Chapter 522: Treasury River Island

 Chapter 522: Treasury River Island

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"Second master, this guy is very tricky. I don't even have thirty percent of confidence." In the dark underground building, the elder in black was thinking deeply. On his side was a bunch of shadows. A dried voice came out of the shadows, printing every single word and sentence into his ear.

The elder then looked up, his face seeming blurry. Only two dots of stars were shining with cold light where the eyes were supposed to be, "You are my best assassin. Even you have just thirty percent of confidence? I think that he has already grown to a certain level. Martial geniuses with great luck are really hard to kill...Even the universe seems to be on their side. But, if our Nine Ghost Cult wants to kill him, even the universe's help will not do."

"What is your plan, second master?"

"We wait...wait for the Black Demon to come out."

"Black Demon!"

The shadow moved slightly; it was obvious that it had experienced some emotional changes.

"Nightmare, during this period of waiting, do not just rest and do nothing. Take your assassins with you and kill one of the candidates of the second leader of the Yellow Dragon Palace, Li Xiaoling. He is as threatening as Ye Chen. Moreover, he also has the water spirit body."

The elder looked cruel. As long as it was a top martial genius who had something to do with the old Dragon King and the Mysterious Queen, he wanted to kill them all. Letting the enemies with potential grow would not be a smart move in his opinion. If it were not because that there was a lot of business needed to be taken care of in the Master Union, dealing with all of the information coming from all around the world while looking out for the dark groups, he would have done it himself.


The Star Regional Lake, the east side of the core region...

It was a peaceful day. The water was dark blue, and there was not a single island around. If one looked over the lake, it would seem to be endless.

On the lake was a small boat floating silently. An old fisherman sat within it and fished casually. The rod seemed to be made with emerald, while the string shone with a clear light. That fish hook in the deeper parts of the lake was not a normal fish hook. It was actually a one-finger-long, slightly bent, silver-colored sharp blade. The blade's body was actually thin like paper while looking rather heavy, since it made the fish string extremely tight, to the point that even the breeze could not move it.

Near the boat, a middle-aged man in a scholar's robe stood there in midair. He held a book with one hand while the other rested behind his back. He seemed to be drowned in the world of literature.

"Fisher, you said that the Treasury River Island will reveal itself in these days. But, we have been waiting for a week now, yet there is still nothing...not even a shadow. You sure you are not wrong about this?" In the not so far distance was another huge well-decorated boat, which looked extra ancient but fancy. A beautiful woman in red stood at the front. She stopped looking at the lake and asked the old man, who was fishing.

The old man stared at the fish string with all of his focus while he said casually, "Before the island comes up, there will be a five colored sunshine dyeing the whole lake. We will not miss it. All we need to do is to wait."

"I wonder what the island's history is. Why would it make such a dramatic entry every time it comes up? It is like it just comes out of nowhere, but there will also be omens prior to its reveal. What a strange logic!" The lady was rather frustrated with the situation.

The middle-aged man glanced at her and laughed, "There are all kinds of different things in this world. There are so many things that you cannot understand. So, reading books would do you wonders."

"What is the point in reading? If you did not spend that huge amount of time in reading books, you would have reached the Life and Death Realm already."

"Hehe... It is called accumulating before exploding, you know... eh?" The middle-aged man put away his book immediately, his eyes stared at the lake in front sharply.

The woman in red and the fisherman had both noticed that something was wrong. They both stopped blinking and starting to look more and more serious.

Under the lake, an area of dark shadows appeared. It was so huge that it seemed to be impossible to determine its edge.

"The island?"

Before the lady had come here, she had done a comprehensive research on the bottom of the lake, but had found nothing. Yet, this shadow had appeared so absurdly, it was almost as if it had come from another world.

Boom! Boom!

Soon, the black shadow with its strange shape floated to the surface of the lake, and a colorful light spread out in the area. The air, lake, and clouds had been dyed with different colors, making it all look extremely dreamy and unreal.

"It is indeed the Treasure Lake Island!" The middle-aged man gasped. In his eyes, all he could see was the colorful light. And through that, he could vaguely make out a small island which was covered in a colorful light. It was impossible to see what was behind the light layer clearly, which was exactly like the island the books had described.

The lady sounded extremely excited, "There are a lot of spirit plants inside the Treasury River Island...perhaps some extremely rare and extinct ones as well. If I am lucky, maybe I can also get one or two top of the top rank spirit plants. I heard that someone had gotten the Nine Twist Reverse Spirit Plant, the Dragon Blood Plant, and so on here!"

The fisherman laughed, "The soul plant is only one of them. The Treasure River Island is a secretive island with all kinds of different treasures. Let's prepare to break the seal! This colorful light layer's defense and attack is not simple. Although we are top spirit warriors, we can definitely not underestimate its power."

"The reappearance of the Treasury River Island is worth everything." Both the beautiful lady and the middle-aged man chuckled; they were happy about what was happening.

It was then that someone from far away was attracted by the lights. They were top Sea of Souls Realm warriors who always stayed on the edge of the central area of the Star Region Lake, which was one of the most dangerous parts in the whole area. Even Life and Death Realm warriors might face great dangers in that area. Although the edge of the central area was relatively less dangerous, but warriors below Sea of Souls Realm would not be able to enter and leave whenever they wanted. Therefore, warriors around this area were mostly top Sea of Souls Realm who were on the edge on breaking through. Some of them were from the South Rudra Region, some from the Wavy Snow Region, and some from the Wavy Clouds Region...

