Chapter 523: Dragon Blood Plant and Blood Dragon Snake

 Chapter 523: Dragon Blood Plant and Blood Dragon Snake

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The huge island was more than a thousand miles away; but, because of the colorful light being so bright, it was easy to see the colors in the sky from hundreds of miles away.

People continued to appear around the island. Looking from far away, they were like countless ever-increasing black dots surrounding the island.

Ye Chen found the island after half a month of its reappearance. It was not that huge, since he had seen many bigger islands. But, none of the islands had such colorful lights covering it. And, it was indeed because of the colorful light cover that the Treasury River Island looked majestic and soul-shocking.


Not far away, a Sea of Souls Realm warrior started to attack, wanting to break through the light layer. However, the colorful light layer was just too tough, and hence, his whole body had been bounced back. Not only that, countless beams of colorful light shot out from where he attacked, chasing right after him.

It was so fast and covered so much ground that it was not long before this warrior had been covered in sweat and blood, while being forced to back out for miles.

Meanwhile, this familiar scene had continued to happen to different warriors around the island. Less than three out of ten warriors who tried managed to make it in.

Taking out his emerald longsword, Ye Chen took a deep breath while cutting toward that colorful light wall in front of him.

A qi cracking and exploding sound was heard as the light layer was torn apart slightly. The edge of the tear had many colorful light beams leaking out.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The strings of light combined together again, fixing the tear while shooting out more light beams toward Ye Chen.

His body flashed quickly, avoiding the lights.

"Such a unique power! It was created by strings of energy combining together. Even with my full-powered Sky Thunder Cut, I could only make a tiny tear on the wall."


Throwing one sword attack on the incoming light attacks, Ye Chen increased his speed, traveling through the gap between the light beams. The longsword in his hand carried a golden-blue light as it eventually landed heavily on the light wall.

A thicker and wider crack appeared on the surface as the colorful strings of light continued to be destroyed and recreated. At that moment, there was a mysterious balance of power happening around that crack.


Ye Chen turned into a beam of light, shooting through that closing crack at once.

"Eh? He managed to get in?"

Those Sea of Souls Realm warriors who were struggling before had noticed Ye Chen, a surprised expression flashing past their faces.

The second he entered the island, he could feel the sinking of his body in midair; it was like there was an invisible power trying to drag him down. It was also like a huge mountain pressing on top of his body. His Zhen yuan, qi, and blood became thicker, which made his breathing exhausting.

It was only until the distance from the island's surface was less than ten meters that he was able to regain balance of his body.

Looking over, he could see the light layer now full of clouds and mists. Within that seemed to be an unhealed crack; it was obviously made by him when he was traveling through. Following the crack, Ye Chen was able to see what was going on outside through the softer light. However, the image was still rather blurry and twisted, as if it had been through a couple of reflections.

Retrieving his sight, Ye Chen started to study the location he was at.

The mountains in front of him were all different. Some of them were full of plants and reaching extremely high-up into the clouds, while some other ones were short and came with strange shapes. On top of the mountains, waterfalls were to be seen everywhere while beautiful flowers blossomed in abundance. From time to time, there would be colorful spirit lights shooting out, seeming to contain valuable treasures.

Because he could not fly really high up in the sky, he could only see a small area of the mountains. His soul power was affected in this place as well, as he could not detect things further than five miles.

Without stopping, he flew toward the area where a beam of spirit light had been shot out from, while trying his best to hide his qi.

After half a pot of tea worth of time, he finally found the source of the spirit light.

Inside a small crack on a mountain rock was a white-colored leaf with blue colored spirit flower, which was the size of a human palm. Small vines on the root of the plant were clearly visible like human meridians. Perhaps because of the spirit qi being so rich, this flower continued to release solidified spirit light.

"Meridian Healing Flower!"

Ye Chen remembered the background of this spirit flower; it was indeed the Meridian Healing Flower that he had obtained once inside the forbidden areas. One of them was worth five thousand mid rank soul stones, and if combined with other great rare ingredients, it could be sold for more than thirty thousand mid rank soul stones. In most cases, people had the money, but did not have the goods to spend their money on.

The meridians were extremely important to a human body, and were also extremely fragile. If the meridians were blocked in any ways, the battling power would not be able to reach its peak. If there were damaged, then it would be a disastrous wound for a warrior, since it would be really hard to fix them. But, one meridian healing pellet could not only fix broken meridians, but also strengthen them, toughing them up to a horrifying level, where they could not be wounded again easily.

"Although this meridian flower is a mid rank soul flower, it should probably be ten thousand years old. Even if it cannot compete with extreme ranked ones, it should not be much different."

Ye Chen mentally made a note as he waved his hand. With that, the Meridian Healing plant had been taken out of the ground as a whole, landing on his hand. He then put it into his storage ring.

Inside his ring were a lot of flower pots of different sizes, and containing nourishing mud. In a corner were a lot of jade bottles, which contained spirit liquid that could make plants grow stronger and faster. He had bought them through some special channels. As for the ones that Wang Heng had given to him, they had been long used up.

Planting the plant inside one of the pots, he then poured some mud over the base there as well. Ye Chen then exited out his mental power and shot toward the next location where a spirit light had appeared before.


