Chapter 515: Reaching The Sea of Souls Realm (Part One)

 Chapter 515: Reaching The Sea of Souls Realm (Part One)

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"Xie Zhiqiu has lost!"

Cui Yinghao and Tang Jie looked at Xie Zhiqiu, who had been pressed down onto the ground by a huge finger, with shock on their face. It was not hard to tell that right then, Xie Zhiqiu could not move even an inch, as if a huge mountain was pressing on his body. In front of him, Ye Chen maintained his posture, pointing out his finger while looking extremely calm.

Xie Zhiqiu was not fragile like flowers in a warm garden; he was a tough plant in the ruins, growing up from death and elevated from blood. His success was one hundred percent hard work, and not even one percent of it was fake. People who had questioned him had either been beaten by him or just killed, leaving no traces at all. What was the most shocking behavior of his was his decision of going to the Sky Martial City on his own. The city was in the middle of the land, filled with top warriors. And, it was not only the birthplace of top warriors, but also of monsters. Wanting to become someone significant there would be extremely hard. Countless people throughout the history had gone there with full confidence, and left broken in pieces. But, he had done something that most people had not managed to do: he managed to spread his name around the area and out into the rest of the land.

But, what was going on right now?

The East Demon Xie Zhiqiu had been beaten by a young warrior from the Southern region without a chance to fight back. In the end, he was beaten to the ground, with his reputation going down the drain.

If it were not for the fact that it had happened right in front of their eyes and the pain from pinching themselves, they would have thought that they were dreaming.

Ling Luohan took a deep breath and said to the two, "Do not look that shocked. There is no reason behind the birth of a monster. If there could be one Xie Zhiqiu, then there could also be a Ye Chen. In the time that we are in right now, there is no most powerful warrior, but only more powerful ones."

But, to be honest, he was shocked himself as well. He also could not believe that they just happened to run into Ye Chen, and with him alone, all of them had been beaten.


Let go of his huge finger, Ye Chen said in a calm tone, "I think you guys can leave now. You do not need me to ask you again, right?"

Cough! Cough!

Xie Zhiqiu climbed up from the ground and coughed out some more blood.

"Alright, alright! This is the first time for me to lose outside the Sky Martial City. You are the first, and will be the last. Just wait for my return! When that day comes, it will be your nightmare. I will return today's embarrassment one hundred times more." It was not his first time being beaten, but those were all at the hands of top warriors of the Sky Martial City; most of them had been beaten by him already. So, he believed that Ye Chen would be the next one under his feet, and he would stamp on him thoroughly then.

"This kind of speech is something I have heard a lot of times. But unfortunately, they are getting further and further away from me. They have already lost hope, so do you think you can hold up your promise?"

Ye Chen did not care for the threat. In fact, he actually hoped people would come to challenge him. But, the condition would be to have the power to do so.

"Huh! My future is not something you can predict. You are just a stepping stone for me. One day, I will stand on top of you and move onto the higher ground."

Heard him, Ye Chen shook his head and laughed lightly, "Piss off now. I will wait for you to come back and step on me."

"Let's go!"

Xie Zhiqiu had a bad look on his face as he flew out of the garden. The next second, Tang Jie, Ling Luohan, and Cui Yinghao had followed behind, flying toward the north.

After a couple of seconds of silence, the whole place started to boil up again.

With one man's power, Ye Chen had manned to beat top four warriors from the Eastern region in one go. This kind of achievement was not something that anyone from the Southern region had garnered, except the Mysterious Queen and Ye Chen. In other words, Ye Chen's achievements now could be compared to the Mysterious Queen's back in the days.

"Ye Chen, congratulations! From now on, you are the king of the young generation in the Southern region." Li Xiaoyun was the first one to come down and congratulate him.

Ye Chen said lightly, "It is just a title."

Titles and fame could easily make people start to become greedy. And once one got unnecessarily serious about it, it would just be looking for trouble.

"Hehe... Regardless whether it is just an empty title or something real, you being able to make it up to this level is all because of your hard work. You have earned it. But, the throne is not that easy to stay on. In the future, the glory of the Southern region would be all on you. Even if you want to get out of it, you will not be able to do so. Some things will just not be the way you want them to be."

Ye Chen nodded. Since he had already come this far, he would not let himself back out.

Soon, everyone came down to congratulate him. Up until this point, the tea gathering had already lost its purpose, since even Jing Aoxuan and Chu Zhongtian had already accepted Ye Chen's ultimate power. In fact, they were rather glad that he was here hosting the event, because if he were not, then this tea gathering would have been an unforgettable failure of the Southern region in history.

Right then, they had understood that the throne was not something that everyone could have. Without the appropriate power, it would only be a joke if one sat on it by force, since one could be beaten at any second.

On the second morning, the tea gathering successfully came to an end.

The incident with Xie Zhiqiu had increased the level of the legend. Perhaps, people would have forgotten about the tea gathering before, but they would not forget about this one ever.


The end of the tea gathering did not mean the end of news. Once it was fully spread out and everyone officially learned about Ye Chen being the top warrior of the whole South Region, the leaders of all the martial institutions could not help but gasp. It was just too surprising of a training speed, since in the last tea gathering, the three of them were still at the same stage, and Ye Chen had only gotten a slight advantage. However, only after two years of time, he had reached so far ahead of all of them. The title of a martial genius could no longer describe him; only a martial monster could summarise him better.

The South Rudra Region was already hyped, but the other regions were even rowdier at the news. They did not question Ye Chen's ability to grow, and they knew that as long as he continued doing whatever he was doing, he would be able to reach the Life and Death Realm eventually. And, they believed that once he did, he would be even more powerful than normal king warriors. They suspected that he might be just like the Mysterious Queen, rising to the top of the world within years.

"This kid shall not be left alone. Back in the days, the one Mysterious Queen had already destroyed our Nine Ghost Cult once. With one extra Ye Chen, even if our leader gets back to his old level, he would not be able to beat him."

Inside a secretive underground garden, a group of men in black robes gathered together.

"Do you think it is a little bit over exaggerated? He has not even reached the Sea of Souls Realm yet, still so far away from Life and Death Realm!"

"Silly! Have you forgotten about what happened to the Mysterious Queen? It was indeed because of us underestimating her that led to our current situation. If we don't take him out before he grows even stronger, we will not be able to do anything to him anymore."

"If that is the case, then I will take on this responsibility."

"Just in case, you have to make sure to kill him in one attack, because there is still a South Rudra Martial School in the Windy City. I suspect that there are more than just Long Biyun there. Perhaps, there would be other Sea of Souls Realm warriors...even master level warriors perhaps. Therefore, we will not have a second chance...Only one shot, and one shot only! Ghost Cry, Ink Wolf, you two move together this time. Take out this kid immediately!"

"Do not worry! Although we are no master level warriors yet, a little brat should be a piece of cake. Just prepare to receive the great news soon."

Shoo! Shoo!

With that, two of the men in black robes disappeared in the sky.

"Nightmare, you go follow behind them."

The leading man in black seemed to be still concerned about the two as he said to the shadow in the dark behind him.

"Yes, second master!"

A dried up voice was heard, and the shadow then disappeared.