These groups of top Seas of Souls Realm warriors mostly worked together throughout the year, exploring different dangerous areas within the Star Region Lake. That colourful light coming from the island was too bright, that everyone within hundreds of miles could easily notice it.

"This...! This is the Treasury River Island! Oh my god! It is really it! It came out! This is definitely our chance, guys." One of the Seas of Souls Realm warrior seemed to have remembered something as he explained to his partners with great joy.

"What? This is the legendary Treasure River Island? Last time anyone had seen it was at least hundreds of years ago, right?"

No one could predict the time of the island's appearance. It was all pure luck, since there could be cases when the island appeared and there was no one there at all.


The lady sneered as she exchanged a look with the elder and the middle-aged man.

"Your opportunities in life will stop now."

The elder stood up and waved the rod in his hand, causing the sharp blade on the end of the string to shoot out. That fish string seemed to be really bouncy and able to yield a lot, so it was expanded to dozens of miles without stopping at all. And because of its crystalline, see-through color, the fish string was hard to discover with bare eyes.


The sharp silver blade drew an angle before puncturing one of the top Sea of Souls Realm warrior. Then, with the bouncing effect of the string, the blade shot out backward immediately while the fish string sliced through two other Sea of Souls Realm warriors.

Blood spilled everywhere, dyeing the sky red. The Sea of Souls Realm warrior whose throat got stabbed through covered the bloody hole with his hands before falling down from the sky in great horror. He had not even seen the elder's movement at all. Meanwhile, two other Seas of Souls Realm warriors nearby had also been sliced in half; the edges of the cuts were all so sharp, as if they were made of glass. If one looked at that flying fish string now, it reflected a bloody light.

Both the elder's silver sharp blade and the fish string could be used to kill people.


Freezing for a bit, the other Sea of Souls Realm warriors started to run for their lives. The elder's power was too strong, for him to be able to kill three of their partners with an effortless attack. That sharp silver blade and fish string both seemed extremely sharp, which could very likely be a top of the top rank great weapon.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

After three of them had been killed, only six of the Sea of Souls Realm warriors remained, shooting out into the distance.

"Flower Colors! "

The pretty woman looked extremely cold while she shook her hand and waved out a huge area of pretty light chips. They were like crystal chips, but also like different kinds of flower petals, arriving amongst the six within a flash.

All of a sudden, another two fell from the sky, while another two were badly wounded. Their speed of escaping decreased.

"Shining Sword!"

The weapon of choice for the middle-aged man was a long, narrow sword. His skinny palms held the sword as he waved out a sword attack.


The bright light shone in the air, and the two warriors who were badly wounded were decapitated, and one beam of light caught up with a warrior who was relatively slower than the others, cutting off half of his body.

The three of them had attacked a couple of times casually before killing all eight of the Sea of Souls Realm warrior. It was easy like drinking water and eating fruits for them.

In the end, there was only one Sea of Souls Realm warrior who had traveled the fastest and managed to run away, disappearing in the horizon.

The elder's eyes were bright as he said slowly, "His movement art contained the thunder profound...No wonder he was so fast! Let's not waste time. We shall break through the colorful light layer and enter the island first."

The lady and the middle-aged man both nodded, the expressions on their faces no longer as pleasant as before.

Hundreds of miles away, the Sea of Souls Realm warrior who had made it out looked still frightened, his face pale.

"Too horrifying! I had no chance to fight back at all! Luckily, I am at Mid Sea of Souls Realm, and my movement art contains the thunder profound."

"These three people are so powerful. One I enter the island and face them, I will definitely be dead for sure. But, giving it up is not my style either, since it is such a rare opportunity. I will have to fight for it once encountering it. What should I do? What can I do to seize this chance?"

"Right! I can spread the word out!"

This guy looked enlightened as he thought to himself excitedly, "There are a lot of treasures inside the island, and many people going there might not be a bad thing. After all, a bigger cake would take more people to consume it. Since I cannot be the only one eating it, why not spread out the word for others to enjoy it? I don't believe those three can kill everyone there."

"Yes! That is what I will do!"

After making up his mind, this guy continued to travel, flying toward the Mountain Region which was the closest.


The news spread out quickly. Normally, it would be rare for couple of people to know a secretive news. But this time, someone seemed to try to stir up the whole situation, as a lot of people had found out about it. But of course, they were all from regions that were closer to the Star Region Lake, which was too far. It seemed that this person who deliberately let out the news did not want everyone to know about it as well. The people who knew the news decided to keep it to themselves and travel toward the island immediately without rest.

Inside the Martial City in the Black Dragon Empire...

"The Treasure River Island?"

Ye Chen had recently arrived in the Martial City. He wanted to travel through the city to exchange some of items with some Seas of Souls Realm warriors for some pills to improve cultivation. They were for his parents, as he wanted them to be able to reach the Astral Reaching Realm soon. Since he was famous now and had reached the Seas of Souls Realm recently, it would be a small effort for him to do such a thing for his parents. Just before, he was about to chat with a Sea of Souls Realm warrior who lived in the city when someone had talked to them via Zhen yuan, saying that the reappearance of the Treasure River Island was just happening nearby.

"Sorry, I have to go now."

The Sea of Souls Realm warrior who was chatting with Ye Chen had hurried to leave as soon as he heard the news.

Ye Chen did not mind it either. There were a lot of treasures inside the island, and he thought perhaps he could find some great sprite medicines for his parents in there.

"If it were before, I would have to think about the fact that I might not be powerful enough to take on whatever might happen. But now, my power is no longer weak, and entering the island is a must."

A light flashed once as Ye Chen followed to leave the restaurant.