Chapter 518: Surprising Learning Speed

 Chapter 518: Surprising Learning Speed

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"My power now should allow me to be not be afraid of any spirit level warrior." Ye Chen was not sure that he would be able to beat all of them, so it should be more like he had the power to be relatively more reckless.

Once one reached the Sea of Souls Realm, there would be too many factors affecting one's battle power, such as the cultivation itself, the formation of martial spirit, profound sense martial arts, experiences, and battling talents; each one of them had a huge impact on the battling power. One of those aspects being powerful would not mean much; only with all of them being extremely powerful would make the warrior truly mighty. For example, the Sea of Souls Realm master level warriors were very powerful in all areas: their cultivation would be at least at the Late Sea of Souls Realm, their will power would shine with a bright light, and they would have learned a couple of low rank profound sense martial arts, with at least one of them being mid rank. Furthermore, they would be full of experiences, and with a high battling talent. Only with all areas being advanced to high levels would one be considered a master level Sea of Souls Realm warrior. With one or two of them still lacking slightly, one would be only regarded as a spirit warrior. Therefore, some of the peak master level warriors would be unbelievably powerful, and Ye Chen still did not have the confidence to beat them.

"Five areas... My slaughter sword spirit should be able to top all of them, and my battling experience should also be fine. Even if my batting talent is not that much more powerful, it would still be one advantage of mine. The remaining areas would only be the cultivation and profound sense martial arts, which are still slightly lacking."

"But, my soul has grown a total five times stronger compared to before. At the same time, my comprehensive ability should also have improved a lot. Therefore, the lack of profound sense martial arts should not last long. As for my cultivation, there will not be any shortcuts in that, as I will only have to train step by step. If I have the time, I will go out and explore more, trying to search for more Zhen yuan augmenting soul medicines."

After battling with Long Biyun, Ye Chen had a general idea of where his power stood now.

Long Biyun stopped attacking and sighed, "From now on, you already have earned what it takes to travel across the lands. As long as you don't encounter a Sea of Souls Realm master level warrior, you should be perfectly fine. As for the Life and Death Realm warriors, they are rarely out and about. Most of them are exploring the unknown forbidden areas and planets."

"Thank you for helping me all this time!" Putting back his longsword, Ye Chen said with gratitude.

She waved her hand in the air, "Only with investment would one receive a reward. You are the one that I have invested the least in my dragon god heaven palace. But, even I am so surprised with how far you have come. Moreover, you are still full of potential, so you have to continue working hard. Do not get affected by external factors."

"Ye Chen understands."

"You have just reached the Sea of Souls Realm, but I don't have much to give to you. This Soul Pattern Fruit has grown on a ten-thousand-years old tree. It only has one flower and one fruit every one hundred years. It contains a huge amount of Soul Pattern yuan qi. Once you have stabilized the early stage Sea of Souls Realm, it should be able to bring you to the peak level immediately." As she talked, she took out a fist-sized orange-colored fruit, throwing it toward Ye Chen.

Grabbing it, Ye Chen looked over. On the surface of the fruit seemed to be present some mysterious patterns. A special kind of yuan qi traveled around on top, making the whole fruit look extra mysterious, and filled with power.

It should be a top rank soul fruit!

He flipped his hand, causing the fruit to disappear. He thanked her, then asked, "Leader Long, I wonder if Xu Jing is doing well in the palace?"

A different smile appeared on her face as she said, "Don't worry! The girl is doing very well back at the palace. You will be shocked when you see her again. And, she is very popular there as well, if you don't work harder, you might be in trouble."

"Trouble?" Ye Chen smiled. He was not afraid of troubles; only troubles could help him unleash his potential.

"Alright! I will have to go now. Ye Chen, remember...if you do not want to have a dull life, then you will have to be on the top. Soon, you will realize that the higher your power and capabilities reach, the more power you will feel like you need. Regardless of what your decisions are, I believe you already have your own answer."

Her voice faded as she disappeared at the end of the mountains.

Watching her disappear, Ye Chen mumbled to himself, "Be on the top? I have no thoughts about that, but being dull is also no longer my choice. My goal should be to climb up one peak after another until there is no more road for me to walk on."

After standing there for a while, he turned to leave. The mountains were quiet once again; only those cracks and ruins would tell the people after him that certain incredible things had happened here.

When he got back to the Ye family mansion, he found Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing waiting in the yard for him. Ye Xuan and Ye Xiaoxiao were playing on the side.


Stopping immediately, the two kids jumped to hug Ye Chen.

"Chen'er, did you break through?" Ye Tianhao studied his son, realizing he was getting more and more mysterious. And, because Ye Chen did not hide his Zhen yuan vibration purposely, it was not hard for his dad to sense the natural yuan qi surrounding the former, as if he were their commander.

Ye Chen nodded, "I am at the Sea of Souls Realm now."

"Great! No one in our family had managed to do so till now. I cannot believe that my son has broken the record. I, as the father, will have no regrets if I die now." Ye Tianhao laughed; besides the excitement in his heart, he simply felt more excitement. In this world of power, only true power would be the most crucial thing, which was a rule everyone knew. He and Shen Yuqing were only at peak level Late Clasping Yuan Realm, and it should be fine for them to reach the Astral Reaching Realm. But, it would be almost impossible to reach the Sea of Souls Realm for them. However, Ye Xuan and Ye Xiaoxiao both had high potential. Once they reached ten years of age in two years, they would reach the best age for training, and then could officially start to cultivate qi.


