Chapter 521: Training the Dream Eating Wolf

 Chapter 521: Training the Dream Eating Wolf

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"Early Sea of Souls Realm, level 4 sword spirit...probably even peak level...Mid rank profound sense martial arts and extremely alert senses...less than thirty percent chance of success. My own chance of dying is more than fifty percent."

In a corner of Luo City, the color there seemed to be slightly dimmer than anywhere else; something seemed to be missing there. However, a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior who had walked passed by had no idea what was going on.

Putting away the storage rings and the beast tag, Ye Chen looked down toward the Ye family. He could not help but show a sad smile - half of the Ye family area had been crushed into an empty ground. The dark cracks on the ground and walls had spread out to the nearby streets. Luckily, he had pushed away the two people on time and flew high into the sky; otherwise, the whole Luo City would have been destroyed with the shockwaves alone.

The destruction power of the Sea of Souls Realm warriors was no joke.


Ye Chen flew toward the Ye family.

"Chen'er, you are not wounded, are you?" Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing welcomed him.

Ye Chen shook his head in response, "How is the Ye family? Is anyone here wounded?"

"It is alright. It was not that intense at the beginning, so only a few dozens of people were badly wounded, while thirty something people were slightly wounded. It should be fine."

Letting out a breath, Ye Chen said seriously, "Father, mother, this Luo City is no longer suitable for us to stay."

"Are you afraid that someone is going to kill all of us when they cannot find you here?" Shen Yuqing had realized the core of the problem.

"Indeed! As you have already seen, the destructive power of the Sea of Souls Realm warriors are horrifying. Not to mention the Ye family, even the whole Luo City would not require them too much effort to destroy. Therefore, it is too dangerous for you guys to continue staying here. I do not want to see you guys being killed because of me."

Ye Tianhao frowned, "But, our Ye family has lived here for generations. If we just decide to move now, I think a lot of them would not be happy about it."

"How about this? We will keep the house here, but we will build an even bigger one and you all will stay there." Ye Chen thought about it and said.

"Where should we build it?" Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing looked over at Ye Chen.

"Somewhere close to the South Rudra Martial School perhaps." In the whole Windy Nation, only the South Rudra Martial School would be the relatively safe place for them, since everyone knew that the school was a branch of the Dragon God Heaven Palace.

"Will it be troubling for the leader?" Shen Yuqing referred to Long Biyun, since she was an inner master of the school herself.

"Don't worry, it will be fine!" Ye Chen had already shown enough power and potential, and this little favor would not be too much; he would pay it back one day in total, and with even more. Right now, the only thing he could do was make himself even stronger.


Ye Tianhao nodded. Actually, with their family's situation now, as long as the leader accepted it, the rest would not be a problem, since they were not lacking gold or spirit stones at all. They had more than enough for even seven or eight bigger houses.

After half a day, Long Biyun arrived.

The news of Ye Chen battling two Sea of Souls Realm warriors had spread in the South Rudra Region.

After knowing that Ye Chen had killed the intruders, Long Biyun did not think much as well, thinking that they were just two normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors.

"Building the Ye family house next to the South Rudra Region? No problem! I will go back and search for a great location personally as well."

After chatting for a while, Ye Chen had told her his thoughts, and she agreed immediately. Protecting the Ye family would allow Ye Chen to travel without any worries. She thought that it should be something she should do in the first place anyway. Ye Chen's reaction and thoughts on solving the problems had shown clearly that he had grown and become more mature. Once he reached his peak, it would be the day for the Dragon God Heaven Palace to receive their rewards.

Seeing that Long Biyun had come onboard, Ye family became extremely busy. Not only them, the whole of the Luo City became busy-the center square had been destroyed, the golden statue had been broken, and people had been killed... The reconstruction and the death compensation would have to be dealt with by the mayor and Ye family themselves, since it was indirectly caused by Ye Chen. Therefore, the Ye family took on the compensation themselves instantly and paid it with double the price.

Three days later, the new Ye family started the construction. The location had been settled at two hundred miles in the east of the South Rudra Region. It was right next to rivers, lakes, and even waterfalls. It was indeed a great place to live.

As for Ye Chen, he did not join any of these things; instead, he focused on training.

Inside another untouched yard of the Ye family in the Luo City.

"It has already been two months since I have reached the Sea of Souls Realm, and my cultivation has stabilized completely now. Now will be a good time for me to take the Soul Pattern Fruit and try to reach the peak level of Early Sea of Souls Realm."

Reaching from the Early Seas of Souls Realm to its peak level would not come with much change in his battling power; only his Zhen yuan would become richer and purer. But, it was an advantage as well, since it would allow him to battle for an even longer time.

Taking out the fruit, he took a couple of bites and swallowed it fully.


The fruit melted the second it touched Ye Chen's tongue and turned into waves of powerful soul pattern yuan qi before pouring into his meridians. As he activated his martial arts, the yuan qi slowly turned into new Zhen yuan.

