Chapter 517: Reaching Sea Of Souls Realm (Part Three)

 Chapter 517: Reaching Sea Of Souls Realm (Part Three)

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"Zhen yuan turning into ocean...All paths returning home!"

The extreme pressure had made Ye Chen highly focused like never before. The widespread soul power was like an exploding volcano right now, pouring out from the center of his brows.

Pop! Paw! Pop! Paw!

A tiny cracking sound was heard from his dantian: it was indeed the core of his Zhen yuan starting to melt, turning into a huge amount of Zhen yuan liquid. It looked like a lake inside his dantian, a blue colored, clear one. On top it was still half a Zhen yuan core that was slowly melting, floating on the surface of the lake.

Meanwhile, the natural yuan qi within hundreds of miles continued to pour out with Ye Chen being the center. He was like a black hole that continued to absorb yuan qi and store the rich yuan qi within his body, training it into Zhen yuan to fill the void of his dantian.

"No! The purifying speed of yuan qi is too slow, I still need top rank soul stones!"

Seeing the Thunder Electrical Dragon Palace slowly lower down, Ye Chen hurried to take out a huge amount of top rank soul stones. His Zhen yuan vibrated once and all of the top rank soul stones exploded into pieces. Extremely pure top rank soul stone yuan qi leaked out and was absorbed by Ye Chen completely. The top rank soul stone yuan qi was nothing the natural yuan qi could compare with; it was dozens of times purer. Once trained, it would turn into liquid Zhen yuan immediately and expand into a huge Zhen yuan lake soon.

"Right now, even if I cannot make it through the thunder challenges, I will already be at half-step Sea of Souls Realm. It is indeed a higher realm, and the Zhen yuan is plenty and rich as an ocean. In the middle of the Zhen yuan is an unpredictable swirl. Zhen yuan moves through the swirl and becomes extremely pure. As long as I make it through the challenge, there would be time for me to purify all of my Zhen yuan into Sea of Souls Realm Zhen yuan."

All of a sudden, Ye Chen could feel how much more powerful he had become. Plenty of Zhen yuan turned into a pumping force, bringing him waves of richer power.


The speed of the palace lowering was getting faster and faster, and the space started to vibrate like water being blown under heavy wind. The Thunder dragon flying around the palace roared with a loud voice, full of majesty.


Ye Chen's body sank while the ground under his feet was filled with cracks. The whole area of mountains could no longer handle the pressure of the dragon palace, which sank down dozens of meters altogether. Countless mountains had been cracked down while countless monsters and beasts had been shocked by the thunder and lightning into ashes.

"Sky Thunder Cut!"

Welcoming the palace, Ye Chen activated the not-so-pure Sea of Souls Realm Zhen yuan inside his body, throwing out a blue sword qi attack. It was a thousand miles long, which was twice as big as before. Wherever it touched, the pattern in the air had been pushed away.


The palace was extremely tangible, as Ye Chen's sword qi only made a small light sword mark on the surface, bringing up a lot sparks.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Art!"

After the blue sword qi, he threw out the bluish-gold colored sword light, which shook before blowing away a corner of the dragon palace. The power of the attack was extremely potent indeed.

"Not enough! A single-sided attack will not be enough to destroy the dragon palace. I guess I will have to use the sword qi tornado."

After reaching the half-step Sea of Souls Realm, the lotus heart sword qi had followed to become more powerful, since the lotus heart sword qi was made with Zhen yuan after all. It needed to just be pure enough, and its power would naturally continue to grow.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

Countless lotus heart sword qi beams were shot out, causing fireworks to appear on the surface of the dragon palace. Four thunder dragons roared before getting killed by the sword qi.

The sword qi pieces wrapped around the palace while the palace continued to move toward Ye Chen at an extreme speed. It was like a beam of rich powerful light, slicing across thousands of miles.

The light got dimmer and dimmer when there was still one hundred meters of distance between Ye Chen and the dragon palace. The palace then suddenly became blurry and disappeared in the wind. A vague natural power ignored the time and space and disappeared in the center of Ye Chen's brows, and inside his soul sea.

Ocean-like waves were brought up inside the soul sea. It continued to rush into the top, affecting the slaughter sword spirit and another normal-looking sword spirit formation, making them continue shaking.

"Such a horrifying natural power!" Ye Chen tried his best to activate his slaughter sword intent, allowing it to shine a dark red light, brightening up the whole area.

Standing on the top of the mountains, Ye Chen closed their eyes shut.

"I cannot believe that he could reach the half-step Sea of Souls Realm this early." Long Biyun let out a breath, Ye Chen's thunder challenge was set to be unbelievably powerful. Compared to him, the one she went through back in the days was just a child's play. She was afraid that throughout the history, there would be less than ten people who had been through the five waves thunder challenge.

"I wonder how much more powerful he would become once he reaches the Sea of Souls Realm." Long Biyun was very curious.

Soon, the natural had started to soften, continuing to purify Ye Chen's soul. His soul got to grow a bit stronger again, shining with a silver light. Meanwhile, the quantity of his soul power had become like an ocean, making the whole area seem like a silver ocean.

In the deep side of the ocean were a lot of bloody paths, leading into all directions. Right then, the paths looked like they were waking, starting to move slightly while absorbing more and more soul power. He was then able to transfer the soul power to the end of each path.


At that moment, a shocking scene happened. Ye Chen's sealed shut eyes did not open, but the skin in the center of his brows had cracked open. It shone with a silver light, releasing a beam of silver light which would be hard for others to see, since it was the color of his soul; only he was able to tell. Right then, this light shot out through the surreal space, tens and hundreds of miles away...