"Sky Thunder Cut!"

Over at an empty ground next to the lake, a row of training columns stood there. They were not made with regular iron, as Ye Chen had bought them from the Martial City. Each one of them had the strength of a low rank great weapon, and had been through a true fire's refining.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Ye Chen threw out a sword attack, causing all six of them to be cut in half.

"Sixty percent! I have learned the Thunder profound so fast!"

Ye Chen was greatly shocked. It had only been one week since he had reached the Sea of Souls Realm, and he had already learned the Thunder profound, training his Sky Thunder Cut to sixty percent. This kind of learning speed was more than four times faster than before. All of the previously difficult concepts were now learned effortlessly.

"Soul! It is the core after all."

By now, he had finally completely confirmed that the soul was the core and essence of a human. Once the soul was powerful, the rest would follow; if the soul were weak, then the achievements would always be lacking. The things that other people could do in ten days would take only a few days with a powerful soul; the gap was huge indeed.

"Right now, I am not facing any more blockage in training yet. So, there is no need to hurry to go out. I will rest in the Ye family for now, and try to bring my power to the peak."

After making up his mind, he became even more peaceful.


Day after day, his profound sense martial arts had become more and more mature. Even the ninth movements of his green lotus sword art, the Amaranthine Nature Art, had broken through and turned into a profound martial art. He had also comprehended a bit more of the wood profound, bringing it also to sixty percent.

Although the power of the Amaranthine Natural Art was not as powerful as the Gold Resonant Radiance Art, but it was great in locking the target. People who were at the same cultivation level like Ye Chen would not have the chance to avoid even one sword attack of his unless their movement art were more powerful than his.

Besides this, on reaching the Sea of Souls Realm, the space mentality would no longer absolutely require the presence of space power for comprehension. Nevertheless, the speed of him observing and comprehending the space power had definitely increased drastically.

"Chen'er works very hard." Not far away, Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing stood together as she said quietly.

He said, "Even a martial genius would still have to depend on hard work. Chen'er must have gone through a whole lot of hardships to be able to reach this level. He must have been through very dangerous situations. Those people who carry the title of martial geniuses are mostly proud and arrogant. When they face great danger, they just freak out and lose their minds."

Shen Yuqing said with a mixed expression on her face: "We are not martial geniuses. So, I will never be able to imagine what he has been through. As his parents, we can only watch from the sidelines and give him a warm home when he is tired."

"He will also have his share of happiness. Our Chen'er will definitely become someone significant in the future. We do not need to worry too much. If we do, it might actually bring unnecessary stress for him."


The two did not disturb him training, walking away quietly.

Soon, one month passed by.


Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen waved out a sword attack. The gold light had taken over the area, with only twenty percent of the blue light remaining.


One row of training columns had been sliced off. Furthermore, they were not simply cut off; the middle part of the columns had just disappeared in thin air.

"Eighty percent! The Gold Resonant Radiance Art has reached eighty percent completion. This is already the result of me controlling the range of the attack. Otherwise, the Luo City beyond those columns would have been cut in half completely."

A smile appeared on his face.

Within this one month, he had learned a lot.

The Sky Thunder Cut and the Reverse Sky Thunder Cut had both reached seventy percent completion, and Amaranthine Nature Art had also reached sixty percent.

The one that improved the most was his Gold Resonant Radiance Art, which had reached all the way to eighty percent, and was already not far away from full completion.

Of course, it did not mean that it was easier to train. In fact, it was the hardest to take on. According to his estimation, the Gold Resonant Radiance Art would be a top grade low rank profound sword attack, which had a great attacking power.

The reason that his Gold Resonant Radiance Art had grown the most was that it was an acquired martial art, made and finished by someone else. On the other hand, his Sky Thunder Cut and Amaranthine Natural Art were all invented by him, created out of thin air. Therefore, the Gold Resonant Radiance Art could easily be trained to eighty percent, while the others could not.

"The higher the profound reaches, the harder it becomes...This is roughly my limit for now. Even being in the Extreme Void would not increase my learning speed anymore."

"However, even though my profound sword arts have reached their limits, my body arts have not. My Body Separating Shadow Flying Art would somehow need the shadow profound. Only with that can I turn it into a profound sense movement art. This will be tough...It should not be easier than comprehending the space profound."

People normally used shadows to describe things that were moving fast. The wind profound was actually really easy to train, and was also one of the natural yuan qi element. However, the shadow profound was a truly hard one to train. For the past days, he had been studying shadows: the shadows of the buildings, birds, other people's, and even his own. Because of his newly increased comprehensive abilities, he had actually managed to understand and learn the shadow mentality.

After training the shadow mentality, Ye Chen's movement art had reached the next level. With the slightest effort, the whole area was filled with his shadows. Ye Tianhao, who had accidentally run into this scene at that moment, was shocked and had his mouth wide opened. It took him a long time to come back to reality.

With his shadow mentality at this stage, Ye Chen knew that it would still be a long way to go for him to upgrade it to the shadow profound. But of course, once he managed to learn the shadow profound, his movement art would reach an unbelievable level. After all, the more powerful the profound was, the more powerful the related martial arts would be.