Chapter 520: Cut Through Dream World

 Chapter 520: Cut Through Dream World

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"Ghost Cry, go restrain him first. When he is least expecting it, I will release the wolf and put him to sleep. As long as he enters the dream world, he will lose control of his body and think that the dream world as reality. By then, killing him would be like killing a fly." Ink Wolf talked to Ghost Cry via Zhen yuan.

Ghost Cry nodded, a sneer appearing on his face.

"Wind Shadow Shapeless Hand!"

"Battle Wolf Kill!"

The two came together, attacking Ye Chen from both left and right.

Ye Chen was not afraid at all as he waved his sword to welcome the attacks. The horrifying killing sword intent surrounded his body before eventually gathering on his longsword. The longsword then shone with a dark red light which was dreamy as if it originated from a surreal world, carrying the purest killing intent. Ye family's buildings were collapsing all around them; the slightly ground-shocking sword intent could dim the sky and lower the clouds.


When he was at the peak of his condition, he threw out another sword attack; the bluish-gold sword qi once again spread out in the whole sky, cutting down the dark clouds.


Both Ghost Cry and Ink Wolf were blown away. They opened their mouths to puke out a huge amount of blood.

They were both shocked at what had just happened. They were not normal warriors, but one of the remaining masters of Nine Ghost Cult. They were already at peak level Mid Sea of Souls Realm, with few low rank profound martial arts up their sleeves, with their martial intent no weaker than anyone else's. Moreover, the battling experience and talent were also not their weak parts; otherwise, they would not have been selected as the masters of the Nine Ghost Cult after all. With their synchronized power to attack Ye Chen, they had somehow still failed, ending up with both of them badly wounded and spouting blood everywhere. How bizarre!

"If we cannot kill this guy today, we will not have an easy sleep more." Ghost Cry squeezed those words through his teeth, his eyes full of killing intent.

"Hold on! The Dream Eater Wolf is the key to the success of our mission." Ink Wolf reminded Ghost Cry.

"I know. I will let him be happy for a little longer."

After blowing away the two with one sword, Ye Chen performed his sword steps, running swiftly closer to Ink Wolf, who was relatively slow. Before his opponent was able to react, an attack of Amaranthine Nature Art had been thrown out. The space became wavy, and the pattern in the air spread out across the whole area while the blue sword light continued to shine brightly.

"Not good! Watch out!"

Ink Wolf knew Ye Chen's attacking power was not something he could use his defense to take on comfortably.


A bright spark appeared in between them.

In order to survive the unexpected attack, Ink Wolf took out a top rank shield and blocked with it in front of him.

"Speed Sword Hell!"

Using the counter force, Ye Chen increased the distance between him and Ink Wolf, using his swiftness profound to push his attack. It was fast like lightning, while covering almost all of the area around them and beyond. Countless qi flows exploded, bringing up a couple of bloody flower patterns in the air.


Ink Wolf held his blade in one hand while the other held the shield, yet was blown away again. His shoulder, left ribs, and the thigh had been wounded, blood spilling out everywhere continuously. It was caused by Ye Chen's attack; even with the long blade and the shield in between trying to protect him, it was still impossible for him to escape from that beam of sword light completely.

"Can I not wound him badly?"

Ye Chen frowned. Although the name of his former attack was formidable, it was just using the swiftness profound to increase the speed of waving out his sword. The battling power was not even as powerful as the case where he waved it out normally, since its focus was just on the speed, which led to the scattering of his power.

It was an easy attack; therefore, it did not even take Ye Chen a lot of time to fully master it.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to create a brand new sword attack out of the blue within just three days.

Naming it the Speed Sword Hell was only his hope for faster sword attacks. He believed that the flaws and weakness of this attack would slowly disappear, and this attack would be useful one day.

"Wind Kill!"

Behind his back, Ghost Cry seized the opportunity as he pointed out his finger which contained an extreme cutting power, as if a huge number of wind blades had combined together.


Sparks were raised as Ye Chen held his sword backward, blocking out Ghost Cry's attacks. He then used this chance to turn his body and throw out a sword attack with his right hand.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Art!"

It was his most powerful sword attack. Its powerful vibrational power arrived at an extreme speed and shattered Ghost Cry's protective Zhen yuan. But, the latter was not that easy to kill. At that critical moment, he let out a hysterical high-pitched sound wave that sounded just like a ghost crying. It was low in intensity but full of power, puncturing into souls; which could confuse its opponents and decrease the warriors' battling will to the lowest possible, leaving them freaking out to their biggest fears.

Because of the disturbance of the sound wave, Ye Chen's movement was half a beat slower, which allowed Ghost Cry to dodge without an effort.

"Ink Wolf, Now!"

Blood spilled out of his shoulder due to the sword qi as Ghost Cry screamed at Ink Wolf.

"Break Soul, Come out!"

Ink Wolf obviously knew that it was a rare opportunity. So, he put away his top rank shield and hit the beast tag on his waist with his left hand, releasing a red-haired, evil, huge wolf beast with many eyes on its forehead.

"Create dreams! Now!" Ink Wolf commanded.


Hearing him, the eyes of the wolf on its forehead started to shine. The light expanded, turning into a dim light cover that wrapped the three within. Because the wolf was targeting Ye Chen, so Ghost Cry and Ink Wolf were not affected at all.

"What is this place?"

Ye Chen came to an empty-looking meadow, with huge red wolves crowding around him. Their eyes shone with a dim but creepy light as they stared at Ye Chen cruelly.