"Yeah! Snake Island, Star Regional lake, mountain region..."

Countless shadow-like images appeared in his mind, extremely vivid and nothing different from what he had seen with his bare eyes. However, they were locations that were too far away, since Ye Chen was still at the Windy Nation, but he was already able to see the Snake Island hundreds of thousands of miles away. Then, he could even see the Star Region Lake, the mountains beyond that, and even the unfamiliar Mountain Regions.

All of a sudden...

Ye Chen made a low voice as a drop of dark blood leaked out of the crack in between his eyebrows. Soon, the crack closed up, looking exactly the same as before.

As he opened both of his eyes suddenly, a shock passed through his face.

"This...This is the legendary Eye of the Soul!"

The Eye of the Soul was indeed what it meant, the eye of the soul. Only with an extremely powerful soul would one have a small chance to form it. But, once succeeded, it would be a unique talent which would greatly increase one's godly power. The Battle Emperor had only heard about it randomly, and had never seen it with his eyes.

Obviously, Ye Chen did not have the power to use it yet, so it had been shut down forcibly. If it were not for Ye Chen still having the images in his head from before, he would think that he was hallucinating or dreaming.

"I will wait until I reach Sea of Souls Realm."

It required a huge amount of yuan qi to reach the Sea of Souls Realm. Using only the natural yuan qi would take more than ten days, or even half a month to be able to get through. Therefore, Ye Chen took out a box of top rank soul stones directly without thinking. The Zhen yuan shook in the air, exploding along with the box and soul stones as well. The rich powerful wave of top rank soul stone yuan qi then poured into his body.

Crack! Crack!

As the top rank soul stone yuan was converted into Zhen yuan, the half Zhen yuan core inside Ye Chen's dantian also increased its melting speed, eventually joining the Zhen yuan lake. After a couple of breaths, the lake started to change drastically. Not only did the whole space expand a couple of times, even its depth had increased by a couple of times. It was now like a small-sized Zhen yuan ocean. In the deep side of the ocean,, unpredictable swirls grew stronger, with a huge amount of Zhen yuan pouring in each second. From the bottom rising up to the surface, the Zhen yuan was twice as pure; it was finally the Sea of Souls Realm Zhen yuan.

As the last bit of his Zhen yuan core melted, his Zhen yuan ocean had been finally formed. A huge lotus floated on the surface; in the middle of it was a lotus root, with countless solidified lotus heart sword qi spinning above.

Around it were a lot of paths connecting to the Zhen yuan ocean. Ye Chen knew that they were his meridians, the paths for transporting Zhen yuan.

"Finally, I have reached the Sea of Souls Realm." Ye Chen let out a long breath.

If the warriors were still mortals before the Sea of Souls realm; then entering the Sea of Souls Realm would no longer allow them to be considered pure mortal humans anymore, since no one had seen a three-hundred-year old human. The most important part was that the Zhen yuan ocean inside a Sea of Souls Realm warrior's dantian was very rich, and hence, they would be able to maintain their battle power a few times longer than Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Combined with the spirit body, they could be regarded as battle machines that did not know what being tired was.


As he threw out a fist attack while bringing up patterns in the air again, a mountain far away shattered all of a sudden.

"Just the Zhen yuan alone is already this powerful!" Ye Chen nodded satisfyingly.

"Oh right! Let me have a look at how exactly powerful my soul has become."

The middle part of the brows raised again as Ye Chen let out his soul power.

One hundred miles!

Two hundred miles!

Three hundred miles!


Five hundred miles!

"It can reach five hundred miles! Even normal Sea of Souls Realm warriors cannot reach beyond one hundred miles, and I can go five times beyond them." Ye Chen gasped.

Right then, a shooting light was approaching him.

"Ye Chen, congratulations on finally reaching the Seas of Souls Realm, transforming from a bug into a butterfly." Revealing herself, Long Biyun said with a smile on her face.

Ye Chen was not surprised to see her. When he had released his soul power, he had already sensed her existence. Furthermore, she also knew that she had been exposed.

"Leader Long!" Ye Chen held his fists together.

"You have just reached the Sea of Souls Realm, so you might still have a lot of questions about your power. Do you want to exchange a couple of attacks with me?" Although she was still saying that, Long Biyun had already started throwing out attacks. Each attack contained about eighty percent of her actual power. A sky-covering huge hand sliced through the sky and tried to grab Ye Chen.

Ye Chen flicked out his longsword, welcoming the incoming attack.


The huge hand was separated into two. The powerful sword qi tore apart the sky, bringing up continuous blasting waves and breaking open the clouds like an evil huge mouth.


Long Biyun was slightly surprised. Her eight percent power should be able to beat most of the normal spirit warriors. Plus, Ye Chen had only reached the early stage of the Seas of Souls Realm, while she was at peak level Late Sea of Souls realm. So, both the purity and total quantity of her Zhen yuan should be beyond Ye Chen.

"Nice! Take another attack of mine."

Taking a deep breath, she drew a circle in the air, bringing up water patterns in the air again. An even bigger hand pressed toward Ye Chen; it was extremely huge, large enough to cover up the whole sky. Even the patterns of the palm could be seen clearly. It was indeed the low rank profound sense martial art of Long Biyun, the Cloud Dragon Hand.

Ye Chen did not back out, waving down his longsword in response.


The five fingers made with water element Zhen yuan had been cut off altogether, exploding in the next second.

"This...! What?"

Long Biyun was shocked beyond words. She had spent ninety percent of her true power in her last attack, but it was still not enough to even touch Ye Chen! It was not hard to tell that Ye Chen had also not used all of his power.

Did he really just reach the Sea of Souls Realm? The battling power was too horrifyingly powerful!