future in there.

"What? Also nothing?!"

Coming to the next room, Ye Chen still did not find anything. All he could see with his bare eyes was the qi.

"Perhaps, they were emptied by someone before?"

It was a very likely possibility, since the island had been in the world for such a long time. Perhaps, someone had come a long time ago and picked up all of the weapons. As for the spirit plants and medicines, they would be able to grow again, so its quantity would not decrease at all in the long run.

Putting away the qi he had acquired, Ye Chen walked over to the next crafting room.

"Not a single great item!"

The elder and the other two had also faced the same problem, looking a bit disappointed as well. They did exactly what Ye Chen had done, acquiring all the qi inside the room into their storage rings, since there seemed to be an endless treasure qi within the craft rooms. Even if they had obtained all of it, the walls would be able to produce more.

Without noticing, the four slowly gathered in front of the metal gate right at the opposite direction of the entrance.

The metal door in the middle was the biggest, so it must be different from the other rooms, since there was no switch on the side of the door. Judging from the shine of the metal door, it would not be hard to imagine that opening it by force would be very unlikely, since the crafting factories must be not that crappy of a place.

The four stood dozens of meters away from each other, confining to glance at the metal door.


A sudden air slicing sound was heard outside the palace.

With that, a red shadow shot out toward the inside of the palace; it was fast like lightning, faster than all four of them. The qi it carried was extremely powerful as well.

"Not good!"

The four of them looked extremely different while looking toward where the gate was.

"Haha! These must be the crafting rooms, right? I, Iron Palm, am indeed lucky!" Before the source of the sound had actually arrived, his voice was already there like thunder.

"Iron Palm...Is he a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior?" The lady in red was nervous, the insides of her palms sweaty.


In the next second, the red shadow arrived inside the palace.

It was a man in his fifties, with a height of 2.6 meters. He was wearing a bright red robe, with a pair fiery kylins sewn onto the chest. His body was huge like a mountain; even just by simply standing there, his aura had spread out in the area and beyond, almost pressing the four to suffocation. More importantly, the four were not able to see through his cultivation at all.

"Let's go!"

The elder made a decision immediately and was about to leave-no matter how valuable the things were inside this palace, there was nothing more valuable than his own life. It would not be smart to fight with a Sea of Souls Realm master level warrior.

The middle-aged man and the lady nodded, following behind the elder.

Ye Chen forced a smile to himself; he knew it would be impossible to leave, since the look on that man's face promised a game.

"Where do you think you are going?"

Indeed, as he had expected, the man in red robes did not want them to leave at all. His palm had been lifted up and waved at the elder and the other two.


The aggressive palm power was unstoppable along with its burning hot flame. Ye Chen had never seen this horrifying powerful palm power before. The fire profound that the palm art contained was way too scary.

The elder and the other two were all very powerful. There was barely anyone under the master level of Sea of Souls Realm who was able to kill them. But, facing the master level warrior and being hit by that horrifying attack, all of them had their protective Zhen yuan layer shattered instantly. The three were blown out together, drops of blood dripping down the corner of their mouths.

"We would like to know why you would block our way..." The elder's face looked very pale as he asked with a low voice.

The man laughed, "All of the stone doors here have been opened. The great items must be in your possessions now. Hand them over, and I will consider leaving you guys alive."

The lady hurried to say, "We did not get any of the great items. They were empty when we got here. The doors should have been emptied before already."

"Huh! Do you really think that I will trust you guys?" The man in red laughed derisively.

The middle-aged man lifted up his palms and made a promising gesture while saying, "I can swear to the god that I did not get any great items at all. You believe me now, right?"

"I can promise to the god as well!"

The lady and the elder both did not want to die either. Sea of Souls Realm warriors would be able to live for three hundred years. There were still plenty of time for them to live on, so it would not be worth it to die now at all.

"Oh? Why don't you promise to the god as well?" The man looked at Ye Chen.

"Would it even make a difference?" Ye Chen answered.


The man laughed for a long while, then said, "You three idiots! Not even as smart as a young man. If promises worked, then there would not be that many deaths in the world! Now, I will give you guys a choice. Hand over all the great items you've got, and I will examine them myself. Whoever does not hand over, I will kill them instantly!"

At that moment, all four of them had a bad look on their faces.

They indeed did not get any of the items here, but they did have a lot of great items themselves in their storage rings. What was certain was that once they handed over their storage rings, all of the things inside them would no longer belong to them. And even then, they were still not sure that the man would not kill them at all. Both ways, death might be inevitable.

"We indeed did not get any great items here. Asking us to hand over the storage rings...isn't it a bit too much?" The middle-aged man secretly activated his Zhen yuan as he passed through a Zhen yuan message to Ye Chen, "Little bro, we are facing a life and death issue right now. If you want to live as well, we can only work together!"

"Joining forces would not be a long-term solution. I think you know the power of a true master level Seas of Souls Realm warrior." Ye Chen was clear that he would be able to fight with anyone below the master level. Even if he could not fight at an equal level, he would be able to escape without being harmed. But, in front of a true master level warrior, the chance of him being able to put up a fight would be less than ten percent. The chance of him escaping would not be more than ten percent either, since the man had already blocked the exit. There would be literally nowhere to run to.

"Damn! 'Cruel' is not a word for truly powerful warriors."

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Meanwhile, the man in red robes threw out four palm attacks at once, attacking the four at the same time.