"So many spirit plants!"

"Almost every single mountain had spirit light shooting out. It is something hard to even imagine in the outside world."

Two Sea of Souls Realm warriors who had come in with joint forces exchanged a look full of joy with each other.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go pick them!"

Trying to control his emotion, the two pushed their Zhen yuan and flew in the low sky.


A cry came out from somewhere.

There was a human and a beast next to a blood-red spirit plant. The cry came from the Sea of Souls Realm warrior who looked extremely pale right then. His arm seemed to have been bitten by something; it was not blood that spilled out of the wound, it was some digesting looking pus. As time passed, this man's shoulder started to rot slowly, and more pus dripped down from the wound.

In front of him was a dozen meters long, blood red poisonous snake. The upper part of its body was standing up while its tongue continued to stick out and swallow in, with an evil cold light flashing in its pupils.

"Damn! Why would there be a rank 9 snake beast right next to the Dragon Blood Plant?" The man was full of desperation. The snake beast in front of him was the Blood Dragon Snake, which was an ancient beast with a powerful poison. Whoever got bitten would definitely die in a short period of time without the right antidote, unless it was a Life and Death Realm warrior who had trained the undying body and could ignore the poison of the beast.


Knowing that death was inevitable, the warrior pushed his Zhen yuan and fought back on his last breath.


The snake's body maintained its position while its tail was waved out. There was not even a shadow in the air; but somehow, this Sea of Soul Realm warrior's chest had been punched in. He was blown away, killed on the spot.

"Blood Dragon Snake!"

A hundred meters away from this scene, Ye Chen stood on a hill with well-grown grass, which had hidden him in plain sight; only his eyes were visible.

He was familiar with the name of the beast. Of all the poisonous beasts in the world, the Blood Dragon Snake could be ranked in the top ten. According to the rumors, no one under the Life and Death Realm would have a fighting chance against the venom of the snake beast. In the adulthood of the Blood Dragon Snake beast, they could have the power of rank 9 beasts, which was no weaker than the Water Ape race. Judging only on the level, rank 9 was not that high up; but what was more important was that it was an ancient beast with an extreme battling power. A normal Water Ape would not compete with a Blood Dragon Snake at all, unless they had Sun Xiaojin's power.

"My power could equal it at best. If I want to get the plant, I might have to think of a strategy."

Although Ye Chen had reached the Sea of Souls Realm and his power was already at top rank spirit level, compared to Sun Xiaojin, he would still not have a chance at all. And judging on that estimation, the beast's power would naturally be more powerful than him. Added with that venom, it would definitely be extremely hard to take on as an opponent.

Even after thinking for a long time, he did not come up with any good plans. Once the beast reached rank 9, their intelligence would be the same as normal humans; common tricks would not fool them at all.

"I guess I will have to use my Body Separating Shadow Art to try and grab it then."

After making up his mind, he walked out of the bush, pushing his Zhen yuan to its limit before jumping out at the snake beast.


The snake had noticed him at the same second. The snake's scales stood up on its skin, making its body look even bigger. The purple-green beast qi spread out of its body rampantly.


A sharp venom arrow was shot out, fast like lightning. All of the plants around started to die out; they could not even handle the qi of the venom.


His body shifted like shadows while his real body jumped ahead and sneaked around to the back of the snake beast, which was right next to the plant.

The snake had extremely fast reflexes. The scales on its back shook once before falling down and shooting out toward him like a rain of swords.

"Indeed as I had expected...So tricky!"

Ye Chen did not dare to underestimate the attacking power of the scales. He had only worn a top rank defense armor for his upper body, which meant that his limbs and head were open for attacks. Once his protective layer had been shattered, even he would be wounded badly, since he had only trained his undying body art to its first level.


His body became thinner and thinner as if it were just a shadow. He jumped toward the Dragon Blood Plant with his body pressing close to the ground while the slicing sound shot past above his head.

Ye Chen's flying art was too clever. Even if the snake beast had all kinds of different tricks, it still had no time to stop Ye Chen anymore. It could only try its best to move on the ground and chase after the latter.

Just as he was about to grab the plant in his hand, a string of crystalline light suddenly appeared in the air out of nowhere. It was a vague light that was traveling at an extreme speed. Ye Chen who was born to be alert all the time, so he subconsciously twisted his body and avoided it.


A hair-thin crack appeared on the ground. The end of the crack was exactly where the Dragon Blood Plant was. All he could see was a silver light flashing once in front of his eyes, before it plugged into the mud below the plant. It had even scooped away the mud under the plant. It all happened so fast that even Ye Chen could barely capture its whole movement.

"Thank you for this Dragon Blood Plant."

The sound came from far away. And what embarrassed Ye Chen the most was that the intruder had left a qi wall to block his way out. And if he backed out, it was be the furious Blood Dragon Snake waiting for him.

"Old man, you are so rude! You have taken my things, and now, you are even trying to kill me." Ye Chen's soul power could detect five times more than the normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors. Reaching five miles away from him, he managed to see the guy's appearance. As for the guy himself, he had no idea about it at all, since Ye Chen's soul power was one whole level higher than his.