By night time, Ye Chen had successfully reached the peak level. The rich Zhen yuan was like a long running river that continued to travel before eventually gathering inside his Zhen yuan ocean.


Letting out a long breath, Ye Chen opened his eyes again. His sight was like lightning, brightening the whole room.

"It is indeed a top rank soul fruit! The yuan qi it contained was a thousand times greater than top rank soul stones. Moreover, it was even easier to absorb."

After reaching the Sea of Souls Realm, the speed of him absorbing top rank soul stone yuan qi had increased a lot, since the Sea of Souls Realm Zhen yuan was purer and richer than the Astral Reaching Realm level.


A wolf roar was heard from outside the room, shaking the window and generating loud reverberating sounds.

Ye Chen chuckled a little, then opened the door and walked out.

Inside the yard, a huge wolf with red hair and a forehead full of eyes lay on the ground. It was roaring into the sky, bringing up the qi flows.

Seeing that Ye Chen had come out, the wolf closed its mouth immediately.

"Indeed! You knew that there is no point in running."

Ye Chen did not use a chain to restrain the wolf, since he did not have enough of power to lock a rank 10 beast; and normal ones would be like paper for the wolf anyway.

The wolf beast was not looking well, as it secretly glanced at Ye Chen with fear written all over its face.

Ye Chen had brought too strong a fear for it; not only had he broken the dream world that it had created, but had also managed to follow the trace and track his soul, wounding it badly.

"Alright! Right now, I will break the soul mark on you. Remember, do not fight back. Otherwise, it will be you who will not have a good time."

The first step to train other warriors' beasts would be removing the soul mark in the deepest part of the beast's soul before leaving his own.


The wolf groaned a little and nodded.

Walking in front of the wolf, Ye Chen pressed his palm on its forehead, pouring his rich soul power within. The next second, a silver light was released from his pupils, which was drastically different from his soul power before.

The wolf was shivering, it was not from pain or anything, but because Ye Chen's soul power was too powerful; it was five times more than its last owner's. Even without thinking much, it would not dare to do anything now even if it had had thoughts to fight back earlier on.

'I don't want to die. So, I cannot fight against this young man in front of me.'

In the deepest part of the wolf's soul, Ye Chen had found the foreign soul mark. The soul mark was a complicated thing; it was like a pattern, but also like a spell. The ones used to mark a weapon and a soul were quite different. The soul marks required on the weapons would require constant renewal, while the ones for the soul would not need to renew its soul power, since it would be planted onto the soul, and would survive by absorbing the soul power of the beasts. In other words, as long as this wolf beast did not die, the soul mark would exist unless someone actively tried to break it.

If Ye Chen were only a normal Sea of Souls Realm warrior, it would be hard for him to break someone else's soul mark. But, his soul power was so unbelievably powerful that it only took him a slight push to remove the mark without harming the wolf at all.

"Soul Mark...Brand!"

After getting rid of the foreign soul mark, Ye Chen moved onto the second step, which was to leave his own soul mark. Once the soul mark had been put in place, the wolf would not betray Ye Chen even if it wanted it. As long as Ye Chen wanted, the beast would feel the greatest pain of its life.

Creating and leaving a soul mark required a lot of time. It took him all the way until midnight before finishing, following which, the silver light in his pupils faded.

"Alright! You can go out and hunt for a bit. Do not hurt people or run far away."

Ye Chen knew that the damage on the soul would take a long time to fix. Without soul healing medicines, the wolf might never fully recover to its peak, and there might also be side effects. Therefore, asking the wolf to hunt was for it gain some necessary energy.

As for its movements, nothing would escape from his detection because of the soul mark. If anyone wanted to remove his mark, then it would require at least Life and Death Realm power.

Hearing him, the wolf shyly rubbed its head on Ye Chen's clothes, then groaned before turning around and disappearing into the dark.

"Rank 10 beast is indeed powerful. Even if its ability and power have been damaged badly, it is still way more powerful than rank 9 beasts."

Easily sensing the wolf's movement, Ye Chen let out a breath. Next, he would have to get rid of the soul mark on the beast tag, and then he would be able to keep the wolf in it. In that case, he would be able to bring it with him everywhere without people knowing.

It was rather easy to get rid of the soul mark on the beast tag. After fifteen minutes, the owner of the beast tag was officially Ye Chen.

"It is indeed a top rank beast tag. The space inside is almost the size of the whole Ye family's area. There is even natural yuan qi in there as well."

Pouring his soul power, Ye Chen could see the space inside the tag. There was a thousand miles big space, with mountains, rivers and dark clouds. Small strings of natural yuan qi continued to leak out and nourish the land, maintaining the balance of the space.

The tag could keep more than one beast, especially the top rank beast tag, which had an extra large space. As long as the owner of the beasts made it clear that battling between them was not allowed, the top rank beast tag could allow more than ten beasts to live within. Of course, Ye Chen was calculating based on normal beasts' size. If it were rather big ones, then one or two of them would take up the whole space.