Chapter 519: Ghost Cry and Ink Wolf

 Chapter 519: Ghost Cry and Ink Wolf

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"Indeed, such a long way to the Windy Nation." Next to a huge ancient tree, a man in black robes looked into the distance. Under the tree were seven dead bodies with their brains scooped out. On the side were another man and a wolf; it was indeed the wolf that was feeding on the brains. It was a red-haired wolf that had many eyes on its forehead.

"Hey, Ink Wolf! Every time I come out with you, do you have to always make a mess? Can you not feed so much to your Dream Eating Wolf?" The man in a black robe stood on the big tree said unhappily.

The man patting the wolf said lightly, "No! Humans' brains contain the necessary energy it needs, unless you can find some clam beasts."

"Where can I find one of those? Never mind that! Put it all away now. Let's get back on the road. It has been two months after the tea gathering, that brat might have already left. After we kill him, you can have the head...and it is a genius's head after all." It took a while for the news to spread to them. Although the two had left immediately, but two months of time had still passed.

After hearing the word "genius", the man with the wolf smiled creepily as he straightened his body, "Break Soul, come here!" He called while patting on the mental belt tag on his waist.


With that, the wolf turned into a light shadow and disappeared within it. It was a palm-sized mental tag with the ancient word "Beast" on it. It was indeed the rare beast tag that was even harder to find than storage rings. It contained the space for keeping beasts. But of course, only by leaving a soul mark on the beast's soul could they ask the beasts to obey them.

Shoo! Shoo!

The two disappeared immediately, leaving behind the horrifying-looking corpses.


"The shadow mentality is indeed mysterious, as it also contains the power of Yin. But, it is not as pure as the latter, as there is also something else mixed within."

Thinking of shadows, most people would be reminded of the sun, since the shadow would appear under the sun. Therefore, the shadows were considered the opposites of the sun; while the sun carried the mentality of Yang, the shadow carried the mentality of Yin.

However, the truth was not exactly that. The formation of a shadow did not necessarily require sunshine, as any light source would suffice. For example, the flame could produce light and create shadows, and electricity could also do the same as well.

"It seems that if I want to train the shadow mentality into the shadow profound, I will have to learn more about the natural profounds. After all, it seems to be more complicated than the most of them."

On the side of the lake were stone tables and chairs. Ye Chen stopped training and walked over to the chairs, sitting down to drink tea while gazing at the lake.

"Ink Wolf, that is him!"

A hundred miles away from Luo City, two men in black robes appeared. The slightly thinner man closed his eyes, finding Ye Chen by following the air vibrations.

The man referred to as Ink Wolf made a face, "Taking him on would not require an ambush. Let's go now. My wolf cannot wait any longer."


The skinny man shook his head as a brutal smile appeared on his face. Obviously, Ink Wolf was thinking the same as him. A little brat who had not yet reached the Sea of Souls Realm would not need any strategy which was required for taking out powerful ones.

Before, the highest structures of Luo City were the countless tall buildings scattered around. But now, Ye Chen's golden statue had overshadowed them all. It was hundreds of meters high, and standing on top of it, one could see every inch of Luo City. There were two uninvited guests on top of it right now, standing on the head of the statue and looking over toward the Ye family.

"He is just a young brat, but he already has his own golden statue. He will not even know how he dies." Ink Wolf stamped slightly, causing the head of the statue to be full of cracks, looking like it was going to shatter any second. But, there seemed to be a perfect balance right then, as not a single chip had fallen down from the broken statue.

He did not look down at the broken golden statue as the skinny man in black pushed his sight to its limit and managed to find Ye Chen, who was only dozens of miles away quickly. Before his eyes, a young man in blue was enjoying the view while drinking tea, looking extremely relaxed. As for his cultivation... Eh? He had reached the Sea of Souls Realm! It hadn't been that long at all, but he was already at Sea of Souls Realm?

'Damn it!' The skinny man swore a bit.

"Ghost Cry, what is going on?" Ink Wolf did not pay attention at Ye Chen at all as he trusted Ghost Cry for it.

The latter said with a strange tone, "He is already at Sea of Souls Realm."

"What? Did you see it right?"

"Although I did not use my soul power to sense, but in this short distance, his Zhen yuan vibration had been sent here directly along with the wind yuan qi. It should not be wrong." Even though Ghost Cry did not care about Ye Chen or his power, he did not want to alarm him by using his soul power carelessly.

"Within two months of time, he already reached the Sea of Souls Realm? Interesting! Too bad he is going to die soon. What a waste!" Ink Wolf was a little surprised, but he turned to normal again soon. They were not normal spirit warriors, so even if Ye Chen had managed to reach the Sea of Souls Realm, he would only be slightly more powerful than the basic Sea of Souls Realm. Plus, there were two of them here along with a rank 10 wolf beast.

"Huh! The second master was right to worry about him. This guy has to be killed." A strong killing qi leaked out from Ghost Cry's body.

"Who are you? Come down now!"

Around the golden statue, groups of patrolling soldiers were gathered by this point as the leading captain pointed at the two on top and yelled with great anger.

"Let's go!"

Ghost Cry did not pay attention at the soldiers at all, shooting out toward Ye Chen's location.


Ink Wolf followed right behind. As they left, Ink Wolf had poured a wave of powerful Zhen yuan inside the golden statue.


