Chapter 513: Demonic Qi Ten Power Secrets

 Chapter 513: Demonic Qi Ten Power Secrets

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"Southern sector's number one individual is finally out."

"That's right! From this day, Ye Chen will be the number one young sword artist, and also the number one young expert of the Southern sector, without a shadow of doubt."

"Who would dare doubt it when even Cui Yinghao and Ling Luohan couldn't resist a single strike from him? His strength is already at an unimaginable realm, leaving the likes of Edict Prince, Thunder Princess, and Chu Zhongtian far behind...climbing above all and reaching the throne."

The people of the Southern sector were shaken, and their bodies were trembling. Ye Chen had defeated Cui Yinghao and Ling Luohan, easily becoming the number one expert of the Southern sector. There had been no number one young expert of the Southern Sector in a true sense. Although Edict Prince Li Xiaoyun was said to have been the number one young expert, many people weren't convinced. The latter hadn't defeated all his rivals, and merely seemed like the number one amongst them. But now that Ye Chen had defeated their two opponents, he had basically defeated them. He couldn't get rid of the title of number one expert of Southern Sector even if he wanted to; there was no doubt remaining at this point.

"Number one individual!" In the tower ten miles away, Luo Hanshan's eyes shone as he muttered to himself.

All the people acquainted with Ye Chen had basically the same expressions. They had almost watched Ye Chen walk step by step up to the summit from being a tiny existence, basically becoming a legend. Such a feeling was ten folds more intense for them compared to others, who simply couldn't understand it!

"How did you do that?" Ling Luohan slowly stood up holding his chest. His injuries weren't too severe, since Ye Chen attacked leniently. After all, from the beginning up to now, the latter's words and actions never crossed the line. At most, he could be termed as a Blade Maniac.

"If you can only use one blade strike at a time, you will lose sooner or later."

"I lost in this aspect?"

Ling Luohan was unconvinced. Ever since he had established his principal of one blade strike, his blade arts had exponentially improved. Normal blade artists were no match for him, and even strong ones were defeated by him in a short time span.

"You've stepped into on an unorthodox dao. When you first enter an unorthodox dao, it seems miraculous and you improve quickly. However, the more you advance, the slower your progress will become, before finally coming to a standstill. You still have time to change. Once you go too deep, it'll be very hard to change." Ye Chen had no relationship with the latter; therefore, he would only offer a word of advice. As for whether the latter heeded it or not, it had nothing to do with him."

"In any case, many thanks!"

Ling Luohan cupped his hands and returned to the side of Snow Iron Region, not paying any attention to the lying Cui Yinghao. It seemed as if he didn't care about the latter in the slightest, and only cared about his blade dao.

"Damn it!"

Covered in blood from head to toe, Cui Yinghao only felt a rampaging sword intent in his channels which was extremely hard to expel. If not for the sufficient spirit crystals he had found in an old tomb and cultivated his spirit body, all his meridians would have already been severed, turning him into a cripple for the time being.

Ye Chen shot a glance at Cui Yinghao.

In reality, Cui Yinghao and Ling Luohan were not terrible. After all, the former was a talented killer while the latter had defeated Jing Aoxuan and pulled a draw with Chu Zhongtian. However, the two shouldn't have played with Ye Chen in terms of skill. Skill was not something one should play around with. Otherwise, one could lose even before they knew. If they had battled Ye Chen in a steadfast manner, they wouldn't have lost so miserably.

Their skills, in particular, had stepped into the unorthodox dao as far as Ye Chen was concerned. The former had become too quick and too stealthy, able to kill his unaware target. The core of assassination was a single strike. If it failed, one had to retreat far back. If one wished to become an assassin, they had to give up many things after all. As for the latter, although he could raise the efficacy of his strikes by deploying one strike at a time, in the end, blade dao was deep and profound just like the sword dao. How could one climb its summit by simply following one strike at a time?

Ye Chen was simply not willing to use his killer moves. Using killer moves meant fighting head-on. Since his opponents wished to compete in skills, why would he use his killer moves? It would instead destabilize him. Therefore, he merely needed to use his ordinary quick sword to resolve the problem. The quick sword was pure, perfectly matching with his slaughter sword intent. Its might was objective and could cut through Cui Yinghao's protective Zhen Yuan without a hitch.

As for Ling Luohan, who was even more frightening in the eyes of others, it was even simpler. The latter's principle of one strike at a time was simply full of holes in Ye Chen's eyes. When his own sword was faster than the other's blade, such a principle was nothing but a joke. The reason he'd been able to walk to this extent was entirely because the attack speed of others was inferior to him.

In the tea house of Snow Iron Region, Blood Hand Tang Jie's eyes looked absent-mindedly at Ye Chen. Never had he seen such a frightening sword artist. Shadowless Whip Cui Yinghao and One Blade Ling Luohan, neither of one had been able to withstand even a single strike. When did South Rudra Region give birth to such a sword artist?

"Good, very good!"

Xie Zhiqiu waved his hands and stood up, beaming with smiles toward Ye Chen.

"Your skill is rarely seen even in the Sky Martial Region. Even Cui Yinghao and Ling Luohan were defeated at your hands. However, did you ever hear that no matter how good your skill is, your foundation lies in strength. The so-called skill is merely a child's tricks!"

Hearing these words, Ling Luohan creased his brows. These words were roping in him as well, though he had to admit that the former could overpower him with his strength.

