Chapter 514: Void Shattering Fingers Godly Might

 Chapter 514: Void Shattering Finger's Godly Might

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A hundred meters away, Ye Chen calmly looked at the constantly transforming Xie Zhiqiu. Outside his body, threads of sword Qi curled around him, giving off an azure hint.

"Ke Ke!"

Xie Zhiqiu raised his head and let out an inhumane smirk. A membrane of black light covered his hands, condensing into a huge skeletal hand. The skeletal palm was as big as a folding fan, and each finger was one-third of a meter long. The fingernails were sharp and curved into scythes, flickering with a grayish-black light at their tips.

"Demonic Qi Ten Power Secrets can amplify battle strength, so it obviously has a killer move. To force me to this extent, you can be fully proud of yourself. Now, prepare to be completely suppressed."


Before the sound of his words could be heard, he had already pounced onto Ye Chen. His right shoulder, which was embraced by the skeletal hand, fiercely swung out. Five black-colored claws appeared in the void, arriving before Ye Chen in a blink of an eye.


Ye Chen waved his sword to block the skeletal arm.

The power of this arm was too inconceivable, like that of a giant. As a result, Ye Chen was sent flying back.

"Lay down!"

Xie Zhiqiu closely pursued as his clawed-skeletal arm turned into a fist, punching forth.

"Gold Resonant Radiance Sword!"

In the air, Ye Chen's posture remained unchanged. Seeing the incoming fist, he welcomed it with a sixty percent Gold Resonant Radiance Sword strike.

Magnificent sparks flew about, and Ye Chen was again pushed back. This skeletal demonic arm was simply too powerful an existence. Not only were its defenses powerful, its offense was even more potent. Even sixty percent completed low grade profound sense martial skill couldn't compete with it.

"You have no chance! Just admit your loss!" Nobody understood the strength of Demonic Qi Ten Power Secrets more than Xie Zhiqiu. When he first obtained the jade slip containing the art, he was stunned by the images inside. Just one punch destroyed a crashing meteorite with a diameter of several hundred miles. In the face of such a huge object moving with high speed, even ordinary Life and Death Kings would have to retreat.


The skeletal arm condensed even more tightly, chasing hot in pursuit.

As Ye Chen retreated, he understood that dodging was not possible. However, he didn't necessarily have to dodge. He raised his left hand and lightly pointed out with his two index fingers.

In the next instant dreadful scene unfolded. A thigh-thick and meters long cyan colored finger shot out, fiercely crashing into the fist.

The demonic skeletal finger with terrifying defense shattered like a brittle crystal. Consequently, the skeletal arm turned lax, and Xie Zhiqiu, who was connected to it, suddenly trembled; leaking blood from every hole in his body and also spurting out a huge mouthful from his mouth.

"What is this finger technique?"

Shooting back through the sky like a meteor, his face was appalled.

Sheathing the Thunder Sword, Ye Chen said indifferently, "It's a bit unexpected, but my strongest means are not sword techniques, but a finger technique."

Upon returning from the underground world and traveling on the Undying Altar, Ye Chen had already comprehended Void Shattering Finger to thirty percent. Although thirty percent didn't seem much, the profound this technique used was not some ordinary profound, but the space profound. Time Emperor, Space King; these words were not just mere words. Void Shattering Finger was not one move, but a collection; Ye Chen had obtained the third style. If one were to say that the first and second styles were low grade profound martial skills, then even if the third style couldn't be a mid grade profound martial skill, it lay between the two. Its might was at the level of mid grade profound martial skills without a doubt.

If not necessary, Ye Chen didn't wish to use the third style of Void Shattering Finger. This move was his killer move. If he revealed it, he would do so to kill. The reason he had revealed it at this moment was not because he wished to kill Xie Zhiqiu, but because he had another trump card comparable to Void Shattering Finger: Green Lotus Sword Qi. Perhaps, the latter was far inferior to Void Shattering Finger by itself, but when it took form of a Sword Qi Storm, its might didn't lack one bit compared to the latter. Moreover, its range was far superior as well. This was Ye Chen's strongest killer move.

"The most powerful move is actually not a sword technique, bit a finger technique? Too shocking!"

"A true dragon ascends the sky in one step. No one can stop them! Who is East Demon Xie Zhiqiu? He is not enough for Ye Chen to even get serious."

"Too powerful! So, is this the true strength of Ye Chen?"

Not only those of South Rudra Region, even the people from Snow Iron Region were stupefied; especially Ling Luohan, Cui Yinghao, and Tang Jie. They had come to sweep the Tea Gathering, and everything went smoothly at first. But, when they had almost succeeded, Ye Chen appeared, ruining all their previous successes. At this stage, even East Demon Xie Zhiqiu was not his opponent. Who else could stop him then?

"I can't believe that Ye Chen has matured to such a frightening realm. I really can't help but doubt if he really came from the Sky Cloud Sect." Luo Hanshan had an inconceivable expression on his face.

Zhu Mei said, "When a dragon is small, it can remain concealed inside a stream. When it grows, it can also soar through the nine heavens. Ye Chen is undoubtedly a true dragon from the Sky Cloud Sect. Before, he was simply hibernating. And now that he's shown his excellence and developed his fangs, it's his time to soar."

"I, East Demon, still haven't been defeated. Flaming Demon Fist!"

The skeleton demon that had slackened again inserted into his body. His two hands were suddenly set ablaze with a crimson flame. Fiercely stepping onto the broken stage, he stood still before punching out two flaming punches with each hand one after another.


Amidst the inferno-like flames, sharp claws were faintly indescribable. It seemed like a demon's palm, carrying a will of fire.

Seeing that Xie Zhiqiu still had such a high level peerless skill, everybody was astonished. He was worthy of the title of East Demon indeed! If it had been someone else, they would have been defeated long ago. But, one could imagine that he had been forced to truly go all out. From this, everybody could feel Ye Chen's terror.

Ye Chen shook his head and pointed out with his right hand.

In the next moment...

A stone-pillar like finger appeared in the void. It was ten meters long and a meter thick, and one could even faintly see the lines on the finger. It gave off a transparent halo as it streaked through, cutting through the fist energy like a hot knife cutting through tofu before arriving at the protective Zhen Yuan of Xie Zhiqiu at his chest.


The martial stage eventually couldn't endure the strain and crumbled down from both sides. Xie Zhiqiu was pressed into the ground by the finger, his hair completely disheveled.

At this moment, the East Demon was in an extremely wretched state.

In comparison, Ye Chen, who seemed like fleeing clouds and a light breeze, made everybody draw in a breath of cold air. Even someone as strong as the East Demon turned into such a miserable state under his hands.