Chapter 516: Reaching The Sea Of Souls Realm (Part Two)

 Chapter 516: Reaching The Sea Of Souls Realm (Part Two)

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Ye Chen had gotten the title of being the top warrior of the whole Southern region, and the Sky Cloud Martial School had celebrated it for three days straight. It was not that the Sky Cloud Martial School had overdone it, just a reflection of how valuable and crazy the title was. Since there were billions of people in the whole Southern region after all, there would be at least one billion young people who were under the age of thirty. And being at the top among them all was something so abstract that it was very hard to comprehend.

At the same time, Ye Chen came from a rank 8 family, and the Sky Cloud Martial School, a rank 7 martial institution. Besides that, he had nothing else. If he were a disciple from a rank 5 martial school, it might not be that big of a deal, but he was really just a nobody before.

After Ye Chen went back to Ye family, they did not let it go easily either, also celebrating for three days straight. By the end of it, the gold statue of Ye Chen had also been built. Without any surprises, this golden statue would be the symbol of the whole Luo City. And hundred thousand years in the future, it would also symbolize a legend. If the people in the future wanted to build one for themselves, they would have to reach close, or even beyond what Ye Chen had achieved, which would be extremely rare, and almost impossible. For one Luo city, and even if it were a whole Windy Nation, having one Ye Chen was already a miracle. No one was expecting to see another one ever.

Although the celebration had lasted for three days straight, but Ye Chen had only shown his face once quickly, training for the rest of the time.

"Yeah! I will finish my Slaughter sword spirit soon!"

Inside the secret chamber inside a yard, the center of his brows raised up a bit before going back into his skull. A dark red sword intent light leaked out of there without control, making the center of his brows look like a jewel with a bright shine.


A sound that did not seem like anything from this world was heard as a drastic change was happening inside his soul.

The surface of the ancient looking longsword that represented the forming Slaughter spirit cracked open, pieces of "iron layer" being peeled off. And as it happened, the dark red crystalline light poured out. It was unbearably bright, making the spirit look like a huge shining object, shooting out countless beams of dark red sword light.

It filled up the whole area, getting rid of the black fog inside the soul, lightening up the whole internal world.


A shocking sword clinging was heard. The "iron layer" had been peeled off completely, and the ancient longsword had changed fundamentally. Its body looked like it was built with a dark red crystal, using extremely sharp objects. On its body, countless strings of blood spread out, leaking out an unstoppable killing qi.

"It is done!"

He did not have the time to let out a breath before another powerful wave of slaughter element sword intent poured out from the center of his brows.


With that, the whole yard was separated into half. The horrifying sword intent had absorbed a huge amount of natural yuan before turning into a beam of blood red sword qi that tore open the sky.

"What is going on?"

Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing walked over, along with some of the Ye family masters.


A human figure shot out: it was Ye Chen.

"Father, Mother, I am about to make a breakthrough. I need to leave for a bit." After saying that and without waiting for an answer, he shot out like a beam of light.


"He did not mean the Sea of Souls Realm, did he now?"

Both of his parents were frightened frankly as they gasped.


In the northern side of the Luo City were a string of mountains, named South Rudra Mountains. Within them were countless monsters which had a fast reproduction speed. It was almost impossible to kill all of them off. Hence, it was a popular choice as a training place.


A beam of light sliced through the sky, disappearing into the deep parts of the mountains.

"I did not think that once my slaughter spirit had completed, I would be able to break through to the Sea of Souls Realm already. The challenge that I am about to break through is the Immortal Challenge. Once I break through, my lifespan would be increased by one hundred years, and reach to three hundred years in total. And indeed because of how important this challenge is, it will make a huge mess when I succeed, perhaps even resulting in a disaster."

At the peak of the mountain, the Zhen yuan vibration had become extremely unstable, which caused the whole natural balance to be on the edge of breaking. Even all of the beasts within a hundred miles had gone back to hide in their nests. They all could not help but look toward where Ye Chen was standing frightenedly.


The Surprising Sky opened out of nowhere as countless thunders were thrown down from the sky. Although the thunders that left the sky became less pure, but they still contained the power of nature, and were even more powerful than the martial power.


The mountains nearby had also been shattered, bringing up electrical sparks. After walking closer, one could see that the power of thunder had even drilled into the ground, leaving huge, bottomless holes.


It was right then when Ye Chen's Zhen yuan exploded. Following through the highest point of his body, it shot out into the clouds, linking up with the Surprising Sky.

The thunder and lightning had been thrown down randomly, but after being guided by Ye Chen's Zhen yuan, they seemed to have found themselves a target. They poured down all at once, drowning Ye Chen within.


Ye Chen held his sword with one hand, breaking open the thunder ocean. Although it had been torn open, the natural power had been pushed into his mind and soul, bringing up waves of disturbances.

"Natural power, soul...I see it now!"

