Chapter 512: Unable To Withstand A Single Blow

 Chapter 512: Unable To Withstand A Single Blow

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"What a powerful sword Qi! This person is really frightening in terms of sword arts." Ling Luohan's pupils suddenly shrank. Although Blade Dao and Sword Dao seemed quite far apart from each other, they were similar in some aspects as well. As a top ranked blade artist, he could naturally see that Ye Chen was in no way weak.

"Interesting!" Xie Zhiqiu's face revealed a queer, evil smile.

Hearing Ye Chen's words, Cui Yinghao's body emitted a dense death Qi. The death Qi was formless and colorless, and could affect the judgment of those around him to a certain extent, making one feel anxious and apprehensive as if facing death. In the confrontation between experts, just a slight lapse of judgment was enough to be fatal, not to mention being surrounded amidst the feeling of death.

"One move? You sure can boast! Even if you have a King's will in your sea of soul, you will only barely survive today." Cui Yinghao couldn't not know that some top-notch geniuses were protected by wills of Life and Death Kings. He himself had one; but, a King's will was not omnipotent. It would only appear at the most critical moment of life and death. If one's arm were cut off while not pushing them near death, it would hold no use. Therefore, one only had themselves to rely on.

"Shadowless Whip!"

With his Zhen Yuan pushed to the peak, Cui Yinghao's wrist shook once, and the long, black colored whip entered the void, disappearing without a trace. The next moment, a fierce wind energy that could cut even the hardest metals pervaded a radius of fifty meters. Under this intense wind energy, it seemed that anybody who entered the area would at least be crippled, if not dead. The profound Cui Yinghao had used was wind profound, which excelled in speed and tearing.

"Humph! To be crippled under this move is your honor."

Cui Yinghao used to be a killer. How could he not understand that a lion must use his entire strength while fighting a rabbit? Moreover, the aura Ye Chen revealed made him feel slightly threatened. Thus, he would never be careless, and immediately used his killer move, intending to dispose of Ye Chen as soon as possible.

"The whip can't be seen! What kind of attack is this?"

The southern sector's young experts were feeling quite anxious inwardly; their nerves were taut. At this point, Ye Chen was their last hope. Once he fell, the southern sector would really be over, and the Martial Tea Gathering would be left with a stain.

Many closed their eyes, unable to look.

"Is this your strength? You won't be able to take even a single strike."

With fluttering long hair, Ye Chen's figure flew horizontally, weaving through the seemingly random wind energy and rapidly closing in. His right hand was on the sword sheath. But, even before he took out his sword, his sword Qi had already locked on the opponent.

"Body Sword!"

Cui Yinghao's breathing quickened.

It was not merely he, as Xie Zhiqiu and Ling Luohan also had stunned expressions. Body as sword...At this moment, Ye Chen seemed like a beam of sword light, and the wind energy couldn't even touch his body as he charged straight through.

"Don't use such tricks before me. Your so-called Shadowless Whip Art is a joke before me. It can't disappear regardless of how much it tries to."

As he spoke, Ye Chen had already disappeared. When he appeared again, he was already before his opponent,

"If you are the Shadowless Whip, then what is my sword?"


The moment his sword left its sheath, it slashed out more than a hundred times. However, its speed was too quick, making it seem as if it had just swayed once before returning to its sheath.

The black whip descended from the sky, latching itself onto Cui Yinghao's right hand. The latter looked down and found no injury. He then smiled in amazement and said, "So, this is your sword art? Hehe, it can't even break through my protective Zhen Yuan. How can it injure me?"

Spurt Spurt Spurt...

At that moment, blood suddenly splattered out. Left shoulder, right shoulder, left chest, right chest, left leg, right leg, left waist, right waist, left arm, right arm... On his body, there was no section left completely intact as almost a hundred sword scars appeared. Blood blossomed in his surroundings, making him seem to be shrouded amidst countless bloody firecrackers.

Deathly Silence!

In the villa and the tower ten li away, a deathly silence pervaded.

Shadowless Whip Cui Yinghao stood amongst the ranks of Blood Hand Tang Jie and One Blade Ling Luohan. If one were to say that he was far inferior to the latter two, nobody would believe even if they were beaten to death. The young experts of Snow Iron Region were even clearer that his fame faintly surpassed the latter two. He had simply assassinated too many Sea of Soul realm experts. When it came to him, very few had ever left under his whip alive.

"This, this..."

Not one young expert of Snow Iron Region expected that the former wouldn't be able to endure even one sword from Ye Chen. Their mouths were open, muttering indiscernible gibberish.

Xie Zhiqiu had an unsightly face as a killing intent gradually rose from his forehead.

"What sword technique! I, One Blade Ling Luohan, will like to experience your skill!"

Ling Luohan couldn't endure as he felt the rush of his blood. It wasn't as if he hadn't been defeated ever, but it was Xie Zhiqiu who had overpowered him through sheer strength. He didn't believe that even the latter was his match in terms of skill. To find a person that surpassed him in skill, he would have to go to the Sky Martial Region. Regardless of Eastern Sector, Northern Sector, Southern Sector, or Western Sector, he didn't know anybody that could surpass him in skill. Therefore, when he saw Ye Chen's skills, apart from feeling a little numbness, he was extremely excited as if he'd eaten a stimulatory pill.

Like a huge roc spreading its wings, his figure leaped up and arrived before Ye Chen in the air. His left stretched backward as a criss-crossing halo of white light appeared underneath him. This halo was not a smooth arc, but filled with twists and curves like a lightning bolt.

A spiral sword light curled up as Ye Chen acted.

The white light ring was slashed into three sections; every section was cut at the white light halo's turning point. The spiral sword light invaded in, aiming straight for Lin Luohan's chest.

"Not good!"

Ling Luohan had simply no time to have his blade returned to its sheath. At this moment, he was simply not allowed to do so, since the moment he did so would be the moment of his defeat.

In that case...

Ling Luohan made an exception as he struck out with a second strike without returning his blade to sheath.

"You lose!"

From the interior of the spiral sword light, a new spiral sword light was generated. It was actually Ye Chen instantly compressing the enlargement point by a few meters.


In the air, blood splattered out of Ling Luohan's chest as his figure was blasted back. His eyes were filled with amazement and terror; he'd been completely defeated in skills.

Defeating two young tyrants of eastern sector back to back, Ye Chen stood at the center of the stage like the tip of a peerless killing sword. Under its influence, the atmosphere gave off the feeling of a sharp edge, as if it could pierce through mountains and warp the nine heavens.