Awoo! Awooooo!

The leader roared, throwing attacks at Ye Chen first. The rest of them followed, jumping at him like waves of an ocean.


Ye Chen waved out his sword, killing a huge number of the wolves.

But, there were just too many of them. And, they seemed to increase by the second; none of them were afraid of death.

"No! This is not real."

Ye Chen possessed the slaughter sword spirit, which was more powerful than all of the master level warriors' spirits. The reason that he was fooled now was because that he had never encountered this kind of an attack before. If it were anyone else, he or she would not have the chance to actively think for themselves. They would be drowned in this surreal world and continue to fight numbly until the end of this dream.

The minutes one spent in the dream world was equal to less than a blink of an eye in the real world.

"Let's kill him now!"

Ghost Cry was just about to move.

Ink Wolf hurried to say, "No! He has just entered the dream. If you do it now, you will wake him, then everything we did will be a waste!"

"How long more do we have to wait?"

"No rush! It would be time once he gets deeper in it." Ink Wolf was very confident at his dreamscape creating wolf beast. It was not powerful because of its rank 10 power, but also due to its abilities. In fact, although the wolf was a rank 10 beast, its battling power was no different from any rank 9 beast. But, with the special ability of creating a dream world, its beast power could exceed the effects of the hallucinations created by clam beasts; since the latter could only create hallucinations and trick people while the affected people would still be able to move around as they pleased. But, the warriors who had been attacked by the former would believe that they were in the real world and could move as they wanted; but in fact, it would all be a dream. In other words, once they fell into deep sleep, they would turn into undead corpses.

"Hehe... Tell me the second it happens."

Ghost Cry reached out his right hand's index finger, with the power of wind gathering around it. The white light ball seemed to be made of countless compressed wind blades. Under that attack, most of the things in this world would be penetrated through immediately.


On top of that meadow, Ye Chen closed his eyes and opened them again while yelling, the horrifying soundwave spreading throughout the area.


A cold light flashed across Ye Chen's eyes.

Ghost Cry froze for a second. The longsword in Ye Chen's hand changed from waving to stabbing right into the former's throat. As a result, blood poured out like a broken dam.

Ink Wolf, who was not far from him, was completely shocked.

"Cutting through dreams? What kind of level is his mind power at?" Ink Wolf was clear that anyone below the master level would not be able to cut through dreams within a short period of time and break through like this. Even if it were a master level warrior, he or she might still be killed on their first time encountering it. The second master had sent him here indeed because he knew that he had kept an extremely rare rank 10 dreamscape creating wolf beast. With this kind of an ability, even if it were a master level warrior that they had to kill, they would still have a high chance of succeeding in the mission.

"Perhaps, his mind power had exceeded the master level!"

Ink Wolf could only think about one possibility as he paled; he no longer cared about the dreams or his wolf beast, whose soul was already badly wounded, and started to escape.

Putting away his longsword, Ye Chen sneered once while flicking all of his fingers again and again.


Countless bullet-like lotus heart sword qi were shot out, creating a gapless sword qi tornado which wrapped around Ink Wolf immediately, attacking him ceaselessly.

Ink Wolf had sensed its arrival, so he hurried to take out top rank shield for his protection. But, the sword qi was just too powerful and numerous, while the defensive area of the shield was limited. All of a sudden, his right arm was cut off; then, his right leg had been punctured through, followed by his left leg, neck, head...By the time the top rank shield had been completely shattered and fell onto the ground, Ink Wolf had already been punctured through millions of times.

Ceasing the sword qi assault, Ye Chen let out a breath of dirty qi. Those two men and the wolf were frightening. It was not that he did not want to perform his sword qi tornado in the beginning. But, he was not confident that it could kill all of them. If he used it right at the beginning and scaring one of them away, the consequences would be even more horrifying. Therefore, he had been waiting for an opportunity, one that allowed him to kill both at once. But, he did not expect that they would have a wolf beast with them as well. If he had guessed it right, it should be the almost-extinct dreamscape creating wolf. It had similar abilities as the clam beast he had faced before.

Under that rain of blood and flesh, a drop of light and a metal tag had fallen from above, Ye Chen made a grabbing gesture, grabbing the two into his hands.

That dot of light was Ink Wolf's storage ring, and the metal tag was the beast containing tag. If he had remembered it correctly, only the Beast Martial School still knew the method to create such tags right now, and a lot of the martial institutions would buy it from them to capture some trainable beasts within. Without the tag, even if one could train a beast, one would not be able to carry along, since it could be too attention-grabbing.

There were still ranks amongst the tags. The low rank tag could only keep beasts below rank 3; the mid rank one would be able to contain beasts ranked from 3 to 7, while top rank beast tag would be able to keep beasts below rank 10. This tag in his hand should be at least top rank, which would be extremely valuable; not something one could buy anytime one wanted.

"Great thing this is! But, judging from its value, it would not be as valuable as that wolf beast, since the dreamscape created by a rank 10 Dream Eater Wolf would be unbelievably real and frightening. Even the master level warriors would be killed if not careful. I wonder how much effort they had put in to raise this wolf beast to this level."

Looking over to the weak-looking wolf, he shook his head. He knew that this wolf beast would most probably useless now. The wound on the soul was not something that could heal so easily. Even if it recovered, its ability of creating dreams would diminish drastically. But, nothing shall be truly wasted. He had decided to train it and make it obey him, because he knew that it could do wonders for him one day.