Ye Chen raised his head and said, "Come down and try for yourself."

"Of course! If I don't, what would be the meaning in coming here?" Xie Zhiqiu waved his hand, and a virtual energy surrounded Cui Yinghao, carrying him to the tea house. The former himself slightly moved and instantly appeared before Ye Chen.

"Within a hundred moves, you will lose."

Xie Zhiqiu didn't have the certainty to defeat Ye Chen within a few dozen moves, just like he couldn't defeat Ling Luohan within ten moves.

"Just get on with it!"

Ye Chen's waist was not carrying the upper grade longsword, but three swords sheathed together. If not confronting a Sea of Soul realm expert, the latter was enough.


Xie Zhiqiu's attack was abrupt as he punched out without moving at all. A black fist energy condensed into a huge black skull which rampaged toward Ye Chen. As the skull approached the latter, it opened its mouth and shrieked. It was a sound that could make one feel muddle-headed and rob them of their concentration.

Ye Chen's will was staunch, and he remained unmoved. Even before the former acted, Ye Chen could feel energy gathering in his fist. Unsheathing the thunder sword, he slashed out Sky Thunder Cut. It emitted a sonic boom before cleaving through the skull, then the sword Qi and fist energy violently exploded.

"Reverse Style, Sky Thunder Cut!"

Marching forward step by step, Ye Chen immediately followed up. Holding the Destruction Sword back-handedly in his left hand, he slashed up with a sword light.

"Good! Your skill is indeed real!"

Xie Zhiqiu was not surprised. As a follower of demonic dao, he had seen varieties of bizarre styles. However, what astonished him was that Reverse Style Sky Thunder Cut was perfectly opposite and derived from Sky Thunder Cut. They matched seamlessly.

Xie Zhiqiu retreated while condensing black Qi walls before him, resisting the Reverse Style Sky Thunder Cut.

"Demonic Qi Ten Power Secret Art!"

Upon retreating more than a hundred steps, black Qi streams emerged behind Xie Zhiqiu's back and condensed into a skeletal demon. The skeletal demon's pupils were ablaze, but it didn't give off a burning feeling at all. It seemed rather cold, gloomy, and eerie. It seemed like a peculiar fire made of Yin Qi combined with Ice Qi.

Quack! Quack! Quack!

The skeletal demon eerily hissed towards the sky, and a sound wave radiated out. Within a perimeter of hundreds of miles, only a few people were able to remain unaffected while the rest suddenly tensed before their gazes lost focus.

"It's not some bloodline...Ought to be a demonic profound skill."

A half demonic bloodline would cause a phantom of the demonic beast to float behind the owner. However, the skeletal demon appearing behind Xie Zhiqiu was clearly condensed from Zhen Yuan, and it operated through the profound. Hence, the two were fundamentally different. Based on the aura coming from the skeletal demon, it didn't seem like an ordinary profound skill at all, but a mid grade one. Its profundity seemed only be possible to be created by a Life and Death King.

With him covered in the splendor of sword light, the sound wave immediately vanished as it approached Ye Chen, who indifferently glanced at Xie Zhiqiu.

As the skeletal demon completely took shape, Xie Zhiqiu stepped forward and punched toward Ye Chen.

Sha Sha Sha!

Fist energy seemed like wails of ghosts and howls of wolves, feeling much stronger compared to before. Xie Zhiqiu chuckled, "Demonic Qi Ten Power Secrets allows a ten times battle power amplification. For you, two times should be enough."

"It's more like you can't."

Ye Chen would naturally not believe that the former could use a mid grade profound skill to its fullest. Twenty or thirty percent was already pretty good. However, it made clear that he'd indeed received legacies of several demonic Life and Death Kings. Otherwise, how could he be possessing a mid grade profound martial skill?

"Gold Resonant Radiance Sword!"

The Thunder sword in Ye Chen, which was held with both his hands, started to shake at an unbelievable speed. A golden layer instantly covered the cyan-colored sword light before he slashed it at the former's fist.


Huge sparks filled the sky while fist-sized holes appeared in the scorched stage, making it seem like a beehive.

The black-colored fist energy covering Xie Zhiqiu immediately scattered apart, and he couldn't help but retreat several steps. The skeletal demon behind his back swayed as well.

"Xie Zhiqiu was forced back!"

At the side of Snow Iron Region, everybody had slightly surprised expressions.


Xie Zhiqiu snorted and rammed his fists into each other before his chest, causing a shockwave to surge out.

"Demonic Qi Ten Power Secrets, three powers into one!"

At that instant, Xie Zhiqiu's aura sharply increased. Half of the stage was dyed black, an eerie, dark black color. At that same time, his fist gave off a crushing pressure.

Confronting this fist, Ye Chen didn't retreat, but advanced; encompassing Sky Thunder Cut and Reverse Sky Thunder Cut into the dual blade style.


The villa shook, and a violent shockwave erupted from between the two, spreading out more than ten times faster than the speed of sound. It charged out of the villa, spreading hundreds of miles outward. Countless cracks appeared and rapidly expanded in the rocks of the surrounding mountains.

"Even three times amplification is not enough to defeat him?" Kneading the stage's surface, Xie Zhiqiu's figure slid backward. Black Qi spurted forth, sending a section of stage flying. He stopped his body and rapidly formed a seal with his hands; as he did, the skeletal demon's two arms fiercely penetrated his shoulders. At that instant, his aura surged violently, making him seem like a devil.