The natural power had its own attacking force. Once Ye Chen's sword intent could no longer handle its intensity, the soul would be destroyed completely and immediately. But, on the contrary, if his sword intent could fight against it, the natural power could help him purify his soul, making it even stronger and purer.

Of course, the natural power would change according to the warrior's mind. If the warrior had a stronger mind, then the natural power would also be powerful. Therefore, people with relatively weak minds could also make it into the Sea of Souls Realm, but the condition would be that they made it to the door of the realm first.

Ye Chen's sword intent was just too powerful, and so was the natural power he had attracted. After a wave of thunder attacks, another wave had been formed. It was not in the form of beams, but balls; each one of them could generate disastrous effects.

"Sky Thunder Cut!"

Countless blue sword light beams blossomed, and all of the incoming thunder balls were cut open. Only the natural power managed to make it into Ye Chen's soul sea again.

With his slaughter sword intent, it was easy like drinking and eating for Ye Chen to fight against the natural power. It did not affect him at all; instead, his soul power got even a bit stronger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The third wave of thunder attacks had arrived, which were human shaped lightning bolts that formed into an army and jumped at Ye Chen like waves of an ocean. Some of the more powerful looking ones even carried lightning weapons. They continued to wave their weapons and throw their fist and legs at Ye Chen, looking like countless powerful warriors.

"Even the human shaped lightning is here. This sword intent is so powerful that even the sky is jealous somehow."

A hundred miles away, a beautiful figure stood on top of a mountain watching. It was indeed the leader of the South Rudra Martial School, Long Biyun.

She had already noticed it when Ye Chen was facing the first wave already. It was only two thousand miles away from her school, so she had arrived after a short while. After seeing that it was Ye Chen taking on the challenges of thunders, she was shocked for a long while. If she had not remembered it wrong, Ye Chen was twenty-four years old, and he was already going through the challenge and reach the Sea of Souls Realm. It was even faster than the Mysterious Queen.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Art!"

The golden sword qi was thrown out, shattering every single lightning soldier on the line of his attack. Then, he shot out more sword qi, and the whole army was destroyed, turning back into pure thunder yuan qi and disappearing completely. That sky-like natural power poured into his soul again.

It was like taking the most easily absorbed medicine, and he had never felt this great before. The power of his soul had increased rapidly without stopping.

"Great! Come again!"

Ye Chen lifted up his sword and pointed it toward the sky.

The universe seemed to have gotten mad at him-the fourth wave of attacks contained more than human shaped lightning armies, but also lighting dragons, beasts, and even human shaped "soldiers" with armors. It was a formal army, being born out of nothingness, yet full of a tremendous power.

"The fourth wave!"

Long Biyun thought that it was about to finish soon, but she did not expect that Ye Chen was just getting started. As the fourth thunder wave attacked toward him, it contained way more soldiers, and with way much more power. Even the human-shaped lightning was a few times more powerful, not to mention the rest.

"It is definitely rare to reach the fourth wave. I wonder if he can make it through. If he can, then he will have an unimaginable soul power."

Long Biyun was actually very envious of Ye Chen, who did not seem to have faced any blockage in reaching the Sea of Souls realm. A lot of people knew that the stronger the thunder attack waves were, the more soul power would be gained. But, they would not be able to do it anyway, since they would not be powerful enough. All they could do was form the martial spirit earlier, so that once they made it through and reached the Sea of Souls Realm, their soul power would be more powerful than normal warriors.

But, there would obviously be risks associated with powerful thunder attacks. People with higher mind and will power would have to take on even stronger challenges.

Facing these many lightning armies, even if Ye Chen's sword arts were extremely powerful, he would still not be able to last long. Therefore, he put away his longsword and flicked out all of his fingers.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Countless lotus heart sword qi beams were shot out, turning into sword qi tornado and annihilating the armies. Although there was a huge amount of lightning beings, the sword qi tornados were also no fewer. Plus, at the same time, there would be a huge amount of sword qi being shot out of them as well.

Ye Chen's soul power increased drastically, making the center of his brows continue to rise up without denting down again.

"The attacks should be ending now, right?"

Long Youyun let out a breath; she was a bit shocked at Ye Chen's way of dealing with the incoming attack.


Without more lightning shooting out, the sky suddenly dimmed down, changing into pitch dark night all of a sudden. The next second, a huge earth-shaking sound was heard, shaking the whole area of mountains as well.

"This is...?"

Long Biyun lifted up her head and was completely astonished at what she had seen.

An even bigger crack had appeared in that dark sky. It was dozens of miles long and a couple miles wide. It was the sign of the blockage to the Surprising Sky being torn apart. Next, an astonishing amount of thunder and lightning gathered together, turning into a huge thunder lightning palace which was looking vivid just like the real thing. Plenty of thunder dragons were flying around the palace, roaring as they moved.

"The fifty wave...the Thunder Lighting Dragon Palace Challenge!" Long Biyun mumbled out the words.