The two had just left when the statue had exploded immediately, turning into millions of small pieces shooting out in all directions, covering miles of area. All people could hear was some light sound before dying in the river of blood.

Next to the Ye family's lake, Ye Chen turned his head and squeezed his eyes.

Using his soul power twenty-four hours a day would be extremely exhausting; so, unless it was necessary, Ye Chen would release his soul power only once a while around the Luo City. Hence, he had not noticed them when the two were a hundred miles away from the Luo City. But, when they got on top of the golden statue, he had already noticed them, since he was very sensitive to other people's sights. The men in black shattering the golden statue and killing countless people was seen by him with his own eyes.

"Who are you?"

Ye Chen turned his body as his sword qi spread out in the area quietly.

"Brat, all you can blame is yourself for being too famous. The highest tree would definitely get blown by the wind."

Ghost Cry had a very fast body art; he was like the wind, perhaps even more powerful than the wind. With one flash, his body became unpredictable as he threw out a kick toward Ye Chen from mid air.

"Wind profound!"

Ye Chen could tell that Ghost Cry was great at the wind profound. It was an extremely mysterious profound since it was almost unable to predict the wind's direction.

"Reverse Sky Thunder Cut!"

Holding the longsword with his left hand, Ye Chen threw out an attack back.

"Eh? Reversed attack?"

Ghost Cry was surprised. Ye Chen's attack could perfectly counteract his speed and attacking angle. He hurried the avoid while being in midair, somehow escaping the incoming sword qi.

"You are looking for death!"

Ink Wolf was following behind the Ghost Cry; after the latter avoided the attack, that sword qi wrapped around his body like a cloth. It was so fast that it left him no time to react, so he hurried to wave his blade and shatter the sword qi.

Paw! Pop! Paw! Pop!

The sword qi and the blade qi clashed, blowing Ink Wolf completely away.

"Since you are already here, then do not try to leave!"


Ye Chen's body bounced up into the air as he shifted the sword into his right hand, stabbing toward Ghost Cry, who was the closest to him.

"Wind Mysterious Shadow!"

Ghost Cry's body shook once as dozens of shadows appeared out of the blue, jumping toward Ye Chen.

The space vibrated madly; within one second, the two had exchanged hundreds of attacks. Although Ghost Cry had managed to form plenty of shadows, they were not dangerous at all in the eyes of Ye Chen. Throwing one sword for each shadow, the latter shattered them completely without wasting a second, leaving only one true body backing out at an extreme speed.

"I have underestimated you."

Ghost Cry wanted to use his speed to kill Ye Chen, and did not expect that the latter's sword art to be this fast and accurate. It seemed to be impossible to get close to him.

Ye Chen said with a cold voice, "Regardless what your purpose here is, today will be the day you die. There would be no point in running away."

"Haha! Run away? Do you really think you are some powerful warrior whom we cannot hurt? How dare you look down on us? Wind Shadow Shapeless Hand!"

Ghost Cry was so furious that he started to laugh as he slammed out with his right hand. The air was filled with palm prints that were all in different postures: some of them were tightened into fists, while the others were held together. It was like there were dozens of people attacking toward Ye Chen at the same time.

"Extreme Sword Hell!"

The hand Ye Chen used to hold his sword disappeared. At the same time, a huge region of sword light exploded, looking like dozens of people waving swords at the same time. What was different was that these dozens of 'people' were moving way faster than the dozens of 'people' from Ghost Cry. The attack was pushed by the profound of swiftness. With Ye Chen's surprising comprehensive abilities, Ye Chen had managed to comprehend it three days ago, and he did not expect that there would be people for him to test it out so quickly.

"This fast!"

Ghost Cry was shocked. He watched his attacks being canceled out and bounce back at him without the chance of fighting back.

"Chen'er, what is going on?"

Right then, Ye Tianhao brought a huge group of Ye family warriors to come along.

"You all have to die!"

On the other side, Ink Wolf waved his hand in the air, causing a black qi to spread out in the whole area, wanting to drown Ye Tianhao and the rest within.


A beam of sword qi flashed through in front of everyone's eyes, and the black qi was cut in half before disappearing completely. Ye Chen said with a low voice, "Father, you guys should leave now as far as possible."

"Go notify the others! Evacuate everyone from the Ye family!" Ye Tianhao had understood what had happened immediately as he hurried to make the decision and ask everyone to leave.

"Body Separating Shadow Art!"

Ye Chen yelled with a low voice; his body shook once and then countless shadows appeared layer after layer, diving the two and everyone from the Ye family.

"Little brat, go die!"

While Ye Chen was slightly distracted, Ghost Cry and Ink Wolf attack him at the same time.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Art!"

The golden-blue colored sword light exploded. As a result, Ghost Cry was blown away instantly, blood dripping down the corner of his mouth; at the same time, Ink Wolf was also having a tough time. While he was dealing with Ghost Cry, Ye Chen pointed at Ink Wolf; the waist-thick Zhen yuan finger ignored the space and landed on the protective Zhen yuan layer heavily, blowing him a few miles away as well.

"Let's join force and take him out!"

Ghost Cry looked serious, Ye Chen's battling power was out of his expectations. With only him against the two, Ye Chen still managed to maintain his upper hand. The good thing was that they were not really working together before, and were just attacking at the same time.